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About me

My name is Jouko Piho. I am a 67-year-old retired elementary school teacher. I have been also a Bible teacher and editor-in chief at a Interdenominatiol Bible School SYKR in Finland in years 1978-1981. I have studied theology in Stockholm, Sweden at Uppsala University in 1976-77. I attended Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, USA, in 1982-83.

I live in Finland in the town of Loviisa with my wife Ritva.

God has called me to a prophetic endtime ministry. I will write here prophecies, dreams, visions and prophetic writings which God has given to me or to other people. I will update my pages all the time. 

My background is Pentecostal-Charismatic-Lutheran. I am now a member of a Lutheran Church in Loviisa, Finland.

I am also politically active and interested in improving the overall  good life for everyone and righteousness of God in Finland and all over the world. My main idea is to oppose New World Order. That's why I am speaking and writing that it would be best for Finland to get out of European Union and euro.

            Jouko Piho



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Dreams, visions and prophecies


Jari's vision on 11-01-2014

I was awake when I saw in the afternoon on 11-01-2014 a vision. I saw a big sludge tank which was full of faeces. Then I saw how a man with white clothes went into the sludge tank. The man's clothes became soon totally dirty.

When this man turned around I saw that on his chest was his name which was Sweden. There were also other men in the sludge tank, but I could not see their names.

Then I saw a man with white clothes on the brink of the sludge tank. The man of Sweden in the tank began to shout to this white clothed man that also this man would come to the sludge tank. This man did not however agree to the proposal.

When a man standing on the brink of the sludge tank turned around I saw that on his chest was the name Finland.

After that two persons in the sludge tank approached the man of Finland trying to pull the man down into the sludge tank. They did not however succeed in their attempt.

When these two persons turned around I saw that in their chests were the names Tarja Halonen (the former president of Finland)
and Erkki Tuomioja (the present foreign minister of Finland).

I felt that the filthy sludge tank describes Sweden's acceptance of homosexuality and the recognition of the state of Palestine. Behind those ideas are the evil powers of darkness.


Juha Gabel’s vision in summer 2013

I was in my vision in Pasila, the suburb of Helsinki.

Suddenly several people appeared and they said to a man: “Come with us, because you are going to be the president of
Finland. The members of government have ordered us to get you. Come immediately because you must go to the TV-studio where you may speak to the people of Finland.

I sensed in my vision that Finland was in a state of emergency. That’s why there was no possibility to have a normal presidential election so the government elected the president.

This president separates
Finland from European Union and euro and Finland gets its own currency, the Finnish mark. Finland will also get back all those land areas, like Petsamo in North and Karelia, which were stolen by Soviet Union after the Second World War.

Afterwards I have understood that the president is the same person as the future prophet of
Finland who has been prophesied to appear in Finland by many prophets.

This president will have built a church room at the president’s palace, where are praying people day and night. TV will send live church services from the church of the president’s palace and the president himself will often speak.

In the beginning this president will meet resistance and he is going to be ridiculed, but it will fail, because the president has a support of the people.

People abroad will be very astonished: what on earth is going on in Finland?

Finland will have a great revival and the fear of God will fill the hearts of Finnish people when they turn again to God in prayer and repentance.



Glenda Jackson’s prophecies

In 2007 Glenda Jackson prophesied that Barack Obama would be elected President even though she didn’t even know who Obama was. After Obama was elected in 2008 she prophesied that he would be re-elected for a second term in 2012.
Many didn't believe it. The major prophets prophesied that the other man, Mitt Romney, would win. But God told Glenda that “It's going to be Obama”.

Now Glenda Jackson has another prophetic word regarding President Obama.  

“God showed me that if Christians don’t start praying more than they ever have and even the churches become the house of prayer this next Presidential election is not going to take place. It is going to be suspended because evil is going to arise and some disasters are going to happen and some things are going to be put in place and the President is not going to be removed. He is going to stay in.

These things are going to happen and they are going to be VERY BAD if we don’t get a hold of God. The church has got to get back to prayer. Prayer is the power He gave the church and we have to get the faith of God.”



Two dreams by Ted McAlister in 2012 and 2014

I have had a few strange dreams in the last 2 years. 

The first dream I had happened in 2012 two nights before the last US President election. As that dream started out I was walking in a hallway and I did not know where I was at. I then noticed that on the right side of the wall were paintings that looked to be over 100 years old. I then knew I had to be in a very fancy place.

Then I looked up and saw I was coming to the end of the long hallway and that there was a 90 degree turn to the right. The next section of hallway looked pitch black dark. I then knew when I reached that area I would have to feel around the corner for a light switch. 

Then when I got within 5 feet of the corner a monster just as described in the Holy Bible that has 7 heads and ten horns on jumped from the dark hallway out to where I was. It then started chasing me back the other way and I ran as fast as I could. 

I then noticed I was coming to the other end of the hallway and there was a giant window and a door side by side. I knew if the door did not lead outside that I would back up and bust through the window. When I opened the door it let me outside and there was a huge yard and a wall like fence on the far side. I ran across that yard and climbed the fence. When I got to the top of the fence I saw it was wide enough for me to stand on. 

Then I turned around to see if the monstrous beast that was chasing me would be coming outside after me. When I turned I discovered I had ran out of the White House. Just as I started climbing down the outside of the wall to get to the road is when I woke up falling out of my bed. 

What I think this dream means is that before Obama's second term is up that Satan is going to have control of the whole world's governments.

Then in the last three weeks I started having a dream where it showed me looking upward toward the sky and then what looked like an angelic figure was coming toward me but instead of being dressed in white and having the white wings like all of GOD's Angels have, it was totally black. I then remember waking up as that black angel started coming toward me like he was going to attack me. The only thing I can figure this one means is that Satan's dark angels are making their attacks on all of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

With these two dreams combined together I have a feeling that before much longer we may be very near the time of the 7 year tribulation and be at the point where all who are Christian or Jewish will be looked at as outlaws and be hunted down and killed. 



The dream by a nickname “Reading Bible” on 05-10-2014



PRAY FOR OBAMA AND PRAY FOR AMERICA. (Do we really want Russia and China to rule the World instead?)


Jouko Piho´s comment:

The invasion of America by Russian and also Chinese troops does not seem to be a credible possibility right now, but in the future the situation will be totally different. USA will be weakened because of many calamities - and then the enemy will strike when USA is weak, wounded and asleep. Here are some reasons for a downfall.

1. USA will be complacent and sleep in a deceptive feeling of peace, as was said in the dream above.

2. USA´s economy will collapse and the dollar will lose its value. There are hungry people everywhere.

3. USA will have severe natural disasters as tsunamis and earthquakes.

4. USA will be hit by many deadly infectious diseases.

5. USA will have a strong internal unrest and civil war.

When these different catastrophes hit on USA simultaneously the enemies will attack like wolves after a wounded prey.



The vision about Finland and Greece by Susanne Laitinen on 08-29-2014

I was sitting on 08-29-2014 in my living room in prayer when I saw Jesus in his mighty power, great glory and tremendous authority. When Jesus opened his mouth and said a word because of the prayers of the believers, strong angels went immediately to stand at the border of Finland to protect Finland so that the forces of Satan could not move on to the other side of border.

At the Russian side there was the forcible and massive army of Satan: guns, cannons, tanks, air corps and soldiers waiting the removing of a hindrance at the border. When the angels of God would move away then these evil forces may go on, not a minute earlier.

Then I saw another vision. I saw the map of South Europe where a red circle had been drawn on the southern part of Greece. From south of Greece the Mediterranean Sea arose up as a big curve and gave something that was not good.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

The comment by Jouko Piho:

There are many prophecies about the coming Russian invasion of the Eastern and Northern Finland which will take place if God allows so to happen. So far the prayers of believers are preventing the occupation

Something evil which was coming from the Mediterranean Sea could mean either tsunami or the appearance of Antichrist in Greece or both.



A prophetic dream by a believer from Arizona in 2013

A believer from Arizona came forward on Sunday October 12, 2014 just after learning of these Ebola warnings, to say that he had a prophetic dream from the Lord approximately a year ago that is also a confirmation of what Obama is up to. In the dream he was confronted by Barack Obama. Obama looked him straight in the eye and said: "After I poison the water, I will not have to be nice to the people anymore."



The dream by Michael Poznekoff in September 21, 2014

Vladimir Putin was walking briskly in order to exercise. He was wearing a white t-shirt which he had worn for a day or two. I offered him a new, clean, white t-shirt and he put it on. He looked good in the new t-shirt. A tall man was walking in the opposite direction on the other side of the road.  The man said to Putin: "Don't you wear anything else?" in a bit of a harsh voice. Mr. Putin replied: "It's new and clean."  Then he gave the man a peace sign ('V').  The man gave Putin a satanic hand sign (I__I). Putin returned a peace (also victory) sign to the man as they went away from each other.

Interpretation by Michael Poznekoff: 

Vladimir Putin is exercising righteousness (white, clean shirt)
in his walk and is a man of peace and he is not changing it. The tall man represents the current world order that does not like what Mr. Putin wears (how he acts). The tall man represents a satanic order. Mr. Putin continues to express peace and victory over the world order and the two of them are going in opposite directions.

The comment by Jouko Piho:

I do not know if Putin is as righteous man of peace as described in this dream. Putin is a churchgoer and he opposes ungodliness and
the corrupt morals of the west. But on the other hand Putin is involved in many criminal and unethical wrongdoings together with his KGB/FSB fellows who support him.

That's why it is difficult to see, if Putin is genuinely against New World Order or not. Maybe Putin is a globalist coplayer, but is pretending to be an opposition force being really a fake opposition.
I do hope that Putin is a real thing.
Time will tell what is the truth.



The Word of the Spirit to Michael Poznekoff in October 2002

In October 2002 I was flying into Los Angeles, California from the Pacific Ocean and was looking at the great expanse of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. I was viewing the vastness of the city when the Spirit spoke to me these words "Everything these people do is for themselves”.


The Lord’s Vision to Linda in July 2013

I'd like to share with you a vision that the Lord gave to me in July 2013 while in prayer for the preservation of my country, the United States. I would so love to find someone who could possibly interpret the vision though I do have an opinion on what I think it could possibly mean.

Here is the vision:

It's important to remember that I was in prayer for the preservation of the United States when the Lord gave this vision.

The vision was short in duration but so full in body, in significance. The vision was of an American soldier standing in a cemetery. The soldier appeared to be from the Civil War era (1860s) yet it was also the present (2013).
The cemetery setting included large, tall, green trees that shaded much of the cemetery, lots of green grass, and the day was bright and sunny.
But the soldier was completely CHARRED! He and his uniform completely charred from FIRE and yet he LIVED, and moved just as he had normally.
Just behind him, to his right, was a tall, stone, gray-colored tombstone; almost as tall as he was, with a curved top.
Directly before him, was a woman who was dressed in a lovely, 1800's fluffy dress. She was not harmed in the least. And the soldier held his hat in his hands, slowly raising it to the level of his chest. When God gave this image or picture to me, it shocked me to see the soldier so completely charred! I gasped and opened my eyes!

 I'm wondering whether the Lord may give you or someone else some insight into this very vivid and disturbing vision. Unfortunately, my interpretation is not so promising...yet does have a "new beginning" at the end. I think perhaps the vision represents civil war...another one...between the people and the forces the government is presently training to keep the American people "in line". The soldier was completely charred yet survives...and the tombstone behind him is almost as tall as he is. Since he represents the American people, and the tombstone is almost as tall as he is, either 1) nearly 90 % of the American population will be wiped out (if the soldier represents the American people and the tombstone represents the percentage of American deaths...comparison made between the heights of the soldier and tombstone) OR 2) nearly half the population will be wiped out (if both the tombstone and the soldier represent the American population, the near- half that lives and the near-half that dies.) The ambiance of sunny day, green grass and tall, shady trees, YET in a CEMETARY, could symbolize America survives herself...yet is not as strong as she once was, before her government turned on her...or before the war/attack from an outside source that may be foreshadowed. The well-dressed woman represents HOPE for a brighter future AFTER the end of the treasonous attack from within OR the inhumane attack from outside forces that attack ON our American soil.

Not sure on the interpretation...just speculating. I do think it's possible the battle takes place on American soil AND is a battle caused by the injustices of the American government against the people due to the fact that the soldier appeared to be from the CIVIL WAR ERA...a war which Americans fought against other Americans.

 Also, during this same time frame and while in prayer for the United States, I heard the word, "shaking" not sure if this refers to an earthquake or something more symbolic.

Jouko Piho’s comment:

I think Linda’s  interpretation is correct. USA will have a civil war and also foreign troops will invade the country. As a result many people will die as also in other countries. But after all calamities there is also hope for Americans.



Paul Cary’s dream on 10/02/2014

I do not have prophetic dreams as much as I used to but tonight I had a dream of a house shaking. I said to those inside, did you feel that and the house was teetering back and forth. I went outside and I tried to prop it up on one side to keep it still but it rose up above that and something grabbed the house and started to shake it and spin it around and I thought it was going to fall on me and so I ran to the neighbors to only watch in horror as whatever it was took the house and swung it around and upside down and into some trees. I thought of the people inside the house but then it was the end of the dream.

Awakening just a few minutes ago I thought are we going to have an Earthquake. I believe so and it is really going to shake us and not sure if it's a physical earthquake or a spiritual one. I look on FB at others walls and they are so consumed with this life and what they can do and what they can obtain through their skills, jobs and or careers. You guys better be ready, a Storm is coming that is going to take you away from living out this fantasy life style of having this or that to be happy, and it is fast going to go away and I hope you're prepared to leave this world behind and consider it dung, because if you do not, you will be consumed by its fire and smoke and of its torment just as Lot's wife did.

Paul Cary




The vision by a Finnish man "Syren" in August 2014

I saw in a vision a coffin (casket) which had a flag of USA on it. It did not look like some one would have been buried, but it was a question of the whole country. I saw also a vision about a church which had fallen on ground and was covered by dust.



The dream by Michael Bacon on 09-30-2014

Last night I had a disturbing dream that I feel the need to tell others about.  Please keep in mind that although it could happen it doesn't have to happen. God's saints can intervene and pray to avert certain things. I am counting on all of you to take what I am about to share seriously enough that you will pray for God to intervene so it does not take place.  

The dream.....

I was in an airplane and I was traveling overseas to the Middle East. I knew in the dream that this was the destination. When I arrived there was snow and ice on the ground. Yes, I know that this is not consistent with the Middle East weather but it has a meaning that I will share later.  I then took a bus to go to some business meetings for my secular job.  The bus traveled many roads and finally we go to this very steep driveway that went straight up like onto a mountain. It was a solid sheet of ice so I was panicking as the bus driver was going up. I even commented how can we make it up this hill. Somehow after a few slides we made it to the top.  Once at the top there was instant confusion. The building where my meetings were to be was in shambles.  Part of the building had a medical clinic or laboratory in it that had been raided by people who took all the supplies. The building had been stripped of all its natural resources. The bus had left me there with many people who were in confusion. I then took out my cell phone to call my wife but the phone network was down and I could not reach her.

The location that I was at then changed to a camp scene where many homeless people were living. Everyone was in fear. People had guns for protection because people were robbing each other of food. Frequently, I kept trying to call home to talk to my family but there was consistently no signal.  I had many visions from within the dream.  At one point there was an announcement made in the camp that the United States had been invaded by an army.  I tried to call my family again, but could not get a signal on my phone.  The phones simply would not work.  Back in the USA, my wife was unable to call me either. Her phone would not work.

I had a vision in the dream that the People in the church were all working together to take care of each other because there was so much confusion in the USA.  In the dream I got to the point of frustration and depression. I missed my family so much and wanted to go home to help them but even the airlines were unable to fly out.  It was confusion throughout the world. Meanwhile I was starving because there was no food to be found.

Oddly there were people who had food but they were people who were behind the attacks and they knew they were coming ahead of time. They had plenty of food and wealth but refused to share what they had with the starving people in the camp. I yelled at these people and declared things such as how dare you do this to people. They just laughed in my face and went on their way to leave us to our starving condition. 

I began to cry out to God asking Him why this was happening. The Lord immediately answered and said to me. I told you about this ahead of time. You even prophesied about it but you were not prepared for it.  Now is the time to go into prayer and to read your Bible.  I felt so ashamed because I remembered that I once prophesied that the communications throughout the world would go down.

Then I had another vision of the USA and my wife and another lady in the church were having a conversation. The woman told my wife that she needed to be ready to be the school teacher to the children in the church because schools were not allowing children to come to class. Later in the dream I was still trying to get home.

Now this is the dream that I had but it has a lot of meaning. Literal meaning in some cases.
I believe that there is a technological attack coming to the world. The attack will be so powerful that  all communications will go dead. No one will be able to call or communicate with anyone. The cellular networks will not operate. As the world goes black there will be an attack by an army on America. The USA will be invaded from within. The source of the attack is the middle east. They will be behind it but they will have other nations that are in on it. Those that know about this invasion will have already stocked up wealth, food and provisions to live off of during this time.  The attack will be in the winter time which is why I saw the ice and the snow.  No one will be able to warn others during these attacks because the communications will be down. 

During this time you will see elitist groups formed that have all the money, food etc. They will control the world.  Others will be begging for provision.  I also prayed about this and I heard the word of the Lord say that there will be some homes made into churches. They will be known as Safe Havens. Safe havens will be places where people can go to as a refuge for help.  These havens will be established all over the world. I sensed in my spirit that the people of the USA and of the world will be in total confusion and fear. Unthinkable things are coming to the world. It will all start with a technological attack. Even power grids will be knocked out. The end goal is to cut off all communications. People will be isolated and trapped unable to communicate with others. Meanwhile the enemy will be attacking in the stealth of the black outs. As God told me in the dream. Some of us will not be prepared because we didn't pray or read His word enough. We need to start now. The storm is coming. Pray saints.



The Dream by Mark Brander on August 30, 2014 of nuclear attack on Houston and Dallas

I had a dream last night, it's the same dream that I had sometime last year. In this dream I was standing on Interstate 45 between Dallas TX and Houston TX. I could see both outlines of the cities from where I stood. In reality you cannot do that, they are too far apart. But in this dream I can see them both.

I see that it is the middle of the day and I can see that people are moving around without a care, like it is the middle of the week day, not a weekend. I then see that in my dream I keep thinking it is a star falling from the sky, very bright and lighting up the whole sky as it is falling. First the city of Houston is lit up and I can see the star falling from the sky, very bright and lighting up the whole sky as it is falling.

First the city of Houston is lit up and I can see the star coming down. Then I hear a loud boom noise from behind and I turn to see Dallas being hit first with another star. I see Dallas burn. All I see afterwards is that everything is burned completely. Even the trees are all gone. No buildings are left standing. There is rubble everywhere. Very few people are left. Just handfuls, I can see them standing in little huddles looking around and crying and disoriented. I wish I could help them, but they cannot see me. I then turn around to look at Houston and the same thing happens to Houston. It is completely gone. Not a single soul made it out alive. It is completely gone. Nothing is left. Nothing! A crater is left and it becomes filled with water.

I then begin to stand and cry and I asked why do these stars fall here. Then immediately there is a man standing next to me. I have seen him before in my dreams. I do not know him in real life. He tells me the same thing he told me last time I had this dream. He said "these are not stars, these are missiles made by men to destroy people and kill" I then cry out why? He then says to me "these men are evil and they have been planning these things a long time" I then turn around and begin to walk and he walks with me and that is when I wake up.

These dreams are so real to me, they disturb me and keep me thinking. I have decided to take a job offer due to these dreams. I will be working in San Antonio for a year away from both Dallas and Houston. The last time I had similar dreams was back in 1999. They were about tall buildings. I had never been to New York, so I didn't know what I was looking at. But when it happened I came to understand what I had been seeing. 



A Dream by Jonni Thomas in 2013

About a year ago I had a colorful and vivid dream, it did not seem to be dream, but real. It was night and the sky was clear with twinkling stars. I looked to the west, to the Pacific Ocean in the U.S. and looked in the sky. I saw something bright heading toward me from the west. It was a bright white light with what looked like a trail of smaller lights fanning out behind it. It was beautiful. Curious I got binoculars and zoomed in to see 7 or 8 nuclear warheads all in perfect alignment. Some were painted blue and white, some were red and black with yellow. Some were just yellow or just white. To my horror the smaller pretty lights were actually thousands of smaller nuclear warheads following the 7 or 8 larger ones. They looked like small arrows but were powerful bombs. It came into my mind that each of those warheads had a specific target. This happened over a year ago and is still as vivid and horrific now.



A Dream by Mick Ozy on July 22, 2014

I had a dream on 7th July 2014 about nukes going off. The dream was in 3 parts, for me it means 3 weeks or 3 months. But I am 99% sure it will come to pass. I think everybody should know that this stuff in Ukraine is not a mistake. I mean it is a false flag done by the satanic mob running things.



A Vision by Nita Johnson on July 6, 2007

Perilous Times

By Nita (LaFond) Johnson : Jul 6, 2007

While traveling in Israel a few years ago, I saw an amazing thing. My colleagues and I were traveling across the desert toward Eilot, which is at the southern tip of Israel. Suddenly, to my left I saw a vortex whirling across the desert floor toward the mountains of Edom. Along the side of the mountains, I saw rivers of blood pouring down. I was befuddled so I asked the others if they could see what I was seeing; half of them responded that they did.

When I asked the Lord what it all meant, He instructed that the vortex I saw was one of satanic power. Out of the top I could see a single evil spirit of great and terrible import emerge. He simply called this spirit, “a Power”. It was a controlling spirit sent to prepare Israel and the Middle East for war. The rivers of blood were indicative of the coming war. Certain things will transpire before this coming crisis, for Satan must prepare his host, and the Lord must prepare Israel and the Church. When it occurs, it will prelude a series of planned events designed to bring instability to the whole world. I saw the kings of the earth, including ruling Monarchs, Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc. over Nations as well as those who have gained that status in the field of finances, media, and the occult, all operate in conjunction with ruling spirits called, “Kings”! I saw that these spirits, evil angel-like beings, attach themselves to these kings for the purpose of ruling with them and enabling them to affect certain things in the natural to further the cause of the dark kingdom. Four powers, such as those I saw over Israel, are now postured over the European Continent. These controlling spirits are also “Powers”.

My friend Annie Schisler saw them take their place I think it was in 1989. These “Powers” work in conjunction with the Kings which I spoke of earlier, orchestrating events and activities to engineer the progression of the world toward the One World Order. As they see it, war is an important crisis the world must pass through to bring about a global preparation for these controlling Powers enabling them to provoke fear, and instability so they can have the dominion they need to proceed to the next step.

Later, in a series of dreams, I saw a huge anaconda-type serpent moving from one scene to another, each scene detailed a different facet of what is to come. In one room, I saw a very wealthy older businessman talking to a younger man who seemed for the moment trapped in this room. He told him that he had regular meetings with the power brokers with whom they worked and they had determined that it was not yet time for his appearing. I knew this man sitting under the instruction of the elder man was the next Hitler. As I listened to their conversation, the serpent appeared crawling along the floor, thus drawing my attention to him. I watched as he crawled into another room. Someone asked me where he was going. In the dream, I responded that He is going back into his nest to wait for more power.

He gains his power through men shedding innocent blood and worship of Satan. This is one of the key reasons Satan fights to keep abortion alive and active wherever he has gained dominion for that activity.

When a Hitler spirit appears, war is coming on several different levels, like that which we saw in WWII.

Nations in Turmoil

I saw a map of the world stretched out before me. Suddenly, a great white shark appeared superimposed over certain nations. His mouth was wide open and he was facing America. Between him and America on the map, was Israel. His mouth was dripping with blood from the hunger to ravage America. He was enroute to America via Israel, and he considered Israel a pleasing entree- before the delectable meal of the United States. It is the plan of the One World policy makers to bring America into the One World Government, if necessary, by way of war. The two things that will delay their plan is the Church’s repentance for our Nation’s sins of the shedding of innocent blood and slavery at home and abroad. The second thing is the healing of our land, which is accomplished in revival!

The World

One night in March of 2006, I had a very difficult night. I slept very little, and when I did sleep, my dreams were fearful. When I awoke, I had visions that aligned with my dreams. The Lord took me to Nation after Nation to show me what lay in the future. The first Continent I visited was Africa. He took me to country after country to see the most horrible scenes I ever want to see. Brother was rising up against brother. Scenes like those played out in the days of the Rwanda uprising and the uprising along the western coast of Africa during the Clinton administration, were occurring everywhere. I saw vast armies of men sweep into cities and villages leaving behind the most incredible carnage of human life imaginable. They raped, ravaged, and killed entire populations. Before leaving an area, they would burn the homes and businesses. There was nothing left standing as they shouted their satanic victory shouts and left the burning infernos behind and headed toward their next target. I heard the screams and cries of men, women, and children. The militants left country after country seemingly without inhabitant as they scoured the landscape for any possible living target.

I saw the same atrocities in areas of France and other European nations. Down in the South Seas I saw Nations like Indonesia under siege in the same way. I flew over Sumatra, not a living soul remained, and the land was burned. Nation after Nation experienced the same depopulation through the ravaging hordes. I saw natural fires, and every conceivable kind of natural disaster in each Nation I visited. I shook and wept all night. I thought about the souls who were lost and I wondered how and why it all happened. Yet, I knew this too was planned by the agents of the evil one.

Then I thought about the Scripture:

Matthew 24:6,7

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not frightened or troubled, for this must take place, but the end is not yet.



The message heard by a wife of a Canadian man on April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014 my wife was wide awake, not having a dream and heard the words "Civil wrong coming to United States". She asked me what it could mean and I replied that civil wrong is the opposite of civil rights.



A dream by a Canadian man on June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013 I had a dream that tectonic plates were moving and they had fire around them. One of them had 3 volcanoes and/or lava flows with them. The plate that was moving looked square and there were volcanoes and lava flows on the northwest, southwest and southeast of the plate. The lava flows seemed like large lava fields.


A dream by a Canadian man on June 27, 2012

June 27, 2012 I had a dream in which Obama was mesmerized (hypnotized), looking at a star. Next, he was on a stage and looking up at a spotlight and was mesmerized (he could not move). I unscrewed the light and he became unmesmerized. I screwed it back in and he became mesmerized again. I came up to him and asked 'Sir, are you attracted to the light?' He said 'Yes, I am. I don't like what Switzerland is doing.' I asked 'What are they doing that you don't like?' Obama said 'I'm not going to let them get away with it.' I replied 'But sir, they are only a small country.' I thought of US soldiers in Switzerland in the dream.


Latest word from Maurice Sklar in June 2014

“Thus saith the LORD,

The Revival of the Bride of Messiah has BEGUN! This will be the Grand Finale of My Grace demonstrated in all the Earth. This is the mystery I have hidden and revealed only to a few of My servants throughout the church age. Know that I always WIN. I have released the End time Elijah Mantles on 1,000 prophets that I have prepared and hidden until this moment. Watch what I will do! Miracles, healings, raising from the dead, legs and arms growing back on those that are lame, creative miracles that will shock the world will be seen through TV, revivals that sweep whole cities and regions into faith in Me, Stadiums will not even be able to contain the multitudes. Revelation gifts of such accuracy and power will flow through these men to such a degree that Presidents, Kings, and mighty men of wealth will fall on their faces and cry, "The LORD, HE is GOD"!

I will smash every idol of America and the nations, even through My end time servants, THIS IS THE FULLNESS OF TIME -




Susan O'Marra's "The Axes, the Roots, and the Golden Chains Vision" on 05-14-2014

As we were worshipping, I saw in the vision many clouds gather and I saw several large angels walking across the map of the US and they were carrying huge axes. They were looking and they would stop at different points, and then they would swing their axe and they would strike the ground with the axe cutting deeply, until they were satisfied they accomplished their tasks. They had sober looks when they walked, but when they were through striking an area with their axe, they were smiling broadly.

After the large angels were finished, I then saw a group of smaller angels go to the top of the US, and a group of smaller angels also go to the heartland, and both groups began to strike the land with their axes corporately as a group, until the top of the nation, and the middle of the nation shook under their swinging axes. I saw many people try to run from the axes but they could not. I saw many buildings, businesses, churches, and schools also try to shield themselves from the axes, but again, they could not.

When the angels were done, the larger angels nodded and raised their hands to heaven, and then I saw the sun come out and brilliantly shine on the nation. I then saw many people on their knees everywhere praying and worshipping the Lord. Angels were coming and going among the people who were on their knees ministering to them, and also worshipping with them.

The axe is going to be laid to the roots:

Luke 3:7 He said therefore to the crowds that came out to be baptized by him, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruits in keeping with repentance. And do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I tell you, God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham. Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” (Luke 3:7-9 ESV)

Extreme national change initiated from the Hand of The Lord is now going to deal with things that are not right in a more thorough way than we have experienced before, and the Lord is also going to deal more thoroughly with people that will not fully yield to God. The Lord is dealing with the foundation of our lives as well as the nation. Everything will be uncovered, dealt with, and brought into the light. The Lord has a plan for us, but we have to want it, and choose to walk fully in it. The recent tornado that devastated the town of Mayflower this spring, is a good example of God speaking to us of foundational issues that need to be dealt with. It is time to clean up and get up.

The Vision continues:

Then I saw a great wind begin to blow across the land, and the people began to stand up everywhere, with sunlight shining on their faces, and wind blowing all around them. Tears of joy and of healing flowed down their faces, and fresh restoration began to happen all around them. Angels moved everywhere on assignment, helping the people to transition into the new things that were unfolding around them.

People began to reach out to other people and began to hold out their hands and they all joined their arms as they walked. They looked like linked chains as they moved. I watched as some others saw what was happening, and more people gathered around them and also joined them, and soon great human chains began forming everywhere. Then the angels began to direct the people to certain groups, to certain areas, and to other regions, and after awhile the whole nation was eventually linked together.

Then I saw that they were forming a great network, link by link, and as soon as the last link was connected, the whole network lit up with sunlight. It was the Great Golden Fishnet that I have seen many times in other visions! The Network of chains radiated with life of Jesus through each person that was connected.

Then all of the angels put away their axes and they each brought forth torches. They then put the torch to the network of people and the whole chain work of people caught fire. The winds came and blew upon the flames of the people who were connected, and when this happened they then began to run all over the earth on fire.

I watched as the network kept spreading from scene to scene, till Jesus was satisfied and the angels were flying everywhere rapidly. Soon the whole earth was full of shining chains of people, and angels went to them and ignited them with torches and the winds blew, and the whole earth was on fire, with multitudes running aflame all over the earth, shouting Jesus name.

The process has begun and cannot be stopped..... the fires shall increase, and the harvest shall be reaped. But where are the laborers that will be His hands and His feet? It's time to link up, and the Spirit of God will do just that, He knows where each one fits. Yield fully to Him!

Luke 12:49 I have come to cast fire upon the earth, and how I wish that it were already kindled! I have a baptism with which to be baptized, and how greatly and sorely I am urged on (impelled, constrained) until it is accomplished!



The dream by Marjut in April 2014

I have seen the same dream for several weeks. I see armed  and militarilly clothed soldiers coming to Finland. People are running away. In the dream I find always a rescue place as do all those who have the mark of Jesus on their forehead, the Lord's own people who walk along His paths with all their heart.



The dream by Jukka K. Piironen on 04-24-2014

I saw in my dream on 04-24-2014 the president of Russia Vladimir Putin sitting in a room and speaking with another man. Putin said: "No treaties are valid anymore. Not even a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Everything must be negotiated all over again."



The prophetic message by Paul Marin on 4/4/2014

His Timeout: USA in the Potter's Hand, 4/4/14

Is our nation in a sticky wicket? Has God removed his hand of protection?
Our country is watching the dollar implode. Will our greed and hubris cause other nations to consider nuking a major city? Did our President send an advanced notice of it the other day? Are we oblivious to the degenerate morality in our country? Must a former KGB agent and now Russian leader chastise us for America's immorality? You may say, Paul, that's just commie propaganda. Then, which country makes, uses, sells and exports pornography? Forbes Magazine said in May of 2001 the porn industry made $14 billion. What natural disaster will effect us as USA pushes to divide the land of Israel?
You guessed it. Washington, D.C. and Wall Street leaders have no solutions. DC Pols bail out banksters and we pay the costs, ie. the '08 $700 billion TARP. Did you benefit from it? So, will the Keynesian economic solution to our problems be a major war. Sure appears to be headed in that direction.
Is there hope? Yes...yes...yes but it will require humility for the believers in Jesus Christ. The pulpits and pews must come on fire for God. The fear( reverence or awe) of the Lord is missing in our country. I am not referring to legalism but holiness. The church has lost its militancy for complacency. The church has placed programs above prayer meetings as priorities. The solution is prayer and repentance. It is up to each of us.
What stimulated me to write this? This morning, saint arbuck's( coffee) and I were reading through highlights and markings of Isaiah and Jeremiah in my Bible for Personal Revival. Jeremiah 18:7,8 were marked with the date 12-14-12.
"If at any time i announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed, and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned." (NIV)


The message by Manta in the beginning of February in 2014

The price of food will rise up drastically. There will be no food in any shopping places. I heard an advise: Buy canned food (tinned food) now when it is still available in stores.


The dream by Manta in the beginning of the Ukraine crisis

When the crisis in Ukraine broke up I saw in a dream the map of Finland. There was a thick red line from Vyborg in Karelia into Oulu in Northren Finland. I saw a text on the map: The border lines of the peace treaty in Pähkinäsaari in 1323. In that time Northren Finland was a part of Novgorod, now Russia.


An open message to the government of Finland and to the Defence Forces of Finland by Jouko Piho

If Russia asks liberty to occupy Eastern and Northren Finland and free passage over Finland to her own soldiers claiming Russia’s security demands concerning St Petersburg and Murmansk, it is better that the Government of Finland will agree with that Russian request.
In this situation it is totally vain to shed Finnish or Russian blood.
According to many prophets Russia will invade and occupy Finland partly, not wholly. But after some time Russian soldiers will leave Finland, because Russians are facing big defeats all around the world and will ultimately lose the Third World War which they started.



The dream by a Christian believer in East Finland in Autumn 2012

I saw in my dream an open door and a person whom I understood to be an angel. He pointed at the door and explained the view which opened up behind the door.

I saw a totally desolate and destroyed landscape by the turmoil of war bombings. The angel said to me: "This is Northern Norway. It is completely empty."



The dream by Maurice Sklar on week 11 in 2014

Tribulation Dream:

The Angel of the Lord Over the Statue of Liberty

This week I had a dream. It was a terribly frightening dream. In it, I saw a huge angel standing suspended in the air over New York harbor. It looked so large that it covered the night sky. His body was clad in golden armor as if he was going to war. His face and entire being were so bright that I could not gaze up at him for long. White beams of light seemed to radiate outward from him in all directions. He was standing over the Statue of Liberty. It was night, but I could hardly see the lights around him coming from New York City as he blazed so brightly with divine light.

He reached for his belt that was covered with a red sash around his mid section, and drew out his sword. It was so massive! It blazed with light and fire all around it. It looked at least 100 feet long! I have never felt such fear when I saw an angel before. I just knew this mighty warring spirit had authority from the very throne of God. He had a grim expression as he held this mighty sword over his head with both hands. I could see that he was poised to hit the Statue of Liberty and cleave it in two! I trembled and tried to hide, but the angel was looking directly at me, and I knew there was nowhere to go that he would not see me.

Then he spoke! His voice was like thunder and echoed throughout the whole harbor. He said,

How long will you refuse to humble yourself, O America! You have been weighed in the balances of God and found wanting. Your beginning was great and noble, but your end shall be disgrace and destruction!

Thus saith the LORD of Heaven's Armies, the LORD of Hosts,

Time is running out. The bowls of My wrath are full of My fury and judgment. They shall be poured out upon you. You shall drink them down to the dregs every drop! I have come to you day and night pleading with you to return to Me for over one hundred years. I am merciful and long suffering. It brings Me no joy to judge you. But, you have hardened your hearts, scoffed at My warnings through My prophets, and my holy servants. I brought you from nothing and exalted you, O America, higher than any other nation! But now you have fallen lower than Sodom. You have sinned greater than Egypt. You have become prouder than Babylon and Persia. You have become more selfish than Rome. You have exalted yourself in your own wisdom higher than Greece. You have more idols and high places of idolatry and luxury than any Gentile kingdom in history. Your beginning was pure and great, but now the stench of your sin and filth fills My nostrils! I shall cut you in pieces and you shall reap the harvests of wrath from what you have sown! You shall no longer be the Queen of nations. Now you shall bear your shame and become the lowest of the heathen nations! Now, as Agag, you shall be hacked in pieces! O EARTH, EARTH, EARTH, HEAR YE THE WORD OF THE LORD!

Then, to my horror, that massive sword came smashing down on Lady Liberty. When it hit the top of her head, there was a blinding flash of light and that sword split her in two   right down the middle! Then the sword came again and again against her. It divided her in pieces. As the sword would finish each strike, fires would burst forth. I heard terrible explosions. The vision of the Statue ended with an earthquake as it was hacked into pieces and sunk into the harbor.

I was weeping and crying out to God for mercy. Never had I seen this side of God before. I had only really known the love and goodness of Him, never had I seen the Wrath of the Almighty!

Then, as if I was watching from a zoomed-in close up the dream shifted and I started to zoom outward from New York harbor and started traveling in the air over America. What I saw was horror beyond anything I have ever seen! I saw the United States seem to crack in two with a giant earthquake   right down the middle! I saw the Southeastern United States covered with a giant wave of water from the ocean. I saw a massive earthquake that just seemed to crack off the coast of California. It reminded me of a Saltine cracker that just cracked in two! The great cities along the West coast just fell into the ocean, all the way from Mexico up to Alaska and giant waves flooded inland until much of the West Coast just wasn't there! It had disappeared into the Pacific Ocean.

Then I saw three giant rocket missiles that took off into the air. Two came from out of the ocean waters, and one came from land and traveled a great distance. All of them blew up in the air one, two, and THREE in the upper atmosphere within five minutes of each other. It was out near space. They were terrible nuclear bombs. But the last one was the biggest and it created a huge mushroom cloud over the Midwest part of America. Then the ground shook and everything just went black. There wasn't any electric light coming out of any homes. Then candles began to be lit and fires, and a little light was seen. There were other nuclear explosions, and many people perished throughout the nation. There was just twisted metal and charred debris in cities that once were tall and majestic.

There was widespread looting and gangs roaming about everywhere with guns, stealing whatever food and supplies they could find. Then I saw what looked like elite riot police by the thousands go into communities and even cities, force the people out of their homes, and brought into what looked like concentration camps. Some, but not all of these police armies  had light blue helmets on. Hundreds of thousands of people were arrested in this way. Many would not  cooperate  and were just shot and left dead in their homes.

But, there were millions of hidden groups that escaped the first wave of these terrible disasters. Revival broke out, and great evangelists and prophets and apostles rose up and began to preach to thousands out doors, and many were saved and were born again. Miracles of provision, multiplication of food and water, and astonishing healings occurred. Millions of people cried out to God and he heard and answered.

I knew that this was not just happening in America, but the Great Tribulation was upon them, and all over the world these calamities were also taking place.

