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    High Quality Endoscopy Images:
    Colon, the Large Bowel

Endoscopes gives now better images with higher resolution than even a few years ago. Just click on any of the images below to get a magnification, suitable for power point presentations and publishing purposes.

A normal ileocaecal valve (valvula Bauhini)

An Asacol-tablett releasing the active drug (5-aminosalicylic acid) in the caecum

Hepatic flexure of the colon, one can imagine the liver seen through the wall of the colon

Hepatic flexure, with the liver visible through the wall of the large bowel

Hepatic flexure of the colon, one can imagine the liver seen through the wall of the colon

A normal transverse colon (colon transversum)

Colon transversum

Colon transversum

Colon descendens

Feacal content in the colon seen in a colonoscopy done without any preparations

Foam in the colon can sometimes disturb visibility during a colonoscopy, but is easily removed by infusion of a sligth amount of dimethicone

A normal sigmoid colon

Faeces in the colon - an image showing why colonoscopy is not possible without bowel emptying

(Pseudo-)Melanosis coli

(Pseudo-)Melanosis coli

Two diverticulas in the sigmoid colon

Diverticulosis in the sigmoid colon

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