N203/1200mm Orion SkyQuest

Object: NGC 2346
Obs. place: Sotunki, Vantaa, Finland
Date: 9./10.3.2005
NE Lim.mag: 6.0m (SE)
Background sky: 2-3
Seeing: 2
Weather: -17°C, very cold, chilling wind from N, green flash-aurorae very low N.

Description: Pretty bright, large planetary in a moderately rich field. Found @ 38x without a fuzz. At first, the planetary appers as an annular, slightly NE-SW elliptical haze with several 14th magnitude stars nearby. There's also two very faint brightenings in the NE and SW edges of the halo. After several minutes of watching, O-III filter starts to show some additional details: NE and SW edges come very sharp and some fainter nebulosity can be suspected outside the inner ring. The elliptical shape is almost gone at 360x + O-III and the halo appears mottled. The ring structure also becomes broken from the NNW corner. Slightly triangular or hourglass-shaped but very difficult. Central star not seen (mag 11 my ass).
Notes: Sketch rotated (N up). Finer details not added to the sketch.

NGC 2346 with 8" SkyQuest @ 360x