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No Chords Barred at is a limited version of this site. This is where I have all my latest MP3 files.
Horde my friend whose music is very different from mine. Take a peek if you have the time.
The Nordic Beats is a station where Horde and I keep our best songs.

HammerSound SoundFont Library An excellent place to get your free SoundFonts
SoundFont Central Guess what! Free SoundFonts!
The SoundSite Tons and tons of free SoundFonts!

Miditrax Mighty Midi Contest is another contest for midi composers. (Not as high standards, but excellent in every other way)
The Other Side BBS includes a few contests and a lot of other midi stuff.

Good sites:
Noel's Music Site All-round excellent site.
Midiworld Good music site.
Enhancing MIDI Recordings By Gene Confrey, Ph.D. Nice Jamiroquai page. Includes some midis of course.
An excellent Latin music site
Bjorn Lynne composes fantasy / medieval / nature / serenity type of music. I highly recommend. He has a large collection of MIDI files made by himself, which are definitely worth listening.

If you want your site added to my list or find any broken links, please contact the webmaster. I don't have the time or interest to check the links once a week so some of they may get broken without me knowing about it.

Midiots now!

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