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Heathberry's kennel was founded in -97. We are a small kennel having 1-2 litters per year. We are actively taking part in all kind of BTactivities. Particularly agility has a special place in our hearts. We try to find our dogs active homes, where they don't end up as 'coutch potatoes'.

I bought my first Border Terrier Molles Crashmiina, "Miina", in -95. I wanted to have an active, compact sized dog suitable for agility and other outdoor activities. Border Terrier seemed like a right breed to me. Miina was bought as a pet and the idea of breeding didn't even cross my mind at that time. (So little did I knew!)

With Miina we did a lot of things: agility, working trials, blood-tracking, obedience and shows. Soon I was totally in love with this breed and I also got interested in breeding.

First litter was born in spring -97. Miina had 5 puppies sired by Rubicon Rubarb. From the first litter came the first Heathberry's champion H. Last Sparkle. A warm thank you goes to my friend Anna-Karin Bergh from kennel Rabalder in Sweden, who helped me a lot when I was starting breeding BTs. I still get advice from her when needed.
H. Last Sparkle, H. Sparkle of Hope
with Rabalder Med Musik (in the middle)
With my sister Elina we share the same passion for Border Terriers. Nowadays this kennel activity is just as much her hobby as it is mine. In 2002 prefix "Heathberry's" was also registered under her name.

At home at the moment I have Miina (Molles Crashmiina), Jedi (H. Jet-Lag) and Putti (H. Better By Far).

Miina has had two litters, one by Rubicon Rubarb and one by Rabalder Hundra Knutar. Miina is a double champion. She has gained the Finnish Working Champion title (FIN KVA) and Finnish & Swedish Agility Champion title (FIN & S AVA).
In 2001 Miina was in the team, which won gold in Agility Finnish Team Championships. Miina's retired from agility competitions in the Autumn 2004 at the age of nine.

Jedi has already proven to be extreamly promising in agility. He has risen fast to top class. In 2003 he placed sixth in both Finnish Championships and in the World Championships qualifying competition.

Putti is the only "show dog" at home. He has dome extremely well for his young age. At the age of two he already has gained 8 CC's and 4 CACIBs. In 2004 he was BOS in the two biggest show events in Finland, in BTC Speciality and in Helsinki Winner Show. Putti is also starting his agility career.

Tomu (Heathberry's Pixie Dust)
Jedi on agility course
photo: Jari Nevalainen
Miina on agility course
We have been extremely lucky to get to know Jayne Gillam and her Orenberg -kennel. In the fall -98 little bitch puppy Orenberg Night Pixie arrived from UK. "Pixie" has done well in shows and in summer 2000 she became a champion (FIN MVA). So far she has also got 4 CACIBs.

Pixie has produced four litters. Litters are by H. Trick or Treat, ,H. Matter Of Time, Borderhouse Quincy and H. Better By Far. Three of her offspring has already gained champion titles. Pixie lives at my sister Elina, who also handles her in agility.
FIN & EST MVA Orenberg Night Pixie
(Holcombe Jack Daniels - Orenberg Night Sprite)
In Elina's household lives also "Tomu" (H. Pixie Dust) who is Pixie's daughter by Borderhouse Quincy.
Heathberry's Pixie Dust
(Borderhouse Quincy - Orenberg Night Pixie)
From our dear friend Jayne, we have got also a dog Orenberg Finger Print. "Felix" arrived in spring -01. He has gained a Finnish Champion title. Felix is also doing agility and has proven to be a good hunter.

FIN MVA Orenberg Finger Print
(Blue Print at Brumberhill - Orenberg Starry Night)
FIN CH W-02 H. New Release (Borderhouse Quincy - H. Great Timing)
H. Access Denied (Orenberg Finger Print - H. Time Will Tell)
We only keep few dogs at home because we want to make sure we have enough time for them. To continue breeding, we have sold some promising bitches under breeding terms (for example H. New Release, H. Access denied and H. Far And Away).
H. Far And Away (Stineval Razamadaz - H. Booker Prize)
On page "Pentueet" are our plans for the nearest future. From that page there is a link to anonther page where are listed all Heathberry's litters. By clicking the "sukutaulu & kuvia", you can see the pedigree of that combination and some photos.
On page "Juttuja kasvateista" are some stories written by the owners of our breedings. Unfortunately this page is only in Finnish. You may still take a look as there are also some nice photos.
On this page you can find all our champions.
H.Truth or Dare, Aapo
H. Matter of Time, Osku
H. Booker Prize, Pilkkis
News from shows, working trials, agility etc. are listed on the page "Uutisia".
Most important news are also summarized in english.
From this page there are also links to older news archives.
Most successful "Heathberry's" so far have been:

Intl & Fin & Swe & Nor & Est CH, W-03, KBHV-04, Fin Working CH
Heathberry's Truth Or Dare "Aapo"

Aapo is our first International Champion. He also won the Border Terrier Club show in 2000 and has had several group placings, two group wins and once he has been placed BIS-5. In Autumn 2001 Aapo gained the working champion title with minimum amount of trials required.

Intl & Fin & Swe & Nor CH Fin Working CH
Heathberry's Matter Of Time "Osku"

Osku got his Finnish Champion title in the spring 2002. In the same year he was BOS in Swedish Club Show and the second best male in our Club Speciality. Later in the autumn he gained the Swedish and Norwegian Champion titles. His super year 2002 ended to Finnish Working Champion title in December. In the beginning of 2004 he finalized his International Champion title.


Fin CH JWW-02
Heathberry's Booker Prize "Pilkkis"

Year 2002 was also very good for Pilkkis. She was a BOS in the Club Specialty and managed to get to the bitch line up in the Swedish Club show (best bitch-4). In the World Winner Show held in Amsterdam she got the Junior World Winner 02 title.

Fin CH W-02 W-04
Heathberry's New Release "Tuisku"

Tuisku is a litter sister to Pilkkis. Although slighthly shown she has done extremely well. In December 2002 she got Winner-02 title. In year 2003 she was Best In Show in both Swedish and Finnish Club Speciality Shows. In 2004 she went for BIS at Club Speciality again and later in December got another Winner-title from Helsinki Winner Show.

H. Booker Prize and her happy breeder
in Amsterdam 2002.
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