I saw multitudes of Tribulation saints refusing to renounce Jesus as LORD. They were starving, many of them, but still refused to take the stamp on their bodies so they could eat and live. There was what looked like kiosks that were in every little town. They advertised food and water, only if you went inside them and took the electronic mark. Some went in, bowed down to a holographic movie images of the Antichrist and were branded in their hands and foreheads with a electronic tattoo-like stamp. When they came out, if they came out, they had a zombie-like look. Their minds and souls were gone. It looked like they had a spiritual lobotomy. Then these immediately joined the armies of those police units, and were given weapons after they were fed and drank and rested in the kiosk. They were like robots doing the Antichrist's bidding. I knew that they were lost forever. But, quite a few did not make it out. They were tortured mentally and physically inside the kiosk thing, but, if they still refused the mark of the beast, there was a laser that shot through their brain and heart, and sliced their heads off. Then they were immediately incinerated. Nothing but ashes remained. This was the most horrifying of all. It made the Nazi death camps look like a picnic, if that is possible. Millions of people were executed in this way via computer systems automatically with such precision and efficiency that I marveled that something like this was even possible and could take place on such a large scale. The technology was more advanced than I had ever seen.

Then, I was back looking at that terrible angel of the LORD, and he said,

Warn everyone! Flee from the wrath to come. Repent and turn to Jesus while you still can. Pray that you may escape these things that are shortly to happen, and to stand in the Presence of the LORD. These things are about to take place! Turn to God and cry out for mercy. Come into the ark of Salvation before the doors of grace close and it is too late!


Maurice Sklar



The message by John Fenn on February 2014

This past week when I asked about what 2014 had in store for this nation He told me; “2014 will see the rapid retreat of the US in the world economically, politically, and militarily.” Russia and China will fill the vacuum.



Jari's vision on February 23, 2014

I was awake and saw a vision on 02-23-2014.

I saw the desert of Iran. Suddenly out of the sand came out a black snake, which began to wriggle towards Jerusalem.
When the snake had reached the border of Syria, from heaven came a big bare foot which crushed the head of the snake, which lied after that dead on the ground.

I heard God speaking: "I do not allow that they touch my apple of eye." I also sensed God saying: "Now is the time of Israel."


The dream by T.D. Hale on 12-28-2011

Urgent Warnings to America
Pastor T. D. Hale - 12/28/11
(Green notes are from a Trunews interview quoting him on these dreams)
(David's notes in red)

I had a dream last night: In my dream, I saw myself going across America, as if I was floating but with no fear. The land looked like it was bombed, totally destroyed. (Could this be the earthquakes we have heard about in dreams? In Revelation 8:5, there was an earthquake before the first trump of the tribulation in verse 7.) I saw people standing out around their homes, weeping, holding onto each other; there were a few who laid dead. I heard someone say, "This should never have happened; this should never have happened."

National destruction had hit America: no food, no water, babies crying, grownups, men all crying, holding onto their families, begging God for mercy. As I moved along the way, I saw people running, looking for loved ones missing, totally out of their minds.

I quickly came over a large city; it looked like it was Columbus, Ohio. As I came close, there it was -- the riots we have all heard about. Store windows busted, grabbing what they could get but I could tell they were not too concerned about TVs iPads, etc.; they were grabbing food, water, chips, things to survive on. There were riots and fighting. I even saw one man shot to death.

As I left that place, going at the speed of light I was standing on the back side of the White House. (I heard a voice say, "Look up to the Truman balcony." ... I did not even know it was called that until a friend contacted me. He said, "Brother, you're not gonna believe this; that's what it's called.") I looked up and there was President Barack Obama on the balcony, holding a shotgun. I heard a loud scream, real loud. (When the country is in pain from natural and economic disaster, will there be an overthrow of the government using martial law?) I turned my head to see where the scream came from. Flying high in the air was an eagle -- majestic, flying around Washington. I saw Barack point that shotgun toward that eagle and then shoot it dead and it fell to the ground. I looked up at him and he just had a smile on his face, a smirk. These were the words I heard: "I've done it and I won't have to deal with this in my administration." It was dead silent. At that moment, I heard a voice that said, "Tell the people this is My will; this is My hand, both upon the generation of the righteous and upon the cursed. The righteous will find their way and know what to do; the cursed will wander around with no compass. The cup is full!"

From that point on, I knew that we were coming to a showdown; it was going to be between us and them -- good versus evil. I saw people gathering into some homes that were not destroyed. I saw people having prayer meetings, just praying in the Spirit.

And then I heard in the dream: "To My servants and handmaids, a special anointing will reside on you in these last days. Hold not back thy voice but speak your hearts, for out of them are the issues of life. Pick up the mantle of prayer, cover yourself with it and find you a secret place to cover My servants, who stand for truth in prayer. I see their hearts and the desires to understand and know more. Their eyes have been anointed with a special anointing to see. Others are blinded to My Word. All things will be revealed in their due course. A supernatural wave of my Spirit will come over this generation soon; the FINAL voices are in the land to speak one last time.(Through the ministries of tapes, DVDs and books that people would have in their possession, that God would give them that spiritual food to sustain them during these times that are coming upon us.)Think it not strange the happenings around you; they must and will come to pass but I have placed in your hands the food to sustain you in the months ahead. I have spoken and shown all that matter. Tell my servants, saith the Lord, there is coming harsh days ahead!"

As I stood there hearing the voice of God, I saw a table, very old as if it was a table that had many documents signed in times past of importance. I saw a voting ballot lying there. As I looked, I saw two names on that ballot: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It was check-marked beside Obama’s name. (“I am 100% sure” he will be re-elected.) I looked at the bottom of the ballot and these words were written: “For this is the will of the Lord.” Then I woke up. (I'm telling my church to just be prepared, to get their house in order and whatever they need to do for their families, do it quickly



The dream by T.D. Hale on 11-24-2012

I was immediately standing in front of the desk in the Oval Office. Standing in the Oval Office, I was in front of the President. A voice came forth and said, “Weep and howl for the misery that shall come shortly.”

There on the floor of the Oval Office was the eagle I saw him shoot back in December. He walks from behind that desk with the same smirk I saw on his face and puts his foot on the neck of the eagle. At this point, he picks it up by its head and twists it three times until his head comes off of the body.
(Decapitating the government for the sake of totalitarianism. This could come about by martial law.)

At that point that voice said, “The spirit of Rehoboam.” I knew what that meant and I knew it rested upon the President. (Rehoboam forsook the Lord and all Israel with him, according to 2 Chronicles 12:1.)

The President of the United States was totally dressed in black: suit, tie, shirt, shoes, pants, etc. As I was standing in front of him, looking directly at him, all of a sudden his chest cavity began to open and his heart was exposed. As I was looking at his heart, thick, black, dark mist was swirling around his heart.

At this point he, picked up a gavel (An executive order from the President?) which was part wood and part stone. Handle was wood; head of the gavel was stone. He hit a document on the desk and when he did an earthquake hit Washington. (Earthquakes stand for judgment or shaking and division of the land or people.
Could this document include the division of Israel for a Palestinian State for which we have been warned of the Lord that America would be divided? The UN recently gave them “Non-Member Observer State” status, which is very close to making it a State. Update 1/27/13:Obama secretly pledges to divide Jerusalem: “Obama had promised the PA that the establishment of a Palestinian state will be one of the main priorities for a second term.”)

All of a sudden, I was standing above the White House and saw the earth open and it went toward the Washington Monument, then toward the Jefferson Memorial.(Both symbols are south of the White House. The Washington Monument is an obelisk of the type in Rome and Egypt. It is a phallic symbol and an insult to God.
The city of Rome has the most obelisks in the world. There are eight ancient Egyptian and five ancient Roman obelisks there. This is a symbol of Egypt, the world, and Rome, the apostasy. Both of which will be judged in America. At the Jefferson Memorial is the Statute for Religious Freedom and Jefferson was the principle author of the Declaration of Independence, neither of which shall survive this judgment. Freedom and independence from tyrany are a gift from God Who is removing them for America's sins.)

At that point, an odd-color rain started falling,the color of fire. (The baptism of fire, or judgment, from Heaven. Barack means “lightning” and Obama means “from the heights” or heavens.) It started slowly coming down and intensified little by little until the waters started rising; the starting point was Washington, D.C.

As the waters started rising, I went up a little higher into the atmosphere and saw the map of the United States. The waters left Washington and began to flood the nation. (Will an executive order from the President bring judgment upon the nation?) I saw it hit MD, WV, OH, MI, KY, IN, SC and on and on until it covered America. On the document on the desk of the President was written, “The Final Abomination.”

I began to hear screams across the nation, as if it was a mournful sound. I thought of Noah and what it must have been like for the people outside of the Ark as the flood waters came in and they knew they had not listened to Noah or the voice God gave to them to speak. The screams were as if their lives were over and there was no hope.

As I was still in the air, and I am going to try and explain this as best I can, I saw America in this state of being covered with flood waters and then, all of a sudden, I saw beams of light quickly coming out of the flood waters like a speed of light quickly going up into the air. Millions it looked like but at that moment I was taken above the earth and then I saw it around the world. Possibly they were the prayers of the saints. (This judgment will bring revival to the true Christians.)

After this point, now I was back to the earth, as if I was back to the beginning of all of this. I heard a voice say, “The shifting has begun!” At this point, I was looking over top of megachurches and, like a flash, a voice said, “A breeding ground for sin. (A great reprobation will come to apostate “Christianity.” The Sauls will spiritually die at the hands of their beastly flesh, making way for the Davids.) The people know not Me but play around their calf.” (They will turn to their false Yahweh/Elohim. It was here that Moses as the Man-child brought judgment.) (I know that as we enter into the “time of the end” it will not be large churches but home meetings of where the saints will gather in secret where God will abide and speak in the last days because of the persecution that will come upon this generation.)

Then, at this point, I was looking again at homes of people I knew loved and served God. I saw the homes of men and women who were gathered together,praying in deep prayers across the nation and a voice that said, “The season is upon the nation. Because you have set the abomination before my eyes, I will set judgment before yours! When will these things be?" said the voice, “After he will be sworn in.” (If this is true, some time after his private swearing in on 1/20/13 and second term begins or public swearing in on 1/21/13, these judgments begin.
I have learned that the Lord doesn’t necessarily mean "immediately" when He says "after.")

What we see above is disaster to America and revival to and through God’s servants.
The wilderness tribulation started with a baptism unto death for the old man, symbolized by the Egyptians dying in the Red Sea but also came the baptism in the cloud, symbolizing a Joel outpouring of God’s Spirit on His servants. Notice what the Lord spoke above:
"To my servants and handmaids, a special anointing will reside on you in these last days ... A supernatural wave of my Spirit will come over this generation soon; the FINAL voices are in the land to speak one last time." Through the ministries of CDs, DVDs and books that people would have in their possession, that God would give them that spiritual food to sustain them during these times that are coming upon us.



The dream by Bobbi 25 years ago

I have found your website today and I don't think it was by accident :)

I was happy to see the dream posted of the Russian and the American.

A little background about me: we have no television here. We live simply and listen to local AMradio for news and the rest of the time it's listener-supported Christian radio.

I didn't know about the Olympics until the radio news began to speak of the winter Olympics in Russia. I was immediately reminded of a dream I had probably 25 years ago.

I remember after waking from the dream I was troubled---I didn't know if it was a future prediction for me, but I knew it was of importance.

When I heard the radio news speaking of the Sochi winter games, I remebered vividly in the dream walking along an old village street with old buildings on either side. It was cold, winter and I was walking hand in hand with my husband thinking to myself " How can I be here in Russia for the Olympics?" How did I get here?" " Are we going to be arrested?"

The streets were empty and it was night. Lights were lit and light snow falling. Cobbled streets and brick/stone buildings with sidewalks on either side of us as we walked hand in hand down the center of the street toward no known destination. The street just stretched on. I remember being so happy, so in love, so complete. I remember thinking maybe my heart's desire had come true.

And I woke up. I was so troubled by the dream because I was divorced and had no contact at all with my husband. Why was I dreaming of him? I wondered if it meant in the future would I be re-married?

But as I listen today, to reports of the Olympics I can still feel the completeness and perfect love holding hands with my husband.

And I realized the other's my HUSBAND and I am HIS BRIDE. I was walking down the long lane with my Bridegroom. Jesus. My soon coming Bridegroom.


The message by Jane Hamon at the beginning of year 2014

At the beginning of this year, as I was seeking the Lord regarding the season we are in, I distinctly heard Him say this would be the "Year of the Quantum Leap!" I had of course heard this term before, but I didn't fully understand the meaning of it in regards to what God desires to do in and through His Church. Webster's defines "Quantum Leap" as follows: "a sudden and significant change or increase; something sudden, spectacular and vitally important, a sudden highly significant advance...breakthrough!" Wow! Am I ever ready for this! Aren't you?

Upon further research, I discovered that in quantum science a quantum leap is described as an abrupt movement of an electron from one radiant energy level to another with no smooth in between. An electron will build up energy and become "excited," then will suddenly jump or leap to another level to orbit another atom. As it does the photons emit a burst of light! It goes from point A to point B with no in between. Once it makes this jump it finds a place of stability, then begins to build energy once again to work up to the next leap to the next level. In a quantum leap moment, BAM! Everything changes! It is a "suddenly" season filled with light, energy, and power that redefines our present and our future.

Quantum Leap Freedom!

This is what happens when we have an encounter with Jesus...BAM! Everything changes! Like the children of Israel coming out of Egypt after Passover, BAM! One minute they were slaves, the next moment they were declared free. The number 14 is tied to the concept of Passover since it is celebrated on the 14th day of the first Hebraic month. So when we encounter Jesus our Passover Lamb, BAM! A lifetime of slavery, bondage, addiction, fear, and sin is destroyed in a moment. We make a quantum leap out of the kingdom of darkness in to the Kingdom of God's Son, the Kingdom of Light! This will be a year of quantum leap freedom as God's people experience and appropriate the power of the Cross on a whole new level.

One moment you may be sick, then BAM! You are suddenly healed!

One moment you may be bound by darkness and oppression, then BAM! The light of God's love makes you free, full of joy, full of light!

One moment you are poor with nothing working for you, then BAM! God turns things around releasing His divine favor and opening new doors of opportunity and blessing!

This is a year for God's people to build up excitement and energy through releasing our faith, dreaming bigger dreams, and praying in the Holy Spirit, then BAM! Leaping from glory to glory, from faith to faith, and from strength to strength. This will be a time of "exponential" increase for the Body of Christ!

The Quantum Kingdom

In quantum mechanics scientists have found that there are two realms of reality. One is called the present, which is the life we are living. The second realm is considered to be the realm where anything is possible! It is described as a reality in which there is "infinite possibility" and "unlimited potential." As scientists have studied this quantum realm they have widely concluded that this earth we live in, and all of humanity, could not just have occurred by chance but rather that there has to have been a Designer or a Creator. They have been amazed to find that at the quantum level each atom contains a signature as though this Creator wrote, "I made this."

I believe this indicates that scientists are seeing into the reality of the realm Jesus called the Kingdom of God! Everything He did demonstrated this quantum realm of the Kingdom of God. Each time He healed someone of sickness or disease He was demonstrating this realm of infinite possibility. When He walked on water He was demonstrating that this present realm of existence is subjugated to this other supernatural realm. When He was transfigured He was manifesting the unseen realm of quantum Kingdom glory in the midst of the earth realm. Everything He did demonstrated that the Kingdom of God is actually right here among us...a supernatural realm in which anything is possible.

In Acts 8 we see that Philip experienced this quantum realm and made a quantum leap. One minute he was baptizing the Ethiopian eunuch and the next moment...Bam! He was translated from one location to another...from the middle of a desert to...suddenly!...the middle of the city of Azotus! He entered the quantum realm of "infinite possibility" and demonstrated the limitless power of the Kingdom of God.

Quantum Leap Power

Similarly, the disciples experienced a quantum leap of power and anointing on the Day of Pentecost. After 10 days of seeking the Lord after Jesus ascended to Heaven, suddenly BAM! The room they were in was filled with a sound of a rushing mighty wind and they were all baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire! They were given power from on high to go out and work miracles, cast out demons, and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom with boldness! In one instant they were transformed!

This is similar to but much more powerful than what occurred when Elisha received the double portion mantle from Elijah. Prior to that time Elisha had never done one miracle...then BAM! From that moment forward he demonstrated God's transforming power everywhere he went. He experienced a quantum leap of the anointing and power of God!

In this season God's people must cry out as Elisha did, "Please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me!" (2 Kings 2:9) In response, God is giving His people a new mantle for a new day! It is a double portion mantle, as 14 is a double portion number. But we must realize what we have received is far more powerful than the mantle Elijah passed to Elisha.

We are stepping in to a time of favor from Heaven where signs, wonders, and miracles will become widespread, not only within the Church, but in the marketplace as well, as Believers begin to awaken and arise to the transforming power of God that is within them.

I had a dream early this year in which I pulled up to a place that does oil changes on vehicles. There was a sign in the window that said "Change Your Oil, It Will Change Your Life!" I believe this is what The Lord is saying to His Church! We need an oil change! Psalm 92:10 says "I have been anointed with fresh oil!" There is a fresh oil anointing for those who are pressing in to His presence and His promises this year!

Quantum Leap Awakening!

God has set us up for a quantum leap season of the move of God's Spirit into a time of great awakening! Revivals here and there will no longer suffice. We need an awakening! I believe an awakening is epidemic revival. The word epidemic means "affecting many people at the same time, spreading from person to person in a location where something is not prevalent, a rapid spread or increase in something making it widespread." We need epidemic revival in America today!

Remember, in a quantum leap the electrons build up energy and become jittery or "excited"...scientists really refer to it this way! God is releasing supernatural miracles and favor to His people so we can become excited again. There is a momentum that is building in the Spirit. We need to set our hearts to take all the limits off of God this year!

I heard the Lord say that we have entered in to a three-year period where He is going to make Himself real in spectacular ways. The purpose of this is so that He can restore hope to the Church so the Church can then restore hope to the world! Romans 15:13 empowers us with these words: "Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." We will encounter the God of hope in a new and powerful way in this new season.

Quantum Leap Provision

At the beginning of this year my mother-in-law, Evelyn "Mom" Hamon, had a spiritual dream which demonstrates quantum leap provision. In this dream she saw Bishop Hamon and some of our ministry leaders ministering to a large field of people. After a while the people were getting hungry. Just as in the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, they searched around and came up with just a few loaves of bread, hardly enough to meet the overwhelming need.

Still, Bishop ripped off a piece of bread and handed it to one of the people. As he gave it, suddenly his loaf of bread was whole again. When that person took the bread in his hand, he immediately broke off a piece and put it in a basket for Bishop, then turned and gave a piece to someone else. When he did that, his small piece turned into a whole loaf.

As each one kept breaking bread, they would first put a piece in a basket for Bishop then share a piece with others, and their piece was made whole each time. At the end, Bishop had the original few loaves of bread even though he had fed a multitude. But besides there were baskets full of provision that came back to him. Everyone present ate and was full and had an abundance left over afterwards for themselves.

This is quantum bread! As we give and share what God has given us, we will see a miraculous demonstration of multiplied provision. Our little suddenly becomes much! God shifts us from scarcity to abundance in one giant leap!

As we sow financial seeds, we should expect a quantum leap release into our own finances. Already we are hearing of financial miracles where debt has been suddenly cancelled, properties have sold, new contracts are being signed; expansion, blessing and prosperity are breaking out in the lives of many!

This is a time for the manifestation of the Prophet's Reward. The Shunammite woman, in 2 Kings 4, made a place in her home for the Prophet of the Double Portion, Elisha. He represented the voice of God to her life, her city, and her land. As she made a place for the voice of God in her home, that became a place of miracles for her. Because of her generous heart and her desire to receive the voice of God, she received the Prophet's Reward, which was the miracle she needed that money could not buy!

After years of barrenness, BAM! she had a child. Years later she needed another miracle as that child of promise dropped dead suddenly. She took the child and placed him on the bed in the room she made for the prophet, the voice of God. When Elisha came in he confronted the spirit of death on the child, and BAM! The child experienced a quantum leap, out of death into life! Again, in 2 Kings 8, after having lost her land and house when she obeyed the prophet and fled for seven years as famine came upon the land, the Shunammite experienced another BAM! quantum leap encounter when instantly all that she lost was immediately restored!

Quantum Leap Harvest

To further demonstrate the concept of quantum leaps that take place in a "suddenly season," allow me to relate the story of Chinese Bamboo. It is a costly, precious wood grown in places in China. The first year the farmer plows his field and prepares the ground for the bamboo seed. He then carefully digs small holes for each seed and plants the crop. He waters it, fertilizes it, and weeds it, carefully watching over the ground in which his crop is growing. But at the end of the first year when he surveys the progress of growth, he sees nothing, no sign of life, no tender shoot, nothing.

In the second year he waters, weeds, fertilizes, and tends his field, but again, at the end of that year...nothing. By the end of the third growing season a small shoot pushes its way above the soil. It only achieves about three inches of growth; after three years, that averages one inch per year. Not exactly impressive. By the end of the fourth year of growth the plant measures a little over a foot tall.

But in the fifth year of growth the bamboo shoot hits a growing season which lasts four months. During those four months the bamboo which the farmer has lovingly tended for five years SUDDENLY shoots 90-100 feet tall! There are days in which the bamboo actually grows 3-4 feet in a single day. SUDDENLY!

I think we have all come to realize that God's "suddenlies" don't always happen suddenly. But we are now in a quantum leap "suddenly season" where we will see those things we have prayed over, decreed to, quoted Scriptures for, prophesied into, and warred a good warfare for suddenly come to pass.

This is a now season! We cannot be discouraged or disappointed by the previous years as we have looked out over our planted field of promise and seen no visible results of our labor. Because suddenly, BAM! Rapid growth, fulfillment, and harvest are at hand! It is time to experience the quantum power of the Kingdom of God. Miracles, signs, and wonders are our portion as we take off the limits and arise to our potential in Christ Jesus. Quantum glory is at hand!

Jane Hamon
Vision Church @ Christian International

Email: click here

Tom and Jane Hamon are the senior pastors of Vision Church @ Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Their ministry together is an example to the Body of Christ of a husband and wife team working in tandem and unity to accomplish God's purposes. Their ministry is characterized by a rich deposit of God's wisdom to provide apostolic covering for the Church, prophetic teaching and ministry, and demonstration of Kingdom anointing and power. They travel as an apostolic/prophetic team to the nations, imparting both the spirit of wisdom and revelation to establish the Church and break open territories through spiritual warfare for the Kingdom of God to be experienced in a powerful and practical way

Jane Hamon has been featured on Christian Television on TBN and through co-hosting with Gordon Robertson on the 700 Club. She has also written several books, including her very practical work on Dreams and Visions, her call to marketplace ministers called The Cyrus Decree, and her proclamation over women in the Church to arise and be The Deborah Company.



The dream by a Canadian man

US/Russia conflict - Olympics

I have held this for several years and felt that it should be released to the body of Christ because the olympics seemed to be in the background of the events in this dream. I am from Canada and do not wish my name to be made public. Thank you for keeping your prophetic page open for all to help see the plan of God unfold and to be forewarned. I have been watching it for some time and am encouraged and sobered by the content. May the Lord extend the stakes of your tent and increase your reward.

I had a dream a few years ago in which I was in Moscow during some major event such as the olympics. I was sitting at a round table in a bar (tavern, pub) and to my left was a large American sitting at the same table. He was perhaps 6'8" (204 cms) tall and about 350 pounds (160 kgs). He was all muscle, kind of like the incredible hulk. He was a massive and powerful man. About 20' (6 m) straight ahead of me was a bar (counter) with a neon outlined flag on the wall. The flag was red, white, and blue and I could not tell if it was an American flag or a Russian flag because the colours are both the same.

At the bar was a Russian man of about 5'10" (178 cms) height and about 180 pounds (82 kgs). He had a fairly good build. The American got up from the round table and walked over to the Russian and gave the Russian a hard push on the Russian's left shoulder. I was stunned and shouted to the American "Yankee, don't do that! You are making a bad name for your country". The American again hit the Russian even harder in order to provoke the Russian into a fight. I again called to the American "Yankee, Yank...Don't do that. You are making a bad name for your country." The next thing, fists began to fly between each other (They were punching each other.). Then the American began to run away from the fight and the Russian pursued him. The Russian hit the American once in the face and knocked the American out cold. The Russian then grabbed the American by the shirt to pick his face off the floor to hit him again, but the American was completely knocked out and so the Russian did not have to hit him again. Then as I was still sitting at the round table, I said "And that is exactly how America is going to fall.".

- - - - - - -

Jouko Piho´s comment

This is what will happen. USA is proud and arrogant thinking to be an only super power in the world. But seemingly weaker Russia will beat USA. This will happen God allowing because of the sins of Americans.


The message by Hugo Steyn on 02-11-2012

Explosions in New York


On 18 October 2010, the Lord used me as an instrument to warn of the New York Disaster, that came with Hurricane Sandy, two years later on 29 October 2012.

Today, 2 November 2012, while the USA is still recovering from the devastation, I received the warning described below, to be delivered to the USA.

The voice of the Lord came to me saying:

“You warned them about the water, and it came. Now warn them about this, for it shall surely come upon them”

Then the Lord gave me this scripture:

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. – Galatians 6:7

And I heard the Lord again, saying:

“They have sown war, they shall reap war”


I see that I am standing on the shore of a lake and I hear the Lord saying: “It is Lake Ontario. It is night time and I am standing on the northern shore of the lake and I see the horizon on the other side of the lake lighting up. Bombs crossed the lake and the southern shore, exploding in two locations south of the lake.

(The State of New York lies to the south of Lake Ontario)

Then the Lord gave me the following scriptures:

2 Peter 3:7-10 and in particular verse 9:

The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.


Nahum 2 – The Destruction of Nineveh

And in particular the last verse:

“Behold, I am against you,” says the LORD of hosts, “I will burn your chariots in smoke, and the sword shall devour your young lions; I will cut off your prey from the earth, and the voice of your messengers shall be heard no more.”

The voice of the Lord came to me again saying:

“From the north your destruction shall come. Not by water but by fire, not by water but over the water.”


Then I saw a scroll and I saw bread coming out of the scroll and going into my mouth and the Lord gave me the following scriptures:

“…, that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the LORD.” – Deuteronomy 8:3


The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple. – Psalm 119:130


I also had an earlier vision where I saw a map of the East Coast of the USA. I saw a container that moved (was transported) from the sea to the city. Then I saw the earth shake and I saw the city shake and a bomb exploded in the heart of New York and I saw the classic mushroom cloud that nuclear bombs make when they explode. It did not fall from the sky, it was transported by land from the sea.

At the top of the vision I could see numbers that made up map coordinates. I looked it up on Google Earth and it is the coordinates for the State of New York.


The mountains saw You and trembled; The overflowing of the water passed by. The deep uttered its voice, And lifted its hands on high. The sun and moon stood still in their habitation; At the light of Your arrows they went, At the shining of Your glittering spear. You marched through the land in indignation; You trampled the nations in anger. – Habakkuk 3:10-12



The dream by Nathan Leal on October 12, 2010

Vision of Terrorist Attack in Seattle, Washington
...with explosion in downtown Seattle

I had a dream about a terrorist attack on the City of Seattle. This dream occurred on the night of October 12, 2010. I have shared this dream on several radio programs including mine and also on Hagmann & Hagmann on January 30, 2014 .

Dream Begins

I was in a downtown area of an unknown large city. I saw a newspaper vending machine that sold the USA Today newspaper.

I decided to purchase a copy and held the paper in my hand.

One the lead stories was about Seattle, Washington. It had a full page photograph of the City of Seattle.

The headline read – “Seattle Celebrates.” The letters were huge across the page.

The photograph vantage point was from the waters of Puget Sound. The photo appeared to be in the evening. The image included a fireworks display over the buildings of downtown Seattle. It was a celebration of some sort.

As I was looking at the photograph, the photo turned into a movie. It was like I was watching a TV screen in the newspaper. The fireworks became a live image with sound. I could hear the loud boom of the fireworks. I watched many of them go off over the skyline of Seattle.

As I watched the display, there was sudden explosion. One of the buildings erupted into a ball of fire, smoke, ash and debris.

The plume rose as high as the tallest downtown building in the photograph. It looked similar to the explosion that we saw on 911 on the World Trade Towers. I am not sure if the building collapsed.

After the explosion, my vantage point changed to the sky where I was looking down on the damage. There was debris and ash scattered throughout the downtown area. There were also many crushed cars with ash all over them.

I do not know when this event will occur. I also do not know the cause for the celebration. What I do know is that fireworks were involved and the explosion was unexpected.

I often wondered if the celebration was because of a holiday or some other event.

Conclusion – I do not know! Again, I had this dream over three years ago.

Several things about this event, the explosion that I saw did not flatten the entire downtown area. The damage seemed contained to one building. Therefore, I do not know the type of device that was used.

For those who might live in the Seattle area, it did not appear to be a nuke that went off. Not this time, at least. It appeared to be more of a conventional explosion.

I decided to once again share this dream because as most of you know, the Seahawks just won the 2014 Superbowl and are now a Championship Team.

Their string of championship victories may now extend several years into the future. And being that they a now a higher caliber team, the possibility for future victories is now a reality.

For the record, I do not know when this event will happen. I am also am not saying that this event will be associated with their recent Superbowl victory. An event like this could occur after another championship victory in the future or it could be related to something else entirely.

The one thing that I do know is that it happened during a city celebration of some kind where fireworks were involved.

I want to encourage all of God's people to be praying for His covering and His protection, because as time progresses, we are going to be seeing these type of things take place in many places around the country.

If there are intercessors out there that can pray against this, I would like to encourage that you hold Seattle in your prayers. If this prophetic dream was a warning that an event like this can be stopped, then we need to be praying that God would stop it from happening.

Perhaps He will be merciful.

May God bless you, protect you and keep you under His wing.

In His service,
Nathan Leal

This warning alert can be found here:

To contact Nathan Leal – contact



The dream by Ashley Martin on February 2014

I just had a dream that New York City was hit with a nuclear weapon. It was a very quick dream, but there is no doubt in my mind it was New York. I've been there twice in the past year, so familiar with the area relatively speaking. Anyways, In the dream, I was witnessing the event on a news channel that some camera had managed to capture before everything just went black. It appeared to be a level destruction that was hard for me to even comprehend. It was strange because when I have a typical nightmares I respond with utter terror, but this was different. There was more of an element of shock than fear as I watched the tragedy unfold and I can't help but remember that was my initial response to the events of 9/11/01. At that point, I woke up and started searching the internet to see if I could find any examples of others seeing what I had a just seen. Which, has brought me to your site.



The vision by a Finnish man on January 22, 2014

I saw a serious vision on January,22 2014. The Statue of Liberty in New York was falling down and split in two.

- - - - - - -

The comment by Jouko Piho:

I believe that this is what will happen in the future. The Statue of Liberty will either fall down and split literally or it is referring to a symbolic interpretation, which would mean the fall and dividing of USA into different parts. Or both interpretations are correct.

Because the vision is about the Statue of Liberty, it means also that USA will lose its freedom when foreign troops, mainly Chinese and Russian soldiers, will occupy not all but most areas in America.

This calamity will happen because of the sins of America and because of the abandonment of God and His laws. Many prophets have received same kind of messages during recent years. You may read these prophecies on this site of mine.



Jeremia's dream on December 3/4 night 2013

I was in the dream in the graveyard in front of an open grave. I understood that my father, born in December 1917 in an independent Finland, was being buried. In reality my father had died already over 20 years ago.

Then I saw that a coffin had been put on the bottom of the grave and coffin was covered with very beautiful flowers. On the head side there were white lilies higher than other flowers.

The funeral time was early spring and the sun was shining. It was 10-20 C degrees cold and the grave was in Lapland.

The feeling of sorrow was totally different from the feeling I had when I buried my own father. I had a feeling that I hoped that it would not be necessary to bury this deceased person at all. So in the dream I did not begin to fill the grave with sand. I went away and the dream ended.

Next day I prayed about the meaning of the dream. On the day after that the Lord spoke to me that the dream meant the burial of the independent Finland.

I understood that in this EU-political situation it is untruthful to celebrate Finland's 96th Independence Day on 12-06-2013. It would be more honest to celebrate or grieve over the memorial day of the lost independence of Finland.



The message by Clay Sikes on 01-7-2014

Reviewing The Last Seven Years

January 7th, 2014

 I have written little in the last seven years, as my journey has taken me into more failure, setback, and difficulty. What kind of witness is this, I thought? There is nothing to write, nothing I can say that will build up or edify the Body of Christ; and when there is nothing to say, it’s best to keep quiet. Right when it seemed things couldn’t get worse, they did. What’s going on, I pondered? I had seen so much victory and clearly heard God’s voice for years, yet now I am walking with a loser’s limp without knowing why. Over the span of years my power source seemed drained, my hearing dulled, creativity and wisdom diminished. And then, I awakened one morning to realize, like a dog returning to his vomit, I had returned to the same world system (in finance) that once destroyed me. Somehow, ever so slowly, I was sucked back into the vortex of ‘the system.’ The realization of the slow death that comes from adhering t o principles of the world was alarming. My challenge didn’t come in the death of loved one, a disease, or even total financial collapse, but came in the stress and strain of nothing working, extraordinary difficulty in the simplest of task, relational issues, false accusation, fatigue, and spiritual dryness. I wasn’t depressed, but life had become depressing. I prayed, read my bible, journaled as always, but no real life came of it. On the outside everything was fine enough, but my strength ebbed as His Joy seemed far away. Oh yes, there were the normal health issues - several surgeries, and the ordinary wear and tear of age, business, and relational issues, but this was much greater – the pain of mundaneness. Of greatest importance, what was God saying to me? After all, my spiritual daddy of sorts, Arthur Burt, teaches “God allows in His wisdom what He could have prevented in His power.” Why would He allow such? I am “called acc ording to His purpose,” yet I am wasting away in Margaretville, looking for my lost shaker of salt. I knew there was no woman to blame; perhaps my dilemma was my own dang fault!
Had He withdrawn His presence from me? I anguished for hours, days, weeks, and now years without experiencing the joy I had once experienced. Was there unconfessed or unknown sin in my life? Had I knowingly or unknowingly taken a path outside of God’s will? As I look back on this difficult time, I admit all were true to some extent; but one above others. The subtlety of the world’s system and its lure are difficult to avoid, perhaps more so in the marketplace than other sphere. It is safe to say ‘the spirit of the world’ can be subtle. We often think of ‘the world’ in terms of lust, perversion, drunkenness and such, and this is indeed one head of this two headed monster – the other, the more subtle side, rest in the things the world applauds, like ambition outside the lead of the Lord. The world congratulates success and high achievement, and in and of themselves, there is nothing wrong with these. But for a ‘called’ man or woman, using an ambitious nature to further a career or calling is dangerous. My best is my worse before God. Why? Because it is the place of least dependence upon God. I had remained attached to ‘the world’ in the area of business and finance – I remained bound to ‘borrowing money;’ continuing to love business success and probably money; but the largest of my errors was, once again, becoming dependent upon man (often myself), and not God. David counted his troops and was severely punished. When our dependency shifts, we have shifted systems – from the Kingdom to the world.
The Kingdom has characteristics just as ‘the world.’ For those seeking ‘The Kingdom,’ it is paramount to know its characteristics. Since I am ‘called’ to the Kingdom on earth, I must avoid the world at all cost; yet the very business I am called to spins on the top of the world’s system. As stated, one of the most glaring differences in characteristics between the two systems (competing for my affection daily) is DEPENDENCY. Upon who and what am I dependent? The Kingdom in operation (in me) is characterized by my complete and utter dependence upon God, while ‘the world’s system’ is evidenced by my complete and utter dependence upon man. The garden pre-fall was a place of life; the Tree of Life provided communication with the creator. When the forbidden fruit was consumed from the wrong tree, man became dependent upon himself and the systems of men to survive. Today, as born again believers, we are given a choice of systems – The Kingdom, or ‘the world.’ When we flow in God-dependence we are flowing with ‘The Kingdom,’ just as surely as engaging ‘the world’ will require dependence upon man. Which tree I eat from determines who I can hear – Tree of Life (God); Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Me).
What system is operating when Pastor preaches tithes as church finances dwindle? When, in our personal or business lives, we seek a loan instead of God for provision? When an issue arises, we take matters into our own hands instead of seeking God for direction and answers? When we manipulate and coerce our spouse to get our way? I could go on and on, but these questions evidence the toil and strain, shortage and lack, and unfilled needs that spring from engaging the wrong system. It may take time, but eventually the bad fruit of engaging the wrong system (wrong tree) will reveal itself. Our own dysfunction and disorder are signs of a lack of God’s government/order/Kingdom in particular spheres of life. Dysfunction and disorder are knocking at our door repeatedly, but will we open it? Will we honestly embrace our areas of dysfunction, and seek the Kingdom. Amazingly, I was now back into toil and strain, shortage and lack, and unfulf illed needs, yet failed to recognize my entry, or the depth of ‘the world’s system’ I unwittingly allowed back into my life. How could I linger not recognizing my error? Who is the most subtle beast of the field? What character trait had failed me, casting me back into the abyss I had been rescued from? For me, the answer eventually came. My character failure was my own ambitious nature, attempting to achieve for myself what God intended to give me anyway. Such people will not inherit the Kingdom of God (Galatians 5: 19-21).
Ambition has cost me much time and other valuable resources – it’s latest assault revealed a part of my failed character. For the record, ambition is not limited to business and finance. There are empty buildings all over America that once housed big ministries, built on the back of ambition, yet when the winds of adversity blew the house fell. For a man or woman ‘called’ to walk in the Kingdom on earth, nothing else but ‘the Kingdom’s way’ will work. The systems of men are condemned; they will fail. When we, as called men and women, engage them we are engaging a ‘failed system;’ it will never work for us. The Kingdom’s purpose is to offer a different methodology from the world’s way – our job is to find it, abide in it, and enjoy its fruit. It’s fruit is not necessarily a lack of adversity or challenge, but peace, righteousness, and joy in spite of circumstances.
Amid much turmoil in 2013, I found what I was looking for. In late October, God began to once again speak, initially through a local prophet. As His Word and direction began to pierce my heart again, the flow, peace, joy, and rest returned. During the latter days of 2013, and thus far in 2014, the prophetic gift within me has been flamed by the fires of God. I can again hear, and even now sense a powerful word for His true ecclesia. Many, as myself, have been through ‘the pain of circumstance’ during much of the last seven years. A prompting within has produced an alert; a knowing that something is taking place in 2014 that is entirely different from the past. For those who sense this, be ready to receive an embrace from the Father; a hug that will release His government into all spheres of life. He has brought you full circle, back into His arms, readying you for service and purpose – yes, destiny, His plan for your life! God’s Order is available as Order and 2014 are virtually synonymous terms. This order extends into issues of health, finance, ministry, marriage, relationships, and calling. What has been impossible is now possible, only believe as the grace for faith (for whatever the need) is available upon asking. Brokenness before the Father is key in 2014, as we remain humble before him, moldable in His hands, we will see Him use us as never before.



The message by Chuck Pierce on 12-31-2013

Hear the clock ticking, for the Lord says I have now catapulted you into the three years ahead. And this day the dearest of My Months I say to You I am moving you against gates that have never been moved before. And I am causing those gates that have withstood you in the past to have to come loose so they open in days ahead! I say to you move strategically day by day and month by month until the gate that has held back your blessing opens up.

