ESC'22: Montenegro to take part
ESC'22: The venue will be PalaOlimpico
ESC'22: The host city will be Turin!
ESC'22: The dates for ESC 2022 semifinals and final
ESC'22: Jeremie Makiese represents Belgium
ESC'22: The dates for Swedish semifinals and final
ESC'22: The info page of ESC 2022 is opened
ESC Stats: Iceland is the highest climber in the average placings 1957-2021
Eurovision.tv: Grand final results
Eurovision.tv: 2nd semi-final results
Eurovision.tv: 1st semi-final results

ESC Stats: Average placings 1957-2021, including semifinals
Winner estimate 2021: The results: TOP3 exactly correct!
ESC'21: The running order for the final
ESC Stats: The qualifying percentages 2004-2021
ESC'21: The draw of halves for 2nd semi qualifiers
ESC'21: The finalists known in 2nd semi-final!
ESC'21: The draw of halves for 1st semi qualifiers
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