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You have two options for listening: You can listen to the MP3 file or the MIDI file., where I kept my music earlier, has gotten greedy and no longer allows "deep linking", meaning that I can't use direct links to tracks at This means, that the HiFi- and LoFi Streams no longer work.

MeadowHike.midMeadow is probably my best song so far. The sounds are really high quality too. I will probably make other versions of this song.

HikeHike.midHike is again a two parted song. The slow part leads to the second faster part - as usual. Maybe I'm developing a habit. Anyway, the arrangement is once again a bit distinctive. I'm using steel pans, vibraphone, piano, drums and bass as the primary instruments - seasoned with some woodwinds and stuff.

Download (3.2 MB)Play the midi filePresent is one groovy track. One day, when I was practicing at the music institute I came up with this drum beat. It inspired me to do the second part to the bit slow song I was doing at the moment.

Furioso PercussionPlay the midi fileFurioso percussion has once again two parts. The slower and the faster. Both parts are based on different melodic percussion. The song improves greatly when played with increased volume settings. I'll probably mix this song again sometimes soon.

Game Music
Download (2.5 MB) Play the midi file The Groovy Game is my latest and greatest song. I've finally harnessed the audio capabilities of my sequencer, so the mixing the song has gotten a whole lot easier. More data will be inserted when the page is complete.

Download (0.9 MB)Play the midi file Shadows is a bit threatening theme I did for B5: The Fall of Night (B5TFON).

What's up?
Nothing. Meadow drained all my inspiration, so I have to rest and get inspired again before I can release anything new.

All my songs so far can be used without charge in noncommercial use as long as I get the credits. I would appreciate it if you also notified me. If you want to use my music in a commercial product, please send me e-mail.


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