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Our Blog: The Old Endoscopy Quiz - June 2015

April 1, 2014

The Old Endoscopy Quiz (and Answer) of the Month - June 2015


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This young man had suffered from an ulcerative colitis mostly affecting his rectum and sigmoideum,. for about 9 years. The disease hade been slightly active all the time. This is the finding in his sigmoid colon in an routine follow up colonoscopy. What are these quite bizarre findings?


    The following answers were suggested:

    Mucosal bridge and pseudopolyps
    Inflamatory pseudo polyp
    Pseudopolyposis in ulcerative colitis
    Mucosal remnants
    Inflammatory polyps and pseudopolyps with scars in ulcerative colitis
    inflammatory pseudopolyps and bridging mucosa (regenerative changes in the course of UC)
    Pseudopolyps and fibrotic bridging
    Mucosal Bridge as a sequele of ulcerative colitis
    pseudopolyps and mucosal bridges
    Pseudo bridgres seen after acute and severe mucusal ulceration more commun with UC but may be seen in any acute mucosal ulceration in the way of healing
    Pseudoinflamatory polyps of variabile shapes
    Bridging fenomen in ulcerative colitis
    It seems to be pseudoinflamatory polyps of variabile shapes
    Mucosal bridges or pseudopolyps
    polipo en sigmoide yamada lll
    Bridging as a result of chronic inflammation
    Pseudopolyps and "bridges" of inflammatory tissue
    Pseudo bridges seen after severe mucosal inflammation,
    and these answers are all correct of course.


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