Päätalo   the Main house

Bed &Breakfast

Driving instructions

Bus from Helsinki Railway Square, Juhaninkulma is situated c.100 m from the bus stop in Sotunki.
Sotunki is in the heart of the countryside allthough it is only a 15 kilometers drive from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Kehä III (ring road III) to the Hakunila intersection, then along Hakunilantie 2,2 km. Turn right by sign Sotungintie/Urheilupuisto and drive 1 km. Turn left by sign Kuninkaanmäki/Nurmimäentie and drive along this road 2,3 km. Turn left by sing Nurmitie and look for yellow building about 70 m down the road.

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Helka Ahtiainen, Nurmitie 3, 01260 Vantaa, Finland
Puh/tel: +358 9 876 4970, Sähköposti/email: helka.ahtiainen@kolumbus.fi
päivitetty/dated 10.2.2018