Brackenhills Walker - Heathberry's Magic Spell (5+1)
Synt. 10.2.2008 (DOB)

l H. Close Shave (grizzle & tan dog) "Arttu"
l H. Touch and Go (grizzle & tan dog) "Remu"
l H. Saved by the Bell (grizzle & tan dog) "Seve"
l H. On Razor's Edge (grizzle & tan dog) "Tupu"
l H. Dodge the Bullet (grizzle & tan dog) "Luka"
l H. Close Encounter (grizzle & tan bitch) "Kirppu"

Brackenhills Walker, Åke
photo: Juhani Lehtinen
Heathberry's Magic Spell, Lupu
Axbor Horatio
Axbor Born To Be Quick
Axbor Hoppetossas Beatrice
Winhazel Morning Dew
Hilane Fire Fighter
Winhazel Rising Star
Magic Spell
Terras Trump Card
Barsetta English Nobleman
Terras Up-And-Coming
Heathberry's Far And Away
Stineval Razamadaz
Heathberry's Booker Prize
H. Close Shave
H. Touch and Go
H. Saved by the Bell
H. On Razor's Edge
H. Dodge the Bullet
H. Close Encounter
photos:Helena Palm-Araviadis
Lupun (H. Magic Spell) pennut syntyivät 10.2.
Pentueessa on 5 poikaa ja yksi tyttö. Kaikki ovat väriltään grizzlejä.

Lupu's (H. Magic Spell) puppies were born 10th of February.
There are 5 dogs and 1 bitch in the litter. All are grizzle & tan.