my Micro-Shogi games in Net
Game 11:
This was my 11th game of Micro-Shogi against "the Shogi Net World"!
  Black: NetWorld White: G. Dunkel comments
1. G-2d G-3b "traditional" opening!
2. S4e-3d S1a-2b Interesting move from Oulu! It's still symmetrical position
3. S3d-4e P4b-4c. The symmetrical is broken. The 4x5 board is really close!
4. S4e-3d B3a-4b I got two moves; S3d and 1c? -the last one is inaccurate,
because there is two possibilites to move this square (P and G),1c refused.
5. Resign/Luovutan. . Thanks for this short game. the best continuation maybe 5.) P1c Sx1c, but unfortunately W: will win after few moves.

All Thanks to my Opponents!