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Champion of Champions and Veteran of Veterans

February, 2002


CoC and VoV is a invitational competition for dogs who have been succesful during the previous year. This year also Ikiliikkujan Mad Max and Milady Melanie got invitation to this gala. It was held in Dipoli, Espoo. There were 69 entries for Champion of Champions and 19 for Veteran of Veterans . The judges were Göran Bodegård from Sweden, Pamela Cross Stern from United Kingdom and Harry Tast from Finland for CoC and the VoV was judged by Göran Bodegård. The Champion of Champions was Silky Terrier Multi Ch Curiosity Luxury of Silk and the Veteran of Veterans Gordon Setter Multi Ch Fair Isle The Bodyguard


Coc- Jenny CoC - Jenny

Ikiliikkujan Milady Melanie handled by Heidi Lehtinen

Coc- Jenny CoC - Jenny

Coc- Jenny Coc- Matti

Both dogs were pre-judged by Mrs Cross Stern
On the left Ikiliikkujan Milady Melanie and on the right Ikiliikkujan Mad Max

Coc- Matti CoC - Matti

Ikiliikkujan Mad Max handled by the owner Kaija Remesaho



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