For I say in the 3rd year the War of the Kingdoms will begin and kingdom will rise against kingdom. But I say I have a Kingdom now I’m preparing and I will remember this Kingdom and the seed and the seed's seed of this Kingdom. So I say to you know this I have a Kingdom that will triumph.

For I am beginning a highway out of Egypt but I’ll redo the highway that you’re on. And I say now, the demons that have been trafficking and even creating trafficking throughout the earth, I Am going to unnest their headquarters.

And I’ll surprise you with the leaders of this Nation, for I have ways to cause them to bow their knees, and you think they’re going one way but you watch Me knock the feet out from under them. And you watch them see Me in a way they’ve never seen Me before!

You’ll hear of shakings from North to West! You’ll hear that I have come from Alaska to Maine to shake but it will be the center of this Nation that I now shake saith the Lord. And I will cause that which has been hidden and controlling the forces of this land to shake down!

For I say to you make favor with those that even have come into places and you say, but they have evil character. I can cause every Pharaoh in this land and the lands that you’re a part of to favor you in days ahead!

And even today I call you My Army that is unstoppable. But even as in the natural there have been swarms that have crossed the Atlantic that have shown up in the most unusual places. I call you My Kingdom Swarm and you shall invade the kingdoms of the earth and you shall extract that which is needed and you will bring it into My Kingdom says the Lord.

And that which the enemy meant to destroy through trafficking I will raise them up as an unstoppable army in the days ahead for that generation will be My Generation says the Lord!

So I say shout that the kingdoms of this earth are becoming My Kingdoms saith the Lord. And decree that the prisoners will be let go and they will come back to My House and this is a season My Altar will be filled!

A new baptism I’ll give you and I say to you My very Finger I will place in My People’s keeping. And I say when you point your finger demons will flee!

And I say I’m going to open your eyes to those around you and you’re going to say they're of a different kingdom. And I will say to you they are Mine bring them in now!

And in this year of honey I will cause a new hunger to arise throughout the lands for My Word saith the Lord. And where you have known My Word in the past you will taste and see My Word in a different way!

Charles D. "Chuck" Pierce serves as president of Global Spheres Inc. in Corinth, Texas, an apostolic, prophetic ministry that is being used to gather and mobilize the worshipping triumphant reserve throughout the world. He also serves as president of Glory of Zion International Ministries, a ministry that aligns Jew and Gentile. He is known for his accurate prophetic gifting that helps direct nations, cities, churches and individuals in understanding the times and seasons in which we live.

Chuck Pierce



The dreams of Paul Cary in October 2013

Nov 13,2013

Days of Darkness and Light, but still in Darkness

Just last month I woke up from a dream early in the morning and in the dream it appeared that my neighbors house was on fire . The fire was so close that I had to take a hose out to water my roof down. There was commotion that is typical of a home on fire , police and fireman and neighbors clamoring around. Just now I woke up from another dream and inside my home I heard this helicopter flying around and thought that is looking for someone and joked about it actually ;saying they found me. I peeked outside and lo and behold I saw the helicopter heading straight into this billowing black smoke . I hollered at folks that there is a fire and I looked and the deep black smoke was coming up under this two story building which my neighbor has in a sense having a basement and they were just standing by the window as if nothing was happening. I threw a rock at the window and yelled, get out of the house . They made it out but they were smiling as if nothing was going on and the smoke disappeared. End of dream. I’m thinking that just as Jesus said; They will be eating and drinking , marrying and giving into marriage on the day that He returns . Now I’m thinking of that scripture in Rev 14:11 and then decided to put the rest of them up there that surround that one verse;;;;;;;
Rev 14:9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
Rev 14:10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
Rev 14:11 And the smoke of their torment ascends upward forever and ever : and they have no rest day or night, who worship the Beast and his image , and whosoever receives the Mark of his name .The first dream was at night and this second one was during the day .
Rev 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

Paul Cary

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Prophetic Warnings of Things to Come – The Coming Invasion by China and Russia

By Nathan Leal - November 13, 2013

(Note – Portions of this article are taken from “News from the Wall 17 – Part 4”)

Welcome to Part 3 of the series.

Part 2 is here

Part 1 is here

In this session, we are going to talk about the approaching invasion of the United States by China and Russia. I know that at first glance, this proposal may seem preposterous. The USA has not been physically invaded by opposing troops since its early beginnings, many years ago.

But ladies and gentlemen, this is going to happen in America’s future and I share these things to alert and challenge everyone who has the ears to hear so that they canprepare themselves.

Folks, it is coming! An incursion is in store for Mainland USA. It will result in the occupation of foreign troops on US soil.

Most Americans cannot fathom that such a thing could ever take place, but Jerusalem also thought the same thing before they were invaded by Babylon in 587 B.C.

“The kings of the earth, and all inhabitants of the world,
would not have believed that the adversary and the enemy
could enter the gates of Jerusalem.“ Lamentations 4:12

I have seen these things prophetically and as a watchman of God, I must warn as many people as possible that this chapter is in the later pages for America. As you read this warning, please take these matters to God for insight on what you must do to prepare.

For those that are paying attention, it is obvious that the USA is in the midst of great turmoil. Right now, the country is in a downward spiral. The regime is immersed in perpetual scandal.

This is occurring in more ways than we can count!

1. ObamaCare is turning out to be the bureaucratic blunder of the new millennium. At its very core, it makes no sense. It is laced with lies, inconsistencies, and fraud. It also appears that it will play a role as one of the incendiary devices that will ignite America into revolt and chaos.

2. A suicide debt-bomb is strapped to Uncle Sam. But most Americans are clueless and do not seem to care. Little do they know that debt bombs create a wide swath of destruction when they detonate!

3. The world is discovering that the USA has an insatiable thirst for voyeurism and enjoys spying on people throughout the planet. Uncle Barak’s - NSA has big eyes and ears to see and hear your every move.

For those who may be opposed to “Operation Peeping-Tom,” do not complain. These measures are intended to keep America secure.

By the way, do you get warm fuzzies at the thought of predator drones flying over your house while you sleep?

Losing Patience

The other nations of the world are losing patience with America’s Orwellian antics. This is falling in line with Bible prophecy. The Book of Revelation tells us that in the end, The New World Order - Beast will “hate” the woman – Mystery Babylon, and will eventually destroy her and burn her with fire;

“And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire.” Revelation 17:16

This will be the subsequent fate of the United States of America - fire and destruction!

Presently, Obama’s strategies are resulting in irritating many nations who were once our friends. This is not a slow trend. It is on a fast-track and it is gaining momentum.

Just recently, Saudi Arabia began severing diplomatic ties with America because of Obama’s policies that gravitate toward terrorist enemies.

Obama is aligning with terrorist groups; The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaida, Al-Nusra, and others.

The White House is being infiltrated with members of the Muslim Brotherhood -

Obama has been secretly lifting Iranian sanctions, thus alienating Israel as an American ally.

I am not saying these things to just “bash” Obama. I am sharing this information because they are evidence that Obama is willfully destroying the last vestiges of diplomacy that respect our Western Allies.

The Truth is the Truth!

This report is not about politics. It is about the truth! The evidence speaks for itself. And the truth is going to affect all of us in the coming future!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not saying this as a Democrat or a Republican, I am saying this as a God fearing American Citizen; the Obama Administration is taking the USA into an area that borders on insanity!

There will be ramifications for these things! They are not occurring in a vacuum and once they are complete, they will be difficult to undo!

Conclusion – America is being led into an abyss and her future is in jeopardy! Why is Obama doing this? How many saw it coming? If you are awake, most likely, you did!

I warned about this five years ago, when Obama was given the first election.

I remember receiving hate mail back then that accused me of vocalizing sour grapes. But folks, these are not just sour grapes! The madness of the present regime will result in the “Grapes of Wrath” for America!

…Grapes of wrath, folks!
…Grapes of divine judgment!

The Bible reveals to us that when God judges a nation, He allows the nation to be attacked by their enemies. This is called the “sword” judgment.

“If you are willing and obedient, You shall eat the good of the land; But if you refuse and rebel, You shall be devoured by the sword"; For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.” Isaiah 1:20

I could spend a lot of time giving a biblical explanation of the sword judgment, but I have many programs that have touched on this topic.

Raiders from Far Away Lands!

My friends, the bottom line is this; the future of America is going to experience carnage from raiders of another land. The invaders will not have mercy: neither will they respect the Constitution of America.

They will give allegiance to a strange god from a faraway place. And they will be influenced by evil spirits of violence, deception, and corruption.

How can these things be? The reasons are many….

…70 million aborted babies!
… A plague of sexual deviancy!
… A backslidden nation…
… The people of God with memory loss…they forgot their God!

The reasons are many!

…The remedy is ignored… still they would not repent!

…The steps are in motion…

…The tally awaits…

…The enemies are sharpening their swords!

It is apparent that Obamas has chosen his allies – the scimitar wielding terrorists! And because of these actions, America is going to be invaded by her enemies as a part of the judgment from God.

Sadly, it does not appear that these things will be stopped. I have addressed this in the past. Therefore as those who are awake, my suggestion is that we prepare for the approaching consequences.

As I begin and share this warning, I want to make it clear that I do not have a specific date of arrival. However, based on the deterioration of America’s foreign policy, the wheels are in motion for their eventuality.

As a watchman of God, from time to time, God shows me things in prophetic night visions. I explain the details of this spiritual gift here.

Over the past few years, God has allowed me to see several prophetic glimpses of invasion and war that will take place in the United States of America.

Ladies and gentlemen, I saw America invaded by foreign troops and I will now share these prophetic visions.

Invasion Dream #1

This dream occurred several months ago, on August 10, 2013. It was very disturbing. In this dream, God showed me one of the battles that is coming to the United States.

When the dream began, I was in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was evening. I was at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain which is located in the western part of the city.

An air war was taking place above me. It involved US Air Force jets which were flying back and forth in the evening sky. Their elevation was not very high, perhaps a few thousand feet. I could see their markings as they flew by.

I remember noticing that a third of them were red, a third of them were white, and a third of them were blue. So, they their colors were red, white, and blue. In the evening sky, that had a partial glow to them.

The air battle was against what appeared to be Russian MIG’s. I could not tell if they had Chinese or Russians pilots, but it was a very engaging battle. Our Air Force jets seemed to be able to maneuver faster than the MIG’s but the MIG’s appeared to have more strength.

As the battle took place, some of the Air Force jets flew towards the east into the horizon and dropped bombs in the distance. From my vantage point, this would have been towards the plains of Eastern Colorado or even towards Kansas.

I found it odd that our Air Force was dropping bombs on American soil. I guess, that meant that there were invading forces in the distance of the east. I could not see the enemy troops on the ground. I just saw the explosions in the far distance. I assumed that they were from either China or Russia.

As I was watched the air war continue, I saw an enemy missile approaching from the east. It was traveling very fast.

I was expecting it to be shot down but it was not. It continued towards Colorado Springs, where I was standing and approached the top of Cheyenne Mountain.


Colorado Springs is the location of a fortified nuclear bunker called NORAD – which stands for the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

This is the North American missile shield complex that is located in a bunker in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.

Cheyenne Mountain is located on the western edge of Colorado Springs, near Fort Carson. For those who may remember, NORAD was featured in the 1980s movie War Games with Matthew Broderick.

In the movie, Broderick’s character accidently hacked into NORAD’s computer to play video games. This resulted in the NORAD computer almost starting World War 3. Here are a few details about NORAD.

As the dream continued, I saw the incoming missile approach this installation on Cheyenne Mountain. It did not hit the side of the mountain but it flew over the top and exploded over the peak. I saw the bright flash of the detonation. From where I was, could not see a mushroom cloud, so I am not sure if it was a nuclear missile. It appeared to be some sort of bunker buster intended to take out the missile shield of America. Whether it was successful, I don’t know.

A point of interest, since the NORAD facility is so heavily fortified, it would be difficult for a bunker buster to damage it. Perhaps in this dream, Cheyenne Mountain represented America’s defenses which were under duress and attack.

- A Widespread Battle

While I was watching the air battle, I got on my cell phone and called a friend who lives in Northern Idaho.

He answered.

I said, “Hey, are you seeing this? Can you see what I see?”

He said, “Yes, I can see the air battles taking place from here in Idaho. I’m watching it also.”

This revealed to me that air battles and war were taking place from Colorado all the way to Northern Idaho.

This meant that the United States was under a large scale invasion because if war was taking place from Colorado, which is a fortified inner part of the US, and also in Idaho which is considered the inland Northwest, this would mean that the coastal areas of the USA were also under attack or had already fallen to invading forces!

I was disturbed by this. In the dream I felt adrenaline, panic, fear, and sadness that this thing was taking place. The United States was being invaded.

Suddenly, the scene changed. I was no longer watching a war. It appeared that the dream fast forwarded into the aftermath of the war.

- Chinese Propaganda Campaign

I found myself inside of a public building. I don’t know where the building was located. It’s possible that it could have been in Idaho where I live, or it could have been in Colorado. I’m not sure, but I was in some type of public building. It appeared to be either a school or a community center.

I was in the hallway area that was fairly wide and able to handle a lot of traffic just like a school hallway would.

This event was a gathering of the public. It resembled what you would see on an election day where there are helpers and volunteers who sit at a table and hand out the buttons that say “I voted.”

This was a similar scenario.

There were four to five folding tables set up in the hallway. Each table had three to four elderly volunteers who were handing out brochures. The brochures were a part of a PR campaign to explain to all of the US citizens why Chinese soldiers were now in the United States.

The information was meant to put everybody at ease that the Chinese soldiers were here to be our friends and to help us. It explained that the soldiers meant us no harm and were in the US to do good things!

I looked down and read one of the brochures After a moment, I looked back up. When I did, I saw several Chinese soldiers standing along the wall behind the tables in the hallway.

They were standing at attention. They were dressed in black tactical gear. They were carrying weapons. But they did not speak. They were just standing at attention…motionless!

I found myself getting angry and I raised my voice at the site of the soldiers.

I asked the elderly volunteers who were sitting behind the table, “What do you mean they’re here to help? These soldiers are here because of the war!

The words were deliberate.

“…They are here because of the war!”

In other words, they were here to occupy us. They were not here for peaceful means. The elderly volunteers tried to convince me that the Chinese troops were only here for humanitarian purposes. I did not believe any of their words. In my heart, I knew that the intentions of the Chinese soldiers were to conquer and occupy.

The dream was over.

The Meaning

Ladies and gentlemen, this prophetic dream was a glimpse of what is coming to America. Eventually, the United States is going to be invaded by China and find itself in a Red Dawn scenario.

This is the warning; at some point in the future, America is going to experience an invasion by Chinese forces.

After they are here, they are going to be able to convince the general population that their intentions are noble and humane!

I know that this does not seem possible, but after their arrival, they are going to be able to execute a successful PR campaign that will win over the senior population of America.

How can this be? At this moment, I can only speculate but perhaps they will do this by making promises of benefits for the elderly. Perhaps, it will be a promise of “Health Care” and / or “Retirement Benefits.”

According to my prophetic glimpse, the senior population believed it. They believed it enough to promote the presence of the Chinese.

But I didn’t believe it. I found myself angry with the proposal. One thing that I have noted is that the emotional response that I experience during a prophetic dream is usually the response based on true discernment.

I was angry with the lack of vigilance from the elderly because I sensed that they were accepting a lie. And worst, they had willingly enlisted themselves to promote their future imprisonment under Chinese occupation.

To me, this thought is disturbing and makes me sad. I do not want this future for my children. But unfortunately, this future is in store for America.

Can it be stopped? Yes.

Will it be stopped? I know that I say this a lot, but no, I don’t think so.

America’s momentum towards this judgment has traction, speed and a considerable amount of current that is driving it towards this end.

So, when is an event like that going to take place? I don’t know, but because of the Chinese occupation that resulted in the previous dream, I must now share another night vision that I had about a year and a half ago.

Invasion Dream #2

In this prophetic dream, I was in Dallas, Texas visiting a Bible College. At this point in time, I will leave the college unnamed. Perhaps I will mention its name in the future.

I was visiting the college to attend one of their chapel services. The sanctuary was full. It held about 1,500 hundred students. I entered the sanctuary from the very back of the building and when I walked into the chapel area, there were Chinese soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder along the back wall of the chapel. There were approximately 50 to 100 of them.

All of them were carrying automatic weapons and were dressed in black tactical military gear. Their outfits were the similar to what the soldiers were wearing in the previous dream.

As I entered the chapel through a side door by the back wall, I saw all of the soldiers. They were lined up along the back wall. They all stared forward and had no emotion.

To find a seat I needed to walk past them. My seven year old daughter was with me and walked in front of me. Walking in front of my daughter was an elderly lady about 75 to 80 years old. She walked very slowly.

- A Crushed Foot!

As she passed the long line of soldiers, one of the soldiers lifted his knee into the air and brought his heavy boot down on the ladies shoe.

It came down hard and crushed her foot. As he did it, He said nothing. He also had no expression.

She fell into the back of the seats in severe pain. As this happened, I became upset and was going to check on her but at the same time, another soldier shoved my daughter and push her into me.

Between these two things, I became angry at their bullying. I got into the soldiers face and started yelling, “Why did you do that? She’s just a little girl?”

I stepped back and continued, but I began to address all of them.

I said, “What are you doing here? You have no business in our country.”

I continued my words to them but they did not respond. They had no emotion and were almost robotic.

After I yelled at them for a few moments, I turned toward all the people who were sitting in the audience.

I began to address them in a loud voice, “People! Can’t you see what’s going on? Doesn’t this bother anyone? The Chinese soldiers are here!”

Then I said the same thing that I said in the previous dream, “They are here, because of the war!”

I had much passion as I spoke. One of the teachers of the college walked over to me and tried to calm me down. He attempted to dismiss the presence of the soldiers. He told me that the Chinese Soldiers meant no harm and were here to help us.

- Blindness and Apathy

I could not believe what I was hearing.

I said, “Are you serious?”

I knew that what the teacher was saying was not true because I witnessed the aggression of the soldiers with my own eyes. They crushed the foot of the elderly lady and they shoved my little girl for no reason.

The teacher’s false words made me angry.

I answered him, “How can you be so blind?”

I then began trying to get the attention of the students to warn them, but most of them did not even look at me!

Those that did only glanced for a brief moment but then went back to what they were doing; talking to one another, texting one another.

The students acted like zombies without a care in the world. In this Bible College, no one seemed concerned that Chinese soldiers were with them.

Then the dream was over.

The Meaning – Why Were Soldiers in a Bible College?

After I had this dream, I kept it to myself for a while.

When I first had it, I did not understand why Chinese soldiers were in a Bible College.
I was puzzled that they were able to convince the college administration that it was okay for them to be there.

What did it mean? I asked God. I prayed about it.

This is what I’m able to conclude thus far. As we watch the present downfall of America, we can also see that there is a spiritual stupor that has taken over the country.

As I have shared in the past, spiritual slumber and blindness always works in concert with God’s judgment over a people. Those that are blind cannot discern the signs of the times. This is why so many of them reject the warning message. It is because they cannot see.

If you happen to be reading this alert and find that you are struggling with the authenticity of this warning, please inventory your spiritual condition. This warning is for those that have the eyes to see.

I apologize that these words are blunt, but folks, the hour for America is very late. The aggressors are sharpening their swords.

Those who can see … will see!

Those who cannot see will accept the coming occupation. The invasion event is going to take place with a citizenry that is plagued with spiritual slumber, blindness, and apathy.

Folks, the plague of blindness is underway and is already reaching pandemic levels. And how true this is, when we observe how the administration has already been able to lead the country into desolation without a viable challenge!

- Trojan Horse Obama

In five years, Obama has managed to enter America as a Trojan horse and dismantle the country. Sadly, half of the population is happy about it and many of them have no clue that it’s going on.

And the other half? Many of them are snoozing away, too drowsy to notice their impending doom.

But I am noticing it! This is why I am releasing this alert…

…To him that has the ears to hear!

In my prophetic dreams, I saw the elderly population under a spell, as well as members of the church.

A Bible College represents the leadership of the church as well as the future leadership of the church. In my dream, none of them cared.

- How can this be?

Ladies and gentlemen, in this late hour a powerful spirit of deception is hovering over Nation America with devouring success. It is lobotomizing the minds of many people and it is happening before our very eyes, even right now.

This is one of my continuing challenges. Please do not allow yourself to be overtaken with apathy and complacency.

Apathy is a very strong power that will not easily release its grip, once it has taken hold!

Why the Occupation?

In the span of a little over a year, I have had two prophetic dreams that revealed Chinese troops occupying America. It leaves me with questions about the scenario that would bring this about.

1. What would cause such a thing to happen?
2. How could a fortified country like America fall to invasion?

The USA is a superpower. So would an invasion occur by conventional means or by something unconventional that involved deception?

3. Will the Chinese be initially invited to come in to help us?
4. Was the air battle that I saw the result of a surprise invasion?
5. Will the Chinese initially come in under the guise of peace? In other words, will they enter America under the façade of UN humanitarian workers?
6. If so, would the Chinese troops enter America to help us, feed us, or rescue us?
7. Will America experience a future event where we will ask the Chinese for help to bring order? If so, what would the event be?

  • An EMP? Grid down?
  • A natural catastrophe?
  • A massive tsunami?
  • An earthquake?
  • A terrorist attack?
  • Civil unrest, Mayhem, Civil war?
  • A pandemic or plaque?
  • An earth change event?

Is it possible that the Chinese would enter the country under one umbrella but then as a trojan horse, reveal their true intent?

I know that I am asking a lot of questions but I am doing so to ponder how this could happen. Presently, I do not have all of the details about “how.” My prophetic dreams allow me to see bits and pieces but not the whole thing.

I’ve been holding on to these visions for a while but now, I have witness that it is time to share this information.

It’s time to sound the alarm!

It’s time to let Americans know that the days of this country are numbered and that eventually, the future is going to be very dire!

- The Old and the Young

When the Chinese soldier crushed the foot of the elderly women and then shoved my daughter, it revealed something. When I shared this message on the Hagmann & Hagmann program, Doug Hagmann commented that this revealed that the Chinese incursion was going to conquer and overcome the young people as well as the old people in America!

And folks, how true this is! When the invasion occurs, it will strike a crushing blow to the feet of the Nation. America will not know what hit her or how it happened!

The invasion will be swift, quick and hobble the Nation of America! It will also have the strength to push over the youth of the nation!

Will there be a resistance? Yes, I will talk about it later in this alert. My friends please be watchful. The changes are in motion!

Today in late 2013, America is already wounded. Uncle Sam is in intensive care. And this has been accomplished without the firing of one bullet.

Sadly, this nation is not ready for what is coming, and most Christians are also not ready for what is coming!

Invasion Dream #3

But moving on, I don’t believe that we’re going to be limited to Chinese troops. Over five years ago, I had one of my first prophetic dreams about foreign occupation.

The dream took place at a public school. It could have been an elementary school or a middle school. I was in a small city. An announcement had been given that all of the residents of the city had to go to the local school for a citizen registration. The reason for the registration was that there had been some sort of terrorist attack or threat.
When I arrived at the school, there was a long line of people. The whole town was there. It was mandatory. I got into the line.

It was not pleasant. On both sides of the line were soldiers. They were wearing grayish blue outfits. The outfits were not black like the Chinese uniforms.

I heard the soldiers speaking Russian. So I assumed that they were Russian.

The soldiers were poking and prodding the people to keep the line straight. They were not kind. As the line moved, I eventually got to the front of it, I heard other soldiers speaking. But they were speaking German. There were not many of them.

There were more Russian soldiers than Germans. I did not know why there were foreign troops. None of the citizens spoke out about it.

There was at atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

The dream was over.

A Nation Divided

According to several of these prophetic dreams, it appears that at some point in the future, portions of the USA will come under Chinese occupation and other parts of the country will be occupied by the Russians.

In my dream, I heard German soldiers speaking to one another, but there were not many of them. Perhaps, the Germans were helping the Russians as consultants.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that America will experience occupation by foreign troops in her future. Again, I do not have a date. But these things are going to take place as a part of God’s judgment on America.

My friends, this is the part of the warning that must be emphasized, God is sovereign. He is in charge. He could stop this from happening if He chose to. Unfortunately at this point in time, this thing is going to play out to its bitter end.

Although America is wounded and bleeding, she continues to march away from God. America has forgotten her heritage. She has forgotten her Maker. I have shared these things many times on my programs.

- To the Patriots

For those of you who are patriots, I know that these are not the words that you want to hear. Please know that I do not enjoy sharing them!

They bring me no joy. Over the years, I have lamented that these things were so! I have experience heartache and sorrow that my home will see these things. I have carried the burden that my children will have to live in this dark future but this is what God has shown me.

Some of you may wonder if there will be a resistance to the coming invasion. Will free citizens fight against this incursion?

My answer…Yes! There will be an opposition to this. Some people will fight!

…some will fight valiantly!
…and some will perish with bravery!

The American spirit that desires freedom will not go down easily when this event arrives.

How Long?

I have often wondered how long this judgment will last. I know that God is a merciful God. All He wants to see is the heart of America turn back to Him.

At this point, it has not happened. Based on what I read in the Scriptures, when God judges a land, it usually takes a season of darkness and pain to wake up the people to repentance.

Could a foreign occupation be the driving force that turns the heart of America back to God? My friends, I hope so.

I would hope that the coming events would recharge God’s people into a great revival that includes repentance and reenlistment into God’s Kingdom.

Unfortunately, when America returns to God, the landscape will be much different than what it is today.

The future revived church may possibly be an underground Church.

Up to this point, God has called me to sound the alarm that tragedy is coming to America. He has not shown me how the tale is going to end.

I am hopeful that it will end with America limping back to her God.

It is all about our hearts my friends. Let us turn to Him now so that we can be sheltered under His wing when these things arrive in the future.

May you seek Him and find Him as you search for Him with all of your hearts.

God Bless you and may God have mercy on all of us,

Nathan Leal



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The message for Finland by Rodney Pereira a few years ago

Finland, even though you are small, you have a great role in my endtime plans. I will raise you up with a mighty power and will use you more than ever before.

My spirit will fall upon your nation in a magnificent way. The peoples of the world will watch you with a deep respect.

I will connect you with Israel and you will be called my people.

(The magazine Näky)



The vision about Finland by a Norwegian woman in the beginning of February 2013

About 1½ weeks ago when a Norwegian young woman was in praise and prayer in front of the Lord in the beginning of her Finland's tour she saw a vision with a Finnish map which changed into "a Finland-bride".

This bride sat down depressed and hurt on the ground wearing dirty clothes. But the Lord began to speak life into her soul and spirit and into the innermost parts of her identity and lift her up standing.

The Lord sent also the winds of His Holy Spirit all over this country. Then those torn and worn out clothes of the bride flew away with the wind.

After that the Lord got the Finland bride dressed with beautiful and pure clothes.

(The prayer letter of Hannah Korpela)



The vision by a Finnish man Jari on October 17, 2013

I was on October 17, 2013 in my living room when I saw in front of my eyes a vision about  a Nordic map. As I was looking at the map I noticed that fire began arise in Finland. Soon the whole Finland was filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit. After that this fire spread to Sweden, then to Norway and Iceland and finally also to Denmark.

After that I heard God saying: "See, those who go toward the north country have given rest to My Spirit in the north country." Zechariah 6:8.



The vision about a terrorist attack on US power grids by Maurice Sklar on October 12, 2013


by Maurice Sklar

The LORD spoke to me in prayer tonight to alert the intercessors concerning an imminent threat to our electrical systems in America. THIS IS SERIOUS! Fast and pray to stop this terrible terrorist attack on our power grids! I saw a vision of the East Coast of America completely blacked out, and with no way to restore the power. I am not sure whether it involves an EMP bombing attack or some other means of killing our electrical systems. But to me, it looked like a nuclear device was detonated in the upper atmosphere over the East Coast,in this vision, and just knocked out all the power. I believe that the LORD showed me this in order to stop it. We have authority, Body of Messiah, to pray in Yeshua's Name and stop this terrible evil! THIS IS FOR REAL AND SERIOUS! Please cry out to the LORD for mercy, as we are vulnerable and a sitting duck unless the angels intervene! God have mercy on us! It was such a scary vision...and a VERY STERN warning from the LORD.



The prophecy about USA in August 2008 by a Finnish woman Hanna

I was watching  a movie about a tank general Patton in my home. When Patton was proudly making his speech the words came spontaneously out of my mouth: "The United States has come to the end of the road. I have given her preachers who have been preaching already for millions of people and I have let her make good science, art and culture. But the filth culture USA has produced has spread all over the world and now her economy will collapse. This crash will spread into the whole world. Also the US army will suffer heavy losses. USA will experience big catastrophes. Everything possible will fall down."

At the same time I felt a great love for Americans. I felt deeply pity for them, because I sensed that it is a terrible thing to be under the judging hands of God. Two months later, in October 2008, the US economy crashed and nowadays we are living in the midst of deepening difficulties.



The dream about a Korean war by M.I.Lä on 04-27-2013

The same people, but two different states, will begin a war between each other. North Korea and South Korea will inevitably be driven to war. In the background there is a strong evil power, which will push countries into this calamity.

There is fear in both sides. People are crying because they are scared.

South Korea will ask help from UN.

No nuclear weapons are being used, but the result of the war will be terrible for Korean people.



The vision by Rik Hanski in 1996

The Lord showed me in 1996 a vision that  a mass movement began in Finland and people were on journey to Israel. There were a lot of Gypsies, Tatars, Jews and unbelievably many Finns. The words "Ephraim" and "Israel" came to my mind. Many people in foreign countries were astonished about this mass migration. I personally believe that Finns are a people of Issachar.



Piia's dream on 04-04-2013

In my dream I saw Satan and Obama who were fighting very heavily. Suddenly Satan said to Obama: "I will destroy you by a nuclear bomb."

Then I saw a huge bomb in a horizontal position. I realized that it was a nuclear bomb. Satan began to lift up the bomb into the launching readiness with an enormous power and hurry.

Obama was worried, because he had no power to resist Satan.

Then I was involved in the dream. Obama waited to have from me a 4-coded number, which could help him to strike, defend and rescue him and his country against Satan.

Then I awoke. I felt that believers must pray for Obama and USA.

- - - - - - -

Jouko Piho's comment on 04-05-2013

That nuclear bomb which Piia saw in her dream could be North Korea's nuclear bomb. North Korea has threatened in recent days many times to strike against USA with nuclear missiles.



The dream by Sister Katy about  Japan

I had this dream a few weeks or months after the very specific vision of Japan's island being inundated with ocean water and some new islands forming but too red-hot to land or walk on for years.

As I have said, I do not know personally anyone from Japan or have any Japanese relatives in my family. I do respect the culture.

A few weeks/months after my vision of seeing Japan from a great height so I could see all the islands of Japan at once, as from a satellite image, I dreamed I was visiting the house of a Japanese family. They had two daughters one graduating from high school and another from college. I had been invited to go to the ceremonies. I was dressed for this special occasion when I arrived at their house. I asked if I might go to the bathroom before we left. They were already getting in their car. They said fine, not to hurry but to take my time. I walked into the bathroom only to find water seeping in from under the walls. Before I finished the water was several inches deep. AS I left the bathroom, I saw the bedrooms filling up with water. Water, clear water was entering the kitchen and heading to the dining room and living room.

I called to them, your bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen are flooding. The water is headed for your dining room and parlor. Not seeing them, I rushed outside. I said to them as they were getting into their car in their finery, your house is filling up with what looks like fairly clean water. It is not muddy, but your whole house is getting water several feet deep already.

The father and aunt said " Oh, Katherine, do not worry about it. WE must get to the graduation ceremonies and to the dinners and parties afterward. WE will look into it when we get back. Sit down and make yourself comfortable."

I said " OK, but you may not have a house standing by the time we get back here because it may all wash away. It's already two or three feet deep in your kitchen and the bath is half full of water already."

They were laughing and happy and we all drove away. I looked out to the right of the car windows and saw dark blue ocean waves crashing on the rocks in the sea just behind their housing neighborhood. The sea was climbing over the rocks and into the houses on the edge of the island. Other people were going to the graduation ceremonies of their children and the atmosphere was happy and festive.

Was I the only person who could see the beginning of their homes being ruined? I was thinking, you all really ought to be loading up your furniture, dishes, clothes and kitchen utensils. There were no animals in the dream getting to stand in water or I would have been more distressed. AS they drove down the street, I looked out the rear window of their car watching the ocean starting to come down the middle of their neighborhood street quietly and calmly. I saw this; no one else appeared to notice around me. No one was the least concerned. The week's festivities was the only thing on the minds of all these people. It was as if they could not see the destruction so obviously creeping in all around them. I was totally non-plussed as to how I could get the warning out to them where they would not only listen, but actually begin to do something to save their belongings.

Then I woke up. This so far is the only vision and dream I have had of Japan.


Sister Katy
Yavashuan Christian New Amish Church
Christ Complete Ministries
P.O. Box 2585
Granite Shoals, Texas 78654



The dream by J. Lee Grady

I believe God showed me He is sending a wave of His Spirit to bring reformation.

More than 10 years ago, I had the most vivid dream I’ve ever experienced. I told my wife about it the moment I woke up because it was so profound. The scenes are still etched in my memory.

I dreamed I was standing inside the Vatican. Keep in mind that I’ve never been a Catholic, and I’ve never visited Italy. But in my dream, I was in an ornate hall decorated with marble columns and a fancy paved floor. I walked over to a huge, arched window where I could see a panoramic view of Vatican City.

Suddenly a huge wave appeared on the horizon. A tsunami was coming. The wave got closer and closer, but I did not feel panic, even though I could hear people running and yelling as they prepared for the impact. I stood near a wall and braced myself.

When the wave hit, the palatial building began creaking and tilting. Antique tables, chairs, candelabra and statues began sliding to one side as the floor moved. Chandeliers were hanging at odd angles. Within minutes the floor was perpendicular to the ground and more furniture came crashing down. The movement continued until the floor became the ceiling. More religious icons, statues and paintings fell and broke into pieces.

In my dream, I did not feel anxious about this catastrophe. Nor did I ask the obvious questions: How could a tsunami reach that far inland since the Vatican is almost 20 miles from the Mediterranean coast? How could a tsunami turn a huge building upside down? And why was there no water anywhere? I knew in my dream that what I had witnessed was a spiritual event.

At that point I heard a commotion at the other end of the hall. When I got close enough, I discovered a group of Catholic nuns and priests who were praying in the Holy Spirit. They had their hands raised and they were worshiping God fervently, as if they had experienced another Pentecost.

The atmosphere was spiritually charged. Yet, as these people prayed, a man dressed in ornate religious garb began to shout angrily at them in Italian. He was obviously not happy with the way these Catholics were behaving. This upset me, and I began to rebuke him. I was speaking in my prayer language, so I didn’t know what I was saying. But I knew God was rebuking the leaders who were opposing His work.

At that point, I woke up. And I felt the Holy Spirit say to me: “I am going to turn the Catholic Church upside down.”

I don’t believe all dreams are from God. Sometimes our brains just think in Technicolor while we sleep. Other times a dream is simply a crazy subconscious reaction to the pepperoni pizza we ate before bedtime. But in this case, I have come to believe God was showing me something big that He plans to do in my lifetime.

Pope John Paul II was still in office when I had this dream. Pope Benedict has since come and gone, and this week, cardinals are electing a new leader—at a time when the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics have been reeling from reports of child abuse and sex scandals among clergy.

I believe a great shaking is coming to the Catholic system, and it will have both positive and negative impact. God is not pleased with man-made religious structures (in any denomination) that hinder people from knowing Him, and He is serious when He asks us to tear down the idols we have created to take His place. In the end, God always judges idolatry.

On the flip side, He also cares about the millions of people in the Catholic Church who call upon the name of Jesus and who desire His presence. For them, the coming wave of God’s power will unleash a new hunger for the Holy Spirit and God’s unadulterated Word. As corruption is exposed and structures are shaken, I expect to see Catholics around the world experience a 21st-century reformation movement. Traditionalists will fight it, of course, but dead religion is powerless when faced with genuine spiritual awakening. Young reformers from various nations will challenge the system and say, like Moses said to Pharaoh, “Let My people go” (Ex. 5:1).

I know there are many of my evangelical brothers who have written off Catholics as heretics, and they leave no room for redemption or reformation. They’d rather see the whole system crash and burn. Perhaps they forgot that we have our own idols, sex scandals and institutional corruption, and that we need a spiritual tsunami to turn us upside down as well. I’m bracing myself as I pray. Send the wave, Lord.

J. Lee Grady is the former editor of Charisma and the director of The Mordecai Project ( His latest book, Fearless Daughters of the Bible, will be released in Spanish next month from Casa Creacion. You can follow him on Twitter at leegrady.



The vision by Susan O'Marra

In the vision, I was looking at the world from a suspended position. I could see people and areas from a panoramic position and also at times, I saw things close up. The position varied as it did with the scenes and with the messages that I was given to understand by the experiences given to me.

I saw what looked to me like great fiery rain coming from heaven and it came in great drops or elongated streams. It was not like the natural rain that we know of, but it was like spiritually infused living molten lava, a real fire, but it was Living Spirit; the living fiery essence of the Father that was raining down towards the inhabitants below.

As I watched, I saw that it fell simultaneously in one great event all over the earth. But it did not fall everywhere, and it did not upon everyone. It rained down suddenly and I saw that many people did see it coming from above as it happened, as it was a real physical event that men could actually experience and see, but it was also a divine event that not all men would experience, but I understood that men would know that God had entered into the corporate natural affairs of men divinely again.

It was not a slow natural event like a storm or a weather phenomenon that you could track, or follow and monitor, actually, from my perspective it looked like a slow unfolding event, but I understood that it actually happened very fast. I was just being given an enhanced view for my understanding and learning.

