N203/1200mm Orion SkyQuest

Object: Pk 198-6.1 / Abell 12
Obs. place: Rajakylä, Vantaa, Finland
Date: 7./8.12.2004
NE Lim.mag: 5.6m
Background sky: 3-4
Seeing: 2
Weather: +1.0°C, clear.

Description: Not visible without filters, but @ 122x and O-III filter the 4th magnitude star shows a "reflection" in NW direction due once more the bad seeing in this part of the sky. With a better split @ 200x, a round planetary without details is visible pretty easily.
Notes: On the next night re-observed, I glimbsed some evidence of ring structure which is added to the sketch.
Abell 12 with 8" SkyQuest @ 200x + O-III