my Micro-Shogi games in Net
Game 7:
This was my 7th game of Micro-Shogi against the Shogi Net World!
1. G-2d G-3b You got two motions; K2d (from SWE) and G2d (from NED)
, and I drew lots for G2d.
My move is symmetrical.
2. S4e - 3d S1a - 2b Game is still symmetrical.
3. S3d - 4e S2b - 2c Bīs Silver escaped but W attacts
4. G2d x 2c=R G2b x 2c=R
5. S*2d R2c x 2d=G White checking
6. K1e x 2d L*2b White checking again.
7. K2d - 1c L2b x 2e=S GD:"Perhaps K-3e is better for Black"?
8. K1c - 2d R*2a White is checking and protects at same time the Silver
9. R*2b B3a x 2b=T Black offers Rook to change Silver and escapes with King
10. K2d x 2e T2b - 3c (Check)
11. K2e - 3e T*2dX Checkmate
All Thanks to my Opponents!