Brumberhill Blue Imprint - Heathberry's Smart Move (2+1)
Synt. 17.9.2007 (DOB)

l H. Greater Good (grizzle bitch)
l H. Great Pumpkin (Blue & Tan dog)
l H. Great Adventure (grizzle dog)

Paddyn (Brumberhill Blue Imprint) ja Iiriksen (H. Smart Move) pennut syntyivät 17.9.2007. Pentuja on kolme, kaksi urosta ja yksi narttu. toinen pojista on blue & tan, muut grizzlejä.

Iiris (H. Smart Move) had her puppies on 17th of September. Father to the litter is Paddy (Brumberhill Blue Imprint). There are three puppies, two dogs and one bitch. One boy is blue and tan.
Brumberhill Blue Imprint, PADDY
Heathberry's Smart Move, IIRIS

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Puppies 6 weeks
H. Great Adventure
H. Great Pumpkin
H. Greater Good