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Our Blog: The Old Endoscopy Quiz - August 2015

September 1, 2014

The Old Endoscopy Quiz (and Answer) of the Month - August 2015


Click on the picture to get a magnification

Click on the picture to get a magnification

Click on the picture to get a magnification

Click on the picture to get a magnification

The summer of this year is here again - at least on our half of the globe. During the summer - in June, July and August - the Quiz will be quite easy for two reasons. First, a quick answers save You time to be out in the sun. Second, You do not have to be an expert in endoscopy to manage in this quiz during the summer. So - if You are a health care professional just thinking of starting a career in endoscopy, please have a try - You might find it interesting!

This old gentleman had suffered from obstipation for many many years and hed had treated this with an over the counter drug named Agiolax (TM). Then he came to a colonoskopy as he had developed a quite severe iron deficiency anaemia. This is the finding in the caecal region. Obviously he has a malignant caecal tumour, adenocarcinoma. But there is another disease clearly visible in these images. What disease is that?


    Caecal Adenocarcinoma and Pseudomelanosis Coli

Correct Answers were sent by:

    Matias Garrido, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Rassiat, dijon, france
    daniel Acosta H., Santo Domingo, dn, Dominican Republic
    PARABOLI SILVA, Marcio Luiz, Sao Jose do Rio Preto-SP, BRAZIL
    Karen Stauffer, Monmouth, Illinois. USA
    fred stam, Haarlem Holland, Nederland
    mai minh hue, ha noi, viet nam
    Ramón López Gaxiola, GUAMÚCHIL, SINALOA, MEXICO
    Cristina Toader, Bucharest, Romania
    zaid salhab, tabuk, saudi arabia
    Suze Sandall, Winchester, Hampshire, UK
    Augusto Gandolfi, São José do Rio Preto, Brasil
    mai thi minh hue, Ha noi, Viet nam
    dr. Myo Min Tun, Yangon, Myanmar
    Moustapha el chaki, Jeddah, Ksa


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September 1, 2015