The raining fire of the Father that I saw falling was the Real Living Essence of the Father Himself that was being released upon those whom He had prepared to receive it below. It was interesting to watch this happen, as it fell upon people whom you would not expect nor think that it would, or even that it would not, by our thinking or reasoning of qualifications.
The fiery rain would come down and fall upon a particular person who would be either aware of it falling or not be aware of it falling at that particular moment, but when it did hit them, they underwent a sudden tremendous change. I watched close up as the living fire seemed to penetrate into them and infuse itself or radiate itself throughout their beings and bodies. They literally became the very same Essence of the Father that the rain was that had fell upon them. Their eyes burned with a new life and even their skin was changed. It was not like ours now. It had a different texture or spiritual component to it’s makeup, and the fire flowed throughout their skin like a radiance, but it was not just an outward surface shining, but it was an internal radiance from within the skin layers itself. It was not like human skin as we know it, the qualities had been divinely altered, and the people now had new natures. I did not fully understand all of this process, but it was real and it was new. They were of a different spirit, as they now embodied the divine in such a way that we have yet to experience up to now.
The people who were infused would now physically embody the divine fire, but it also lived through them and it became them as they became it, also. They did not lose their individual personalities through the process, but each person was still their own unique vessel, but they were also now divinely infused and were more divinely aware of God and understood their earthly purpose now. The fire seemed to fully express itself within them so that it flowed outwardly also by the transformation that was happening to them. By this I mean that there was such a Holiness and a terrible Presence of the Father in them and on them, that you knew that God the Father walked in them, and that He was now walking through them in a manner that we have yet to experience in any generation yet. God was manifesting Himself in a people just like He did with Jesus, when Jesus walked amongst us. But now these people did it openly.
I then watched in the vision from a view further away, and I saw that it indeed only fell upon some and not on upon others. The selection of who it fell upon was the Father’s and not of any man. Most of those that I saw that it fell upon were some people were very weary and very embattled people. From earthly standards, we probably wouldn’t have thought that they would amount to anything by their current life and their struggles that they have endured. But I understood that their unique trials and their life’s struggles that they lived out had actually served to prepare them for this new infusion that now came from the Father.
One man that I saw in particular that received the fiery rain was very emotionally and spiritually broken. He had endured much physical hardship and I understood that he had endured much persecution from the church. He had been misunderstood most of his life and he also had thought that he had failed God and that he had missed God and that he had lost his place. But God used these things in his life to lead him closer to Himself and to purify this man to be able to be one that would become His chosen vessel. He was very beloved by the Lord and he had learned humility through the suffering which caused him to rise above the hardness and the hatred that’s in the world, even though he did not understand why his life was this way.
Not every person that I saw was as broken as this man was that had received this infusion, I was just given to notice certain ones for my own learning and for our beneficial clarity. Many of the people I saw seemed to be living successful lives and seemed to be spiritually healthy or spiritually active in their walks in spite of the hour in which they lived in. But the common factor that I noticed with them all was that they each had undergone recent trials and they were currently experiencing various levels of spiritual warfare and were in various stages of purging by the Lord in their walks. Most did not understand the full reason why their lives were embattled, nor understand the full plan of God behind it all, but they did seek God in the midst of it all.
Another person I noticed was one that did not receive the divine infusion. But rather, this person watched as others were filled and was angry and yelled at God. One man I saw screamed out that he was one of the servants that had prophesied of it’s coming, and had taught on it, so he should be one that received it and that he deserved it. He was angry that the Father did not give it to him. I was afraid as I saw this in the vision, as I knew that his anger was pride and arrogance and that the Father was just in this, for this man’s heart was not truly right. I also knew that this man would fall as he did not have the right heart necessary to stand in the next hour and to fulfill his course successfully. He had allowed the pride of position and the pride that comes from being used by God to bring forth revelation from God to others, to cause him to be disqualified and to harden his heart. I feared the Lord as I watched, for I knew that we all stand by Grace, and not one of us can receive anything from God unless we truly believe and unless we truly are fully surrendered to Him in every way.
I divinely understood that it was a matter of the individual’s heart before God, and not just on his outward qualifications, knowledge, or training. God walks with each of His People, and He daily leads them on their life’s journey, and what they learn throughout their experiences and through their dependence upon God through it, determines their receptiveness or not. God desires that we utterly trust Him, that we utterly love Him, and that we utterly believe Him. Even though we each experience different levels of trials and events in our personal journeys, the lessons are the same for all men. We must each come to a death of our own ego and self life and we must come to a deeper personal knowledge of God and into an intimate relationship with God. Our responses to God in our life’s process will determine if we will walk fully with Him or not, and if we will allow Him to change us into what he wants us to be. God sees us all and knows each of our hearts. He knows who will let Him have His full and complete way in their lives. Even though we might think we have failed Him, because of the severity of our individual paths and trials, and also because we did not understand the process of why we were in the events, the Father knows the depths of what lies deep within each of us.
I watched as others were transformed here and there, and it was also a very shocking event on the earth as it was so sudden and unexpected. It also did not come in the manner in which we had been taught from the church leaders, but it came as it had been ordained from the Father, for this generation. There was worldwide upheaval as the newly infused people began to quickly then be sent out by the Father all over the earth on the Father’s business, and the people around them realized that they did not receive what the others had. There was a lot of crying out from people all around also, as this event also produced a huge surge of spiritual searching and even chaos in the church as the people who were not infused questioned the established church leaders of their knowledge of this event and it’s significance.
I also was given to know that out of those who did not receive the infusion of the Fiery Essence, this did not mean that they were not the Lord’s people. It just meant that they had missed the divine release because of their lack of inner spiritual preparation and that they had not fully developed their hearts before God in their relationships in a timely manner for this event. They were still God’s children, but they had missed the opportunity to be used in this higher divine manner for the next stages of events that would come upon the earth. There was a great sorrow expressed over this reality, as many of them realized that they did not fully lay hold of the higher call or obtain to the mark that God had set for them all to achieve.
What I did see was that this divine event caused a great sobering wave to spread across the church and also a wave of a great determination to seek God exploded across the church and also across the globe. Many began to rise up and decide to be purified themselves and they began to sacrifice everything to obey God, but it did not come as a reality in their lives until after these events happened. Nevertheless, this event served to bring about the corporate awakening and the rising up of the majority of the true Body of Christ across the globe. Many now questioned what they had been spiritually taught by others, and many returned to studying the Word and they began to search it out for themselves. A new respect for the Church began to also spread amongst the Christian people, as they realized the reality of being the Body of Christ, and repentance began to burst forth and a new sense of purpose caused them to not persecute one another, but to see each other as Christ.
This event also brought about much chaos, fear, confusion, and anger amongst the unbelieving Christians, and among the religious, and especially the general world populations. Great persecution also immediately broke out against the divine fire, as many did not understand it and they feared it. The newly infused people of God were not like them anymore, as they had been divinely changed, and this caused much panic and turmoil. But it also caused revival to break out and a great fear of the reality of God to began to be spread worldwide.
The devil was also greatly enraged as the Divine Essence now was embodied again in the earth, and he no longer had dominion over God’s people to prevent them anymore, and a great resistance and opposition and war broke out in many areas as the Divine Light now clashed with the darkness. I saw great upheavals and war in many areas, but also great restorations and great Light begin to spread throughout God’s people all across the globe. The Father is in full control of the earthly events, even those to come and He is active in all of the affairs of men.
The vision ended.
Susan OMarra



Stanley Frodsham's End Time Prophecy

With great judgments will I plead with the population of this country. Great darkness is coming upon the countries that have heard my gospel but no longer walk in it. My wrath shall come upon them. The darkness shall be so great, and the anguish so sore that men will cry out for death and shall not find it. There shall be a lingering death, famine, and great catastrophes.
My wrath shall be manifested against all ungodliness. It shall come with great intensity. You have known My love but have not known My wrath, My severity. My judgments are literal and not a thing to be lightly passed over. Realize the severity of My judgments and My intense anger against the sin in My household. My judgments shall begin in My house. For I will cleanse My house that it be not partaker of My wrath against the iniquities of the cities. Before I visit the nations in judgement I will begin at My house. When I do cause My wrath to come upon the cities of the world My people shall be separate. I desire a people without spot or wrinkle, and such shall be preserved by Me in the time of My wrath coming upon all iniquity and unrighteousness.
I am going to prepare you for the coming days by a hard path that will cause you to cry out continually unto Me. For when the going is easy, men do not seek Me, but rejoice in a temporary blessing. And when that blessing is removed they so often turn this way and that way but do not come to Me. I am showing you these things that you may seek Me continually and with great diligence. As you seek Me, I will open up truths to you that you have not seen before; and these very truths will be that which will enable you to stand in these last days. As you are persecuted, reviled and rejected by your brethren then you will turn unto Me with all your heart and seek Me for that spiritual life you have need of. And when tribulation comes you will have that which will enable you to stand. For many shall be tossed to and fro. Men's hearts shall fail them because of trouble on every hand. For these days shall be very terrible, the like of which has never been seen before.
When I visit My people in mighty revival power, it is to prepare them for the darkness ahead. With the glory shall come great darkness, for the glory is to prepare My people for the darkness. I will enable My people to go through because of the visitation of My Spirit. Take heed to yourselves lest you be puffed up and think that you have arrived. Many shall be puffed up as in the olden days, for many then received My message but they continued not in it. Did I not anoint Jehu? Yet the things I desired were not accomplished in his life. Listen to the messengers, but do not hold men's persons in admiration. For many whom I shall anoint mightily, with signs and miracles, shall become lifted up and shall fall by the wayside. I do not this willingly; I have made provision that they might stand. I call many into this ministry, and equip them; but remember that many shall fall. They shall be like bright lights, and the people shall delight in them. But they shall be taken over by deceiving spirits and shall lead many of My people astray.
Hearken diligently concerning these things, for in the last days shall come seducing spirits that shall turn many of My anointed ones away. Many shall fall through divers lusts, and because of sin abounding. But if you will seek Me diligently I will put My Spirit within you. When one shall turn to the right hand or to the left you shall not turn with them, but keep your eyes wholly on the Lord. The coming days are the most dangerous, difficult and dark, but there shall be a mighty outpouring of My Spirit upon many cities, and many shall be destroyed. My people must be diligently warned concerning the days that are ahead. Many shall turn after seducing spirits; many are already seducing My people. It is those who DO righteousness that are righteous. Many cover their sins by great theological words. But I warn you of seducing spirits who instruct My people in an evil way. Many of these I shall anoint, that they may purify and sift My people; for I would have a holy people.
Many shall come with seducing spirits and hold out lustful enticements. You will find that after I have visited My people again, the way shall become more and more narrow, and fewer shall walk there in. But be not deceived, the ways of righteousness are My ways. For though Satan come as an angel of light hearken not to him; for those who perform miracles and speak not righteousness are not of Me. I warn you with great intensity that I am going to judge My house and have a church without spot or wrinkle when I come. I desire to open your eyes and give you spiritual understanding, that you may not be deceived but may walk with uprightness of heart before Me, loving righteousness and hating every evil way. Look unto Me and I will make you to perceive with the eyes of the Spirit the things that lurk in darkness, that are not visible to the human eye. Let me lead you in this way that you may perceive the powers of darkness and battle against them. It is not a battle against flesh and blood; for if you battle in that way you accomplish nothing. But if you let Me take over and battle against the powers of darkness then they are defeated, and then liberation is brought to My people.
I warn you to search the Scriptures diligently these last days. For the things that are written shall indeed be made manifest. There shall come deceivers among My people in increasing numbers, who shall speak forth the truth and shall gain the favor of the people. For the people shall examine the Scriptures and say, "What these men say is true." Then when they have gained the hearts of the people, then and THEN ONLY shall they bring out these wrong doctrines. Therefore, I say that you should not give your hearts to men, nor hold people's persons in admiration. For by these very persons shall Satan enter into My people. WATCH FOR SEDUCERS. Do you think a seducer will brandish a new heresy and flaunt it before the people? He will speak the words of righteousness and truth, and will appear as a minister of light, declaring the Word. The people's hearts shall be won. Then, when the hearts are won, they will bring out their doctrines, and the people shall be deceived. The people shall say, "Did he not speak thus and thus? And did we not examine it from the Word? Therefore he is a minister of righteousness. This that he has now spoken we do not see in the Word, but it must be right, for the other things he spoke were true."
Be not deceived. For the deceiver will first work to gain the hearts of many, and then shall bring forth his insidious doctrines.
You cannot discern those who are of Me and those who are not of Me when they start to preach. But seek Me constantly, and then when these doctrines are brought out you shall have a witness in your heart that these are not of Me. Fear not, for I have warned you. Many will be deceived. But if you walk in holiness and uprightness before the Lord, your eyes shall be open and the Lord will protect you. If you will constantly look unto the Lord you will know when the doctrine changes, and will not be brought into it. If your heart is right I will keep you; and if you will look constantly to Me I will uphold you.
The minister of righteousness shall be on this wise -- his life shall agree with the Word, and his lips shall give forth that which is wholly true, and it will be no mixture. When the mixture appears then you will know he is not a minister of righteousness. The deceivers speak first the truth and then error, to cover their own sins which they love. Therefore I exhort and command you to study the Scriptures relative to seducing spirits, for this is one of the great dangers of these last days.
I desire you to be firmly established in My Word and not in the personalities of men, that you will not be moved as so many shall be moved. I would keep you in the paths of righteousness. Take heed to yourselves and follow not the seducing spirits that are already manifesting themselves. Diligently inquire of Me when you hear something that you have not seen in the Word, and do not hold people's persons in admiration, for it is by this very method that Satan will hold many of My people.
I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly, that you may triumph where I triumphed. On the cross I triumphed over all the power of Satan; and I have called you to walk in the same path. It is when your life is on the cross that you shall know the victory I have experienced. As you are on the cross, and seated in Me, then you shall know the power of the resurrection. When I come in My glory, the principalities and powers in the heavenly places shall be utterly broken. Fear not, for I have given you power whereby you may tread down the powers of darkness, and come forth victorious through every trial. As you are on the cross then you are victorious. It was on the cross that I triumphed over all the powers of the enemy. My life shall flow through you as you enter into these precious truths. Look unto Me, and appropriate My life. As your eyes and desires are toward Me, and you know what it is to be crucified with Me, then you shall live, and your anointing shall increase. It was not in My life that I walked upon the earth, but it was in My life when I was upon the cross that I openly spoiled principalities and powers.
I am showing you truths that shall cause you to overcome, to have power over the wicked one, truth that will liberate you and those round about you. You shall know also the fellowship of My sufferings. There is no other way whereby you may partake of this heavenly glory and reign with Me. "If we suffer with Him we shall reign with Him." I desire to make those truths real within you. As you keep them before you, you will liberate many who are in bondage. You will have revelation of those who are in darkness and will have the keys to liberate the captives. Many seek to liberate, but they have not the keys. Upon the cross continually you will know the power of My resurrection that you may also partake of My glory. As you are willing to walk with Me and rejoice in your sufferings, you shall partake of My glory. Look unto Me for you have need of power to overcome the wicked one, and the bondages in other lives.
If you will indeed judge yourself you shall not be judged. As you seek My face and desire to be cleansed by Me in all truth and sincerity of heart I will judge you in the secret place, and the things that are in the secret place of your heart shall not be made manifest to others. I will do it in the secret place and no man shall know it. And the shame that shall be seen on many faces shall not be seen on your face. Therefore in love and mercy I am instructing you. And therefore I have said that if a man judge himself he shall not be judged. It is not My good pleasure that the shame of My people be seen by all. How can I judge the world if I judge not first My own house? Hearken unto these things I am telling you. If you will not hearken unto Me thy shame shall be evident to all.
I would have you consider My life on earth -- the anointing upon Me was great and yet the temptations were great on every side; in one form and then in another, offering Me first the glory of the kingdoms of the earth and then reviling and persecuting Me. There will be great glory given to My people, and yet the temptations shall be intensified from every side. Think not that with the glory there shall be no temptations or persecutions. The glory of My church shall be great, and so shall be the temptations from the enemy to turn My people from My paths. I am warning you that when the glory shall be manifested, the temptations shall be great, until very few that start shall finish. First there shall be offered them great worldly possessions, and then great revilings and unbelief.
Consider your Lord, that as He walked so it shall be for you. There shall be need of great intensity of purpose. At times everyone shall rise up against you, simply to turn you from the course that I would put you in. It is written of Me that I set My face as a flint to go to the direction My Father had prescribed for Me. If you will finish the course the Lord has laid down for you, you will have to set your face as a flint. With great determination you must walk in the course laid down for you. Many of your loved ones and those who follow with you shall persuade you and try to turn you from the course. With many words that seem right in the natural will they speak to you. Did not Christ rebuke Peter who would turn Him from the course God had prescribed?
Understand these two things and meditate upon them solemnly -- the persecution and the darkness shall be as great as the glory in order to try to turn the elect and the anointed ones from the path the Lord has laid down for them. Many shall start but few shall be able to finish because of the greatness of grace that shall be needed to be able to endure unto the end. The temptations and the persecution of your Lord was continuous. He was tempted by Satan in many forms throughout His entire life and even to the cross when the ungodly cried out, "If thou be the Christ come down from the cross." Think not that there shall be a time of no persecution, for it shall be from the time of your anointing until the end. Difficulties, and great persecution to the end. The Lord must prepare you to be an overcomer in all things, that you may be able to finish the course. The persecution shall increase even as the anointing shall increase.
In paths of judgement and righteousness shall the Lord God lead His people and bring them into that place which He has chosen for them. For the Lord has chosen a place for His people, a place of righteousness and holiness where He shall encamp round about them. And all who will be led of the Lord shall be brought into this holy place. For the Lord delights to dwell in His people and to manifest Himself through His people. The holiness of the Lord shall be manifested through His people. Let the Lord lead you and He will lead you in difficult places. He led His people of old through a place where no man dwelt, where no man had passed through, in a place of great danger and in the shadow of death. The Lord will indeed again lead His people through such places, and yet He will bring them out into a place of great glory. Understand that the way toward the glory is fraught with great danger and many shall fall to the right or to the left, many shall camp on lesser ground. But the Lord has a place of holiness and no unclean thing shall dwell among His people.
Put your trust in Him and He will bring you into a place of holiness. He desires to bring His people into great glory -- the like of which has never been seen for what the Lord will do for those who put their trust in Him. It is a place of darkness and great danger that separates His people into the place He would have them walk in. He will protect them from the voices that would turn them from His path. He will bring them through the dark places, and through the treacherous paths, out into the light of His glory. He will rejoice greatly over His beloved and cause you to be filled with joy unspeakable. He seeks to lead His people into a new place of grace and glory where He will indeed encamp among them. Put your trust in Him and He will surely bring you into this new place.
Fear not the days to come, but fear this only -- that you shall walk in a manner pleasing to the Lord. In this time I am ordering and setting up My church and it shall indeed be pure, without spot or wrinkle. I will do work in My beloved that has not been seen since the foundation of the world. I have shown you these things that you may seek the Lord diligently with all your heart, and that you may be a preserver of His people.
Run not to this one nor to that one, for the Lord has so ordained that salvation is in Him and in Him alone. You shall not turn to this shepherd or to that one, for there shall be a great scattering upon the earth. Therefore look unto Him for He will indeed make these things clear to you. You shall not look here nor there, for the wells that once had water shall be no more. But as you diligently seek Him He shall increase your strength and your faith, that He may be able to prepare you for this time that is coming.
The truths that I have revealed to you must become a part of you -- not just an experience, but a part of your very nature. Is it not written that I demand truth in the inward parts? It is the truth of the Lord expressed in your very being that shall hold you. Many shall experience the truth, but the truth must become a part of you, your very life. As men and women look upon you they will hear not only the voice but see the expression of the truth. Many shall be overcome because they are not constant in My ways, and because they have not permitted the truths to become part of them. I am showing you these things that you may be prepared, and having done all, to stand.


The message by Nita Johnson on 11-10-2012


God is about ready to do something extraordinary. Although the Church as a whole did not do its part in responding to the Spirit of the Lord in the election, and although those who were friends of Obama certainly did their part, God has His own plan. The outcome was in part a result of election fraud, just as it was four years ago. (This is the Lord’s perspective, not mine.)

After Obama was elected the first time, the Lord awakened me in the middle of the night and said, “I have never seen so much corruption in an election in America before. Obama won, but corruption played its part.” Some might say, “No, no, no. If there is a king, God has done it.” Yet I can remember a time when He told my people Israel, “You set up kings but, not from Me.” This charge is found in Hosea 8:4. It helps us understand that we can place people over us that are not God’s will, and we have done it twice now in the last four years.

It was God's will for Mitt Romney to sit on the presidential throne. (However, Mitt was not, in himself, the answer for America’s ills.) Moreover, there are some negative things that Obama will do that Mitt would not have done Therefore, things would have gone a bit better and easier if we had elected Mitt. This said, we cannot deny that America, as a nation, got what it deserved. The outcome will unfortunately reflect that for which we asked. Nevertheless, it is not what God wanted to give our country. In actuality, the responsibility for all of this does not lie entirely in the hands of the wicked, but in the hands of the Church as well.

Although Obama will sit in the seat of Presidential authority over America, he does not understand that he has to face God and enter into a reckoning over his life’s actions and decisions. This is what awaits him. For the last couple months, I have received many visions and dreams that Obama was going to win. Some of those visions and dreams I have shared with members of my team. I have also received many visions and dreams that Mitt was going to win. I said to the Lord at one point: “I am so confused. Who is going to end up in the White House?” It was not until Wednesday, after the election around four or five o'clock in the morning, that the Lord unveiled His reasoning. The seemingly mixed messages were to convey that Mitt would win, but Obama would carry it. He said, “Mitt won, but he's not going to be the President.” In other words, we are going to have a President who was placed in his seat of authority by man and not by God. Therefore, his presidency is not lawful. Through all this I have learned something new about God and we have been given confirmation that the above accounts are true.

So, here we are; we have this uncomfortable situation. However, the minute I heard that Obama was going to have the next four years, joy flowed over me. Joy! I did not feel sad. I did not feel happy either. Rather, I felt joy. Joy and faith suddenly sprung up. I told the Lord, “I'm trying really, really hard to be sad and discouraged because I know that everyone else is going to feel that way, but it's just not happening. Why?” He said nothing. I kept asking. On Thursday, I asked, “Why is the faith and joy so steady and strong? I can't get unhappy with this thing if I had to.” On Thursday night, He spoke to me. He said, “Because I'm going to do something new.” So you do not have to be afraid. God is going to do something new in the realm of the secular world, and He is going to do something new in the realm of His Church!

Did you know that twenty-five million Christians helped to put Obama where He is? Isn't that a scary thought? That is twenty-five million Evangelical Christians who did not care about continuing abortions, who felt that his handling of the economy was all right, and who believed that he was God's answer to our dilemmas. Doesn't that just make you want to stand up, put your hands on your hips, and say, “What are you doing? Don't you know those are the thoughts of an idiot?”

Now I know what you are thinking, “No! I'd never be that rude.” Yet sometimes I think the Church needs that kind of audacity. It needs to wake up and look at what it does not want to see. We have those who voted for the wrong party, and we have those who did not even come out to vote. They did not vote because we had Obama (a Muslim) on one side, and we had Romney (a Mormon) on the other. I guess they thought they would let the rest of the country vote for the Muslim while they did nothing so that they would not have to vote for a Mormon. Now that does not make a whole lot of sense to me. But through it all, God did not override the decision that people in America made.

Corruption was also involved at the deepest level. George Soros had his hand in our elections, but at great expense. His efforts helped to insure Obama would win by changing the votes. Amazing as it sounds, we received many calls into our office this last week with people saying, “It is the most bizarre thing. When I voted for Mitt, it came up Obama. I voted for Mitt again, and it came up Obama.” Every time I would hear it, I thought, “Soros.”

So here we are at a crossroads. The election has produced what we as Bible-believing Christians did not want it to produce. Whether or not the concern over corruption is going to be pushed and people are going to demand answers I do not know. Probably not. Yet regardless, God is about to do something new. America is going to go through some very hard times. Those who attend our Seattle services frequently, go to our Gatherings, or listen online have heard me say this repeatedly since 2011 and even before - America is going to go through a very hard time. With or without Obama, we are going to go through a very difficult season because God Himself has spoken that discipline must occur. America is breaking through all the healthy boundaries and, I might say, so is the Church. It is becoming very lawless in heart. Do you know what that means? It means that America will not obey authority. When authority tries to deal with our disobedience, we are full of excuses and go a little ballistic. The Lord said we are out of control; America has become lawless. He knows that He has to deal with this pride—that Babylonian-American pride. He knows that the only way He can deal with it is to squeeze us through the press. Even if we had the most godly and wise President in office right now, America would still need to go through the press.

Recently, I had a vision of the flag taken through a pool of water then put through an old washing machine wringer. When the flag came out the other side of the press, it was gloriously beautiful. In like manner, God is going to take us through His press, and we are not going to be afraid because He is our God. He may not be the Lord of America right now, but He is our God. When He is done taking us through the wringer, He will be the Lord of America. Do you think it is worth going through divine discipline to have this in the end?

We have been doing Gatherings now for thirteen years, trusting in and believing God to save America. He is going to do this, but it turns out that He mostly has to save America from America; He largely has to save us from ourselves. Of course, you know that; right? So here we have Obama. Is Obama going to know how to behave through this press? He is going to create some of it, but we are also going to have a press of national calamities. There will be a season of very discouraging things happening. In times like this, God wants to reveal Himself to you so that He can reveal Himself through you. He has to remove the pride that keeps us so self-sufficient and self-sovereign. He absolutely must. He must let us see that we are not the sovereigns we think we are. We really cannot do right without Him. He must bring us to a place where we are going to put distractions aside, look to the Lord, and say to Him, “I cannot do this without You. I need You. I need You now more than ever before. I want You more than I've ever wanted You before.” Then we will leave behind all that keeps us so busy and so distracted from Him. When we say this, we are going to mean it. Why is He going to bring us to this place? He wants to bring forth the fullness of His kingdom, and He cannot do that with a distracted Church.

We are in a place now where we are being called to make a decision. We are being called to take a look at the world, to take a look at ourselves, and then to take a look at the promises and decide what we really want. Have you ever known someone who continually does it wrong. They are quick to say they are sorry, but five minutes later they are right back doing what they were doing before. That is what the Church is to God right now. We do not really mean what we are saying. What we often mean is that we do not want God to be upset with us while we go and do whatever we want. God cannot work through His Church with this kind of heart. He must have us in a place where we see the depths inside of us, and we hate it; where we see what the world can give us, and yet despise it. He must have us in a place where we look to Him, and He is glorious.

Does God have liberty in your life to do whatever He has to do to bring this about? Are you thinking about what the price might be? I want you to know that God is still on the throne, and that He loves His Church. We, however, have found a place of great comfort, and it is not in God. As the mother eagle tears apart the nest until the eaglets cannot bear to be in that nest anymore, forcing them to fly away, so God must do the same if He is going to release His glorious Church.

I am sensing in my heart right now that some of you are feeling a fear and trepidation in your hearts over what the requirements might be. You are feeling that you might not understand or be able to fulfill the requirements. I want you to stop fearing; God is bigger than your fears. He knows us inside and out. He knows what it is going to take to release our grip on the things that we use for stability. He knows what it is going to take in each and every life, and He loves you enough to bring you through it if you want to follow Him.

America is going to change. I received an email the day after the election that really upset me. In it, someone who calls himself a prophet said that America is going to go through hard times because God is through with America - it will never become what God called it to. I was so upset because that person does not know God's will, and yet he is sending out words like that to cause despair in the heart of God's Church. To the contrary, God is going to carry us through to our destiny. Do you know why? It is because He has those in the Church that are strong enough to “stand in the gap” until He performs His will. As long as you are willing to pray, stand in holiness, and stand in the gap, He will have His way. I for one have gone through too much to let up now. Please know that we do not have a long time before we see God's will unfold. It is not very far away. We must stand until His will is done on earth.

Do you know why we must stand? We must do so because He is God, and He will not tell a lie! His Church therefore must honor Him. If you want to doubt, doubt a man, but do not doubt God. He said, “I will. I'm going to. This is My purpose. This is My plan.” That is all you need to know. So do what His Word says. Remind Him of His promises until He brings them to pass. Stand and believe. Do not cower. Can I be frank? Do not whine and complain, but stand honorably. Honor Him with your faith. You do not want to grieve His Spirit by not doing so. The earth is His footstool; heaven is His throne. His eye is on the sparrow. How much more important to Him are you? To disbelieve or to distrust is to dishonor the One that gave everything for you. I refuse to get upset, depressed, or disappointed because He is God. He knows what He is doing. It may appear as though man won, and in a sense he did, but God is going to work through all hindrances.

God keeps moving upon my heart. I cannot adequately convey to you how close what I am saying is to His heart. You mean so much to Him. He loves you so much. He does not want you to be discouraged - for lack of vision, the people perish. Yet you are not lacking vision. He wants to nurture and clarify your vision for His name's sake. He wants you to feel established in His will so that you will not be fearful or filled with trepidation. He does not want you lacking focus, not knowing where you are going or where He is going. He wants you to understand so that tomorrow you will awaken to the Lord and not to sloth, to faith and God and not to fear and the world. The world thinks that things are going to unfold one way, but God is about to put a halt on what the world thinks is going to happen. It is going to be mind boggling. Outside of Bible scenarios, you have not seen what He is about to do.

I want you to pray for Obama every day. Will you do that? I want you to love him; pray for him in love every day. The Lord has spoken to me in dreams that He can still do great things through this man if the Church will pray. I have known for a long time that he is under the control of the Elite, as you well know. We have to pray that God will break this control. People were so upset with President Bush Jr., but I could not get upset with him because he too was controlled. What the Lord showed me as to how he was controlled and to what extent broke my heart. All I could feel for him was compassion. When Bush began to undo necessary things in America that helped to give us stability, it was not because he wanted this. Others did, and they used him as an instrument to further their will. Now we have Obama in the same place - the puppet of the Elite. I do not know how we should pray, but I am going to keep praying until God tells me what to do. When He does, we will have to start praying that God will break this hold over him. God alone is going to have to do it.

The Elite want you to think that they are going strong and that everything they have determined for America is going to happen. They keep telling themselves this very thing. They are going in one direction, but God is going in another, and it is going to blossom into the Revolution. This is not a Soros-backed revolution which Soros tried to start two years ago, but a divine revolution. Once it kicks into gear, it is not going to stop until it fulfills God's purpose. You do not have to pray for it - although we pray for it - for it is something that God has predetermined. With what has transpired in this election, my hope is that the Church is going to understand the need for this revolution and get on board.

This revolution is going to be as complete as it was in the days of George Washington. (I feel the Lord's Spirit again.) When God released the revolution in the days of George Washington, His determination was that America would become an independent country and Great Britain's hold would be ripped off of it. That was God's will. Look at the suffering that the soldiers and nation endured in that revolution. But also look at the beauty of the Constitution and the government that was established. Look at the grace of freedom that was promised to all Americans. I am going to tell you the truth. I have seen our Constitution in heaven, written in gold ink. The light of God's glory shines from it. That Constitution was a gift from God to all Americans, regardless of race or prior nationality. It was meant to establish the words, “One nation under God, indivisible.” When God is finished, America's Constitution will once again be the foundation of this Republic. The Elite cannot have America unless they dismantle the Constitution completely, and God is not going to let them do that.

There is a revival that is close to being released. I do not know if it would have been released as soon if Mitt had won because I think Americans would have gone to sleep. However, it is coming, and it is coming to awaken this nation. By the time it is finished, this nation is going to be fully awake, and millions and millions of people are going to be saved. We have never seen a harvest in this nation as we are about to see. It is going to work in conjunction with God’s revolution. God is going to send a revolution into the secular arena, and He is going to send a revolution into the heart of the Church. We have been praying for it.

We have prayed for Reformation. When we started the Gatherings, a huge angel came into the meeting and took one of our colleagues up to heaven. The angel said to him, “I want to show you something that I brought you here to see.” The angel had a star in his hand. It was not something shaped like a star, but an actual star. (That tells you how big the angel was.) He threw the star down into the middle of the Gathering. Then he looked to my colleague and said, “There, now. The Reformation has begun.”

When God released Reformation through Martin Luther, it changed Europe. Did you know that America is a byproduct of the Reformation? Without the Reformation America would not have been established as the kind of nation God intended. Italy is a nation into which the Refor-mation was not allowed, and today it is many decades behind every nation the Reformation touched. The Reformation changed governments as well as the perception of government. Many inventions came out of the Reformation. Religion changed dramatically under the Reformation. Science, the arts—all of it changed as a result of the Reformation. Prior to it, art did not depict God as a being Who was directly linked and related to mankind. He was always depicted as an image afar off. The Reformation changed that. It touched every area and fabric of society, and America was born out of it. Canada and other nations were also born from it.

So the angel said, “There, now. The Reformation has begun.” What God began was important and significant. We are going to see an overturning of many things as a result. Revival cannot do what Reformation does. Revival may visit an area, a state, or a nation, and it will affect many things in a magnificent way. It really gets your attention. But to change the very core of human existence, Reformation is necessary. For God to send a second Reformation to earth is, to me, unbelievable. Yet as a result of this Reformation, there is not only going to be a tremendous change and shift in the world, but, more importantly, there is going to be the bringing forth of the Bride. This Reformation is going to bring about the release of the Melchizedek Priesthood and Mighty Men of Valor. It is going to bring about such a change in the body of Christ that you are not going to recognize it. You will not recognize the Church in light of what Reformation is going to do in conjunction with the Jubilee anointing.

When you read Isaiah 61 and see the ministry of Jesus, you think that Jubilee is about healings, miracles, and raising the dead. But do you know the true value of the Jubilee anointing? Anointing has the capacity to change you and me in a moment from a baby Christian into an adult son. I do not really understand it. One way you might be able to look at it is to remember when Jesus delivered the demoniac of the legion of devils. What does the Bible say? When the disciples returned, he was sitting at the feet of Christ in his right mind (Mark 5:15). Here was a man who was probably one of the worst cases of insanity humanity has ever seen, and in moments he was sitting at the feet of Christ in his right mind.

Now being “in his right mind” is a little different than you or I being in our right minds. No matter how clear things are to you about the faith, until you have come to a place where the mind of Christ possesses you, you are not actually in your right mind. Now aren't you glad you found that out? When the mind of Christ possesses you, you do not know fear or human anger. The only anger you know is righteous anger. You do not have false passions. You know how passionate we can get about stupid things? That comes to an end. You are filled with the humility and meekness of Christ. You are filled with love, mercy, and compassion - not human compassion, but divine compassion. You do not live a life that lacks holiness. You refuse to live less than righteously. You can go through the Beatitudes, Paul's writings on love, or the fruits of the Spirit, and every part speaks of who you have become. That is what it means to have the mind of Christ. You have wisdom, discernment, understanding, knowledge of God's ways, and knowledge of His kingdom.

Divine knowledge, when imparted, changes your spectrum. When you have the mind of Christ, you see everything through God's eyes. You no longer see through man's eyes. There is an internal change. Think of a kaleidoscope. If you pick it up and turn it, the picture changes with every twist. Our internal kaleidoscopes make possible the recognition of how the kingdom of God is working in every circumstance. You see far above the things of this earth. You do not see anything the same, for you see it through the eyes of faith and love.

I once was in prayer when the Lord picked me up and took me into the heavens. I saw something vast, like a cloud or firmament that separated heaven and our vision of it from earth. As far as the eye could see—and believe me, I could see forever—I saw the kingdom of God. The Lord then spoke to me, saying, “All this I have given you, if you will come here to live.” He was not talking about living in heaven. He was talking about living in Christ and walking in union with Christ. He added, “This is where Enoch lived.” This union is coming for any in the Church who will, but you have to let the world go. You have to develop a prayer life and Word life. God wants you to live above and not beneath. He wants you to live on the high places of the kingdom, not under the feet of the enemy. He wants you to live as you were created to live.

He wants you to know and understand according to how He created you. When He allowed His Spirit to come into you, it was not so you could spend the rest of your life complaining about every little thing that goes on in your world. He gave you the Spirit of Christ so that you could see things through the eyes of God. With every adversity, every blessing, and everything in between, you would begin to see God's purposes and ways. He never intended that you would live and die on this earth “barely saved.” His intention was that you would walk this earth as Christ did - nothing less! To see you would be to see Christ. That means all self—all self-will and self-love—is dead. The Holy Spirit really wants you to let this sink into your heart. He wants you to get your eyes off of the things of the world and who is president. Let's pick up and go on. The new direction is into Christ!

Again, you are not just going on, but you are going into Christ. You rivet your gaze. He becomes your focus. You pick up your Bible, you learn Christ, and you do what He did. I do not care what anyone says to you. America is not going to end up a third-world nation, because God is going to touch His Church. It is going to pray with faith and birth the kingdom of God in this nation. We may go through the press, but if what we gain on the other side brings glory to our Lord, we will be so glad we did. Things are not going to work the same on the other side. There is a light that will lead the way through the darkness and bring forth a righteous nation that will bring glory to His name.

The night before the election, I shared the vision that I had that night about the number fifty. I saw red rain coming down on the fifty, and I heard something to the effect of, “This fifty year cycle has come to an end, and now we're going into the next cycle.” I know that before I left the meeting, I said to you, “We've done everything we can do. We've prayed and prayed and prayed. All we can do now is wait and see what God will do.” Still, I wanted to know what that vision really meant, so after I left the meeting, I prayed some more. Early the next morning, when I awoke for prayer, the Lord spoke to me and said, “The vision reflects the opening of the kingdom age—2013.” I have said to you before that we are getting close to the opening of this age. It is as if we are standing in the middle of the threshold while crossing over. When I had that vision, something swept through me, and I felt the dying of the old and the bringing to birth of the new. But I still did not know what it meant until He spoke to me. 2013 is going to be the beginning of walking into the Kingdom age. Many things will change because He first has to deal with His Church and bring us out of our infantile state.

One time the Lord appeared to me, and as we stood talking I thought, “I'm going to ask Him the questions I would never have had the courage to ask Him before.” So I said to Him, “Lord, what is the one thing that hurts You more than anything else regarding your Church?” He said to me, “My greatest pain is that the Church has never come into the full stature as depicted in Ephesians 4:12-13.” I would have thought His greatest suffering would have been because insufficient people were getting saved or too many people lived their entire lives suffering because they would not receive healing in their bodies or emotions. You might have all kinds of ideas of what might hurt Christ the most. But from His own mouth, what hurts Him the most is that the Church has never been brought to the full stature of Christ as depicted in Ephesians 4:12-13.

His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), [that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ's body (the church), [That it might develop] until we all attain oneness in the faith and in the comprehension of the [full and accurate] knowledge of the Son of God, that [we might arrive] at really mature manhood (the completeness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of Christ's own perfection), the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ and the completeness found in Him.

What is the full stature of Christ? It is Christ in us, the hope of glory. It is living, thinking, breathing, and being in Christ. It is what we saw in Him when He walked on this earth. Needless to say, I was devastated. I was ready for Him to say anything but that. Yet when He did, I saw a huge chasm, similar to the Grand Canyon, between where we were and where we were supposed to be as His Church and body. I thought, “How are we ever going to bridge that?”

I was so devastated that I had to hear something encouraging. So I said to Him, “Lord, what one thing brings You the greatest pleasure?” He quickly replied, “The day the Father releases the Jubilee anointing as depicted in Isaiah 61, because that is what is going to bring My Church into Ephesians 4:12-13.”

Something is coming that is far more glorious than what we think we just lost. God is going to visit His sheep. He is going to reclaim His people, but He is also going to reclaim America. Remember, the revolution is about to begin, and this revolution is not only about the temporal world, it is also about Christ in you. You have to come to a place where you want this revolution more than you want to breathe. If you want to keep living for the world, then what you are going to get is the world. But if you want what God wants to give you, then today is the day of salvation. Today! Change your perspective and start striving after and contending for Christ in you.

One time I was ministering in a church and the pastor said to me, “I plead with you, tell us the truth about where the Church is going. Please. We have pastors all over this valley that want to hear that truth. Please give it to us.” I said to him, “I'm not trying to be unkind. I'm not trying to be arrogant, but I'm telling you, you're not ready for it.” He looked at me thoroughly disgusted. Who was I to say that he was not ready for the truth? I told him, “I can see that I've offended you. I don't want to offend you. I'm sorry that you're offended, but you're not ready for it.” He said, “I will let you go as long as it takes in my pulpit if you will tell us the truth.” I said, “Okay.” So I tried; I promise you that I tried.

