3" Konus Refractor

Obs. place: Base del Teide, Tenerife, Spain (7480ft)
Date: 18./19.4.2004
NE Lim. mag: 7.1m
Background sky: 1-2
Seeing: 2
Weather: Excellent, very cold

Description: In a painfully rich field. Bright but very small - size about 1'. Flanked by two 12th magnitude stars. The center is brighter and maybe even slightly resolved?
NGC 6717 with 3" Konus @ 121x

4.5" SkyQuest XT

Object: NGC 6717
Obs. place: Two Trees, Cottonwood, Arizona, USA (1194 meters / 3917 feet)
Date: 29./30.8.2011
NE Lim.mag: 7.5m (zenith)
SQM-L: 21.55 (zenith)
Background sky: 8 (excellent)
Seeing: 8 (excellent)
Transparency: 8 (excellent)
Weather: +27.9 - 24.4°C, humidity 28%, bats and bunnies messing around...

Description: Sketched at very high magnification despite the fact that no additional detail is visible beyond 402x. The globular cluster is just SW from brilliant Nu2 Sagittarii. Flanked by two 12-13th magnitude stars, bright but small globular cluster. The tiny ~1' unresolved halo surrounds a brighter, mottled core which might be a simple group of foreground stars in front of the globular cluster's core.
NGC 6717 with 4.5" SkyQuest @ 456x (7')