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Exposure 10 x 3min + 6 x 2min
Film Filter-modified Canon 450d (XSi)
Telescope/Lens Stellarvue EDT 622mm/f6.1
Processing Adobe Photoshop
Date 2009.1.15
Exposure 1 x 360 + 2 x 300sec
Film Pentax K10 D, 800 ISO
Telescope/lens Sigma Apo 400mm , f5,6
Processing Adobe Photoshop
Date 20.01.2007, 21.01.2007
Comments Our neighbour M31 or The Andromeda Galaxy and its satellite galaxies M32 and M110. Distance 2.2 million light years. The spiral galaxy M31 is (probably) the largest member of the local group of galaxies, the computed mass is about 400 billion times the mass of the Sun.

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