In the middle of the first message, I looked over at him to see how he was doing. His face was red. He was so upset. I thought, “I told you so.” When I finished the night, he came up to me and said, “The meetings are over.” I responded, “Which truth was it that offended you?” He said, “All of them.” I said, “I told you that you weren't ready.” He just looked at me, stunned.

The Church has to get ready. It takes grace to dine on the truth that transfigures. The only way you can obtain grace to hear the truth that will transfigure is by prayer and fasting and pleading that God will make the inner adjustments in you to enable you to dine on the higher truth. Every time He imparts, He requires something to depart. It is never given for free. Although salvation is free, after salvation there is a price for everything in the kingdom. What will have to depart is that which opposes what He has imparted. It is good that He works this way because if He is going to invest in you, He wants it to be of the greatest benefit in your life.

God is going to reveal the Kingdom. People like it when they see lots of healings and miracles; I like it too. However, the highest order of God’s miracles is what He does inside. His capacity to transform the soul—to transfigure you and me—is phenomenal. Once transfigured, you do not know yourself. Those who love you will not know you very well either, but what they see, they will like very much. I can remember a vision He gave me once. I saw people coming down the aisle that were dressed very casually, but there were beams of light coming from their hands. I said to the Lord, “Who are they?” He said, “These are the crucified ones, and they will walk in the power of the crucifixion” - meaning, the life of resurrection. What does that mean to the Church? These will minister to and transfigure you with the resurrection Word that is going to come forth from them. Why is God going to do this? Because He needs the Church to come up to Ephesians 4:12-13! He already has the vessels picked that He is going to use to help the Church come into her maturity.

This is not the time to sit around worrying who is President and who is not. We need to pray for the President we have so that he will do more for God than he will for the devil, but we need not worry about it. We should pray that God will heal him and make him the man that He wants him to be. But we should not worry about him. Rather, we are to keep our focus on Christ and who and what He is going to be in His Church in these last days. We are to focus on kingdom realities.

We have heard prophesied for many years, and I have prophesied it for many years as well because I saw it from the earliest days of my salvation, that the day is coming when the creative Word will be released in the Church. When the kingdom of God is fully released, we will see His magnanimous power, grace, and glory. Unless you have been close to someone who has been transfigured inwardly, you do not know what the Church has been lacking. These people are beautiful because they have no agenda. It is not about them. Everything is about Christ. They are beautiful people, and God is going to transfigure any who will in these days. In transfiguring the Church in America, God is going to begin the transfiguration of the nation. We will see our destiny because we are going to stand for it. You are not going to let any man take your crown. You are going to stand until America is what God says He is going to make her.

Jesus Christ loves you and this nation. We are going to go through the press, but we are going to come out glorified. Spend much time in the Word, in fasting, and in prayer. Ask God to fill you with the grace to believe because you want to stand for this nation and become what He has created you to be.

In His love,

Nita Johnson



The message by Kenny Atnip in January 2013

Some time ago God showed me and some others that America
would enter an internal war
. You can call it civil war or revolutionary
war or anything you like, but it is coming. God showed me plainly
that many Christians would be tempted to be part of a war against
the government and that this war would be part of his judgment on
the U.S.A. and we should not get involved. The current government´s
actions are because of God´s judgment so he who resists this
government resists God´s ordinance.

Global war is coming as well, and America will be attacked, and
after all of these things I saw a time of peace again in the land.
America will be humbled and once again look to God as it´s
provider and defender.

The message to Christians here in America is the same that
Jeremiah told to Judah- Submit to God´s judgment and it will go
well for you, resist and it will cost some their lives and others their



The dreams and messages by the children of Kenny Atnip in December 2010

My 16-year-old daughter, Maryann, had a dream a few days ago.
She dreamed of civil war against the current government. The
scene was very chaotic and those in rebellion to the government
were going house to house forcing any and all men to join with
them. Many of us Christians were in hiding, not willing to join in
a rebellion against the government.

She awoke in the middle of the night with a strong taste of blood
in her mouth. Her 13-year-old sister, Aimee, woke up as well and
immediately asked her what was wrong. The 16-year-old said that
she had the taste of blood in her mouth to which the 13-year-old
asked, "Were you dreaming of war?" Somehow she knew that
she was dreaming of war.

Last November my three-year-old son, Jeremiah, slept with Mom
and Dad. He awoke at 5:30 AM yelling, "War is coming ... people
are dying ... people are crying to God." He has no idea what these
things are. It woke me out of a dead sleep and I sat up and looked
at him. He was wide awake...

We will have 5 years of terror and turmoil beginning very soon...
I believe the government will begin rounding up people that are on
a list. If we are on that list, don´t resist or run, God sends some
away to protect them. God will vindicate the righteous in his time.


The vision by Darren Smith in June 2009

Last night while praying before I went to bed, The Lord gave me
a vision that really rattled me. In the vision I saw this land split
into four parts
with each one under its own flag. Each region had
terrible destruction and many people were dead. As I looked over
the destruction I was crying and the Lord asked me, "Why are
you crying over the fall of Babylon? As a matter of fact, why have
you been praying for the healing of Babylon?"

In this vision I didn't have an answer and the Lord opened a scroll
and started reading off the indictments against our country, but
before each one he clearly called the USA Babylon. The list was
long and to the point, with such points as the killing of several
generations of unborn children. Beside this charge He added that
these babies had been sacrificed to the god of self. The list also
included greed, idolatry, pride, fornication, and many others, so
many I could not even read them all.

As I looked at the list of charges I was overwhelmed and broken
by the fact that we live every day in a nation that is so far removed
from God and in total opposition to the Kingdom of God, yet we
are comfortable here. We have become just like Lot living in
Sodom, the prosperity that the nation offers us has blinded us
from the evil that rules this land. We complain about how bad it
is but still stay attached to it with every ounce of strength we have.

The Lord told me to look at the nation as He sees it, not through
my eyes but through His. I could not look too long before I had to
agree and repent of loving Babylon. Once I repented the Lord told
me to prepare for the fall as time is running out. I must preach the
Gospel of The Kingdom, not the Gospel of America. America is
already judged, the time of shaking is now and will increase rapidly.



The vision by Thomas Watkins

By Thomas Watkins

If this were my very last article that I ever wrote, or last encouragement, or warning, before my death, this would be it. It is the most valuable thing that I have to give, to serve the body of Christ. We must be prepared for the holocaust that is riding these winds of judgment, and realize that this is from the Lord Jesus. We are waking up, even those of us who love slumber.

Over many years, the Lord has given me several interlocking revelations about His church in America. One important piece of that is THE END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM! The Lord spoke that phrase, and revealed to me it would center around a “greed mortgage craze”, and there would be massive homelessness from the middle class, and riot like anger within the black and minority community. This was in 2003. A HOLY COMPANY WOULD THEN APPEAR.....{ See the "END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM VISION " on Bride in the Wilderness }

But this is only a small portion of what we can expect to come, both in Glory, and in Judgment.
The end of the American dream is about the holiest company ever assembled in this country, emerging within the greatest financial judgment ever to be in this country. There are two types of judgment. One has Mercy mixed in with it; a type of discipline that gives way to the possibility of repentance, of turning back to God’s way, away from our own, and being restored, healed by our tender Father. Most of judgment is in this vein, because the Father is most merciful and gracious, and desires all to come to Him. He takes no pleasure in the death and destruction of the wicked. This financial judgment has mercy mixed in it, and God is leaving space for the Church, and America to repent, and believe.

The other type of judgment is a judgment when all mercies are depleted.
This is called Wrath. Consider Jeremiah’s many, many, ignored pleadings with Jerusalem, and then one of them was his last; for the Babylonian warriors broke through the wall and proceeded to rape, murder and plunder; and not even
sparing the toddlers and infants. It was a holocaust; a horror beyond thought; but it was real. One could argue that America was once the cradle of the FREE church of our Lord, maybe foremost in all of the Earth…in the days of her youth. If we have not become the “Great Whore who sits upon many waters”, I assure you that we are a part of her.
We despise Jesus, we mock Him, and MOST of our churches have a mere form of Christianity, but reject the power to become agents of His love and mercy. We are enamored with our own happiness, and promote our wills and lives. God has turned her over to the wolves. “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?”

The Lord is defining Apostasy here. This is the “what” and “how” of why People fall away. God’s people have fallen in love with their own lives. God has become an inconvenience, a burden, a slave master; and they will resist bending to Him or ANYONE, over their dead bodies. THE ONLY MINISTERS THAT THEY ACCEPT ARE THE ONES THAT SPEAK OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY! We are seeing a flood of sorcerers and magicians and Usurpers that would be unimaginable 10 years ago; and our “Main Line” churches too! A form of godliness wrapped in dead form; Void of the Spirit, yet glorying in doctrine and political correctness.This is why America as a country is being judged. “If the salt has lost it’s saltiness, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?” “TO BE CAST UPON THE DUNGHILL!”

That’s wrath; utter rejection derived from utter rebellion. In 2001, I was caught up in the Spirit with the Lord. It was as though I was traveling around the Earth with Jahweh; sailing high above, and watching the continents below. There were no rivers, cities, or wilderness; only a massive wheat field. The sun was shining, the wheat shimmered in a gentle wind. The wheat was mature and golden; the sky was a Robin’s egg blue. It completely covered every bit of surface on these continents; the inhabited ones. Out of the substance of the Earth and the Sun and the Wheat the Lord Spoke; “IT’S HARVEST TIME!”... the vision ended.
For years I had misconceptions of the harvest as being a time of worldwide sweeping revival. I now know that it is not. The Harvest is the “End of the AGE!” The Harvest is the time of exposure, of light revealing and separating the darkness. The Harvest is a time of separation; a time when the evil look alike wheat is exposed for what it really is. POISON!

Matthew 13; verses: 24Jesus presented another parable to them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25″But while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went away. 26″But when the wheat sprouted and bore grain, then the tares became evident also. 27″The slaves of the landowner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ 28″And he said to them, ‘An enemy has done this!’ The slaves said to him, ‘Do you want us, then, to go and gather them up?’ 29″But he said, ‘No; for while you are gathering up the tares, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30′Allow both to grow together until the harvest; and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather up the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them up; but gather the wheat into my barn.”
Remember this; “and the enemy who sowed them is the devil, and the HARVEST IS THE END OF THE AGE!”; and the reapers are angels.”..vs:39

WE ARE SOON TO ENTER TRIBULATION. We are now experiencing the very beginning of the birth Pains of it. I will now share a very troubling set of visions that I was given, about the wrath part. I was shown the INVASION of AMERICA by foreign armies. In the first vision, I was in the Spirit, and was peering through the reeds, on a bluff above the ocean, on American Soil.
I heard a terrifying thunder of a massive and numerous army marching. I heard the cadence of boots marching in step, so many that the earth shook. I trembled, yet I watched on. Out of the ocean, close to my hiding spot in the reeds, a foreign army arose right out of the sea. These were foot soldiers, dressed in the camouflage stripes of another nation. They all had back packs, and assault weapons, but were staged to fight light, and mobile. They were terrifying in their sheer numbers and power.
A voice spoke to me over my right shoulder; a voice that I know. It was the voice of God, the Lord Jesus. He just said; “20 million.” I understood that this was the number of the invading army. I understood that they were an occupying and an invading army; and there goal was to blitzkrieg to the heart of the cities in overwhelming numbers, and once there, they would be impregnable. Once inside of a city, with perhaps 500,000 men, we would be helpless. This would of course be a sneak attack; and would happen suddenly.

The corresponding vision I had several years before, was about an AIR WAR, on American soil, for AIR superiority before the main body is set to advance. This was near the exact area that I saw the armies rise. I saw a bombing war, with multitudes of attack planes. I saw the enemy with waves and waves ; and when we think we have a chance, another and another wave of fighters and bombers dive in. I watched this war for a very, very long time, and as I saw it continue, I watched a very small object spinning out of the war, towards me. It was a tree, and as it approached me, it became larger and larger until I saw that it was a tree sent from God. It was covered perfectly in most beautiful leaves; It was,“The tree for healing for all nations” spoken of in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

It is maturity in the Church. It is Jesus Himself alive in this end times Church, right here in America. The day is coming, when we will no longer be impotent, and lackadaisical. Healing, and power over all of the work of the enemy will be deeds that are commonplace, and it will be the day of instant fruit the Amos prophesied of, when the treader of grapes would be overcome by he who sows the seed. It will be the fullness of Jesus in His bride; It will be the Overcoming church; the Remnant Bride that has endured to the end, that loved Jesus more than her own way, her own life.

The very sad thing about this, is imminent judgment that must come. I believe that prior to this invasion we will be nuked, along with every military base in the world, and every nuclear ship, and missile base. I believe that this will primarily occur on the East coast, and some cities in the west. The Midwest will be left for food production. I was not shown this by the Lord; this is my own judgment, but I believe that this horror will leave 100 MILLION Americans dead before the end….TWO FOR ONE, FOR EVERY INNOCENT LIFE MURDERED THROUGH ABORTION! This is Wrath on the unrepentant. I saw this invasion take place on the TEXAS COASTLINE and New Orleans area, on the same path as KATRINA.
It will be a time of horror, hand in hand with the Glory of the ages.

This is me; I was not shown this by the Lord, but I believe when this happens, we will be very close to the MIDDLE of this Great Tribulation. There will be 42 months, at least, to go. Jesus will rescue Israel, and the believers in all of the world then. We will then begin our eternity, as will the many damned, who hate God and his Christ.
I want to give you some signs upon the way, that the Lord has shown me.

I saw the company of real messengers, Apostles, that the Lord has ordained for America. They are broken and filled with holiness, and possessed with more authority that man could imagine. They hate the usurpers, nicolaitans, and false apostles like the NAR and such, and will lay their lives down for the least of the brethren, whoever that those may be. They are filled with humility and love.

One of the signs that they have manifested is when we see, “AN AMERICAN BAND OF MARTYRS”…These will be saints that will go in the face of death and martyrdom to carry the gospel to foreign shores. They will be butchered, and slaughtered, but behind them many more will follow, and this will be a pleasing aroma before the Lord. When you see and read of this, then you will know that real Godly apostles are here too, to shepherd the American flock through this tribulation and unto Jesus alone.
The second sign will be harder to perceive, but just as real.

We will begin to see saints that we would consider dead, destroyed and fallen away, restored. Many of them will have been wounded in the current WAR in the church, between an emerging humanist-new age gospel and “apostle” mindset that denies the CROSS, both as Jesus as the only way to God, and the cross that the individual MUST bear DAILY, as he dies to himself, to lives to God, and learns how to love. People that you would not imagine, will return to the Love of Jesus, and become a blaze for God. It will be amazing, similar to Ezekiel’s “DRY BONES” vision…right here, in America.

There are TEN Virgins: All wake up, but all don’t survive. What is the keystone for the survivors?, and what did the victims of blindness lack? Oil for the lamps. It is the Holy Spirit flowing in relationship with He who stands among the candlesticks. Everyone assumed they possessed it, but really only some did. This is the most important possession in your entire life, even for Eternity. Do you fellowship with Jesus? Do you know Him? Do you worship Him, in Spirit and in truth, or do you just have an idea of that, or a form of that? Only one thing we will possess in this soon coming trouble is FAITH, a quiet assurance that we know Him who we have rested our soul upon.
Hebrews 11:33 who by faith conquered kingdoms, performed acts of righteousness, obtained promises, shut the mouths of lions, 34 quenched the power of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, from weakness were made strong, became mighty in war, put foreign armies to flight. 35 Women received back their dead by resurrection; and others were tortured, not accepting their release, so that they might obtain a better resurrection; 36 and others experienced mockings and scourgings, yes, also chains and imprisonment. 37 They were stoned, they were sawn in two, they were tempted, they were)put to death with the sword; they went about in sheepskins, in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, ill-treated 38 (men of whom the world was not worthy), wandering in deserts and mountains and caves and holes in the ground. 39 And all these, having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised, 40 because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us they would not be made perfect.

This was not written apart from us, even today, and it is more than a historical encouragement, it is a code, a living testament about how true saints will react to extreme hardship and persecution. Do not be deceived into thinking that a farm in Idaho or a large storehouse will succor you in this time. It will not, and you will be very disappointed. As then, as now, Only a living faith in Jesus, sustained by daily bread, will enable you to endure unto the end; and the end for some of us will surely be martyrdom.
I see the church as a resurrected remnant; a little flock. I see her in twos and threes, where glory falls as well in many, many home churches and personal groups where real relationship will and is able to be cultured. We are now yet in a time of grace where we all can repent, and return to our first loves; where we can determine a life “All for Jesus, No matter the COST!…We have space, but I promise you as I warn you; THE DOOR IS CLOSING!

Also, there is yet space where we can pray for America. Will she repent? Probably not, but Abraham wasn’t slowed up for SODOM, before the Lord with that probability, was he? It is possible that the number of that occupying force and army may be diminished, but not without repentance. Remember Nineveh.

We will need each other much more in the future, and Jesus most of all.
We will seek him continually in these times of trouble, and it is written; “The Lord has NEVER forsaken ANY who seek after Him.” This is the difference in having oil for your lamps, and being left without it, in the most dire of nights. Jesus is Lord and Creator, and Satan, and every one of his devil angels that followed him, are nothing, and less than nothing before His glorious power. They are together less than a drop falling into a cavernous 55 gallon drum, and united less than a match head of chaff, in a forest fire. Jesus is but using the devil, and anti-Christ, to prove his purposes, and His faithful, and His Faithfulness. when Jesus is done using him, he will be cast headlong into the lake of fire, where he will burn for eternity, along with his brother angels….[ AND ALL OF THE HUMAN LOST..] We are also a part of this trial, that will encompass the entire earth. We overcome by faith.
John said, in Revelation, “Your brother, in tribulation and patience.” That’s how it has to be.

Brother Tom Watkins ...618-200-0871



Another Visitation from the Lord – Pastor T.D. Hale -- November 24th, 2012

I was immediately standing in front of the desk in the Oval Office. Standing in the Oval office I was in front of the president. A voice came forth and said, “Weep and howl for the misery that shall come shortly….”

There on the floor of the Oval office was the eagle I saw him shoot back in Dec. He walks from behind that desk with the same smirk I saw on his face and puts his foot on the neck of the eagle. At this point he picks it up by its head and twisted it three times until his head came off from the body.

At that point that voice said, “The spirit of Rehoboam.” I knew what that meant and I knew it rested upon the President. [Note: When King Solomon died, his son Rehoboam took his throne. He abolished worship of the LORD and in its place built two golden calves as idols, the Lord mentions ‘calf’ further on in the dream. 1 Kings 12:27-33]

The president of the United States was dressed in total black; Black suit, tie, shirt, shoes, pants, total black. As I was standing in front of him looking directly at him, all of a sudden his chest cavity began to open and his heart was exposed. As I was looking at his heart, thick black, dark mist was swirling around his heart.

At this point he picked up a gavel in his hand which was part wood and part stone. Handle was wood; head of the gavel was stone. He hits a document on the desk and when he did an earthquake hit Washington.

All of a sudden I was standing above the White House and saw the earth open and it went towards the Washington Monument then towards the Jefferson Memorial. At that point an odd color rain started falling (color of fire) and it started slowly coming down and intensified little by little until the waters started rising, the starting point was Washington D.C.

As the waters started rising, I went up a little higher into the atmosphere and saw the map of the United States . The waters left Washington , and begin to flood across the nation. I seen it hit MD, WV, OH, MI, KY, IN, SC and on and on until it covered America.

On the document on the desk of the President was written, “The Final Abomination.”

I begin to hear screams across the nation as if it was a mournful sound. I thought of Noah and what it must have been like for the people outside of the Ark as the flood waters came in and they knew they had not listened to Noah or the voice God gave to them to speak. The screams were as if their lives were over and there was no hope.

As I was still in the air, and I am going to try and explain this as best I can. I saw America in this state of being covered with flood waters and then all of a sudden I saw beams of light quickly coming out of the flood waters like a speed of light quickly going up into the air. Millions it looked like but at that moment I was taken above the earth and then I saw it around the world. Possible the prayers of the saints. [Note: I believe this is possibly the Gathering/Resurrection/Rapture! Others have been shown similar events!]

After this point, now I was back to the earth as if I was back to the beginning of all of this. I heard a voice say, “The shifting has begun!” At this point I was looking over top of mega churches and like a flash a voice said, “A breeding ground for sin, the people know not me but play around their calf.” I know that as we enter into the “time of the end” it will not be large churches but homes meetings of where the saints will gather in secret where God will abide and speak in the last days because of the persecution that will come upon this generation.

Then at this point I was looking again at homes of people I knew that loved and served God. I saw the homes of men and women that were gathered together, praying in deep prayers across the nation and a voice that said, “The season is upon the nation. Because you have set the abomination before my eyes, I will set judgment before yours!” When will these things be? said the voice, “After he will be sworn in.”

Source link:


The prophecy by "Skyblau" about the US presidential election: Barack Obama will win - but after that USA will face hard times

Original source:

I seen all this happen before in a dream, the election all of it.

I have mentioned it before in other threads. This is why I believe
my dreams are about to come true.

[link to]

In a series of dreams here is a summary...
I saw this happen. The race was the closest ever. But the victor is not who I
want to win. Obama wins and its not going to be good for any of us. After
winning the election I saw people angry, and rioting. There are fires every
where in new york especially. The storms start getting so freaking intense that
lighting goes cloud to ground every time. businesses erect temporary facilities
for things like gas, and supplies. Even in my closest city in Arkansas it is
like that. The storms were all over. The magnetosphere was messed up. Haarp was
making it worse. People were sleeping under bridges, in culverts, cellars,
because they didn't know if they would burn up in the fires. We went to war
with (Iran or Syria?) next. Obama sent three war ships to declare himself
"caliphate" of the Muslim world. The US took over two major cities
there. If it was Iran, it was probably Tehran and another large city. The
ground was always shaking, people hiding in churches, the churches collapse.
The schools weren't safe either. I left the shelter of a school only to see it
collapse moments later. I saw a large planetary body moving quickly in the sky
it was passing our planet. It was making the earth shake violently. It was
twice as large as the moon. The sky was all gray with smoke, and storm cover,
but we could still see it pass. It was reddish hued. It had a "tail"
or trail behind it in its passing. It didn't hit us. But the ground was
splitting open even here, where we don't get quakes. People were huddled
together, kids screaming. My family and I were standing outside on some solid
rock. We were holding each other looking at the planet pass us. The building we
had just left had collapsed, so many people in there too. Another dream, it is
four years later. I saw foreign troops in the US. Chinese and Russian troops.
There were barbed wire fence traps with landmines buried all over our
coastlines, and borders. People were on the run everywhere. People were
starving. Those that weren't on the run were in prison camps. Most of the US
population was dead already.I saw the inside of the prison camps. It was like a
large housing facility. If we wanted to buy anything we had to order it. The
items shown for sale were only demonstration models, they had id bar codes and
the item was coded and scanned at a computer terminal. It was taken off your
account that was embedded in the chip in your right hand. I wish I was kidding,
but I am not. I saw a bar code design it looked like a triangle and eye. All
bar coded items had these codes on them. Once the item was ordered the
demonstration model was placed back on the shelf, and a pick up ticket was
given to you,giving you a time when the item was available. This was true for
food, water, canned goods, clothing, anything at all. This was a sort of
"commissary". Hot foods were different, they were a part of your
ration. If you wanted anything different or extra it had to be deducted.
Another dream I see a hospital, it is a few years from now. It is different
too. They have scanners that read your body just like on star trek films. There
are teams of doctors that see a patient not just one doctor. This is part of
the Obama health care plan I suppose. Everything looks higher tech, than now.
computers do more to read peoples bodies. Rfid scanners read and update peoples
medical charts, it is all done by computer. We don't just get Obama for a
second term either. That is probably the worst part.



The vision by David Abreu in 1991


In the first vision (1991) I was in a small prophetic meeting with about 4 people. All "prophetic" people. I was only in Finland a short time by then.
We started to pray...we were all standing. I closed my eyes and started to see something. It was my first vision so didnt really know what was going on. One of the prophets asked me "What do you see", he knew I was seeing a vision, perhaps my eyes were doing rapid eye movements. Everything was happening quickly. I said "I see all red". He then said "What else do you see?" I said "I see red and TANKS". The people in that room got very serious and I wondered why. I didn't know the history of Finland at that time. I didnt know of all the wars with Russia Finland had..

I then saw God pour a huge vessle of hot lava over Finland. To me, I understood the lava to be His Spirit. He poured it from North to south. I then saw Tanks coming from Russia's Kola penninsula into Northern Finland. From there, they went into Sweden and Norway. In seperate small open visions, I saw Russian tanks going down into Stockholm and destroying and crushing cars under their treads...



The dream by David Abreu in 1994

I awoke from a very real and a bit terrifying dream of a war with the Russians. In the beginning of the dream, I saw two aircraft flying directly above in the dark night sky. They were both triangle shaped. One was firing at the other one, I saw the tracers. Both planes zoomed down in my dream so I could see the markings. They both had camoflage markings that military aircraft use. I knew this was a dogfight.

From there I saw some ragtag soldiers coming straight at me in a field. It looked like fall because everything was green. The soldiers had grungy brown fatigues on, stumbling twords me. I knew these were Russian soldiers. Just to the left of me I saw many foreign soldiers, some standing, some kneeling preparing to fire at these Russian soldiers. These were not Finnish soldiers. I saw South Korean soldiers with Korean lettering on their helmets. There seems to be english speaking soldiers and other European soldiers. I looked on the Internet for South Korean soldiers, and their helmets looked exactly the same as my dream.
From there I went to an old barn. Inside were lots of personal items. Luggage, fans, household stuff. I dont know what this is saying to this day, but there is some meaning.

I was then looking for a handgun because I wanted something to protect myself with. Thats when I saw an old green wooden building. I went there and saw an American soldier. I knew he was an American soldier because he had an American flag on his sleeve. I asked for him for a gun and he gave me a handgun. I believe it was a military issue handgun.
From there I was transported to Jyväskylä. I saw this Pastor making food outside on a big grill. There was alot of confusion, looked like bombs were dropped. The Pastor was Teuvo Göös. I was looking for my family. Thats when the dream ended. I woke up in the spirit and wondered "Why me God?" "Why show me?" I was moved by God to witness to many soldiers of my dream and to tell them that Jesus Christ is Lord and knows the future. I witess to big groups of Finnish soldiers. What they thought of me Im not sure. Telling young soldiers in camo that I saw a dream of a Russian invasion is not easy...just talking about Jesus would be alot easier, but this was what God wanted.



Visions by David Abreu in 1998

I saw three freshly painted Russian tanks, three abreast, coming down Jyväskylä's Kauppakatu...

In another small vision, I saw Russian tanks ripping us the roads with their treads in Jyväskylä. I once saw Finnish people chewing on some trees...eating the tree bark. The Finnish guy I told this to said Finns used to make a kind of bread from the trees bark. I have seen hard times come to Finland but the Prosperity churches will still be pumping out the Prosperity out food, pushing the prosperity message.

In one small vision I saw Jyväskya under a somewhat occupation of Russia. Dark. People praying under intense pressure in underground bombshelters. Churches having a kind of revival, a solemn revival. Everybody on their knees...not some Charismatic laughing revival.

In perhaps my most recent vision... I was visiting a hospital and saw a Russian drone patrolling the sky. REPENT AND BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST FOR SALVATION!



The word for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel by Jouko Piho on October 7, 2012

On October 7, 2012 I was prompted to ask God if He has a word to Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. This is what I got. This is my e-mail to prime minister Netanyahu.

Prime Minister of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu

Yesterday, October 7, 2012, I asked God that He would give His Word to you and to Israel.

I got this Word. This is for you and for Israel.

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants ot the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me," Says the Lord. Isaiah 54:17.

Blessing Israel

Jouko Piho

The chairman of a new political party (currently in a founding process) Suomen Laillisuuspuolue (SLP) meaning The Legality Party of Finland




The dreams by an American woman in February 2007

I'm sensing strongly that I have to get this out today. I know many others are receiving similar dreams and visions from Yahweh, but as long as we're speaking about decisions, I think we have another one to make....all of us who love Him.

The time is rapidly approaching when nations and individuals will have to choose where they stand on Israel. The great, final divide is about to happen. Will we be the sheep OR the goats Yeshua spoke about? It may be this very issue that will cause a civil war in our country. If Israel goes after Iran and it causes severe economic issues or worse, will anti-semitism go viral? How will we respond? Will we avoid the issue or will we stand up for this country, Israel, and it's people? Will we be there to aid in whatever way we can? Will we lay down our lives for the Jewish people in our area? Will we show them Yeshua's love?
In February of 2007 I had three dream/visions, one night after the other, three nights in a row. They were short, simple, yet powerful. They interrupted my regular dreaming and were so vivid that they could never be forgotten. The first night I dreamed that I was in Jerusalem. Some calamity had happened during which people were displaced from their homes. There was this sense of urgency to find beds for these people. I was with another woman and we were hastily searching in the Anglican School, etc. for beds to make up for the displaced.
The second night I had the same exact dream, except that it was in the north woods of Minnesota. It had the same exact sense of urgency to get beds ready for displaced people.
The third night I was again in the north woods of Minnesota, but now literally in the forest. I was with a group of people and we were in survival mode. Again there was urgency. I knew some of the people and their talents, so began asking each to do whatever job I felt they were suited for, such as preparing food or whatever. It all had to be done hurriedly.
A couple of years later I had the 4th dream in this set. Same vivid type that interrupted my regular dreaming. This time I was coming out of the woods at my brother's place. He and his wife came running out of the house because they knew that with me there would be people who were wounded and needing care, which there were. It was the case that all three dreams that took place in Minnesota gave me the sense that it was the Jewish people that we were helping--as, of course, was the first dream in Jerusalem.
I had a vision of an American city totally destroyed--all charred. Another time I was watching TV just before Obama was inaugurated. They were panning a mall in Washington D.C. All of a sudden, the picture changed for me. What I saw in a vision was that mall being looted and there were riots taking place. I thought then that maybe that would happen at that time, but it was yet to be.

God is speaking to His people to please wake up and prepare for the coming darkness that will descend on the world. How blessed we are to know that even tho that darkness will cover the earth, that His glory will arise to shine on Jerusalem after His judgment has removed evil from this earth. He will reign from Zion and all the nations will come to that Light. Glory to You, Yeshua. As my friend says, let's raise up our cups and say "a cup of glory to You, Yahweh".



The dream by Lea Nivala Wilson in February 2012

I had a dream in February of this year, 2012. I was coming out of a building into what looked like a large paved area or parking lot. I saw my brother-in-law and asked him," When is your birthday?" He said," 9-11." I asked the man next to my brother in law who was unknown to me," When is your birthday?'' He replied, "9-11." A woman walked by pulling a large orange rectangular container on wheels. I asked her, " How much is in there?" She said, "Enough for 1400."
I saw what looked like a radio tower get struck by lightening, one tower on the left and one tower on the right. I saw a line of men wearing overalls with numbers stamped on the overalls. The faces of these men were very sober. They were going to an area of radiation. There was an area of decontamination where other men were going. This was the job of the unemployed men.

Thank you for sharing your prophecies online. I only started looking at these websites when I began asking God for insight and understanding. This dream shook me. I also had three dreams in which my city was flooded. I am a Finnish American living in Falmouth Ma. I live a half mile from the coast. In one of my dreams, my husband, daughter and I are in a boat on our way to a small island off of the island of Martha's Vineyard. The island of Chappaquidick is not there. It has disappeared. We are completely surrounded by water with no land in sight. Please pray for your brothers and sisters in America.

Yours in Christ,
Lea Nivala Wilson



The vision by a Christian woman in Spring 2010

I was in prayer in Spring 2010 when I saw a vision where Finland was divided in two parts along the line Raahe, Kuopio and Lappeenranta.

The upper part of the border was totally empty but the lower part of the border was fully in gold, it radiated brightness. In the sky was flying an eagle which had a big golden ring in its mouth.

Later on I understood that the border was similar to the first border between Russia and Sweden-Finland, the border of the peace of Pähkinäsaari in 1323.



The vision by Rick Sergent on 7-23-2012

The Coming Coup d'état

Rick Sergent - 7/18/12
(David's notes in red)

Wednesday night I had a vision. I saw President Obama. He was at a desk. For whatever reason, it did not look like the one in the Oval Office. It seemed to be a smaller room. He was sitting at this desk and stood up when this military man came in. He appeared to be a general. He had stars on his shoulders. He did not look like a U.S. military man. On each shoulder was a red patch. He also had a red patch or mark on the front of his military cap. (It could symbolize the U.S. military submitting to a socialist, Marxist, communist-type government.)

The president started to talk and the general just listened. When the president stood up, he took and raised his left hand and made a fist. He first appeared to slam his fist on the desk. The Lord seemed to zoom me in for a closer look. He had not slammed his fist on the desk but rather a black Bible on the desk. (The Koran calls Christians and Jews “The people of the Book.” This suggests he will deal harshly with them.) At the time he did this, he said these words to the general: "The people must know that I am the one in control here! We must have boots on the ground to every major city in this country. In smaller cities and towns, the police must know to uphold this law!" The general just nodded his head in acknowledgement and saluted, then left. The vision ended.
(This speaks of the coming of martial law when the Constitution and law of the land is overturned and the US will be ruled by executive order.)


A dream by Michael Boldea Jr. in March 2010

Three Men in A Wheat Field
by Michael Boldea Jr.
March 2010

Shortly after returning to the United States I began having a recurring dream. I have prayed many nights as to whether or not I should share this dream, and I finally received confirmation that I should. There are some dreams or visions that I receive wherein I know instantly that it was either meant for me personally, or that it was intended to be shared. This was not such a dream. After seeking the Lord on the matter however, I know I was supposed to make this dream public.

I dreamt I stood in front of a large wheat field. By the golden hew the wheat stalks had taken on, in my dream, I knew that it was close to harvest time, either late summer or early autumn. It was beautiful and peaceful watching the wheat sway gently in the breeze under a picture perfect blue sky.

As I grew familiar with the scene before me, I began looking around and saw three men, evenly spaced at the edge of the field. One man stood on the left corner of the rectangular field, the second man stood in the middle, and the third man stood on the far right edge.

All three men were dressed in white, and since I was seeing them from behind I could not make out their faces. Each of the three men held something in their right hand. The man on the left held a burning torch, the man in the middle held something that looked like a wineskin, and the man in the far right corner held an old fashioned sickle, and a basket lay on the ground next to him. I recognized the sickle, because I used to play with one in my adolescence while living in Romania.

As I stood and watched this strange scene before me, the man on the far left tipped his torch slightly, and touched one of the wheat stalks with t he lit torch. Suddenly about one third of the entire wheat field burst into flame. The fire went out as quickly as it began a sudden burst of flame, followed by the scorched remnants of a once beautiful wheat field.

As I continued watching, the second man uncorked the wineskin, raised it about shoulder level, and tipped it slightly. One solitary drop of water poured out of the wineskin, but as it made contact with the wheat another third of the field was leveled as though a great wave had just swept through it.

I did not understand what I was seeing but I continued to watch the scene unfold. I was expecting the third man to do something as dramatic as the first two, but instead he simply bent from the waist, grabbed a handful of wheat stalk with his left hand, and with a practiced swing of the sickle cut through it. He then laid the wheat he had cut in the basket. Although there was a solemnity in th e actions of all three men, the gentleness and care with which the third man laid the wheat in the basket stood out for some reason. The man continued the process of cutting wheat and putting it in the basket until it was full, then with practiced ease, tied the wheat into a small bushel with a piece of twine he removed from his waist. He laid the bushel aside, and returned to swinging the sickle and filling the basket. This went on for some time as the man methodically and quickly made bushel after bushel of wheat.

For the first two nights, this is where my dream ended, and as I knew this could not be the end of it, I began to pray that I might either see the conclusion of the dream, or receive the interpretation.

On the third night, the dream began as the previous two nights, with the first man setting fire to one third of the field, the second man flooding one third, and the third man meticulously harvesting the last third, I thought it would be the same dream yet again, until the man with the sickle turned, looked at me and said, ‘the world will know hunger, the faithful will know the power of their God.’ I recognized him; I had seen him in both my dreams and my visions before.

I woke up, and went about my day thinking that I would have the dream again that night, but the dream did not return. I received no further insight or interpretation, but this is what I believe in regards to its meaning:

I believe that a worldwide food shortage is imminent. Whether due to too much sun and not enough rain, or too much rain and unprecedented weather patterns, global agriculture will suffer a severe blow very shortly. I also believe that God has already prepared provision for His children, that He will provide for them, and miraculously so. I do not believe God reveals coming events to His children that they might grow fearful or pan ic, but rather that they might learn to trust Him, knowing that He who is already into tomorrow, has already made provision for it.

Matthew 6:25-26, Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

Matthew 6:31-33, Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.



The word of the Lord by Maurice Sklar on June 28, 2012


Dear Friends,

The Lord spoke to me today as I was watching SCOTUS decision regarding Obamacare and the contempt hearing of Eric Holder. We all need to pray and keep praying for the next several months and make sure you vote and share the gospel.

Thus saith the LORD:

"Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall NOT go unpunished. I hear the cries and the prayers of My people. But why do you cry out to Me now? Go to your idols that you worship, and the king you voted for. Let them deliver you now. Oh America, America! I am weary of your sins. I am grieved at My very heart at your whoredoms and your wickedness. Oh My church, how you
have fallen into lukewarmness, apathy, and sleep! How long shall I bare with your idolatry and whoredoms. These are a stench in My nostrils. You are worse than the pagans that surround you. Your wicked deeds scream at Me louder than your prayers. Why do you cry to Me now? You are only beginning to reap what you have sown. I can bear your sins no more. How can you escape the wrath that is to come? Upon the head of John Roberts lies the guilt and the blame for this Supreme Court ruling, but upon the the nation as a whole lies the guilt of shedding of innocent blood by the millions through abortion; the open and legal embracing of sodomy and all manner of perversion; the daily abominations and sexual perversion through the internet; the departure from My Holy Word in the pulpits; and the greed, lust, selfishness, and disregard for the poor and needy.

You are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. You are more filthy in my sight than Nineveh. You have broken My covenant I made with the Pilgrims, and the Founding Fathers. But, was that enough for you? No! You turned on the very nation and people that you swore in sacred oath to protect and cherish. Israel is My nation and My land forever. You broke covenant with her and pressured her to divide My land, and empowered her enemies to attack her. Why are there fires, and floods, and storms, and earthquakes, and financial disasters, and calamities hitting you from all sides? Repent of your sins, or it shall becomes seven times more severe than it is. Do you dare provoke me to My face? I am a great God and a Holy King! I hold your breath in My hand! You are only one thread away from the fires of hell, as my servant Jonathan Edwards preached to you during your first days, where you professed you love and espousals to Me.
Return, oh return to Me, America, before it is too late!

Concerning, Barak Obama, Thus saith the LORD:

This court ruling, though seemingly in his favor, will be his Waterloo. He shall be disgraced, shamed, and removed from office. For the sake of My Bride, and those few who have not defiled themselves, and have turned to Me in prayer, I will answer. But, as surely as I live, I shall visit this land with judgment. As you have done, so shall it be done to you."

