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    High Resolution Videos and Images:

These QuickTime high resolution endoscopy videos and images show normal and pathologic endoscopic views from the gastrointestinal canal.

A Normal Rectum

Severe Rectal Crohns Disease

A Distal Ulcerative Colitis Affecting Rectum and Sigmoideum

An Active Ulcerative Colitis affecting Rectosigmoideum

Ulcerative Proctitis

A Focal Radiation Injury in the Rectum

A Rectal Tubular Adenoma

A Small Rectal Tubular Adenoma, Polypectomy

A Rectal Tubulovillous Adenoma

A Large and Malignant Rectal Polyp (Adenocarcinoma)

Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) at the Rectosigmoid Flexure

Rectal Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) with Surrounding Chicken Skin Mucosa

A Small Rectal Cancer (Adenocarcinoma)

Rectal Cancer (Adenocarcinoma)

Two Rectal Cancers (Adenocarcinoma)

A Bleeding Rectal Cancer (Adenocarcinoma)

Rectal Cancer (Adenocarcinoma)

Rectal Cancer (Adenocarcinoma)

A Rectal Malignant Carcinoid Tumour

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The Best Image Library in the World!

That is what we would like Gastrolab Image Library and Endoscopic Archives to be.

Perhaps We can achieve this together? Many of You have ecxellent endoscopic images just waiting for publication. When published they can be an invaluable resource for young endoscopists and for gastroenterologic education.

So, please email Your images here
together with a short caption, a notice that our site is permitted to publish them and information if You want a copyright sign together with You email address (in which case possible commercial publishers can contact You to get permission to publish Your images).

Together we can make the best and most complete Image Library in the World!

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