my Micro-Shogi games in Net
Game 10:
This was my 10th game of Micro-Shogi against "the Shogi Net World"!
  Black: NetWorld White: G. Dunkel comments
1. G3e-2d G2a-3b Quite "traditional open".
What´s your best?
2. S4e-4d B3a-2b Same position as in 9th game.
3. B2e - 3d B2b x 4d Unfortunately I got only one move 2e,3d (means B-3d)
and it was a little bit careless,
because I offered B:'s Silver without any balance.
What´s your best?
4. Resign . Yes, the basic position of game don't give any possibility to win.

All Thanks to my Opponents!