The cattery

FIN*Firdafylkes has been breeding Norwegian Forestcats since 1995. The cattery was the best NFO breeder in Finland 2000

How it all began...

My first Norwegian Forestcat came to us in 1992, her name is GIC Tähtitassun Henna. The reason that this little lady came to us was that at catshows in Finland I always found myself admireing the Norwegian Forestcat EC & EP Tähtitassun Elmeri. Henna is his little sister and after I had seen some photos of her I decided to buy this little "Mietze-Katze". She became one of our breeding females and is nowadays living a happy life as a neuter. Our second female is also fom the same cattery, her name is Tähtitassun Lemmenliekki and she gave birth to my first NFO litter born 1995. From this litter I kept the only kitten that was born; Firdafylkes Audhumbla and this is a decision that I have never regretted as Audhumbla in 1995 was best Young NFO in Finland and the next year best Adult NFO in Finland. In 1996 she was also second best adult in the international Skogkatt of the Year competition.

The name "Firdafylkes" is old Norwegiand and means  the district of the fjords, Firdarne is the fjords and fylke is an area or a district. I think this is a suitable name for my breeding as I give my kittens names from the old Nordic mythology.


FIN*Firdafylkes is located in Vantaa, a suburb to Helsinki. I live together with my husband, our two boys, one dog and seven cats in a big house. The cats live like familymembers and are never caged. They have their own cat-run where they can spend their days watching birds or catching mice!
All the cats in our cattery are tested negative for FIV and FELV. My goal is to breed healthy, good tempered and beautiful NFOs. Kittens that leave the cattery are at least 12 weeks old, vaccinated twice and registered in SRK. I only sell kittens as indoor cats.

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FIN*Firdafylkes / Ingela Meling
Skogsängsvägen 7 B
FIN-01690 Vanda, Finland

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