Band Members

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Esa Kaartamo · vocals, guitar 

Guitarist, singer, keyboard player, producer and arranger supremo whose undisputed musical talent has produced two fine and soulful solo albums: "Etäisyys" and "Näillä main". Accomplished and experienced artist who makes things work and the music glow.

Mika Kuokkanen · vocals, guitar

Guitar player and singer, whose acclaimed solo debut "KKANE" enjoyed rave reviews, a musician who has been making his own material for over 15 years. Rooted deeply in the singer-songwriter tradition but not a stranger to urban and sharp edged rock either.

Ninni Poijärvi · vocals, violin, accordion

Singer and songwriter, who plays violin, accordion and piano. Highly praised debut album "Viideltä" was released in 2002. The master of vocal harmonies in the group Club for Five and also in jazz and musical productions.

Jarmo Nikku · guitar, mini12, mandolin

The man of a thousand licks, who can match his skills and thrills to all kinds of musical landscapes. Long touring stints and various studio sessions have schooled a natural talent into a seasoned player. The guitar player's guitar player.

Olli Haavisto · pedal steel, lap steel, mandoliini

The professor of string instruments, familiar with traditions and closing in on perfection. The guru of the pedal and lap steel department, who crowned his 20-year career with a brilliant solo album "Music For Bus Stops". The no-nonsense master of roots music.

Masa Maijanen · bass

One of the unsung heroes of the Finnish rock scene, a character and a father figure, whose solid and warm bass lines have supported many great bands including Broadcast, Gringos Locos, Havana Black, and Kaija Kärkinen & Ile Kallio.

Topi Kurki · drums

The unmoved man on the mean skins, who has performed with Kirka, Henry O'Band and Steve Webb. A solid touring veteran, who keeps it all together. No messin' around when Topi's in town.

Aatsi Nuppola · mixing

Mr Sound himself.

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