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Questions and Answers

This is a new page for questions about life, religion, Bible, prophecy, Israel, end times, survival, wars and politics etc. So, send me ( your questions, I publish them here and try to answer to them.



The question of Chris Mwasile from Zambia


What is the reason, purpose,PLAN of GOD to create MAN and place him on
this earth full of and amidst such sufferings, problems and trials AND

Wish you Godís Blessings

Chris Mwasile

Jouko Piho's answer

God did not have to do anything. God created everything for his own pleasure and to his glory.

Finally everything will be in peace with God and there is no more death.



The question of Deb

I know this country under Barack Obama is evil and anti-Christian. I feel determined to fight against these anarchistics
should this be necessary. I have read The Harbingers. I am confused by the fact that you state we should not fight back against this government and I would love to know your reason.

Thanks in advance,

Jouko Piho's answer

You wrote that I have stated that you Americans should not fight back against your government. But it was not me but Kenny Atnip who got that kind of message in January 2013. I only published his prophecy on my net site.

I understand the viewpoint of Kenny Atnip, but I understand also those who feel that they must fight back against the evil and anti-christian US government. You may fight back spiritually and with speeches, writings and different actions. I would stop there. But I do  not want to condemn those who feel that they must oppose the government also with firearms. They believe that their military actions are a part of God's judgment of the government. I think that everyone must do what his conscience demands.



The question of Charles

Dear Jouko,

I have another question to ask.

I am an African, a Nigerian by Birth. Soon after Obama's re-election the social media is awash with different victory statements and speeches and i seem to be the only one amongst so many that isn't gladdened by his victory as my preference was for Mitt Romney.

I am suddenly beginning to wonder if anything is wrong with me or my thinking.

Even among my christian friends, they find one reason or the other to support Obama as regards what he has done and not done in the past four years and will do in the four more hopefully to come.
I just finished a discuss with another christian brother and i was explaining to him that Obama's public support for Homosexuals and abortion amidst other morally repugnant ideologies which i dislike are the core reasons why he won't have my support. Yet the brother was unpersuaded in his avowed support for Obama aside being of Black African heritage.

I just suddenly started asking my self questions is there anything they are seeing that i am not or is anything wrong with me?

It isn't as if i am without sin or any shortcoming, but i would rather that i sin in my weakness for which i would prayerfully seek forgiveness than publicly take a stand against God by my choices politically or otherwise.
Please if you find the time, kindly tell me that i am still thinking correctly because it seems that the majority of the people are taken by Obama.

Best Wishes,


Jouko Piho's answer

Charles, you do not need to be worried about yourself, because you are OK or about what other people are thinking. You may just stand on your ground and be sure in your conviction.

As you said Obama has some morally repugnant ideologies. Obama is also leading USA towards economic destruction and a very controlled police state where people are being chipped in the health care, which leads to the mark of the beast which Christians are not supposed to take. Obama is not Antichrist, but Obama is acting in the spirit of Antichrist. Also Antichrist will be a very popular and charming person in the beginning, but in the end all people will see that he is a bad man.



The question of Charles

Good day to you. Please do you have any revelation from the Lord God Almighty on the outcome of the United States Presidential Election Between Barack Obama & Mitt Romney?

I really desire to know what the mind of God is and what he is saying to those who serve him in Spirit and in truth.

Best Wishes,


Jouko Piho's answer

I do not know who will become the next president of USA. But I have a strong feeling that this does not matter, because both Obama and Romney are serving the money and power elite which is ruling USA behind the curtains. So in both cases the result is not good for USA, because USA has chosen its way, and it is not the way of God. USA is in the middle of judgments and they will become more and more severe all the time.