light & space mobile university


Two Finnish professionals, Professor, Lighting- and Luminaire Designer Julle Oksanen and Professor of Architecture and Architect Hannu Tikka have created a traveling University of light and space in order to give working tools for students of architecture.

target group

Architecture departments of universities of the world.

program framework

Light & Space Academy is a compact integral course meant for architecture departments of universities worldwide, the aim of which is to teach students about architecture as well as the architectural, artistic and technical potentialities of natural and electric light. The course is from a two week compact studio study period up to months lasting light- and architectural design course. Key word is flexibility. Course will be designed together with professors and staff of University and is normally creditet part of architect departmet program.

2005 student's from cornell university, Ithaca, new york.

2006 Students from CAA University, Hangzhou, China.



  working group


  julle oksanen

2008-           co-operation with university of tennessee, tennessee, usa
2008-           teacher at helsinki metropolia university of applied sciences
2007            visiting professor at university of oregon, architect depatrtment, oregon, usa
2003-           co-founder “light & space academy, the finnish mobile university”
2002-2003    visiting professor at rensselaer polytechnic institute arc.dept. lighting research center, new york, usa
2001-           julle oksanen lighting design ltd
1999-           examiner and teacher at the bartlett university college london, london, uk
1996            the theatre academy light & sound department
1981            light works at philips, asea skandia, hedengren
1980            graduating at helsinki technical college
1965            music concervatoire, violin
1953            born in riihimäki



hannu tikka

2006-            Full professor at Tampere University of Technology
2000-            Teacher at Helsinki University of Technology
1994-            Arkkitehtityöhuone Artto Palo Rossi Tikka Oy
1994-1995     Arkkitehtitoimisto Pekka Salminen, Helsinki
1993             Studio Daniel Libeskind, Berliini
1990 - 1992   Arkkitehtitoimisto Harris Kjisik, Helsinki
1986 - 1990   Arkkitehtitoimisto Aarne von Boehm, Helsinki
1982 - 1986   Arkkitehtitoimisto Nurmela Raimoranta-Tasa, Helsinki
1982 - 1993   Architecture studies at Helsinki University of Technology
1960             Born in Helsinki