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On our summer vacation 2000 our whole family went with the dogs to the Finnish Lappland, to Kilpisjärvi and we also visited the Norwegian fells. Kilpisjärvi is a small village near the border of three countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway. We spent a lovely week with our friend Sirpa and her samoyed Ikiliikkujan Winter Willow, "Munnukka". With their guidance we made some fell hikings, from which we humans and specially our dogs enjoyed a lot. The Northern rough nature with its high fells and narrow waterfalls was an unforgettable experience. The midsummer in the north was chilly, only +10 degrees Celsius and the fell tops on the Norwegian side of the border had still snow. The samoyeds enjoyed the cold weather and we humans slipped in our warm jumpers.

Here are some photos of our summer vacation.

The dogs loved swim in the lake Kilpisjärvi though the water was only +5 degrees Celsius.
On the left Heidi, Henrik, Mikael and Erik.

Starting to hike to the top to fell Saana distance to walk 3.5 kilometers.

On the right Sirpa Karjalainen and Munnukka, Mikael,
Henrik, Flame, Joey, Fanny and Erik.

Here we are at the top of the fell Saana.

On the left Joey and boys, on the right Sirpa Karjalainen and Munnukka
and behind stands Heidi and Rainer.

A view from the top.


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