my Micro-Shogi games in Net
Game 6:
This was my 6th game of Micro-Shogi against the Shogi Net World!
1. K1e - 2d G2a - 3b I got five motions, two was blanco, two K-2d, and one P1c. P1c reproduces opening move of the 4th game, and it sacrifices the Pawn immediately, the King 2d is intersting: the few pieces forces the King to participate in. See also 5th game.
2. B2e - 3d P4b - 4c Black:"Bīs move makes W:īs S1b impossible, but puts the Gold behind."
3. B3d - 2c B3a - 4b Black: "Interesting Pawn move...Didnīt think of that one! As itīs impossible to move the general forwards. The only really offensive move is B2c. Of course Bx4c worth considering with 3)...Gx4c 4) N*2c a fork."
White: "Previos Pawn move made space for Bishops checking."
4. K2d - 1c G3b x 2c Blackīs move by Yoshinori Sawada
White: "Black had 3 possibilities, K1c, K3d, K2e, but they canīt save Black losing".
5. K1c x 2c T*3c Again, Black is pursued with only possibility.
6. K2c - 1c B4b - 3a Bishop checking!, Blackīs posobilities are to drop Rook or Gold, but next Whiteīs beat with Bishop will be checkmate.
7. G*2b B3a x 2b X ...and checkmate
Black:"The generals was hopelessly behind. The opening was bad. (At least the second move was bad...)"
White:"That is true, and the 3rd move was also careless".

All Thanks to my Opponents!
This game was quite Scandinavian, because most of motions I got from Sweden (two from Japan and one Romania).
Blackīs 3.) careless move gave White to start damaging attack, which raged as hurricane. -sorry.