Pre-chart'17: All votes must be updated after 18th March Vote here!
Pre-chart'17: Bulgaria is again the highest climber
Pre-chart'17: Armenia is the highest climber
Pre-chart'17: Russia is removed from the voting Vote here!
Pre-chart'17: Now Bulgaria is the highest climber Vote here!
Pre-chart'17: Sweden is the highest climber
Pre-chart'17: Armenia is included Vote here!
Pre-chart'17: More than 1000 voters in the Pre-chart Vote here!
Pre-chart'17: At the moment Sweden is the highest climber
Pre-chart'17: Macedonia is the highest climber
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Estimate'17: Points from Pre-chart included
ESC'17: Julia Samoilova from Russia is banned from the contest
Estimate'17: Winner Estimate is opened with history points
ESC'17: Beautiful mess by Kristian Kostov is the entry for Bulgaria
ESC'17: Julia Samoilova - Flame is burning represents Russia
ESC'17: Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson - Spirit of the night for San Marino
ESC'17: Svala - Paper represents Iceland
ESC'17: Winner in Sweden: Robin Bengtsson - I can't go on
ESC'17: Fusedmarc - Rain of revolution wins in Lithuania
ESC'17: Norwegian representer: JOWST - Grab the moment
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