8" Orion DSE

Object: IC 405
Obs. place: Rajakylä, Vantaa, Finland (sea level)
Date: 16./17.1.2007
Bortle class: Class 5 (suburban sky)
NE Lim.mag: ~5.5m (east)
Background sky: 3
Seeing: 2
Transparency: 2-3
Aurora activity: None visible (>5 nT/sec)
Weather: Partly snow-covered ground yet quite nice, +2.2°C, humidity ~74%, SW wind 4.1 m/s, air pressure 997Hpa.

Minimum aperture: 3"

Description: Very faint yet quite easy. Round / irregular haze N-NE from AE Aurigae. Even brightness, may be slightly brighter NE from the two brightest stars. The 5 faint stars W from AE Aurigae form a faint, nebulous arc with the O-III filter. UHC filter improves contrast with O-III only minimal gain if any at all. Not visible without filters.
IC 405 with 8" Orion DSE @ 38x + UHC filter