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29.10.2001 What's up

A lot has happened although it'e been really quiet on my site. I have a few songs almost ready, but for some reason I haven't found the time to release them yet.

I have also got some new software to improve the sounds and the music. I hope to finally get the MIDI stamp off my songs. They all sound too much like midi files even as MP3-files.

The latest track in production is a background for the Babylon 5 -game. It is the first song that includes the very rich soundworld from Reason. It's been a long time since I last tried to write orchestral music, but I think that now I'm a bit closer to creating a playable and nice sounding track. Stay tuned.


1.6.2001 Update got greedy, so my MP3 files won't work. I'm trying to find a better server for them.

I won the New age / Experimental - category in a contest at Midiots with my track Hike.

I've been very busy, so composing has been slow. The Babylon 5-track has been a pain in the backside, but It's practically ready. However I won't be making a MIDI version of it because it is based on different pads and other sounds that aren't producable with the GM-bank. Sorry. (The song isn't that good anyway.)

I've done a lot of little composing. Small bytes of songs and ideas which I hope to merge into something grand. Stay tuned.

I bought a minidisk recorder and a stereo microphone. This should have at least some kind of impact on my MP3 files.

Yes, it is indeed Summer Holiday for me!


31.3.2001 Finally a new track

The Hike is finally ready. I also have a new connection to the Net (ADSL) so you can ba expecting bette quality of sounds in my next songs. I really didn't have the time to download those 70Mb soundbanks with my little modem.


10.3.2001 Update

I now have a new MIDI-interface, but I've been quite busy and most of my composing time has gone to the Babylon 5-track which will be at least 10 minutes long. However I have managed to compose parts of one other track whick should truly rock your world. Stay tuned.


21.1.2001 Technical difficulties

My motherboard died and the new doesn't have enough ISA-slots fot my MIDI-interface. There's going top be a little break in composing until I manage to buy a new one. I also ranked in the Mighty Midi contest, again.


17.12.2000 Horde shoots the moon

Horde has released a new song. You'll surely regret later if you don't listen to this. The track is called "The Nation of The Space Station" and it is located at


17.12.2000 Valid code

All the code on this page is now valid. I've also made some minor adjustments to tune up the appearance.


9.12.2000 Site upgraded

The source code of the page has been modified to guarantee better compatibility with the browser of your choice.

9.12.2000 New track
Fusioso Percussion
18.11.2000 News updated

The new better news section is now On-Line. From now on I'll put here some info when ever something of significance happens.

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