Maurice Sklar
June 28, 2012


A vision by Rick Wiles in 1998 of America's demise


P.O. Box 690069

Vero Beach, FL 32969


May 24, 2012

The Holy Spirit gave me a stunning vision in 1998 of America’s demise when He showed me American cities on fire and refugees staggering out of the burning urban centers. God commissioned me that day in April 1998 to warn the American people that time was running out for this nation to repent and return to obey God’s commandments and ways. I have spent the last 14 years in full-time ministry proclaiming that message.

Since the beginning of 2012, I have detected a marked intensity in the warnings from God. They are coming to me from various sources and ways. Many people are experiencing disturbing dreams. Others are seeing visions. In recent weeks the warnings have taken on an alarming new level of urgency. Reports of prophetic dreams and visions are flooding into our offices daily in recent weeks. Without a doubt, I am convinced that one or more catastrophic events will strike the USA before the end of 2012.

One reoccurring theme I have seen in these various prophetic warnings that have been forwarded to me recently are two general dates in 2012: July/August and November/December. Upon careful examination of these many warnings, it appears that God is telling His saints in America that they must have final preparations in place by late July or early August. I do not know the reason. Perhaps there will be travel restrictions imposed this summer. Again, I do not know the reason. What I do know is that a growing number of mature, devout Christian men and women are privately telling me that God is strongly telling them to have everything in place in July or August. Many of them are selling everything and fleeing the USA.

The second date is fall 2012. Many of the dreams and visions indicate that great woe is coming to the USA in November – notably shortly after the presidential election. In particular, many of the prophetic dreams hint at trouble during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

Several days ago I received three more prophetic dreams from two people who listen to the Trunews radio program. They arrived in my email box simultaneously. I was stunned by the dire warnings of imminent judgment, bloodshed, and captivity. Unless God intervenes, I do not believe the USA will be a free nation beyond November 2012.

I contacted the two recipients of these dreams and asked for permission to release them to the general public. Both agreed on the condition that I not release their names or places of residence.

The first person received two dreams three weeks apart. This person is a newly naturalized American citizen. The first dream arrived in the first week of May 2012. The second part of the dream came on Sunday night, May 20. Likewise, the second person received a prophetic dream on Monday night, May 21, 2012. All three dreams were sent to me on Tuesday May 22, 2012.

Below are the dreams. Do not dismiss these warnings. Instead, seek God with all your heart about what He desires you to do in the coming weeks. Please forward the dreams to everybody you know. You may have only weeks to prepare for a time of horrific violent bloodshed in the streets of America later this year.

Know this: America has forgotten the God who made the nation great. He will now strip away America’s greatness. Perhaps Americans will rediscover His greatness in their poverty and captivity. Sincerely,
Rick Wiles

FIRST PERSON: DREAM #1 – Received first week of May 2012

I saw patriots dressed in battle uniform (from the 1700's) perhaps they were pilgrims. They were on an island. Their leader was hoisting the American flag and it went half mast. Then I saw a man on a balcony looking through a telescope and I could see these patriots through his lens. He was a dictator, an evil man. The next thing I knew he had a canon and fired at the men. I didn't see them get hit but I knew they had died. Then I was on another island. It was more like a forest. I saw a pilgrim woman dressed in a long black dress. She was with child and looked very distressed. She was gathering grain in her skirt. I asked her what she was doing. She replied that she was hungry and had to feed her baby, but there wasn't much food. She warned me "they" were watching her. There were eyes watching us. I felt we were encircled by something like a barbed wire fence or so, not sure, but I knew she couldn't leave the island and she was being watched. Then I realized there were other islands and there were pilgrims/patriots on them and they were stuck there. They couldn't get out, and they were all being watched. It wasn't a good thing to be on those islands. Originally, I thought this dream meant that Christians would flee to islands, but would be trapped as they united to fight the dictator. The second dream, however, revealed they were not on literal islands, but instead, they had fled to places they thought were “safe zones” or “places of refuge.”

FIRST PERSON: DREAM #2 – Received May 20, 2012

My spouse and I were speaking with some old men. They were good men. Kind, very clever and very smart men. One talked about how he built his house with his hands. I saw the house it was made of massive beautiful wood, and it had an ocean front - it was so well built. He was proud of that house. Then another old man was referring to another friend who managed to save $1 million Dollars in his lifetime. He was very old. Then one of them said "they are coming to get our homes, you know" "yes, that's the first thing they're taking, our homes" and maybe I heard him say "when you hear rumors of that it will start to get very bad" or "when that happens it will get very bad". There was a feeling of anxiety but we were still very casual, having fun, even laughing. But all of a sudden everything changed as they were talking.

I suddenly saw hoards of people gathered together in some coastal area. In front of us was a city called "Christian City.” It was what everyone thought was a safe harbor, a city of refuge. There was a sandbar right outside the city - it was on an island. It was a city everyone fled to for safety. It was magnificent; it had huge buildings; it appeared to be fortified. We were assembled with a huge crowd. I knew all these people surrounding me and my spouse were kind people. They had to be Christians.

We were, however, like cattle. There was so much chaos I had a hard time thinking, but I kept hearing a voice in my head saying "Go!" or "Leave" but I was so confused. The voices of the people were so much louder than the voice in my head. Everyone was saying something at the same time. Then something happened. All of a sudden I found myself in a vessel with my spouse and all these people. We were like cattle placed in that vessel against our will. There were evil men, I couldn't see their faces, but they surrounded us. They wore uniforms. They were armed and they were watching us. More people were forced into the vessel against their will.

None of us could believe what was happening. I was so very shocked. I then saw the same pioneer (pilgrim) woman in the black dress on the vessel with me. She was the woman I saw in my other dream. She and I were talking. She was telling me something but I can't remember a word she said, I don't even think I could hear what she was saying. Then I put my hand on her shoulder or her chest and I saw the future.

I saw her on a bed, she was ashen, like a Holocaust victim and I was there with her on her death bed. She must have died. I took my hand off her and I was where I was, back on the vessel. Suddenly the city in front of us was burning. There are no words to describe the feelings I felt in the dream, because my feelings were so intense. It was a feeling of complete and utter fear, grief - deep grief and disbelief all at once.

Suddenly, I saw a multitude of hands from the people trapped in the vessel reach for the city. I reached too. We were all wailing, mourning, and reaching for that beautiful and beloved city. I didn't want to leave it. I remember thinking this is America, I just got here, I love this country so much, it's my home and now it's gone. It was as if my conscious mind connected that city to America in my sleep.

As our hands reached for the burning city, I saw there were children's hands, small hands, old people's hands, so many hands all reaching for the city. My spouse told me to not worry. He tried to assure me that we would escape from the vessel and run back to the island to hide somewhere. He was trying to calm me, but we were both very sad and scared. I knew we would die because there was no way out. There was an indescribable presence of evil.

Suddenly all the hands that were stretching forth to hold onto the burning city started waving goodbye. We all waved goodbye to the City of America that was burning to the ground. We knew the evil authorities were taking us away in the vessels. We didn’t know where they were taking us. We were very afraid. I couldn’t tell which emotion was stronger: grief, dread, or disbelief. I woke up from the dream crying for America.

Upon waking up, I was deeply disturbed by the dream. I spent the day (Monday May 21) in deep prayer and intercession. I believe this is the interpretation the Holy Spirit gave me. It must be God’s thoughts, but I can’t imagine me saying such things. I have never liked the “gloom and doom” message, but these two dreams have shaken me to the core of my soul. Here is what I believe the Lord told me.


Which kingdom do you belong to? The test that is here is the test of obedience. Are you bound to the conveniences of this world? Are you so wedded to the world’s luxuries you’ve known in your lifetime that you cannot let go of it?

When you said "Lord, I will follow You to the ends of the earth. I will do anything for you. I will lay down my life, everything!" Did you say that out of emotion or did you mean it? The test that is here is the test of true sacrifice. Will you follow the Lord wherever He leads you? Will you follow Him to an unknown land where you must learn another people’s culture and language that is so foreign to your lifestyle? Will you truly trust the Hand that leads you, or will you turn it away?

The Lord's hand is outstretched. For now, His mercy is calling you. That time will soon end. His hand will still be outstretched – but for judgment. Which hand will you take? Mercy or judgment?

This is the test: To see if He truly is your Lord and if you truly are of His Kingdom. God weeps over this nation. His heart is broken. He has knocked at the hearts of your people, but they would not listen. Even those who profess to love Him in reality love this life more than Him. The dreams they claim are His are really their own. They suffer from a cacophony of confusion. Voices, there are so many voices. It seems too difficult to discern the Shepherd's voice. Voices in your head, voices from the enemy….voices of people who will not let go of this kingdom and will drag you down with them. Voices everywhere! Be still and listen to His voice.

Watch the time, watch the season. Judgment will strike when you least expect it. People will be merry. They will ignore the air of anxiety. They will speak of the good times of days gone by. Judgment will strike. Confusion…so much confusion!

You will be taken captive against your will. Many good people will suffer. Many innocent people will be killed. Oh the children, the innocent children who will long to go home. (I cannot continue writing what I feel. It is too heavy.)

The test that will soon be here will split marrow from bone. It will separate His true disciples who will follow Him and live from those who will die because of their greed. They follow false dreams and pride of their heart because in the deepest chambers of their hearts they refuse to surrender to Him.

Listen! Listen while there is still time. The window is closing quickly. There will be no safe havens! Dreams of a better future…dreams of great achievements are now gone! They will never return. The veneer is ready to break.

There is no hiding place in the darkness. There is no future in God's judgment. He calls the righteous out. This is the test. It is the beginning of birth pangs. The world will soon change. Though the great change is near, people are in disbelief. They see only the glory of the past. They long for America’s past glory to be their future.

This is the test that divides flesh and spirit. The true man – whether flesh or spirit – will decide his or her fate. This nation will soon witness its fall. God’s hand of mercy is stretched out for you. Which kingdom will you serve? Where your treasure is, there your heart will be too.

SECOND PERSON: Dream received May 21, 2012

I had this dream last night…early morning actually because it woke me up when it was finished. It was around 5:30-6am. It was very disturbing. I felt a great deal of sorrow and mourning when I woke up. It was very heavy. The dream was a series of “scenes” in which I saw back to back. It made me very sad.


Scene #1

A family was sitting at a dinner table. Mom, dad, baby in high chair and 2 small children. They were enjoying a meal. A bomb was placed down in the middle of the table and they completely ignored it. The bomb was round and large – about ½ the size of a basketball. The family kept eating. At first the mother and father slightly glimpsed at it but then they ignored it. The children started drawing on it with crayons. The parents were interacting with their children and laughing. Then the bomb started ticking and the ticking became more intense, louder and faster. Their eating slowed down and the parents looked at each other in fear. Then the ticket stopped and the parents grabbed each other’s hands and held on to their children. The bomb exploded.

Scene #2

Men were in a yard throwing a baseball. They were playing a game of baseball together. It wasn’t professional baseball. It was like a bunch of family members together playing ball. In the middle of throwing the ball the ball exchanged to a grenade. It looked like a grenade was thrown in to the game and the regular game ball fell by the side. The men at first looked at the grenade but paid no attention to it and continued to throw it….they continued with the game. Then it went off.

Scene #3

Men were running down a football field toward the goal. People in the stands were cheering. It was a professional football game. As they were running toward the goal a large missile came through the air, skidded in the dirt and dug in to the dirt right beside the goal. No one paid any attention to it being there…they were so engrossed with the amazing play and the game. The crowd was standing and cheering. I saw a couple of the football players (as they were running) look at each other and the missile that was buried half way in to the dirt. But they kept on running. Moments after the touchdown, the missile exploded. (The team was wearing a dark red color and I thought I saw something gold.)

Scene #4

Children were playing on the school playground. A fence surrounded the entire parameter of the school. Suddenly men dressed in long white gowns and white headdresses started coming out of the woods. Others got out of cars. They made their way to the fence and surrounded the school. The teachers on the playground watched the men gather. They had a look of uncertainty and worry but they said and did nothing. They just stood there and watched as the children continued to play. It seemed like a loud echoing sound was heard…then all at once in unison they jumped over the fence, pulled machetes from their gowns and began their terror. I don’t want to write what I saw.

Scene #5

Men and women that looked very ashen and thin were walking toward what looked like on the outside a bank. They walked up to the bank and put their money through a slot that was accepting their “deposit.” They seemed sad and lifeless. Part of the bank became transparent so I could see in to it. It was totally destroyed on the inside….there was nothing. It looked like a b0mb went off on the inside – it was a bottomless pit. There was nothing there – no floor. I saw the people putting their money into the slot. The money merely floated down into the bottomless pit.

I asked the Lord when these things will happen. I’m frightened. I don’t want this to happen to us and our children. The Lord said “Go back and look again.” I revisited every single scene. This is what I saw:

The family at the table: They were dressed in sweaters and on their plates was cranberry sauce. The flowers on the table were not “spring or summer” flowers – they were darker in color – looked more fall.

The men playing ball were wearing jackets.

The people in the crowds at the football game were wearing coats, some had scarves on, there was a light drizzle of snow that was dissipating on the ground. I saw the breath of the players.

The children at the playground: The children were dressed warmly with heavy jackets. The men at the fence – their gowns were blowing heavily in the wind – the wind was very heavy.

The people at the bank were wearing coats and jackets.

The final scene: I was using my hand to scrape away a thin layer of ice from a window so I could peer through….when I cleared the window I saw a large city with smoke coming from its buildings. I remember saying in great sorrow, “My America! My America!”

I woke up immediately and felt a great sense of sorrow and mourning.



The vision by Marita on 04-20-2012

When I was in my kitchen on 04-20-2012 I  saw suddenly in east-north direction angels in a row where these angels were side by side from east to north. Every angel had a long sword in their right hand. I saw later that there was also a second row of angels protecting Finland far away from this first angel guardian post.

- - - - - - -

The comment by Jouko Piho on 04-29-2012

This is pretty obvious. Russians from the east are still a potential threat for Finland, even if politicians claim otherwise.

God's angels are protecting Finland to the point which is God's will. There are also many prophecies that this protection will end
when it is time that Finland will have its judgment meaning all kind of calamitites, hunger and social chaos, but also Russian occupation of Eastern and Northern parts of Finland.



The message by a brother from Sweden

There will be three prophets in Finland, who will work in the spirit and
power of Elijah. Their message is: "Repent, because the coming
of the Lord is near."

They will have a power to heal all sicknesses in the name of Jesus,
even to raise the dead alive.



The prophecy by Michael Evans in 1981

This is extracts from the letter of Michael Evans on April 1, 2012.

"Shalom from the Holy City of Jerusalem!

I have an amazing prophetic miracle to share with you today from the Holy City . . .
the fulfillment of a dream that began more than thirty years ago.

God told me to go to Israel and meet with then Prime Minister Menachem Begin.
While I was on that trip, I spoke to Mr. Begin about the vision God had given me
to build a bridge between Bible-believers in America and the Jews of Israel.
He was intrigued by the idea. In fact his first response was, "Let's build it
together!" And we did.

It was while I was on that trip that I first met Benjamin Netanyahu and
anointed him with oil, prophesying that he would twice serve as Prime Minister
of Israel . . . and that the second time would be during Israel's greatest moment
of crisis

- - - - - - -

Other information

Michael Evans and his Jerusalem Prayer Team are planning to purchase a building
in Jerusalem near the Temple Site for their headquarters from which they can minister
to the Jewish people. It is called tentatively the Jerusalem World Center. If you
want to know more about Michael Evans and if you want to make a donation for
the Jerusalem Prayer Team and especially for this new building project, please
visit his website in the following address.



The dream by Magnus Carlsson during the autumn of 2011


I was in the dream in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I saw how
dirty the city was. All houses were gray (unwashed) . The sun had big
difficulties to bring in the light. Only few times the light was able
to bring in some light, but even then the light could not shine with
full effect and vanished away again.

I saw some kind of fog at some places in the city. What this was, I
have not directly any information. If it were glory clouds, I am not
sure. The fog I saw was on ground level.


Then in the dream I was in central Stockholm directly south of the
central railway station on the northern side of the big lake Mälaren.
In this area you got the government house just a few hundred meters away and
the big lake Mälaren has its outflow into the Baltic sea. Over the city
hang clouds but when I saw westwards, over the lake Mälaren, I could
see blue sky in the far west. When I saw the blue free sky in the west,
I said to myself something like "the rescue is coming/the Liberator is
coming?" When I had said this I heard a voice next to me. I looked
around and on the bench next to me sat our deaconess, (a person that I
know follow the Bible). She said: "Yes, the rescue is coming/the
Liberator is coming, but before that comes the storm." And then she
added: "You must seek protection?"


When she had said this, suddenly, things started to happen. She still
looked to the west straight towards the blue sky in the west. When I
looked at her, her face changed dramatically. It was like all here face
dried up/ sucked in, little like you can see a mummy, but here eyes
were still looking straight towards the light. At the same movement the
earth started to shake. It was an earthquake that came. I started to
run eastwards (towards the Baltic sea) but did not come far before one
bridge you can walk under fell over me.


I looked up and saw two rescue workers standing on the bridge looking
down on me where I lay in the rubble. One of the them had a a very large
headlamp (a round 25 cm diameter headlamp) and his comrade a much
smaller headlamp. When I saw the man with the large headlamp looking
down on me I knew I was saved.


When I then came out and looked around in the city, I saw a clean
city, a city with full colors. The sun shone with full power on the
blue sky. I cannot remember that I saw anything of the earthquake when
I looked in the city, only that everything that was so wrong when the
dream started had gone.

- - - - - - -

The comments by Magnus Carlsson

If this dream is given from God, then it speaks to the nation of
Sweden. (Stockholm is the capital and is representing the nation).
A gray city is a nation which is a nation which in general has a problem
of listening and following God's Word, even though there is a remnant
who serves the Lord Jeshua.






(Lisa: a list of volcanoes near Seattle)



















A prophetic message by Maurice Sklar on 04-03-2012

                               Maurice Sklar

In a message dated 4/3/2012 10:44:18 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Friends,

This evening, while watching the news concerning the Supreme Court and Obama's recent rants against them, the Lord spoke to me and said:

"Pride goes before a fall. President Obama has overstepped his authority, and I will humble and judge him before the entire nation."

I have never heard the Lord speak to me concerning His judging Obama. I did hear the Lord speak to me that HE was judgment on America when he was elected.

BUT...God's people have been obeying 2chronicles 7:14 to humble ourselves and pray...and GOD IS ANSWERING! I am telling you by the Holy Spirit...Obama's days are numbered. Just watch what happens now...there has been a victory in the Spirit, and there may yet be a turn of the tide concerning America. I pray that God would give us a little more time. This is the first encouraging word I have had about America in a long time. Praise the Lord! I was instructed also to release this word immediately, so...I have done so. Amen.


Maurice Sklar

Maurice Sklar Ministries . 12127 Mall Boulevard . Suite A440 . Victorville CA 92392 . (646) 244-7350 .



A vision of Finland by Anja Haapaniemi Marin on November 2002

I found your website late last night searching for the source of the Maurice Sklar vision. My name is Paul U. Marin, a retired pastor of 2 years. My 4 grandparents came from Finland. My wife Anja Haapaniemi Marin is from Kalajoki. My spiritual roots are Laestadian associated with the Finnish Rauhan Sana Group.

The call on my life during the pastorate was revival. I experienced the Holy Spirit sovereignly in a whole week in January of 1996. At Rauhan Sana services in Kalajoki in 6/96, I preached a sermon I received in a dream the night we arrived in Kalajoki. It is the only time I have received a sermon outline in a dream.
We left the Apostolic Lutheran Church in 4/98 and shortly thereafter began an indepedent church that I called charisvangel. Jesus said to worship in spirit and truth.

My present call is to prepare the way of the Lord (Is. 40:3) and speak boldly of God's alarm clock Israel.

Anja's spiritual roots is the Rauhan Sana Group. Her 11/2002 vision was as follows:
" I could see the map of Finland before me. Then, it got filled with the color blue. In the middle of the map appeared a large white sheep. The sheep was in a sitting position facing the west. A red line formed starting from the top of the map and came down through the sheep and went to the bottom of the map."

On September 26, 2003 as Anja was watching the 700 Club news a report was being given on Israel. She immediately saw her vision as Finland being a sheep nation as the nations are being judged.



The prophetic words by Kevin Barrett on March 9, 2012

Heed My warnings before it is too late

Today in my morning prayer time, the Lord said these words to me: Tell My people that I love them with an everlasting love.

Word of the Lord:

My people, why? Why do you not heed My warnings to prepare? My people, hear Me this day. Soon and very soon your world will change and life as you know it will never be the same again. Business as usual will no longer be the norm. But destructions at noonday, pestilences, wars and terror will all come upon this world suddenly. Many will be troubled on all sides. Many will be wearied and troubled in soul for all that is coming upon the earth.

My people, hear Me. I shall have a remnant that shall stand strong in the midst of the storms. These shall guide and do miracles for the hurting and lost. My people, I do not want you caught unaware when this comes upon you suddenly. Hear My heart crying out to you to prepare. Seek Me in what you should do to prepare. Again I say to you all as I have said before, you know not the hour that this all shall come. But those with ears to hear shall hear the leading of My Spirit in what to do to prepare. Oh, My little lambs, why do you take my warnings so lightly. Would you take your news casters lightly if they warned of coming destruction upon your city? Or would you heed their warnings and seek shelter and safety? Then why, My people, do you not heed the warnings of your God?

My people, what else must I do to shake you awake to what is at your doorstep? Why? Why do you take My warnings lightly and do not prepare yourselves? Seek Me, My people, in what you should do. Some I will tell you to stay where I have you. Others I will tell you to move to another place of My safety. All will not be well as the prophets of ease tell you. They speak lies and do not warn or prepare My people. I am crying out to you all today to heed My warnings. In the days of Noah the people did not heed his warnings and suddenly the door was shut and it was too late for those that did not heed. Take this story as your example and do not be one of the foolish ones that shall be taken when calamity suddenly strikes.

Woe, My people. Woe unto those that do not heed My warnings. I have sent many prophets to warn you. But you do not heed. You do not like listening to those you have called dooms day sayers. Well those dooms day sayers are My trumpets in the land. And soon the day shall come when many shall say, Woe unto us for we did not heed the prophets of God. For you only desire to hear what tickles your fleshly ears. But suddenly all these flattering prophecies of lies shall stop when destruction suddenly comes like labor pains upon a woman ready to give birth. My people, hear Me. Soon and very soon, even My warnings will stop as then it will be too late for many that did not prepare.

I love you, My people, with an everlasting love. I do not desire that any of you should perish. So heed My words this day and prepare before it is too late even for My little ones.

Proverbs 27:12 The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.

Luke 21:25-26 And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And here on earth the nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides. People will be terrified at what they see coming upon the earth, for the powers in the heavens will be shaken.

Isaiah 37:32 For out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant, and out of mount Zion they that shall escape: the zeal of the LORD of hosts shall perform this.

Daniel 11:32 And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

Matthew 7:24-27 Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 While people are saying, There is peace and security, then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

Matthew 24:36-44 But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only. For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. Then two men will be in the field; one will be taken and one left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken and one left.

Jeremiah 14:14-16 And the LORD said to me: The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds. Therefore thus says the LORD concerning the prophets who prophesy in my name although I did not send them, and who say, Sword and famine shall not come upon this land: By sword and famine those prophets shall be consumed And the people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem, victims of famine and sword, with none to bury themthem, their wives, their sons, and their daughters. For I will pour out their evil upon them.

Psalm 91 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust. For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler. You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor the destruction that wastes at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only look with your eyes and see the recompense of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord your dwelling placethe Most High, who is my refuge no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone. You will tread on the lion and the adder; the young lion and the serpent you will trample underfoot. Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name. When he calls to me,
I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.



A Vision of a Victorian Mansion by Maurice Sklar on March 3, 2012


I had a vision of a large Victorian style mansion. It was a magnificent, palatial and massive residence. It was painted white with blue trim and red shutters.
There was a large turret on the left side of it, with windows at the top. There was a porch that surrounded the house on every side with rocking chairs out front. Lush landscaping and potted hanging flowerpots adorned the porch and there was an expansive lawn that was immaculate and large live oak trees that looked over 200 years old could be seen all over the property. It was a perfect day, and this mansion looked impeccable as the afternoon sunlight cascaded through the trees as I walked towards it. It was the most beautiful house I had ever seen. There was not one flaw in the exterior. It looked freshly painted and a large American flag was hung on a suspended wooden rod extending from the left wood column at the top of the entrance stairs to the porch. I couldn’t help noticing that the flag colors were perfectly mirrored in the color design of the exterior. There were the red shutters that framed the floor to ceiling windows on the first story, and also the windows in the two upper stories. The trim and the porch were painted dark blue, and the house was creamy white.


I just stood and looked at it for some time. I heard the voice of the Lord say, “Son, do you know what this is?” I said, “It looks like a turn of the century Victorian home in perfect condition.” Then he said, “This is the United States of America”. All is not as it looks. For it is being eaten and destroyed from within.” Then the Lord said, “LOOK!”


For a long while, I didn’t see anything new – just a perfect day; a gentle breeze; and a wonderful view of this perfect mansion. Then, all of a sudden, I seemed to zoom in towards the house rapidly. Like a movie, I seemed to move toward the house and focused on the floor/foundation. Then, I noticed that the house was suspended on brick and had about twenty to thirty small supports that held it up. I was under the house now looking at the floor, which I saw was all wood with long heavy beams going from front to back. At first it looked fine, but then my eyes seemed to adjust and I began to see that there was decay and holes in the beams. I saw mildew and rotten areas in parts of those beams.


Then, I seemed to go right into the floor from the bottom. What I saw shocked me. It was like a horror movie. I saw into the inside of the floor. I was “in” it now. There were thousands of termites and other hideous looking insectseating the wood out from the inside. I was moving rapidly now through the floorboards. Everywhere I looked the wooden foundation was nearly eaten out from the inside. I could hear the termites chewing…just armies of them…in almost military precision. Everywhere I looked, it was nearly eaten away. The massive beams that held the house up were hollowed out from the inside. I saw that it would soon collapse, for the wood was nearly gone.


Then, I somehow went straight up inside the right wall and followed the path of these hideous termite insects. They looked like demons with pincers on the front of their heads like crab claws. They were just tearing the wood off a piece at a time and eating it. I seemed to be the same size as they were. They looked huge to me, but I knew they were actually small. There were millions and millions them. I knew that this wall wouldn’t be there much longer. Then, I seemed to move very quickly through the inside of the attic ceiling, across the top of the house, and down the back. It was infested in every part, but the back was the worst. I knew it wouldn’t be long before these terrible bugs would eat their way out to the exterior. There was hardly any wood left.


Then, I suddenly “zoomed” out of the house, and I was once again standing about 25 feet away where I had been before. Again, it looked so pristine and beautiful. Not one blemish could be seen on the outside. Then the Lord said, “Watch.” Suddenly, the stairs to the front porch just cracked right down the middle, and the whole house seemed to fall into itself. It just cracked right down the middle! The whole house shuddered, and that crack went all the way down. The house just sagged in the middle, but remained standing.


Then, about five minutes later, cracks started appearing all over the walls, and those terrible termites started crawling and swarming the outside exterior. They were devouring the shutters, then the trim, and then there were so many you could hardly see the white paint. Then, the house collapsed into itself. The walls imploded and the roof began to collapse. At every crack, those hideous bugs just swarmed out by the thousands and covered the roof. The walls held out for some time, though they were no longer standing straight. They were slanted in at almost a forty-five degree angle. Then, finally, the whole house just collapsed on itself in a heap of ruins and the termites just swarmed over the top of it like it was a massive ant hill.


Then the Lord said, “America is being eaten from within. Its’ days are numbered. There are three parts in its financial collapse. The first crack in the foundation happened in September of 2008. The collapse of the walls is the second drop in the dollar soon to come. The dollar will lose 30% more of its value. Then the whole financial system will crumble and all of America’s wealth will be devoured. But, during this terrible time I will visit America again. A third Great Awakening will come. But, the days of America’s glory and beauty will never again be seen. My judgment shall come swiftly upon all those that have turned their backs to Me.”





Dear Bride of Christ,

Today the 25TH Dec. 2011, after we finished praying at midnight prayers, I was shown a straight Vision of Nuclear War against IRAN. In the vision, I was taken to Iran in the air and from a distance I could see the Israeli warplanes flied very high in the Iranian airspace and bombarded the radars of Iranian airspace. As the radars of Iran were being destroyed, the Iranian army was in panic and started running to try to understand what was happening when the US and Israeli warplanes immediately bombarded the Nuclear facilities of Iran and I saw the clash of fire and huge smoke arise from the scenes. The Iranians tried to response with small guns but it was late, because the Israeli and US planes had already brought serious damage and destruction to their positions. I was surprised and I started saying: the Iranians boast of having missiles, how come they cannot respond to the attack?

Then I saw nuclear radiations scatter in the air of Iran through the dust and smoke. The attack on Iran was so fast that it caught the Iranians by surprise and they were unable to really do anything, then in few seconds, the planes of Israeli Army and the US Air force backup returned to their positions calmly with no counter attack from Iran. At this junction, I woke up and told my wife what I was seeing.

Brethren, this nuclear war is real and serious, I even thought it was happening today. Prepare yourself for the coming of the LORD and get ready in this end of the year because the LORD can come at any moment now.




(Note from Sandy:  I typed the sections of the sermon that were directly related to the Word.  Any place where there is an ellipsis, sections are missing. 
A few  places in the live telecast the sound was unclear and those words are marked in parenthesis and ??? where I was unsure.

Sadhu begins the prophesy by saying He was visited by the prophet Zechariah.  He was also visited by Jesus and angels confirming the same subject. 
Please remember that God is the God of the living, not the dead.  This is scriptural as Jesus Himself was visited by Moses and Elijah on the Mt of Transfiguration, and that was witnessed by Peter, James and John.)

Live Telecast of Open Heavens Prophetic Conference 2011 held in Jerusalem  12/06/11

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Sadhu had a visitation from the prophet Zechariah who told him the following scripture.

Zech 14:1-3 NKJV

Behold, the day of the Lord is coming, And your spoil will be divided in your midst. 2 For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem;
The city shall be taken, The houses rifled, And the women ravished. Half of the city shall go into captivity, But the remnant of the people shall not be cut off from the city. 3 Then the Lord will go forth And fight against those nations, As He fights in the day of battle.

"After reading I looked up at the saint and asked, "What does the scripture mean?"  He said, "The city of Jerusalem is going to be divided very soon." 
That was the shocking statement that he made.  And I just looked at him and said, "Sir how is it possible?"  And then he explained to me what are the ramifications that are going to take place.  How it is going to take place. 

And when we came here on the 5th of December, I spent the whole day in prayer before the Lord that day... I waited on the Lord ... and as soon as I entered into my room I saw this huge mighty angel in the living room part of the room.  I approached them and asked them, what Word have you brought? 
And they reiterated the same thing, "The city is going to be divided very soon.  This is what you shall share and this is what is going to happen. 
And this is what is going to happen very soon now.  It is going to be divided very soon."  I was shocked.  But they went on to explain to me how it is going to happen.  What are the events that will lead up to all that...

...My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, there is a war that is coming over this city.  Zechariah 14 verses one and two tells us very clearly.  For I will gather all the nations to against Jerusalem to battle.  He doesnt say I will gather all nations against the nation Israel.  Very specifically against Jerusalem and the city shall be taken, captured, occupied.  I looked into all the root Hebrew words.  And that what it says, it will be taken into captivity just like how it happened in the olden days when they went into Babylonian captivity.  And the houses rifled, broken down, destroyed.  And the women ravished, raped, put to shame.  And half the city, not the entire city, half the city shall go forth into captivity.  And the residue of the people shall not be cut off
from the city... 

....  All these angels that are watching over this city.  Michael standing guard over this great nation.  Now they will all pull back, everyone of them will pull back.  Like how they pulled back and they were restrained not to protect the Lord Jesus, (Sadhu had just spoken about Jesus' crucifixion when the angels were restrained) they were all pulled back.  Because the city must be divided. 

It's a painful event that's going to take place.  Not a pleasurable event.  It's going to be a painful event.  But Israel needs to walk through that part so that other prophetic events can take place.  She also must walk through that part of the cross so to speak, so that she will look up just like the Lord Jesus Christ, "My Father, My Father why have You forsaken me?"  She will cry out, "Oh Lord God where are You, please help us!"  She will cry out, she will cry during those moments of her crucifixion.  That is necessary. Then will be fulfilled what is written in Zech 12 verse 10, and they cried out and the Spirit of grace was poured
out upon the nation.  And she began to cry out unto the Living God.  Just like the children of Israel began to cry out for 400 years.  "Send us the deliverer Lord! 
Send us the deliverer!"  And when God called Moses He said the cries of My people have reached My ears.  That's what He says.  Their cries have reached My ears.

All these years, the last 2,000 years it's the Gentiles that have been praying for Israel.  All the Gentiles, and there are some Messianic Jews, but the majority are Gentiles.  It's the Gentiles that have been coming to bless the nation.  It's the Gentiles who have been praying for the salvation of Israel.  But in the equation of God not only others must pray, you must also pray.  (Sadhu is prophesying this at a conference in Jerusalem.)  So the prayers of the Jew are also necessary to be mingled together with the tears of the Gentiles.  They must be mixed together.  So how is she going to get an opportunity to cry out
to the Living God?

She must be crucified and then she will cry out to the Lord.  And this is the part they need to walk through.  If you read Isaiah chapter 37, verse 35 it also tells us how the city will be taken and it will be divided.  (????  I rewound my tape and listened over and over and Sadhu clearly said that scripture, however it doesnt make sense, so I am not sure what scripture he meant..)

I saw the Lord Jesus appear and He said, "Come aside I want to talk with you"...  I went up to my room and I saw the Lord Jesus standing out on the balcony. 
So I went out into the balcony and I stood there.  And the Lord Jesus was just looking at the city.... He was pointing at places where He did His work. 
As I looked around, the city looked so very calm, serene, gentle.  As I was looking, suddenly a building, maybe a 10 story building, it just exploded.  And it began to crumple with dust and smoke.  All this is happening right before my eyes.  And just before the shock was to sink in, I saw on the other side a huge high-rise hotel and a missile came and fell on top of it and it just crumbled and ashes like how I saw the Twin Towers come down in 2001.  And airplanes, warplanes were flying all over the sky. 

And the Lord Jesus said when we saw all of this, tears streaming down His eyes, "My city will suffer the (???) of war."  And I saw the angels standing there with me and they said, "In the war Israel will put up a stave fight against the enemies amidst heavy losses."  She shall suffer heavy losses. 
In the past she suffered minimal losses.  There were losses, but they were minimal.  But this time all the restraints will be removed.

This is the picture they gave me in comparison.  They said, "Look at the Lord Jesus.  When His moment came and He surrendered Himself, how He was beaten." 
That is a simile , a parable to you what is going to happened to this city.  She will be beaten, she will be slashed, she will be butchered, dead bodies will be lying on the streets, little kids, young people, bombs exploded and they will be lying on the streets. Their bodies will be lying everywhere and it is a horrible sight to see. 

A political trap will be laid out for the city to be captured.  She will be deceived by those who love her....If you remember Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar. 
His closest friend Brutus is the one to give the deadly blow to Julius Caesar.  Everyone who (struck ??) Julius Caesar were all this close associates.   
They were not his enemies.  They were close associates and Brutus was his best friend.  It was he who dealt a deadly blow.  Likewise Israel's closest ally and her lover will set a political trap for the city to be captured.  Then the son of perdition will come to offer peace.  A land for peace deal...

...Land to be traded for peace.  Israel withstood strongly (back) then, but this time she will fall for the political trap that will be set before her.  And I saw in a vision, the Prime Minister of Israel very helpless.  Feeling so shocked that this friend that he trusted would come as an ally to help, who came as a disguise as a friend.  But it was a trap that said for them to give up, they will have no choice but to surrender half of the city.  They will give it away, that is how the city will be divided. 

And the disguise is this.  The son of perdition will be the one who will broker like for peace.  To make peace with the land.  Ok we will divide the land into half, the city into 2 half, you take one half and the other guys get one half.  And in return you get peace promised, guaranteed peace.  And comes the bonus, you get to build the temple.  Already now, secular Jews, they dont care whether the whole of Jerusalem is intact or not.  They dont care if Golan Heights stays with Israel or not, they dont care... 

... Can you imagine if Golan Heights is surrendered?  All the rockets will be launched from Golan heights.  Can you imagine if Jerusalem is divided into two? 
I dont want to imagine it. 

Daniel 9:27 will be fulfilled at that time. 

Dan 9:27 NKJV

Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; But in the middle of the week He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate, Even until the consummation, which is determined, Is poured out on the desolate."

There will be a peace treaty made.  And the person who brokers the peace is called the prince of the people.  And he is also called the son of perdition. 
And I am sure all wise Christians know who is the son of perdition, he will broker the peace.  Even now I was told the son of perdition is making plans with the beast for this division of the city to take place.  Even now they are all being planned. 

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters what you see as a beautiful city from the outside, and all her allies from the outside are not really allies. 
They're not.  They are made to look like good allies.  No they are just waiting, everyone of them to step on Israel's back.  She will be all alone by herself. 
She will have no friends.  Her only friend will be the church.  The church will be her only friend, no one else. 

The UN will gather all the nations to force Israel to divide Jerusalem.  This was prophesied by Amos in chapter 7, verse 17.

Amos 7:17 NKJV

Therefore thus says the Lord: 'Your wife shall be a harlot in the city; Your sons and daughters shall fall by the sword; Your land shall be divided by survey line; You shall die in a defiled land; And Israel shall surely be led away captive From his own land.'"

And the prime minister of Israel at that time, he will have no choice but to surrender.  because the friends whom they have trusted to help has betrayed them.  And they will have no choice.

Now what is the aftermath?  You know God is not going to simply sit back and keep quiet and let all hell break loose.  He will not do that.  If you touch the apple of His eye, be careful with Who you are contending with.  You will have to contend with God Himself.  History proves this.  When Pharaoh tried to stand against Moses, he was not standing against Moses.  He was standing against the God who sent Moses.  Then what happened? 
The Lord sent them one judgment, two judgment, one by one.  Finally the Lord said "It's enough.  I've had it."  And He made a plan, OK bring them all to the Red Sea.  It seems to the natural that the Israelites were forsaken.  And that is what is seemed.  "Why have you brought us here to die? 
Isnt there any sea on Egypt?"  They all murmured against Moses....But this was God's great plan.  He was luring the Egyptian army for one final blow. 
And God told Moses, these Egyptians you see today, you will never see them anymore for the rest of your lives.  And while Israel was safely out of the Red Sea, the Egyptian army thought OK the sea was waiting for us to cross over.  And while they were all jolly good in the middle of the path, the wall of sea came over them. 

In the same way, history will be repeated one more time.  The aftermath of dividing Jerusalem, what is going to happen?  Great earthquakes are going to happen in many places around the world.  When the Lord Jesus died on the cross, there was a great earthquake.  When He arose from the dead there was a great earthquake.  When He comes again and His feel lands on the Mt of Olives there will be a great earthquake.  Likewise, when the city is divided there will be great earthquakes in many places around the world, followed by great tidal waves.  Huge, monstrous tidal waves. 

