Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021


Rotterdam, Netherlands
18th, 20th & 22nd May


This is the pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. In this chart all the countries are in the one and same chart. You can update your votes any time just by resending the voting form with new points. All the votes must be updated within two weeks after a new entry has been heard (15th March).

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Pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

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updated 10th April 2021

thanks to 635 voters in total,
438 active votes (received / updated: 15th March - 10th April 2021):

11-1SwitzerlandGjon's TearsTout l'univers17124911,2%100%
22--FranceBarbara PraviVoilà1654429,6%100%
331-LithuaniaThe RoopDiscoteque1503306,8%100%
44-2San MarinoSenhitAdrenalina1414143,2%100%
552MaltaDestinyJe me casse1329358,0%100%
663-CyprusElena TsagrinouEl diablo1277265,9%100%
77-3FinlandBlind ChannelDark side1046286,4%100%
88-4GreeceStefaniaLast dance999276,2%100%
994AzerbaijanEfendiMata Hari836133,0%100%
1111--ItalyMćneskinZitti e buoni787102,3%100%
1212-5IcelandDađi & Gagnamagniđ10 years77592,1%100%
16169-BelgiumHooverphonicThe wrong place63281,8%100%
1717-6BulgariaVictoriaGrowing up is getting old620112,5%100%
181810-IrelandLesley RoyMaps56971,6%100%
1919-7MoldovaNatalia GordienkoSugar52540,9%100%
20-11-IsraelEden AleneSet me free518133,0%100%
2120-8DenmarkFyr & FlammeŰve os pć hinanden50220,5%100%
2221-9AlbaniaAnxhela PeristeriKarma50030,7%100%
2322--United KingdomJames NewmanEmbers49740,9%100%
24-12-NorwayTIXFallen angel461102,3%100%
25-13-RussiaManizhaRussian woman41892,1%100%
2623-10SerbiaHurricaneLoco loco32451,1%100%
27--11PortugalThe Black MambaLove is on my side32351,1%100%
28--12AustriaVincent BuenoAmen30630,7%100%
3024--GermanyJendrikI don't feel hate30230,7%100%
31--13EstoniaUku SuvisteThe lucky one29530,7%100%
3225--SpainBlas CantóVoy a quedarme28840,9%100%
33--14Czech RepublicBenny Cristoomaga27810,2%100%
34-15-SloveniaAna SokličAmen27540,9%100%
3526--NetherlandsJeangu MacrooyBirth of a new age26430,7%100%
36--15PolandRAFAŁThe ride24940,9%100%
37--16GeorgiaTornike KipianiYou24620,5%100%
38--17LatviaSamanta TīnaThe moon is rising21751,1%100%
39-16-North MacedoniaVasilHere I stand18320,5%100%

If there's a tie, the country that received points from the greater number of voters wins. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breaker is to count the number of voters who assigned twelve points to each entry in the tie. Tie-breaks continue with ten points, eight points, and so on until the tie is resolved.

= new entry = highest climber = going upwards = same position as last time = going downwards

TIME ON CHART means how many voters have or have been able to vote for the country in question. All the votes have be updated within 14 days after a new song has been heard (15th March).


Greece 61 voters
United Kingdom 53 voters
Germany 52 voters
Finland 51 voters
Spain 44 voters
France 30 voters
Poland 26 voters
Turkey 26 voters
Norway 21 voters
Serbia 21 voters


25.1. Pre-chart is opened with Albania & Israel
30.1. France is included
4.2. Ukraine is included
6.2. Lithuania is included
13.2. Croatia is included
16.2. Czech Republic is included
20.2. Finland, Norway & Spain are included
24.2. Cyprus is included
25.2. Germany is included
26.2. Ireland is included
27.2. Slovenia is included
4.3. Australia,Belgium, Moldova, Netherlands & Romania are included
5.3. Serbia is included
6.3. Denmark, Estonia, Italy & Portugal are included
7.3. San Marino is included
8.3. Russia is included
9.3. Belarus is included
10.3. Austria, Bulgaria, Greece & Switzerland are included
11.3. North Macedonia & United Kingdom are included and Belarus is removed
12.3. Latvia & Poland are included
13.3. Iceland & Sweden are included
15.3. Azerbaijan, Georgia & Malta are inlucluded


Here are the entries in ESC 2021:

1AlbaniaAnxhela PeristeriKarma
3AustriaVincent BuenoAmen
4AzerbaijanEfendiMata Hari
5BelgiumHooverphonicThe wrong place
6BulgariaVictoriaGrowing up is getting old
8CyprusElena TsagrinouEl diablo
9Czech RepublicBenny Cristoomaga
10DenmarkFyr & FlammeŰve os pć hinanden
11EstoniaUku SuvisteThe lucky one
12FinlandBlind ChannelDark side
13FranceBarbara PraviVoilà
14GeorgiaTornike KipianiYou
15GermanyJendrikI don't feel hate
16GreeceStefaniaLast dance
17IcelandDađi & Gagnamagniđ10 years
18IrelandLesley RoyMaps
19IsraelEden AleneSet me free
20ItalyMćneskinZitti e buoni
21LatviaSamanta TīnaThe moon is rising
22LithuaniaThe RoopDiscoteque
23MaltaDestinyJe me casse
24MoldovaNatalia GordienkoSugar
25NetherlandsJeangu MacrooyBirth of a new age
26North MacedoniaVasilHere I stand
27NorwayTIXFallen angel
28PolandRAFAŁThe ride
29PortugalThe Black MambaLove is on my side
31RussiaManizhaRussian woman
32San MarinoSenhitAdrenalina
33SerbiaHurricaneLoco loco
34SloveniaAna SokličAmen
35SpainBlas CantóVoy a quedarme
37SwitzerlandGjon's TearsTout l'univers
39United KingdomJames NewmanEmbers

Albania: Anxhela PeristeriAustralia: MontaigneAustria: Vincent BuenoAzerbaijan: Efendi
Belarus: -Belgium: HooverphonicBulgaria: VICTORIACroatia: Albina
Cyprus: Elena TsagrinouCzech Republic: Benny CristoDenmark: Fyr & FlammeEstonia: Uku Suviste
Finland: Blind ChannelFrance: Barbara PraviGeorgia: Tornike KipianiGermany Jendrik
Greece: StefaniaIceland: Dađi og GagnamagniđIreland: Lesley RoyIsrael: Eden Alene
Italy: MćneskinLatvia: Samanta TīnaLithuania: The RoopMalta: Destiny
Moldova: Natalia GordienkoNetherlands: Jeangu MacrooyNorth Macedonia: VasilNorway: TIX
Poland: RAFAŁPortugal: The Black MambaRomania: RoxenRussia: Manizha
San Marino: SenhitSerbia: HurricaneSlovenia: Ana SokličSpain: Blas Cantó
Sweden: TusseSwitzerland: Gjon's TearsUkraine: Go_AUnited Kingdom: James Newman

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