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Here are my older tracks. From these there is only the MP3 and the midi file. The fact that they are old, doesn't necessarily mean that they are inferior. There is some pretty good stuff here too.

Not all the MP3-files work because I had a little accident which included the Delete command. I'll upload all the files that are worth listening in next few months. Sorry.

Carneval. An old song.
Worms is based on a theme from Worms by Team 17. Notice the Steelpans and the Banjo.
Pianetto is pretty nice piece of music. Nothing fancy.
Named I don't have that much to say. It sounds nice, but that's all. Try the MP3 (2,1 Mb) not found. Sorry.
Tourism 1.05 is made originally for the YEMEN, but it can be heard here too.
After It takes a while to get started, but when it does, there's no stopping it!
Saturday Vibes took me 2 days to make Saturday Vibes, which is really little.
Saturday Vibes can also be heard as an MP3 (1,7 Mb) not found. Sorry.
Happy Birthday to all of you who have a birthday today. This is just something I made over night and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
Eve. I started making Eve nearby Christmas, so that's how it got the name. It's fine piece of music if you ask me.
Compile (v. 1.01) This is made out of four parts so it's called compile. A new version of the MP3 (2,7Mb) is not found. Sorry.
Vision Just another track.  MP3 (1,7Mb) not found. Sorry.
Lasco This took a while to finish, and I'm still not perfectly happy with this. This is playable track and It's not even that hard to play, I think. MP3
Basic Now that some time has passed, I still think that Basic rocks. This is one of my TOP 3 songs. MP3 (3.1 MB)
Summer groove is my first track that's made by actually playing the notes with a midi keyboard. Notice the difference. The MP3 has been released. I finally ranked in the Midi Music festival. 11th is fine with me. Maybe someday I'll get even higher.
Ride is the name of this song. It's not that great, but OK music. I used the piano sounds of my U-20 to render this MP3 (2.5Mb)
Depeat I returned to composing music for a mixed group instead of a band. The criticism I recieved after releasing Ride made me think. It gave me some perspective and a whole lot of new ideas. This one did pretty well in Miditrax.

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