What you see happen in 2004 tsunami and what you see happen to Japan to March, 2011 is nothing compared to this huge monstrous tidal wave. 
I saw that when they were explaining to me.  This huge monstrous tidal wave coming across the Pacific Ocean, moving at great speed that nobody can stop. 

And the third thing.  I was fasting and praying on Mt Sinai and when this was spoken to me I saw in an open vision what is going to happen to this other nation that will be a prime (mover ???)  in this separation of Jerusalem.  Right before my open eyes I saw a 3 dimensional map of the United States of America.  This map appeared like on what you see on the news networks.  Three dimensional map.  Huge map.  An angel, a mighty angel with a drawn sword standing beside the map and he turned and looked at me.  And he said, "This will be the judgment upon this nation who will turn her back against God's people."  And with that, with the sword he pierced the very center of the land and cut it asunder.  (Upon the word asunder,
there was a sudden huge sound coming through our speakers(!!) and I missed an entire sentence that was undecipherable.)

This will happen.  And the nations that were responsible for dividing Jerusalem, God will gather them for war to destroy them. Joel 3:2 and Zech 14:3 tells us like that. 

Joel 3:2 NKJV

I will also gather all nations, And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;

And I will enter into judgment with them there On account of My people, My heritage Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; They have also divided up My land.

Zech 14:3  NKJV

Then the Lord will go forth And fight against those nations, As He fights in the day of battle.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, I prayed very much you know.  "So what about all the righteous people who are living in this land?" 
I prayed very much.  I asked the Lord this question.  I asked the angel this question.  "What about the Messianic Jews, the righteous people in this land?" And they all assured me they will be protected.  Not a single hair will fall down from their head to the ground.  They will be protected, and not only them, but during these days, God will even speak to many Christians to move into the land of Israel.  Even Christians, God will speak to them, "You move and stay in the land because the fervent prayers of the righteous people are needed."  The prayers of the righteous are needed to be raised up for this land for such a time as this. 

So if you ever hear the nudging, even the tuck of pull in your spirit about moving to Israel, dont doubt.  Today I tell you that is the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to you.  Move, dont wait to delay!  In fact even the Lord told us we shall have an inheritance in this land. So Jesus will plant His foot in this land.  We will do that, we are not going to run away from Israel, we stay with her.  In the hour of her crisis, in the hour of her tears, just like John the Beloved was the only one who stood with the Lord Jesus til the end  God's people must be like that to stay with Israel til the end."



A Word of Warning for Australia by Terry Bennett in December 2011

In the experience I was shown significant pressure being placed on Australia to give large secure debt loans in order to help the debt crisis in some nations.
The pressure was coming from Europe, Great Britain, and the USA. I saw Australia surrender to the pressure, and then I saw a large amount of money being shipped or transferred to other nations. I also saw a large number of protestors in Australia protesting the decision to give and loan these monies.

A word of warning: The giving or loaning of large amounts of money would be a clear mistake. No matter what pressure or by who or whom it is coming, you should resist and refuse large involvement in the financial crisis in Europe, Great Britain, and the USA. If you involve yourself and say yes to the call for financial help, you will suffer loss yourself and open the door for crisis, financial and civil, within Australia.

The Lord desires to preserve Australia, protecting her from the plans of man and making her a refuge nation in these difficult times. May the Lord grant His wisdom to Australia to not become encumbered by the banking system's demands or schemes.



The Prophecy for 2012 by John S. Lawler Sr. on 09-03-2011

I asked the Lord on 9-3-11 what I could expect to see in America in the upcoming year and the following is what the Lord shared with me:

My son, in the upcoming year of 2012, you can expect to see me move in a mighty way. There will be rivers that will flow backwards. There will be people who are lost that will be saved through my mighty works. There will be divine intervention into the affairs of man and I will come and dwell in the midst of my people. All will come to know me in this upcoming year for the God that I am. I will be to those who love me a loving father but to those who don’t I will be thorn in their side. I will shake this nation and the nations of the world until they acknowledge that I am Lord. The markets of the world will crash and all who put their trust in man will become very disappointed and dismayed. I am going to allow many things to take place that will truly cause fear to come upon those who do not know or acknowledge me for who I am. The wind will blow and the seas will roar around the world in fearful ways. I am allowing all that can be shaken to shake for this is the time of the end and what I have said in my word will surely come to past as I have spoken it. It is not my desire that any perish but that all be saved but I cannot cause people to want me and love me over what they want for themselves. I  love mankind and what I have created and want to be all that I said I would be to them, but I cannot and will not make anyone to want me unless they have a desire to do so themselves. This is going to be a very hard time for most and only for those who know me not. My people who truly know and love me will flourish in this year of 2012.

I again asked the Lord on 11-11-11 if there was anything else he would like to share with me about the upcoming year of 2012 and the following is what the Lord shared with me:

My son the year 2012 will be a year in which I will now come and deliver my people. I am about to do great things in the midst of my people and those who have been faithful to me will truly shine in this up coming year. I know that most of my people are asleep as to what I am doing so I am going to give them all a wakeup call. There is much to be done in the days ahead and so therefore I can’t have a sleeping bride. I will truly bring the fear of the Lord into the midst of my people and this will truly bring my people to attention. I am a God of my word and I will truly do as I say.
Don’t allow the majority of my people to cause you to error because of what they do for most will scoff and continue to scoff at what I say to them.
But in the upcoming year they will come to know me for the God that I am and most will flee from my presence. There will be a great falling away in this upcoming year because of the stress my actions will bring upon them and they will wonder who is causing all the trouble they are experiencing but I will let them know that what I have said through my prophets is true and all will come to know that what I say I will do. No longer will my word be prolonged but there will come an immediate action to what I say. I will be available to those who repent and ask for forgiveness but for those who don’t my wrath will be upon them.

The Lord also spoke to me on 11-30-11 and shared with me the following:

My son this is the hour and time that I spoke of in my word that I would bring justice to the earth in a way that would get the attention of all. I am doing what I said I would do and you are now seeing the beginning of sorrows. This will be a time when I wake up my people to the fact that I am coming soon. I said in my word that this would happen and now it will surely come to past as I have spoken. Don’t be misled by what others say for they too have been misled by listening to others and do not realize that they are in error as to what they believe. I will show my people a little at a time as to what I am doing and as they follow me they will understand and know the times they are living in. Many in the past made a lot of assumptions as to what I was doing but did not take the time to get the full council of God. I will not allow this to continue and will indeed silence
the mouths of those who would speak in opposition of my will. I will now allow those who I have chosen to come fourth and be ones who will speak for me in the days ahead.

The above prophecies may be shared with whoever you want to share them with as long as they are kept in full context as they have been given.

Your comments are always welcomed.

John S. Lawler Sr.



The vision by Jeannette L. Vetter several years ago

Original source:

It has been years since I had this night vision. I had reported it to Lee at the time it happened and other trusted friends. I had no understanding of it at the time and neither did Lee. I was unsettle by the dream over the years and did not write it up. I continued to talk about it to others but current news events did not report such findings about Iran's military buildup at the time. I would often think about the dream hoping it was untrue. The worsening of the world’s condition caused me to write a detailed description of what was shown to me. It is an understatement when I say that I am not taking advantage of wonderful human beings and their emotional states as the world continues to degrade in its present unrepentant state. One cannot forget
what I am about to reveal, which is why it has remained with me all these years. Having said the above I now reveal the contents of the vision given below.

The Lord came to me and said, “Jeannette come with me.” We were standing together side by side (Note: the only thing I know at this point was I with the Lord). As I stood with Him he said, “Jeannette look.” As I turned my attention from Him to where He pointed with His hand I saw a curtain open.
It was like in the old days when a curtain in a theater was drawn open as the movie was about to start. As it was drawn open, I saw a map of the Middle East.
At first, it was a curved shape on the face of the earth. As God’s hand drew closer to “The Middle East” I saw in living detail more of the movements of mountains, cities, countries, the wave action of gulfs and seas, and I could see people performing normal living activities. Again, the hand of the Lord drew closer in, and it seemed like the pages of the map went from being mere pages to observation of daily life in the Middle East.

The times rolled over and the pages flipped opened to a different focus. Now I was looking at movements of governments and armies of nations aligned in different places along the ports of Israel and across its borders. All the weapons of warfare were aligned towards Israel.

I saw heads of state talking to one another, and I saw people of the known free world confused in their commitment to defend Israel. I could see the lines of communication of the entire world jammed. I heard the voices in this mist of hate all at once, and the Lord said, “Listen to my voice.” Then my innermost being was centered on His voice. I then heard the wailing of prayers of the saints for the state of Israel.

The times rolled over again, and the pages of the map went to Iran where I saw a mountain. The Lord said, “Come with Me.” I went from the outside of the map to inside the country of Iran into the mountain the Lord showed me. He said, “Watch Jeannette and you will see my angels perform my mighty acts.

For I the Lord will preserve Israel though no man stand with her." I looked and watched the hand of God deliver Israel and those who love her. I was then standing with Jesus and His angels in the command center of Iran’s nuclear mountain. I saw scientists, engineers, computers, men and women with headsets on, computer graphics of the state of Israel and the known free world on giant screens, and I also saw the graphics of the location of armed nuclear missiles aimed at their targets.

The missiles were targeted for each country at the known free world. There were several targeted for Israel. I said, “Lord they are going to destroy us and Israel. My heart was failing within me. His face was gentle as He looked into my eyes and said, “Take heart not to faint Jeannette, Watch, and Know for it is I whose hand will Deliver and Save.

At His words, I saw Him command the Angels to their positions around the commander and each linked computer with their respective person stationed at them. All was quiet and came to a standstill when I heard the phone ring in the command center. The commander said, “I have the orders. The sequence of the countdown will begin on my count. You could see the people were bent on their particular task at what was about to take place, for they had performed and had prepared this act for years. They knew the day was at hand.

As the commander voiced the numbers and each person checked and imputed the numbers in their sequence on their computers. (Note: each spoke the number as he typed it in.) Each angel touched the hand of one person and spoke the word of God to replace the commander’s commands and the numbers imputed in each individual's computer.

The last set of numbers was spoken by the commander and typed into the last computer. Then the last person at the last computer did as commanded and reached without hesitation to press the enter button, which was connected to all linked missiles, beside him. I then saw the head angel hover over the man and place his hand and his wings at the same time over the whole room and center over this last computer.

The angel placed a finger of his hand over the nose of the commander's missile. The missile launched backwards, sent an electrical overflow of purple light radiation, and it disengaged itself downward into the mountain. I saw the people melt before my eyes. I saw angel wings and the glory of the Lord overshadow Israel and contain the explosion and destruction upon Iran.

Proverbs 1:7

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.



The message by Donna Rigney

A Word for the USA

In a vision the Father appeared to me. He told me He was going to show me the future. In an instant, I saw a vast crowd. I was flying above the region looking down at the Earth, when I saw the tops of the heads of a vast multitude. All of them were worshiping God. They were from every age group and nationality.

Then the Father spoke: "This is coming and has already begun. I will pour out My Spirit and the masses will follow Me and serve My Son. My Spirit will convict and convince mankind of their sins  and at the same time turn them to Me. Yes, true repentance is coming to your land. There will be a recognition and an acceptance of the horrors of sin. All will turn rapidly from their sins to Me."

Then again the Father told me He had something else to show me. The vision changed scenes.

I saw a woman praying in her home. She appeared to be desperate. Almost frantically, she invited others to come and join her and pray for her husband.
Included in this small group were her two daughters. Suddenly I saw her more clearly. It was Michelle Obama.

The Father explained that she was praying for her husband and that he was well aware of it. Her prayers  because of her position as his wife and the first lady  are very effective, but at the same time, I became aware of the fact that the Father was angry at the President's recent remarks. He had ridiculed and criticized the Congress for taking the time (35 minutes) to affirm that the USAs motto will remain "In God we trust."

Actually, the Congress was being led by the Holy Spirit when they did this. Their proclamation was imperative. We have acted like a nation that has trusted in all else but God. They reaffirmed the covenant of our forefathers, that this nation was founded for love of God and that we trust in Him for all we need.
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and who places their trust in Him.

When President Obama ridiculed this public reaffirmation of the covenant, he excluded himself from it. I believe that just as Michelle was praying for the President, others too have been praying, but just like when God turned His back on King Saul (see 1 Samuel 15; 16) and gave the kingdom to David, God has turned His back on President Obama. His rule has been given to another.

Samuel cried out to God on behalf of King Saul, but God told him that another man was chosen to replace him. He told him to stop grieving. It would not change His mind. In the same way, God has made an irrevocable decision about President Obamas presidency. Even his wife's prayers won't save his position as President, but they will affect the state of the (Ed., his?) soul.

A new leader has been chosen by God, and God will raise him/her up. He will anoint him/her and will place them in their new office as president. "This will happen for I have declared it. It cannot be stopped and I cannot be stopped. What I say is performed. What I have declared, I will do -- and I will do it quickly.
For I have been publicly spurned  so what I will do will be a public spectacle. Michelle and those close to Me know that the President has provoked My wrath."

I believe that the story of David's rise to ruling Israel is significant in these times. Just as David was attacked by King Saul, whomever God has chosen to take over as President of the United States will be under a similar attack.

In this hour, God is calling His intercessors to arise and pray for the new president. As God assembled mighty fighting men to surround and protect David before he assumed office, He is assembling mighty spiritual warriors to fight on behalf of the man or woman He has chosen to lead our nation back to Him.

For a few days after receiving this revelation, I pondered and questioned if I had correctly interpreted what I had seen and heard. Could it be possible that the President's wife was praying for him?

Four days after hearing this message a friend of mine called from another state. This woman is a prophet and an intercessor. She called because she had received a dream that she did not understand and wanted my input on its meaning.

In her dream, Michelle Obama had contacted her and asked her to come to her home to visit her. As the dream unfolded, my friend invited another of her associates to go with her to the White House. This friend treated the invitation very casually. She was absorbed with her children and their misbehavior.
Instead of dressing herself appropriately, she arrived for the trip to the White House dressed in a much disheveled manner.

Upon arriving at the White House, they visited with Michelle Obama and became aware of the fact that the President was hiding in the kitchen. (He knew that his wife and others were praying for him.)

As I listened to this dream, I knew God was answering my prayers for confirmation of the word He had given me. My friends dream had the same interpretation and revealed the same message as what God had shown me four days earlier.

God is assembling intercessors to pray for our nation, for our President, and for our next president. Many are hearing the call and in obedience to God, are praying diligently, but there are those who are very distracted by the trivial things going on in their lives. Others are embracing the ways of the world instead of the ways of God (disheveled garments).

This is a very strategic hour. We must pray diligently for whomever God has chosen to lead our nation. I believe that just as King David restored true devotion for God back to his nation, our next president and other leaders will do the same if that plan is not thwarted.

Let us commit to pray DAILY for Gods perfect will to be done in -- and through -- the USA. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to birth those powerful and effective prayers through us so that our nation will once again be a nation under Gods rule.

"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."



The dream by Jyrki Manninen in the end of July 2011

About the Murder of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

In the end of July 2011 I saw a dream about the Russian Prime

Minister Vladimir Putin.

At first Putin was alone in this dream and smiled in his selfconfident

style. Putin felt that he is the leader of Russia in all

ways. Putin thought that he is perfectly safe. He stood alone

dressed in suit and smiled self-confidently as a leader of Russia.

Suddenly four to five big wolves appeared around him and they

began to circle around Putin. Wolves were really bad and

murderous looking. They had a bestial look and sharp teeth

bared. Their eyes were full of enormous hatred.

Wolves growled threateningly and went around Vladimir Putin

faster and faster, and Putin was standing in the midst of them. It

looked like Putin did not notice these wolves, even if they

clearly were going round him faster and faster.

Finally these wolves attacked Vladimir Putin at the same time

and killed him. That was the end of my dream.



The Prophetic Message by Kevin Barrett on 08-04-2011

Posted: 08/04/2011 at 7:36 pm

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tonight while praying the Lord has given me a message to get

out to His people with a strong urgency. It is profound and I

admit that I am hesitant to send this out.

Though He has told me that if I do not tell this message to His

people then their blood will be upon my head. So as long as I

get this word out, it is no longer upon my head and each person

can take this to be a word from Him or not. It is then the

responsibility of each individual if they will heed or not.

Word from the Lord: PREPARE. Prepare even physically for

what is at your doorstep America. Destruction shall suddenly

come upon this land and many will be running to and fro

seeking shelter from this calamity. Prepare now for a time of

sudden darkness and terror. Supplies and food will stop

suddenly as everyone is seeking to save their own lives.

Seek me now that you may be hidden in me on this day of

calamity. Yes, it is wise to store up food and supplies now. For

suddenly this will happen. It will not be total disaster nor total

destruction of America. But it will be sudden change in life as

you know it. Seek me now and hear what I would have each of

you to do.

Some will be told to move suddenly, others I will say to you to

stay. Seek me and know that your only safety is in me. Seek me

now. I urge you, PREPARE! PREPARE NOW! For soon it will be too

late to prepare when this thing happens suddenly. But do not fear.

You will see many running in fear. But my people, I will protect.

Read my word. Did I not protect the Israelites in Goshen while I

brought destruction upon Egypt? Seek me and enquire of me what

commands I have for each of you for your safety and supplies. And do not

be afraid, but trust in your God. My hand is not too short that it

cannot protect even the hairs on your head. But you must repent

and seek me now. Stop what you are doing. Stop your

entertainments and listen to the stillness of the wind. For surely

it is the quietest right before sudden destruction. Do not listen to

the prophets that speak peace and safety. They speak lies for the

itching ears and to fatten their pockets. Seek me for what I

would truly say to my people this day. And I would say repent,

repent of your relaxed ways and rend your heart to the one and

only true God. For there is sudden destruction coming upon this

land and it will cover all very quickly. Only those with a

prepared heart will not be taken by surprise and they shall

praise their God in the midst of this sudden destruction. So I say

PREPARE! Rend your hearts to me now and be saved from the

sudden calamity that is sure to come.



The Dream by Pastor Owuor in June 2011 About a Terrorist Strike in Europe

A Kenyan doctor of technics and pastor Owuor told in June

2011 in meetings in UK about the dream he had seen in June

2011 that a major terrorist strike would take place in Europe.

Here is a YouTube link.

And here is the address of Owuor's web page.



The Prophetic Dream by Sally Glenn on 04-08-2011

In a dream, I saw an extremely elaborate multi-level building

like hotels newly built in Dubai. I used an elevator to go

between floors. The first scene I witnessed took place on an

upper level and revealed actors dressed in costumes in a murder

mystery. The play was meant for entertainment, but an actual

murder took place.

This was typical and was continually practiced for

entertainment with no regard or respect for life. Multiple

murders were being committed and were then casually


At this point in the dream, I discerned spirits of jealousy, anger,

and strife; murder, hatred, and rage operating together. Spirits

of perversion, lust, and adultery were operating on another

level. I got back on the elevator which took me to a lower level.

As the doors opened, I knew without seeing anything, that this

was where the spirits of lying, deception, and falsehood;

selfishness, cheating, and greed were operating. I then

discerned that the entire structure was built upon these

strongholds. I also knew that the other floors would reveal false

systems of finance, education, and politics; legalism, religion,

and the occult.

At this point I awoke from the dream and asked

Jesus, “Lord, what does this mean?”

He said, “It is a tower, like Babel. It is an image, like

Nebuchadnezzar’s. It is a picture of the new world order. It

depicts idolatrous world systems designed to replace

dependence upon God. It is coming and will endure for a

season, but it will fall for it has within it the seeds of its own


It will be replaced by my righteous rulership that all may know

that I am God.”



The Vision by Jouko Piho on June 09, 2011

When I went to bed in the evening on June 09, 2011, I asked

God that he would let me see a dream with a meaning. I did not

have that kind of dream. But instead

I began to see visions before I fell asleep. I saw four visions

with pictures and thoughts.

1. I saw a lot of yellow colour, which reminded me of the ripe

light yellow colour of the harvest field. I got a strong thought

that big harvest times are now coming near on harvest fields of


2. I saw the flags of Finland and Esthonia side by side. I felt

strongly that the destinies of Finland and Esthonia will be

intertwined during upcoming days.

3. I saw the map of a greater Finland. On the map I could see

Finland which was a lot bigger than Finland now. Also

Esthonia, Karelia, East Karelia, Petsamo and Kola Peninsula

were a part of Finland. In the vision it was clear that in the

future there will be in North a greater Finland with those areas

and countries and that greater Finland will have a significant

importance in the history of the final phase of our time and the

end of our age.

4. I did not see anything but I felt intensely that there will be in

the future more political and economic connection between

Finland and Germany.



A Message to John Leary on May 16, 2011

Planning a New World Order

Jesus said: “My people, you need to be aware of the SATAN

LED ELITE OF THE RICH who run all governments from

behind the scenes.

These evil ones are PLANNING A NEW WORLD ORDER

through the European Union, the North American Union, and

all future such unions.

Once they are formed, they will be GIVEN OVER TO THE

ANTICHRIST who will reign for less than three and one-half




America is well on its way to BANKRUPTCY and MARTIAL


Through your corporations, your jobs were PURPOSELY

EXPORTED to foreign countries under the pretense of cheap


This was done DELIBERATELY to eliminate your

manufacturing base.

Your MILITARY IS BEING RUINED by causing many

constant wars to cause your debt to increase.

Your CURRENCY WAS DEBASED by the formation of the

Federal Reserve and taking the dollar off gold and silver


Taking God out of public places, harassing churches with tax

preferences in exchange for no political support, encouraging

drugs, abortion, and pornography are ALL PART OF THE


Causing a FALSE MORTGAGE CRISIS with unsecured loans

and derivatives were planned to destroy the money system.


USED to cause natural disasters and flu outbreaks.

All of these plans have been the means by which the one world

people want TO BANKRUPT AMERICA and bring it into the

NORTH AMERICAN UNION by a created martial law.


when you come to My refuges.

You will see martial law caused by bankruptcy, pandemic

viruses, and false terrorism, as well as MANDATORY CHIPS

IN THE BODY for health care.

Call on My help and My angels to defend you from these evil


I will [eventually] come with My COMET OF

CHASTISEMENT to place all of these evil ones in hell, and to

bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

Original source:




The Dream by Michael Bacon on May 2011

May 2011 - I had a scary dream. In it there was a huge asteroid

or comet that was falling on the earth. It was so large I knew it

would do great harm to the earth.

When I woke up I heard the word "Wormwood".

Original source:



The Vision by Chuck D. Pierce on May 31, 2008

On May 31, 2008, I was preparing to speak at a large gathering

at Liberty State Park in New Jersey near Ellis Island and the

Statue of Liberty. Suddenly, the Lord gave me a vision of our

nation. He took me three years into the future and began to let

me hear and see what our future would look like. He first

showed me my own bloodline and the glory and iniquity of its

history. He then showed me three years ahead and the two

iniquitous spirits that would try to capture my children and

children's children.

Next, He showed me that within three years (by May 31, 2011),

a statement would be made regarding Israel in this nation that

would realign the nation and determine the future of this land.

(With President Obama's speech yesterday endorsing the

Palestinians' demand for their own state based on borders that

existed before the 1967 Middle East war, this has now

happened. I believe this statement will create a split in the

United States for the next three years as individual states make

choices on how they will align.)

The Lord then revealed His remnant in this nation, which states

had covenant roots, which states were anti-covenant, and the

divine war that would arise over the future glory of this land.

He showed me 21 states that would stand strong with the God

of Israel, two states that hung in the balance, and one state that

could turn the nation. (To better understand the future of the

nations and anti-Semitism, you can purchase God's Unfolding

Battle Plan and The Future War of the Church).

The Lord also showed me how financial systems would realign

and nations would have different allegiances than we have

known in the past. This begins now. Like the frog in the kettle,

you will see gradual changes starting June 5.



An Open Letter to America by Cynthia Judd

Dear Fellow Americans:

"Do you believe God speaks through dreams?"

That’s how No Green Bananas starts -- the true story which is

now a book freely available for download at .

If you’ve already read No Green Bananas, then you already

know God has been speaking to me through dreams and visions

since I was a child, warning me of things to come.

In 1965, when I was just a young girl, the Lord sent me a dream

revealing not only that my beloved friend Mary Ball Blackwell

would die; He revealed to me exactly how she would die -- by

drowning. Less than two weeks later, Mary Ball drowned at

summer camp.

In 1992, at a time when my mother’s health was perfect, God

sent me a warning dream that she would be dead in two years.

Two years later my mother died suddenly, just 18 days after a

diagnosis of lung cancer.

In 2004, when America’s housing market was still robust, the

Lord sent me a vision in which I saw "For Sale" signs lining the

residential streets of suburban America. I knew the families

were not selling by choice, but because they could no longer

keep up with their mortgages. Today this vision, too, has

become a tragic reality across America.

For nearly half a century now, as of this writing in 2010, the

Lord has spoken to me through dreams and visions to warn of

coming trouble. And today is no different.

Since 2002, the Lord has been "downloading" to me, through a

series of alarming dreams and visions, what is about to hit

America, and why. And He’s now given me instructions:

"Write what I have spoken."

And so I have. Please, I beg you, read the following urgent

message, then share it with others.

On the Night of March 25th, 2009,While in My Sleep, I had

This Dream

I was standing on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.. I saw

no landmarks, I just knew by the Spirit where I was standing --

in the heart of D.C.

It was extremely dark. Like midnight. There was no man-made

light anywhere.

I knew [again, by the Spirit] that to my immediate right was the

Lincoln Memorial, and in the distance to my left directly

opposite the Lincoln Memorial was the Washington Monument,

with the Reflection Pool just up ahead to my left.

My eyes remained fixed at the sight straight ahead of me.

Before me, I saw a huge chasm in the earth, deep and wide like

the ground had split wide open. The sense was that utter

decimation had taken place, and that the split earth extended

beyond my sight, but I was only given to see the spot before

me. The inside of the canyon-like split appeared charred black,

just as a log of firewood appears after it’s burned all night in the

fireplace, and is reduced to an ashen shell of its former self.

burning for hours in the fireplace

The tip of the yellow arrow at left shows where I was standing

in the dream.

The purple semi-circle to the right of the arrow point indicates

where I saw the earth had split in two.

I saw three wooden plank bridges [no hand rails, just wooden

foot bridges] that had been set, side by side, across the great

chasm to make it possible for people to traverse from the

Lincoln Memorial end toward the Washington Monument end,

and vice versa.

No one was standing on these bridges or crossing over them,

they were just there lying across the deep precipice of the split

earth on our National Mall. And as I said, I only saw this

portion of the destruction at this precise point in D.C., but I

knew in my heart the entire District had been affected, causing

destruction everywhere at the center of the very seat of power

of our U.S. Government.

Just then, superimposed over this scene of destruction, a man

appeared to my eyes, very, very old, and looking distinctly

Native American. He only appeared from the torso, up. He

wore a white tunic-type top. And I noticed his hair was striking

in that it was cut shoulder length in a blunt cut, like a girl’s

haircut. His lips were held tight together, his eyes were steely,

but not cruel, just utterly sombre.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I was riveted by his face, that

ancient face from a thousand ages past, it seemed.

I never spoke to the Native American figure. And he never even

looked at me. I was merely an observer watching a scene unfold

on a stage before me, as the hard gaze of this stoic

one appeared to be fixed on a distant point far behind me. The

man was silent...motionless. His countenance was powerful.

As I continued staring into the powerful face of this Native

American looking man, still and silent in the distance before

me, at the same time absorbing the felt sense of complete

devastation that had somehow come upon our nation’s capital,

suddenly the man appeared on the right side of my dream

"screen," with his torso slightly angled now toward the

destruction behind him, as if to "present" it to me, though –

again -- he still never looked at me.

Then I watched and I listened, as the ancient one proceeded to

open his mouth and make this proclamation concerning the

surrounding destruction:

"Don’t shake, America. This is only what You have brought

upon yourself.”

End of dream.

I half woke up, still in a semi-dream state, remembering that

nutty brown face covered in wrinkles. As I began to wake more

consciously I went from assuming he was just any man

representative of all Native Americans to wondering if, in fact,

I’d just seen the image of an actual Native American figure

from history.

The only name I could think of for a famous Native American

was “Sitting Bull.” So lying there in my bed I asked the Lord,

“Lord, was that Sitting Bull I just saw?”

The Lord answered: “No – Geronimo.”

When I got up from bed that morning, I went straight to my

computer. I typed in “Geronimo,” and was stunned when this

image and caption popped up before me on my computer


Chief Geronimo

For a long time, all I could do was stare at the image before me

– observing that unmistakable blunt cut “just like a

girl’s”...That white tunic-type top...That unforgettable

expression, so powerfully sombre, with the lips locked tightly

together. I couldn’t believe it. This was the very one I had just


As for the skin itself which I’d observed, so deeply etched with

age, it was depicted perfectly in another photograph that came

across the computer screen: The one pictured below, taken in

1905 by photo historian Edward S. Curtis, shortly before

Geronimo’s death.

Surely, I had just seen the image of Chief Geronimo, just as the

Lord had said!

But how could this be, what did it mean, I certainly hadn’t

sought this, so what was it about?

First the Lord revealed to me through my research that

Geronimo came to Christ in His old age, so he is one of the

Lord’s very own lambs. A sheep of His Own fold. This made

me so happy.

Then I learned more. I learned that Chief Geronimo, of the

Apaches, was the very last of the Indian resistance fighters in

the old frontier, fighting against the on-going tyranny and

oppression of the U.S. Government. I learned in my research

that peaceful Native

Americans were shot in the back by U.S. Cavalry even as they

ran for cover from their marauders, and even when they held up

white flags of surrender.

I read the eyewitness account of one who saw a Native

American baby still sucking at his dead mother’s breast after

she had been shot to death by the advancing U.S. Cavalry. And

I read of other Native American women, large with child, who

were carved open, alive, their unborn babies emptied out of

them like the contents of a pumpkin in fall.

I became sick at heart.

It has taken more than a year for me to come to a full

understanding of this vision from the Lord which it turns out

has shed much light on all the other dreams and visions He has

sent me over the last eight years.

And now, what the Lord has made known to me, I share with


Interpretation: America is about to reap what she has sown.

The three empty bridges in the dream, the Lord showed me,

stand for just three of many pivotal points in our nation’s

history when no one stood as "watchmen" on the bridge to stay

the tide of evil, and speak out for righteousness, a pattern which

has destroyed our very foundations.

Bridge #1 The shameful atrocities committed against Native

American peoples from the beginning in our nation, where

entire tribes were slaughtered wholesale, in order to gain

territory. Followed by the countless treaties with the surviving

remnant which our U.S. Government made – and have broken

continually, even to this present day.

Bridge #2 The forcible stripping of God and the Bible and

prayer from our public classrooms, all spearheaded by noted

atheist Madelyn Murray O’Hair, who wielded her sword


Bridge #3 America’s current condition today, with our rejection

of all moral absolutes, in favor of our own ideas of right and

wrong because we’re convinced that our ideas on righteousness

and morality today are far superior to God’s crusty old laws laid

out in the Bible thousands of years ago. We now unashamedly

reject God’s moral authority, and in so doing we have made

ourselves god – a wilful act of separation from the Lord.

This is the state of our Union today.

Over the course of the last 17 months, the Lord has allowed me

to feel His immense grief and sorrow over the many chapters of

American history that never should have been written. But

written they were – by our own hand.

Wilful separation from our Creator – whether it springs from

direct action, or sheer apathy – invites death. We can’t continue

to separate ourselves from the Author of Life itself, and expect

anything else but death.

And America – we are about to see, taste, smell, and experience

Death on a scale that is apocalyptic.

What is going to happen?

Here is just some of what the Lord has revealed to me:

War is coming. Yes, war is coming to America’s own soil.

Famine is coming. Through a dream in 2008 the Lord said to

me, "Food is gold." Now when food is in abundance, food is not

gold, gold is gold. But famine is coming, and food will be the

new gold. Worldwide economic collapse is coming, which will

include the U.S.A. And in a vision in 2009 I was shown that a

terror attack is coming in 2012 that will affect all four sides of

our nation.

No doubt many will wonder if the destruction I saw specific to

D.C. is literal. All I can say is, I pray to God it isn’t. However,

as it relates to our nation, I believe I can state with fearful

confidence that the image of the earth charred to a crisp is

indeed a literal picture of what is to come. I believe we will see

America charred, blackened by burning.

I have had other dreams and visions to arrive at this conclusion.

In 2007, I had a vision of a U.S. city – a city the Lord referred

to as "The City of Mammon" -- reduced to smoldering rubble.

In 2009, in the middle of the night, I was jolted awake from a

deep sleep by the sound of a fire alarm going off, and a loud

voice crying, "Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!"

Dear fellow Americans, I tremble before the Lord over what is

coming. I weep for what is coming. We are about to reap what

we have sown! At this point in our history, we have gone so far

astray from the ancient paths of righteousness, the Lord has

made it plain to me His judgment on America cannot be


Is there any hope? Yes, there is hope – for the individual.

Here is what I mean:

As I have continued to pray over this, one scripture keeps

coming back to me again and again.

In the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 14, when the Lord is telling

Ezekiel of coming judgment, He warns repeatedly that the

judgment is so severe, even if Noah and Job and Daniel stood

before Him to pray on behalf of the people, their prayers would

not save anyone but themselves. It would not even save their

sons and daughters, but only themselves!

The message is plain: Choose this day whom you will serve.

Each man chooses. And each man receives the consequence of

his choice. We understand this to be true in the natural world. It

is true also in the spiritual world. We get what we choose.

Therefore, I beg each and every one reading this: Choose

wisely! Choose life!

Run to the Lord now with all your heart, and all that you are,

withholding nothing. The Lord desires that none should perish.

In a supreme act of mercy and grace – though we have

continually rejected Him – the Lord is reaching out even now in

this eleventh hour, to spare those who will come to Him with a

sincere heart. He has already prepared an Ark for our safety.

The Ark is Jesus.

Enter in!

In His service,

Cynthia "Cinnie" Judd




By Merla Watson:

There is a worldwide conspiracy ready to unleash its poisons.

Its programme is to design plans to alter and re-orchestrate

minds, and thereby your reactions, behaviors, and decisions.

This will be afflicted personally, corporately, and

internationally. This has enjoyed its early stages already, and

will continue to worsen its attack on all relationships –

marriages, parents, children, siblings, pastors, congregations,

callings, studies and those in Christian authority. It will be as a

deadly spiritual beheading.

Right will be called wrong – and wrong will be called right. If

your minds are not cleansed daily and operating under My

Divine direction, you will fall prey to this great deception.

Give no place to harbouring perverse pictures in your mind, or

anxious thoughts, or fear of tomorrow, or personal inadequacy.

Discipline and keep your minds and hearts renewed daily by the

power of the precious effectual blood of your Messiah, Yeshua.

Go about your daily tasks with confidence but Godly fear,

knowing that you are fully protected from this attack. But heed

My stern warning, O My people! This is not a time to

procrastinate, or to not be serious, or to dwell on things which

are captivating, but unnecessary.

I speak to churches which are caught up in programmes, whose

light has gone out – whose First Love and priority has been

altered. I speak to you who have allowed your business and

even ministry to push away your times allotted to be alone with

God. Focus on ME, look to ME – prepare for ME – as if I were

right at the door today. And I will keep you in perfect peace

because your minds are stayed on Me, and because you trust in

Me. (Isa.26:3) And the peace I promised that passes all

understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Yeshua

HaMashiach, My beloved Son. (Phil.4:7)


The Prophetic Message by John Leary on 12-29-2010

Original source:

From the Great Warning to the Tribulation under the Antichrist

A. Jesus said: “My people, this spinning globe is a sign of how

I will SPEED UP THE EARTH on its axis so the time of the

tribulation will be SHORTENED for the sake of the elect.

The [American] football field represents the TIME FROM

SEPTEMBER TO FEBRUARY when the [Great] Warning will

most likely occur.

My people can prepare themselves with prayer and Confession

of their unforgiven sins.

The [Great] Warning will be YOUR SIGN of the events that

will lead up to the coming of the Antichrist into power.”

B. Jesus said: “My people, this vision of an empty throne is a

sign that the ANTICHRIST will be coming into power in a

short time.

I have given you messages before that the one world people are

FORMING UNIONS on every continent to FOCUS POWER

on the unions and away from any people who are patriotic to

their country.

Once they have formed these unions, as the EUROPEAN

UNION and the NORTH AMERICAN UNION, then the one

world people will give CONTROL of these unions OVER TO

THE ANTICHRIST who will be allowed to control the world.

His SEAT OF POWER will be set up in the EUROPEAN

UNION and the ANTICHRIST will have a reign of power OF


This will begin a REIGN OF EVIL that you have never seen



faithful will need to SEEK MY PROTECTION at My refuges.

REFUSE to take any chip in the body, and REFUSE to worship


Do NOT look at his eyes NOR listen to his voice.

By following My direction you will have angels at My refuges

who will protect you from any evil demons, or virus diseases.

Trust in Me and I will come to defeat the evil ones and bring

about My Era of Peace.”

P. Jesus said: “My people, there are many sports fans who come

to these HUGE STADIUMS to see their favorite teams play for

various titles.

I am reminding you of several messages that I have given you

concerning how the ANTICHRIST will use these same very

STADIUMS for his purposes of controlling people and getting

them to worship him.


DECLARED, avoid looking at his eyes or listening to his


It is AT THAT TIME when you need to seek My refuges so his

workers cannot kill you in his death camps.

Be thankful that you are BEING WARNED about this evil one

who is claiming to be Me.

You know that you will have FALSE CHRISTS on the earth

before I return.”

Saturday, January 8, 2011:

Q. Jesus said: “My people, THE TIME OF TRIBULATION



He will have DEMONIC POWERS, and you should AVOID

looking at his eyes or listening to his words.

This will be the time to leave for My refuges.

In the vision I have shown you his power, and how people will

fall down and worship him because of his suggestions by


Even as you saw how St. John the Baptist came and prepared

the way for Me, there are plenty of evil ones, who are even

NOW PREPARING THE WAY for the coming of the

Antichrist into power.

The Antichrist’s power WILL BE SHORTENED, as I will soon

come to vanquish all the evil ones INTO HELL.

Be joyful when I will renew the earth and bring about My Era

of Peace.

When St. John the Baptist declared:

‘He must increase, while I must decrease.’

He is giving you a good spiritual example to follow.

I am the only Master of this world, and if you are not putting

Me first in your life, then you too, must decrease in your


C. Thursday, December 30, 2010:

Jesus said: “My people, you have read of St. John the Baptist in

chains, and also St. Peter and St. Paul.

Many of My disciples and apostles were captured in prison with

chains, and later they were martyred for their faith.



You will again see some of My people SHACKLED ON

TRAINS and delivered to the current DEATH CAMPS for


This is why I am PREPARING REFUGES with people that I

have inspired, so My faithful will have places to go in order to

AVOID BEING CAPTURED by the one world people.

Some will be martyred for their faith, but I will lessen the pain

to allow them to endure it.

These martyrs will become INSTANT SAINTS in heaven.

For those, who come to My refuges, they will be PROTECTED

from harm by My angels, and I will provide for their needs

during the reign of the Antichrist.

Have no fear, for I will give you My peace in all of this


AFTER the Antichrist’s time, I will come with My victory over

all the evil ones, and I will establish My Era of Peace.”

D. Jesus said: “My people, I have asked My REFUGE

BUILDERS to have one building dedicated for sleeping

quarters for My faithful.

