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Our Blog: The Old Endoscopy Quiz - June 2014

July 1, 2014

The Old Endoscopy Quiz (and Answer) of the Month - June 2014


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The summer of this year is here again - at least on our half of the globe. During the summer - in June, July and August - the Quiz will be quite easy for two reasons. First, a quick answers save You time to be out in the sun. Second, You do not have to be an expert in endoscopy to manage in this quiz during the summer. So - if You are a health care professional just thinking of starting a career in endoscopy, please have a try - You might find it interesting!

This lady came to an upper endoscopy as she had suffered from some dyspeptic symptoms. These images show the finding in the very upper part of her oesophagus. What is this finding?


    Oesophageal Inlet Patch

Correct answers were emailed by

    Mario Galluzzi, Lecco, Italy
    Paresh Patel, Leawood, USA/Kansas
    Satish Yadav, Varanas, India
    Garrido Matias, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Marios Iliadis, Kumla Örebro, Sweden
    Dr.M.Qasim Zia, Sialkot, Pakistan
    Waleed, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Dr.M.Qasim Zia, Lahore, Punjab
    rashed hassen, fakous, Egypt
    María Teresa Galiano, Bogotá, Colombia
    Mohammed Nabil Alkady, Cairo, Egypt
    iyad, qaza, palestine
    Augusto Gandolfi, São José do Rio Preto/SP, Brazil
    Ho Dang Quy Dung, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    Subrata Saha, Dumfries, Scotland
    mai thi minh hue, ha noi, Viet nam
    M.P.B Meilink Nurse Endoscopist G.I, Enschede
    Marianne Nilsson, Luleå, Sweden
    mahmoud slama, qena, Egypt
    Dr. Mohamed Zghbor, Gaza, Palestine
    shamardan Bazeed, qina, Egypt
    lilian parillo, Lima, Peru
    Dr.Virendra Parikh, Fort Wayne, USA/Indiana
    jose garrido, pilar, Argentina
    prof.nader farid,md., Cairo, Egypt
    Ágota Mónus, Miskolc, Hungary
    Dr. Umamaheswara Reddy, Hyderabad, India
    Márcio Paraboli, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil/São Paulo
    Amil Haji Younes, Gävle, Sweden
    Marta Dobras, Sieradz, POLAND

Wiev of Riga, Latvia ©
    Diana Zandere, Riga, Latvia
    Konstantinos Markopoulos, Thessaloniki, Greece
    Arzu, Baku, Azerbaijan
    richecoeur, gouesnou (brittany), France
    Wgady, Dubai, UAE
    Katerina Klapcic, Pula, Croatia
    Dr. Md. Shah Jamal, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Lucas Andrade Caldas, Brasília, Brasil
    Gantos Athanasios, Kozani, Greece
    R Ionescu, Bucharest, Romania


Inlet patch is a congenital anomaly of the cervical esophagus consisting of gastric mucosa

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July 1, 2014