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Well that would probably be me now wouldn't it: Jarmo Lahtiranta, lives in Finland. Please note that this whole website is very outdated. Please visit for more updated info.

Hardware & software:

I have a AMD Duron 1000Mhz which I use to make music. I use Sonar (sequencer) and Reason together but some other programs as well. I also have a stereo microphone, and minidisk recorder for recording some of the instruments (vibraphone, drums, piano and all sorts of percussion) live.

My relationship with music:

My music is getting better bit by bit and I try to improve myself as a composer as much as possible. I know that there is still much to learn. So if you come back next year I'll have some really cool tracks waiting. (You can come back sooner if you like, please do.) Music has always been important to me. I've played piano when I was about six, but now I play percussion instruments and drums. I also play the piano, but that's for composing purposes only. I'm a part of one symphony orchestra (Tapiola Youth Symphony), and a band (YEMEN) which is at the moment having really hard time finding time - or songs - to practice. I think that my classical background has helped me a lot in composing. It has given me a lot of ideas about what can be done in music.


    I like to listen to music that isn't just than 3 chords and a lousy chorus. I try to avoid the easy solutions when making music. I've thought of also writing lyrics, but my self-criticism forbids that, so that'll have to wait. My lyrics would probably be in Finnish anyway.

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