3" Refractor

Object: Palomar 11
Obs. place: Base del Teide, Tenerife, Spain (7480ft)
Date: 18./19.4.2004
NE Lim. mag: 7.1m
Background sky: 1-2
Seeing: 2
Weather: Excellent, very cold

Description: Extremely faint 2' glow SE from a bright 8th magnitude star. Requires keen averted vision. No detail.
Palomar 11 with 3" refractor @ 121x

4.5" SkyQuest XT

Object: Palomar 11
Date: 30./31.8.2011
Observing location: Sedona, Arizona, USA (1368 meters / 4488 feet)
NE Lim.mag: 6.7m (zenith)
SQM-L: 20.84 (south)
Background sky: 7 (good)
Seeing: 7 (good)
Transparency: 7 (good)
Weather: +23.0°C, humidity 32-45%, clear.

Description: Fairly faint, round, unresolved, slightly mottled with averted vision? Two/three extremely faint stars visible near the center.
Palomar 11 with 4.5" SkyQuest @ 304x