my Micro-Shogi games in Net
Game 9:
This was my 9th game of Micro-Shogi against "the Shogi Net World"!
  Black: NetWorld White: G. Dunkel comments
1. G3e - 2d G2a -3b I got 3 moves from Sweden (all G2d), and one empty from Missouri!
2. S4e - 4d B3a - 2b I got two moves S4d and one P1c, all from Sweden
3. G2d - 3d S1a - 1b I got two moves, S3e and G3d. I used Random to draw lots:
I get the last one.
4. S4d -3e S1b - 2c I got 4 moves: tree S3e and one K2d.
5. G3d x 2c=R G3b x 2c=R move Gx2c was only I got.
6. L * 2d B2b - 3c I got 4 moves, two L*2d, one S3d and one empty.
7. B2e - 3d R2c x 2d=G I got 3 moves; B3d, incorrect L3d, and one empty.
8. S3e x 2d=L L*2a  
9. B3d - 2c L2a x 2c=S tree moves: checking B2c, illegal d2-c2, and one empty
10. R*2a R*3a B: checking drop is strong.
11. R2a x 2c=G B3c - 4d. I also got two moves from Japan,
ѣdͤ and c
-I'm sure, that these are good moves,
but this is different PC-fonts between Scandinavian and Nippon.
Have someone idea to solve this problem?
12. P1d - 1c R3a - 3e (check) .
13. K1e - 1d? T*1e Checkmate. I got only one move and unfortunately it was a little bit careless.
It's typical that sometimes blindness catch us!