This is why you are looking at the roof of such a building, as I

WILL MULTIPLY such buildings as needed.

Those, who are preparing their refuges, need to have some


things that people need for their survival.”

E. Jesus said: “My people, ALL OF MY FAITHFUL THAT



Among all the buildings that will house My faithful, you will all



You will all be in loving communities that will NOT REQUIRE

LOCKS as you do now in the world where there are thieves.

Just as you trust in Me, so you will have TO TRUST EACH

OTHER because everything belongs to Me, and I share it with

all of you.

By helping each other to survive by using your own talents,

everyone will have what they need.

Be loving of each other as you pray to Me.

You are all one family with Me as I protect you from the evil


F. Jesus said: “My people, AT THE END OF THE


CHASTISEMENT [the Ball of Redemption] to enable My

VICTORY over all of the evil ones.

As the comet strikes the earth, many volcanoes will erupt, and

the ash will block out the sun creating the THREE DAYS OF


In the vision you are seeing 72 hour BLESSED CANDLES that

will give the only light during this darkness.

Remember to take such a candle with you in your backpacks on

your way to My refuges.”


The prophetic article by Timothy Zimmerman (I Saw The Light Ministries)

Original source:

The Great Magog/Gog War of Ezek. 38

Russia and China WILL invade the United States sometime

between 2011-2015!

Step 1: Pray NOW!

Step. 2: Open your Bible Now

Step.3: Read Website WITH your Bible

Step.4: FAST and Pray More!

I used to think it was Germany/EU who would invade America.

But many confirmations have been given to me from God

Almighty and He has instructed me that it WILL be

China/Russia and their allies! The war between Iran and Israel

will be the start of World War 3. The war will bring Russia into

a war mode and they will invade Europe first and then

eventually America.

Rev. 20 NOT the Same as Ezek. 38

Some people think that the battle attempt of Rev. 20 where it

mentions "Gog/Magog" is the same event as Ezekiel 38. That is

NOT true. I used to think it was the same event, So I understand

why and how they are confused. However there is much

scripture proof that it is two different events!

-Ezek. 38:8,16 "latter days" always refers to the the time frame

of the last few years, months and weeks of the Great Tribulation

and surrounding timeline, NOT the time after the Resurrection.

-Ezek. 39:4, 17-20 shows GOD gives some of the bodies of the

Great Magog/Gog War to the ravenous birds of Rev. 19:17-19.

This is WAY before the event of Rev. 20.

-Ezek. 39:12 shows the survivors of the Great Magog/Gog War

burying their dead for 7 months. The battle attempt of Rev.

20:7-10 cannot be the same event because the dead are

devoured by Fire from Heaven, NOT buried nor given to the


-Ezek. 39:22-25 shows the Gog/Magog war is connected with

the captivity of Israel. The battle attempt of Rev. 20:7-10 does

NOT result in the captivity of Israel, nor does Gog/Magog have

ANY victory in Rev. 20.

-In Ezek. 38, GOD is the one that brings Magog/Gog into the

Land of Israel. In Rev. 20, it is the devil that gathers the nations

of the earth, (Magog/Gog).

Rev. 20:8 Gog/Magog is NOT Russia/China but rather all the

nations of the earth which are in the 4 corners of the earth. This

is their spiritual title. It is not a war. It is a battle attempt per the

plans of the devil and is completely unsuccessful. It has a

completely different purpose than the actual War of Ezek. 38.

GOD brings Russia and China and all her bands (allies) into the

Land of America in Ezek. 38 to show us that He is GOD and

brings Judgment upon our Nation.

Confirmation from GOD: On Dec. 13, 2008 I was walking on

the highways (Matt. 22:9) with a sign. (See picture below of

each side of the sign). While walking, I found the very large

hooks and chain in the picture below. I threw it over my

shoulders and kept walking. Soon, a couple of young men in a

car stopped to ask me where in the Bible it says China will

invade the USA. I told them to look up in the Bible about Gog

and Magog, that is Russia and China. Then when I got back to

my camp that evening, I looked up the scripture and very

quickly came to Ezek. 38:4 "And I will turn thee back, and put

hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine

army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts

[of armour, even] a great company [with] bucklers and shields,

all of them handling swords:"

Other scriptures: Ezekiel 38:1 And the word of the LORD came

unto me, saying,

:2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the

chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,

:3 And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I [am] against

thee, O Gog (Hebrew: Rosh: head or chief), the chief prince of

Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Russian City of Tobolsk OR

The Tobol River in Russia OR the Georgian City of Tblisi):

:4 And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I

will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen,

all of them clothed with all sorts [of armour, even] a great

company [with] bucklers and shields, all of them handling


:5 Persia (Iran), Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with

shield and helmet:

:6 Gomer (China), and all his bands; the house of Togarmah

(Turkey) of the north quarters, and all his bands: [and] many

people with thee.

Who is Israel? Some people say this Gog/Magog war is only

against the tiny modern nation of Israel.

But they do not understand that America is the Tribe of

Manasseh. The Modern Nation of Israel is the Tribes of Judah,

Benjamin and Levi. The other tribes were carried away captive

into western Europe. Denmark is the Tribe of Dan. They still

call themselves Danmark. The British Commonwealth is the

Tribe of Ephraim. The House of Judah is the modern nation of

Israel. They are our Brothers. America (as a nation) is NOT

Gentile! We are an Israelite Tribe. That is why we have such a

strong common bond as both nations are founded and

established on the Holy Word of GOD. It is Very Important to

Understand that when the Bible is talking about Israel, it is

NOT talking ONLY about the tribe of Judah known as the

Jews. IT is talking also about America and Great Britain! Please

read the proof that America is the Tribe of Manasseh. Click


MORE Scriptures of Gog/Magog War (The Beast against


Isa. 13:17 Behold, I will stir up the Medes (Iran) against them,

which shall not regard silver; and [as for] gold, they shall not

delight in it.

Jer. 51:6 Flee out of the midst of Babylon (city or nation that

rides the beast, NYC?), and deliver every man his soul: be not

cut off in her iniquity; for this [is] the time of the LORD'S

vengeance; he will render unto her a recompense. (Compare

Rev. 18:4)

:7 Babylon [hath been] a golden cup in the LORD'S hand, that

made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her

wine; therefore the nations are mad. (Compare Rev. 18:3,14:8)

:8 Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed: howl for her; take

balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed. (Rev.

18:2,9,11,19. 14:8)

:9 We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed:

forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for

her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up [even] to

the skies. (Rev. 18:5)

:10 The LORD hath brought forth our righteousness: come, and

let us declare in Zion the work of the LORD our God.

:11 Make bright the arrows; gather the shields: the LORD hath

raised up the spirit of the kings of the Medes (Iran): for his

device [is] against Babylon, to destroy it; because it [is] the

vengeance of the LORD, the vengeance of his temple.

:12 Set up the standard upon the walls of Babylon, make the

watch strong, set up the watchmen, prepare the ambushes: for

the LORD hath both devised and done that which he spake

against the inhabitants of Babylon.

:13 O thou that dwellest upon many waters, abundant in

treasures, thine end is come, [and] the measure of thy

covetousness. (Rev. 17:15 and Rev. 18)

Jer. 51:27 Set ye up a standard in the land, blow the trumpet

among the nations, prepare the nations against her, call together

against her the kingdoms of Ararat (Turkey), Minnim

(Armenia), and Ashchenaz; appoint a captain against her; cause

the horses to come up as the rough caterpillars.

:28 Prepare against her the nations with the kings of the Medes

(Iran), the captains thereof, and all the rulers thereof, and all the

land of his dominion.

:29 And the land shall tremble and sorrow: for every purpose of

the LORD shall be performed against Babylon, to make the

land of Babylon a desolation without an inhabitant.

:30 The mighty men of Babylon have forborn to fight, they

have remained in [their] holds: their might hath failed; they

became as women: they have burned her dwelling places; her

bars are broken.

:31 One post shall run to meet another, and one messenger to

meet another, to shew the king of Babylon that his city is taken

at [one] end,

The War turns around: At first, Russia, China, Iran, Turkey and

all their armies will have great success against America and the

other Israelite Nations. But then EVENTUALLY, GOD will

intervene and come against the Islamic Communist

Confederation. GOD will bring these nations against America

for her sins to help her repent. But then eventually these other

nations must also be brought to their knees. Gog/Magog will

not go unpunished for their sins. America/Israel will come back

with vengeance against the invaders and will eventually defeat

the Beast nations. Ezekiel 39. Israel will have Victory and Our

King Jesus will return to destroy all of satan’s kingdom. Praise


Dreams and Visions: MANY, MANY people from different

backgrounds from across the globe are receiving powerful

visions, dreams and other confirmations concerning the

Russian/Chinese invasion of America! I have not heard of ANY

one having dreams or visions of Germany and/or the European

Union invading America. To be sure I even searched Google

for anyone reporting dreams or visions of Germany or Europe

or the European Union invading America. I could NOT Find a

single report!

Here are some dreams/visions I do know of:



"...I saw the money system of America burn up all its wealth

vanish. I saw large explosions all over America, then I saw

Russia, and China come in to take the land of America,..."



"...1982:# 1 As I was looking in my dream - vision, off the

shore of the Virginia East Coast, I saw a huge black cloud on

the ocean. It was heading for America and it was night time. As

the black cloud came closer to America there appeared many

dark colored ships and submarines, a very large number of

ships that spread from Virginia to South Carolina. America was

asleep, it was a great invasion. I woke up. I had open visions of

this two other times...."

Others dreams and visions at AND AND


Send me your dreams/visions and I will post them!

Dream: Airplane, Dec. 2009, Pastor Tim:

About 2 weeks ago i dreamed i saw a huge plane flying. It was

all Gray, no colors. I believe it was a military plane. It flew

straight down like on purpose and crashed right into an airport

building. Huge explosion! Then it appeared as if the plane lifted

back up from the destruction. Now getting a better over all view

of the area, i came to realize this was Denver International

Airport. I have never seen the overall view of the area before

but knew this was the location. Then as the plane continued

flying, i realized that it wasn't the airplane that lifted back up

from the destruction but rather a huge raptor bird. Then the

dream ended.

Just a few short days ago, I shared this dream with Matthew.

Then Yesterday or the day before, I was in the library and

noticed a new picture on the wall. It appeared to be an airplane

about to crash! So i looked closely and it was a bird!

Then today, I checked my email and found this vision from a

new contact:

"Your Name: Joey V

Subject: Chinese Invasion Vision

Message: I had a dream today that I was outside with some

friends hanging out when all a sudden we heard a huge roar.

When we all looked up we saw a HUGE COMMERCIAL/

MILITARY plane that looked as if it was coming in for a crash

landing. This didn’t look like any normal plane but more of a

futuristic plane possible a newer version of what a military jet

would look like. After the plane passed us over head a huge

explosion went off were people were running and looked like

they were on Fire. It was complete chaos with everyone running

away. When I ran around the comer I heard gunshots and

people were screaming. It’s an invasion; it’s an Invasion, run!!!

When I looked forward I can see a huge army of solders

heading our way cutting everyone down with gun fire as if we

were trees. I remember looking forward and there was a truck in

front of me filled with wood and rubbish I jumped in the back

and tried to lay down and hide as if I was dead, just then a

solider saw me and approached with his gun drawn ready to

shoot. I then saw someone come up and say \"No please spare

him just for a min\" Soldier did what was asked and ran off.

Minutes later another solider found me and pointed his riffle at

me look at his commander and I watched as he shook his head

then fired! I could feel bullets flying in my body and people

screaming as I knew this was the end. Joey V

Send me your dreams/visions and I will post them!

Please click here to learn how the mark of the beast, 666,

proves that the Beast of Revelations is a Confederation of both

Islamic nations and communist nations.

Proof in the News: April 2009: Chinese and Russian hackers

breach US electricity grid to prepare for invasion!


-August 2009: Russia Confirms Attack Subs Training Off U.S.


MOSCOW — A senior Russian military official said

Wednesday that Russian nuclear-powered attack submarines

spotted off the U.S. East Coast were on a legitimate training



-August/Sept. 2009 Russian Professor: Collapse Of America

Could Begin In Two Months

The maps above come from the Russian Professor. I do not

agree with him concerning the exact locations of where each

beast nation will control land in America. The actual war zones

will vary on actual events.

Russian Professor Igor Panarin says that events are continuing

to confirm his doomsday prediction first made over 10 years

ago, that the United States will completely collapse like the

Soviet Union before the end of 2010, and warns that the chaos

could begin to unfold in as little as two months.

Panarin, doctor of political sciences and professor of the

Russian Diplomatic Academy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told

journalists during the unveiling of his new book yesterday that

President Obama has done nothing to forestall the fast

approaching crisis and that it could begin to properly unfold in


"Obama is "the president of hope", but in a year there won’t be

any hope," said Panarin. "He’s practically another Gorbachev –

he likes to talk but hasn’t really managed to do anything.

Gorbachev at least had been a secretary of a regional

communist party administration, whereas Obama was just a

social worker. His mentality is totally different. He’s a nice

person and talks nicely – but he’s not a leader and will take

America to a crash. When Americans understand that – it will

be like a bomb explosion."

Since 1998, Panarin has been warning of a future disintegration

of the United States and the collapse of the dollar. The recent

election victory for Japan’s Democratic Party is another sign

that the economic collapse of the U.S. is imminent, according to


"Today I received another confirmation that the collapse of the

dollar and the US is inevitable. Japan’s Democratic Party won

the election, and I’d like to remind you that its leader [Yukio

Hatoyama] has the snubbing of the dollar among his economic

plans. In plainer words, he plans to transfer Japan’s monetary

reserves from US dollars into another currency. The move will

seriously accelerate the dollar’s exchange slump as early as this

November. Disintegration will follow shortly," he said, adding

that next year China would also begin to massively dump the

dollar and that Russia would begin to sell oil and gas for


Panarin previously stated that the dollar would eventually be

replaced with "a common Amero currency as a new monetary

unit", referring to the Security and Prosperity Partnership

agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

He foresees the U.S. breaking up into six different parts,

roughly along lines similar to those of 1865 during the Civil

War, "The Pacific coast, with its growing Chinese population;

the South, with its Hispanics; Texas, where independence

movements are on the rise; the Atlantic coast, with its distinct

and separate mentality; five of the poorer central states with

their large Native American populations; and the northern

states, where the influence from Canada is strong," according to


Longer term, Panarin predicts that the breakaway states will

eventually be taken over by the European Union, Canada,

China, Mexico, Japan and Russia and America will cease to

exist altogether, as depicted in the illustration above.

Panarin blames the collapse on a "political elite that implements

an absurd and aggressive policy that aims to create conflicts

around the planet" and warns that increasing firearms sales in

the U.S. are a sign that people are preparing for "chaos" in the

aftermath of a total financial meltdown.

"In my opinion, the probability of the US ceasing to exist by

June, 2010 exceeds 50%. At this point, the mission of all major

international powers is to prevent chaos in the US," Panarin


Turkey in the News

Armenian freezes Turkey pact ratification. April 22, 2010

The border closure exacerbated tensions already high over the

issue of whether the killing of up to 1.5 million Armenians

during the final days of the Ottoman Empire amounted to



Turkey, Defying U.S., In Trade Pact With Iran

Published: December 22, 1996



ISRAEL ATTACKS THEM, Published NOV 11 2009


Turkey and Iran Sign Agreement for Joint Use of Esendere-

Sero Border Crossings



Turkey offers to act as Iran intermediary

Israel imposes partial arms embargo on Turkey


Turkey, Angry at U.S., Pledges Support for Iran

Recommended Links:

Ezek38-39 Article at


March 16, 2010: Russia to build 12 nuclear reactors in India


Russia-China oil pipeline to be ready by yearend

Vladimir Putin forging ahead with vision of Eurasian empire


Russia criticizes U.S., NATO over Afghan drug trafficking


Russia's envoy to NATO has sharply criticized the alliance's

shift away from fighting drug trafficking in Afghanistan, saying

the resulting surge in heroin smuggling is endangering Russia's

national security.


Is China's Politburo spoiling for a showdown with America?

The long-simmering clash between the world's two great

powers is coming to a head, with dangerous implications for the

international system.

There are echoes of Anglo-German spats before the First World

War, when Wilhelmine Berlin so badly misjudged the strategic

balance of power and over-played its hand.



March 5, 2010: U.S. Tightens Missile Shield Encirclement Of

China And Russia


March 1, 2010: Japan rethinks relations with US


Putin: Russia to build new strategic bomber


China postpones military exchanges with US


60 MINUTES obtains video of pentagon employee selling

secrets to Chinese Spy


Feb.24-2010: Kremlin responds to US-NATO Threats: Russia

Deploys Missiles on Western Frontier with European Union

Concerns grow over China's sale of US bonds

Evidence is mounting that Chinese sales of US Treasury bonds

over recent months are intended as a warning shot to

Washington over escalating political disputes rather than being

part of a routine portfolio shift as thought at first.


Russia warns West against "crippling" Iran sanctions


Feb. 19, 2010: Impending Explosion: U.S. Intensifies Threats

To Russia And Iran, (fact based opinion page)



Feb.10, 2010:Russia condemns US move to put missiles in




Senior Chinese military officers have proposed that their

country boost defense spending, adjust PLA deployments, and

possibly sell some U.S. bonds to punish Washington for its

latest round of arms sales to Taiwan.

Feb. 1, 2010: Russia unveils its first stealth fighter jet

Russia announces Libya arms deal worth $1.8bn

US arms sales to Taiwan raise tensions with China

China has cancelled all military exchanges with the US in a

sign of its anger at the proposed sale of advanced missiles and

helicopters to Taiwan.


U.S. Air-Sea Battle Plan in Strategy Review Over Perceived

China, Iran Threats


Jan.22, 2010: U.S. to deploy missiles near Russia


Russia will strengthen its Baltic fleet in response to U.S. plans

to deploy Patriot missiles in Poland


Chinese and Iranians crossing Mexican border with Iodate



China uses Lasers to blind U.S. Satellites


Chinese soldiers in Mexico?



China's involvement in Mexico even before 911, back in 1999.

Chinese warships visit San Diego, Calif.


The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor (very informative on


Article originally on "News With Views", including, do you

remember the Chinese being caught spying at our nuclear

facilities? I remember this and they got away with it.

Do You Speak Chinese? America Surrounded.

- CNN 03/04/2008 China military trying to crack U.S.

computers, buy nukes - Pentagon reports several 'intrusions'

believed to be from army

03/04/2008 China: Taiwan Will 'Pay Price' Over Independence


03/04/2008 US warning as China bolsters military

- New York Times 03/01/2008 NUCLEAR WAR-FEAR...U.S.

keeps eye on China's submarine fleet - Nation appears to be

building toward possible conflict with the United States over



The dream by Rick Joyner

This Week's Guest, Rick Joyner

January 3-9, 2011

Internationally recognized prophetic voice, Rick Joyner, has

received the most serious, alarming, specific and graphic

prophetic dream about the future of America in 2011 and he

wants to share how you can be prepared & survive these

coming judgment warnings!



SID: My guest, Rick Joyner, a proven prophet, has just

received the most serious, the most alarming and the most

specific and graphic prophetic dream about the future of


Next on this edition of It’s Supernatural. Can ancient secrets

of the supernatural be rediscovered? Do angels exist? Is there

life after death? Are healing miracles real? Can you get

supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been

written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 30 years researching

the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition

of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s

naturally supernatural. Well I was calling my friend, Rick

Joyner, on the telephone and he said, “Sid, I just had a dream

that has shook me. It’s one of the most vivid dreams, significant

dreams I’ve ever had in my life.” And as I know he’s had a

number of significant dreams. As a matter of fact, Rick, you’ve

had a number of significant words that have come to pass, and

the measurement of whether someone can dream a dream that’s

from God or have a prophetic word that’s from God doesn’t

come to pass.

RICK: Yeah.

SID: Tell us a few things that you’ve seen in the past that have


RICK: Well in 1987, I saw that the countries under, behind the

Iron Curtain, the Communist bloc, that liberty was going to

break out, freedom was going to come. And of course, you

know, a couple of years later the Wall came down. And a part

of that same revelation was as they experienced increasing

liberty we would experience decreasing liberty and the attack

on our liberties. I think that’s certainly come to pass. And I saw

things back there and this extensive vision I had, that lasted

over two and half days, I saw things, it was hard for me to

believe would ever come to pass. One of the things that’s now

unfolding, I saw military action along our southern border with

Mexico. I saw pitched battles.

SID: And when you saw it you thought that could never


RICK: You think about 1987. There’s no way this is ever

going to happen. And we’re there now. But that whole vision, I

think, was a panorama and has now given me a timeline for

some things.

SID: Now the housing crisis that’s going on today, who would

have thought when, I mean, you couldn’t lose money in real

estate. Everything was going up, up, up. What did God show

you about that?

RICK: Well we started prophesying two years before that this

was, there was going to a collapse. There was going to be a

shaking that, you know, the bubble was going to burst. We lost

a lot of friends when we started speaking that, as you can

imagine. But of course, it came true. And the Lord, those who

heard who got their lives in order profited from that situation.

And, you know, I was, for a long time, just about the only one, I

think, for a long time that was out there saying Y2K was not

going to be anything.

SID: That was not popular message at that time. Everyone

wanted Y2K to collapse. I mean, they really didn’t want it, but

they were sure it was going to happen.

RICK: It’s amazing how many friends we lost over that one.

But I had been seeking the Lord. I said, “Lord, why are you

showing everybody else stuff about Y2K and you’re not

showing me one thing about it?” And he spoke to me one day

and He said, “I’m not showing you anything because it’s not

going to be anything.”

SID: Churches were having all these meetings. Actually, I felt

the same way as you. And a top pastor from Chicago called and

said, “I’m having a panel on how to prepare for Y2K. Would

you want to be on the panel?” I said, “Sure, but you have to

understand, I don’t think there’s going to be a Y2K,” and he

didn’t invite me. But you were recently at Moravian Falls. And

I’ve been there, and I love that place. And I have to believe the

reason Moravian Falls, North Carolina has such an open heaven

is because of the Moravians. Tell me just a little bit about them.

RICK: Well the Moravians were the true father of modern

missions, you know, Count Zinzendorf, even when William

Carey was called the father of modern missions, he said, no,

Zinzendorf was. He was his inspiration. And he was a German

count who at the time must have been one of the wealthiest

people in the world. And he had such a vision and a heart for

the Lord, and he had a revelation of missions. And this is

extraordinary in the way he received all this. But they were so

touched by the call of the Gospel, especially to the poor, and

that they, you know, the very first two missionaries they sent

out actually sold themselves as slaves to pay their own passage

to go to the West Indies to reach the slaves in the West Indies.

SID: Can you imagine selling yourself as a slave for the

Gospel? It actually sounds more biblical than some of the

presentations I see today. But they prayed up in the region

called Moravian Falls. And I have so many friends that live out

in that area, and they keep telling me they see angels. It’s a total

open heaven there and that’s where you had your dream. Tell

me about that.

RICK: Well it is a place. It’s where we say we come to

Charlotte or, you know, Heritage to meet with people, but

Moravian Falls is where we meet with God. I hardly ever go

there without some extraordinary revelation or visitation. And I

had a dream. SID: How significant? I want you to tell me how

significant based on all of your experience over the years, how

significant is this dream?

RICK: It shook me personally more than any dream, any

revelation I’ve ever had that I remember. It imparted something

so deeply to my soul. The reality of this, the absolute

emergency that we are in as a nation, and it was about our

country, I have never been shaken this hard before. And you

know, in the last few years I’ve been trying to sound the alarm

because it’s the main message the Lord has been giving me. But

I’ve never had any go this deep or to grip me with just how

critical things are like this dream did.

SID: Is it too late for America’s survival? You’re going to get

some amazing insight from this visitation that Rick had through

a dream. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

We now return to It’s Supernatural. SID: Hello. Sid Roth here

with Rick Joyner. And Rick said he had a dream from God

that he classifies an emergency for the United States. Rick was

in Moravian Falls where there’s an open heaven and he had a

visitation. Tell me just briefly about the dream and more

important what it means.

RICK: Well it was a brief dream. And in this dream I was in a

log cabin and every room in this log cabin was a part of

America. Now all this has prophetic symbolism. But I was

taken to the different geographical parts, as well as different

cultures and industries, and places in America. And these little

fires kept popping up and the people leading me around would

just go over and stomp them out. And I wasn’t paying attention

to them and it started really bothering me about these little fires.

And finally we were going to go outside and outside was a

military base in this dream, but as we were going out another

fire, just a little one, shot up over. And I went to stomp it out

and when I got there and stomped it out I realized that it had

burned through the floor and the subfloor. So I just looked

down under the house to see the foundation and, you know,

things happen in a dream that are not actual, but I could see the

whole foundation, and the whole thing was on fire. It’s just hot,

burning coals. And this is where the little fires were popping up

from. And I knew--

SID: But if you destroy the foundation you destroy the whole


RICK: That’s what’s on fire, the foundations. And I

immediately, you know, a fireman, if he ever saw something

like that, you would run for your life, and that’s what I felt in

the dream. In the dream I wanted to go just five steps over to

the side and grab my computer, which is where everything I

own is in my computer almost. I was going to grab that. And I

heard the voice of the Lord in my dream. He said, “You don’t

have time for that. Get your wife and get the fire hose.” And I

knew what He meant. And I woke up at that time and I was, I

mean, I was sweating. I knew this house was about to explode

that was America.

SID: So it really is an emergency.

RICK: It really is an emergency. And usually in dreams and

visions your wife or bride is the church, the bride. And I know

she alone has the hose, the fire hose, the water, which

represents the Word of God and the truth. The only thing we

can do is pour as much water as we can on the foundations.

SID: Well while the foundation is being destroyed we don’t

have anyone speaking a noncompromised message of truth to

speak of. I mean, there are exceptions. But to speak of, what we

have gone is to more of a seeker sensitive than a, I hate to say

it, but it’s true, God sensitive message.

RICK: Well we’re in desperate need of leaders in our country

that are not politicians, but leaders. And there can be a huge

difference. And we’re in desperate need of those who will speak

the truth boldly without compromise and they’re going to be far

more concerned about what God thinks and what men think.

You know, the fear of man brings us near. We can’t worry

about what man is going, I tell you, the political correctness is

killing us. It’s being used against us.

SID: Well for instance, General Jerry Boykin, I’ve heard him

speak at your place. Tell me his credentials, briefly.

RICK: Well he’s probably one of our greatest warriors of the

last 30 years. He was one of the founding members of Delta

Force. He commanded Delta Force. He’s the guy Noriega

surrendered to in Panama. He was over the Delta Force, you

know, Panama and at Mogadishu, and the battle that was made

famous in the “Black Hawk Down” movie. General Boykin was

over that and he’s been--

SID: He’s a former Green Beret.

RICK: He was a Green Beret and then Delta Force, which was

Special Operations.

SID: How does he know so much about Marxism and


RICK: Well Jerry went on to oversee covert operations in the

CIA for three years. He was our Deputy Secretary of Defense

for Intelligence for after that. And he was trained as a Green

Beret. And when he was coming up in these things the greatest

threat to America was socialism. And they were trained to

identify and recognize the encroachment or the insurgency of

Marxism at the time, and that’s when we got Jerry. You know, I

got him to do this little video.

SID: I tell you what. I want you to see just a small segment of

this video. It is, he’s not a people pleaser. That you’ll find out.

[begin video] General Boykin: We hear a lot about Marxism

and socialism, and there are those particularly in the media who

would say that we should tone down our rhetoric about

socialism because we’re not moving to socialism. Well the

reality is I’m a Special Forces officer. I’m a Green Beret and

I’ve studied Marxist insurgency. It was part of my training. And

the things that I know that have been done in every Marxist

insurgency are being done in America today. The first thing that

has happened when people like Fidel Castro have moved their

societies towards Marxism is they’ve nationalized major sectors

of the economy. Folks, that’s what the bail-outs were,

nationalizing major sectors of the economy. The second thing

they’ve done is they’ve redistributed wealth. We’ve heard

enough about the redistribution of wealth. And in fact, the man

that was appointed to handle Medicaid and Medicare after he

was seated in the office actually stood up and said publicly that

health care was nothing but a redistribution of wealth. The third

thing that they do is they discredit their opposition. Now I’ve

never been so angry with my government as when a

Department of Homeland Security memorandum went around

to law enforcement all over the country saying that the future

threats to America were right-wing Christian groups, pro-life

groups, Second Amendment groups and returning veterans. I’m

still angry about that. But it never said Islamic terrorists. That’s

discrediting the opposition, the very groups that would stand up

and protest the things that they see happening in our country.

And the final thing that is done in the Marxist model is societies

like Cuba, like Venezuela today, like Russia under Stalin or

China under Mao Tse Tung. Things they have done, the final

thing has been actually to develop a constabulary force, a force

that can control the population.

You say, well we don’t have that. Well, let me remind you that

prior to the election the president stood up and said that if

elected he would have a-- President Obama: A civilian national

security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well

funded-- General Boykin: As the United States military. For

what? Remember, Hitler had the brown shirts. And in the Night

of the Long Knives even Hitler got scared of the brown shirts

and killed thousands of them. Well, so you say, are there are

any signs of that’s actually happened? The truth is yes. If you

read the health care legislation, which by the way, no one in

Washington has read, but if you read the health care legislation

it’s actually in the health care legislation. There are paragraphs

in the health care legislation that talk about the commissioning

of officers in time of a national crisis to work directly for the

president. It’s laying the groundwork for a constabulary force

that will control the population in America. You need to

understand this is happening in America and it fits the model

that societies have been used when societies move to Marxism.

[end video] We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural. We now

return to It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hi. Sid Roth here with Rick Joyner and a pretty

sobering program. Rick, there are some serious things going on

in the United States of America. From your dream you saw the

foundation all over being attacked. But then you got a call from

a friend of yours that’s an orthodox Jewish rabbi that had

a dream, that was confirmation to you. Explain.

RICK: Yeah. It was quite a startling dream. He had it on the

evening of October 29th, and he saw this huge bear. And, you

know, to cut right to the chase, it was a bear market that

preceded 1929. In his dream it was much larger than the bear

that was struck in 1929, which he also saw in this dream.

SID: Well ’29 was a pretty bad bear market.

RICK: Yes.

SID: This is going to be worse, is what he saw?

RICK: That’s what he saw. Now both of these dreams, mine,

too, with the entire foundation, I don’t think the Lord would

have said, “Get your wife, get the hose,” if we could not put

that fire out, if we couldn’t stop this from happening. And I

think the same with him, he was shown in this dream a gun that

was used to kill the 1929 bear, which was basically the Lord’s

kingdom is coming, to have that faith, to have that peace, and

seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Those

scriptures were, you know, they were burned into that gun.

They were engraved into it and the gun that shot the first bear,

well he said, in this dream, he was told, “You can kill this

bigger bear with the same gun.” We have to seek God’s

kingdom above everything else. That is the only answer.

SID: So you know the credentials of Rick Joyner. I’m just

finding out about this orthodox Jewish rabbi that believes in

Jesus, that, I mean, he lives by faith. What did he tell you about

money materializing?

RICK: He went through a period of time where he would open

his Bible. Of course, he reads the Hebrew Bible and he reads

the Greek one, and every time there’s money it. Now it was not

possible for anyone to slip in and put money in the situation. He

kept emailing me and saying, “This is incredible.” Money is

appearing in my Bibles. And this went on for a long period of

time, and I think it was a sign. But, you know, the Lord did that.

He told Peter, “Go get this fish and you’ll find the money in the


SID: Okay. How have these two dreams changed your life,

Rick Joyner?

RICK: Well they were so, so brief. I mean, what I saw in my

own dream is like planted. It was so real. I remember it like a

real experience, not like a dream. And it’s just branded on me.

And I feel that God has, you know, shown me that the

foundation that he put in our country, he’s had me on a search

of that in the last few years to really see His handy work in His

hand, and He’s just planted something and we can’t lose this

country. He really has a destiny that we have not yet fulfilled in

this country. But we will lose it if the church does not wake up

and does not speak the truth with clarity, with boldness, without


SID: Okay. Rick, a lot of people are enthusiastic that there’s

going to be some solutions for this country in the political

arena. What do you think?

RICK: Well I thank God that Christians are waking up and

becoming the salt and light we’re called to be. When he said,

“Go into all the world,” it wasn’t just geographical. We’re

supposed to be getting, Christians should be going into

government, business and, you know, entertainment, the arts,

everything as missionaries, and I think this is happening. So I

am very thankful that Christians are awakening and getting

engaged and involved. But I think many of the ultimate issues

are already beyond human remedy. We’ve got to have God to

make it through what’s coming. We’ve got to seek first the

kingdom. That doesn’t mean we’re not engaged in politics and

that doesn’t have some of the answers. But we need wisdom

from above. We need Josephs and Daniels, prophetic voices in

the ear of our political leaders, government leaders and

everything else, or we really aren’t gonna make it through the


SID: Now tell me a bit about Islam and the Islamization of

Paris, of England, which to me is kind of like a preview of

what’s going to happen in the United States.

RICK: Well it is remarkable.

SID: Unless--

RICK: Unless we wake up.

SID: Correct.

RICK: One thing, you know, we’re supposed to understand the

times. The Lord called them hypocrites who did not understand

the signs of the times or who understood the weather better. We

are supposed to understand. You cannot understand the modern

world without understanding Islam. And yet we’ve been made

to think you can’t understand it. Don’t touch it. You know,

that’s Islamaphobia. But the whole country is waking up to

know we have to understand this issue. It’s not just a religion. It

is a totalitarian form of government called Sharia Law that

they’re seeking to impose on every nation on earth. That is what

jihad is about. It’s not just getting people to convert to Islam.

They just assume you didn’t convert because, you know,

according to that doctrine and in their book you either become a

convert to Islam or you become a slave, or they have the right

to kill you. So they would just assume have plenty of slaves.

But we really need to understand what this religion is all about.

It’s not just a religion. It’s using religion for domineering and

also, I think, in the same spirit of seeking to wipe out the Jewish

people. That we have to realize that they are operating in the

same spirit that rose up in the ‘30s and ‘40s in Europe, and this

is happening all over the world.

SID: Okay. We see what’s happening in Islam. We see what’s

happening in the United States of America. We see the

foundation of the whole United States is shaking and about

ready to collapse. Is there real hope, in your opinion, real hope?

RICK: Absolutely. Absolutely. All these things, God is not

sitting in Heaven wringing his hand over any of this. Now He

says the heavens and the heavens of the Lord, the earth he’s

given into the hands of the sons of men. So, you know, the Holy

Spirit is the helper, not the doer. He expects us to get engaged,

but He will help us. He can change all of this, turn all of this

into a great victory for the truth, a great victory for His people

and His kingdom, and everything else, but we have to get

engaged. He won’t do things on the earth until we pray. He

said, “The heavens are mine, but I gave you the earth. I’ll help

you, but you’ve got to ask me.”

SID: You know what I believe? I believe we’re about ready to

have, Rick, the greatest revival the world has ever seen, and I

believe that the United States of America’s days are not

finished. But the balance, as Rick is saying, is up to the sleeping

giant. Will the sleeping giant lay down their differences? Will

the sleeping giant put God’s kingdom first as opposed to their

kingdom? Do you know something? Jesus didn’t start with a

whole lot of people. He started just with a dozen, a dozen men

and women that no God, Rick, I believe could change this earth.

I believe we’re about ready have a tsunami, a major tsunami of

God’s spirit, and you can be a part of it as long as Jesus is your

Lord. If not, do something right now. You know what to do.


The message by Pastor Sister Katy in November 2010

In early November, the Holy Spirit was telling me things fairly

intensely. At this point, I awoke at 2:06 a.m. in the morning of

November 11. At 2:51 a.m., the Spirit of God spoke to me. I

have learned to note the times by following the example of

great evangelist Frances Hunter, who has records of miracles

happening at the exact time at which she prayed for people,

including people she had never even met. Our God is a God of

perfect timing, even though we may be frustrated by waiting on


So, at 2:51 a.m., CST, the Spirit said "Get my people out into

the wilderness to plant gardens and grow crops. They are not

where they should be. Show them where they should be."

I said, "Tell me exactly what you want me to do and provide the

means for doing it, please."

In a few moments I was filled with joy and a song came to my

mind which I began to sing. I tried to tape record it, but the tape

recorder was out of batteries. However, I can remember this.

God's Love Song to His People

God is singing you a love song,

Calling you to come and be

With Him in the wilderness and forest,

Singing, raising plants and animals and free.

Bringing ancient strains of plants and creatures,

Those that breed natural and true,

Treasures of your ancient heartlands

Preserving what is best in you.

Planting gardens in the meadows,

And fields of grain in valleys 'tween the hills

With your beasts in folds in the mountains

And deep in shadows of the forest floor.

Sing ancient songs of joy and freedom

Blessings that have yet to be

God is calling you from the cities

Come to the countryside with Me.

The tune for this song comes from an old hymn. It takes one

and a half minutes to sing.

At 3:16 a.m. God spoke again. He said "Teach My people how

to farm and garden. The knowledge is within you. You have

had a lifetime learning it."

(I have a master's degree in biology and am also a research

dietician-nutritionist, have been organic gardening and ranching

for over twenty years. This is why God would say I have had a

lifetime doing this.)

"My will is to be done and My kingdom is to come on earth as

it is in heaven. And heaven is a paradise, an Eden everywhere.

As heaven is, so should the earth be. This will not happen

unless man does what he and she were created to do. My

companions you are and my partners in paradise, heaven on

earth. That is all." message ended at 3:23 a.m.

At this time I would like to share a prophecy to me from a

Texas prophet named Nina Mendez given to me at a church in

central Texas. She said that when I would sing, that barriers and

all hindrances would be broken and that blessings would begin

to flow, that the devil would be overcome. This was prophesied

back in 2007. You know, what she said might not only apply to

me. When people filled with love and joy sing that love and joy,

beautiful things begin to happen and barriers and hindrances are

broken and fall away. When I can, I will send my singing of

this song to this website. In the ancient Israelite temple, there

were men and women singing praises to God continuously and

this uplifted the nation. By day or night there were singers in

the temple. Just a thought on Bible history.

Blessings in Yavashua Jesus,

Pastor Sister Katy

Texas, U.S.A.

Mailing address

P.O. Box 2585

Granite Shoals, Texas 78654


The dream by Paul Cary on November 26, 2010

Dear Reader,

This morning Nov. 26, 2010 I had my third Port Townsend

Dream on the economy. In the past few dreams the first one

where I was walking down Water St in Port Townsend, WA . It

was near dusk at this time and Water St. was unpaved and one

Grader was working out the road. I was walking North on

Water St and crossing the road there where the bluffs

overlooking downtown and the Admiralty Inlet. Upon crossing

Water St I went to a well-known Restaurant and had a cup of

coffee. I left there and continued North on the water side of

Water St. I found myself walking past shops and stores that

were closed down. No one was there downtown. I walked all

the way to the end of Water St and turned back. It was just a

few steps back up or walking south that I notice one shop was

open and some folks in there. Across the street I saw a utility

person working on the outside of a building. I surmised then

that power was being restored. Then not too long ago but you

can find the dreams on Jouko Piho’s Prophecy site where I have

the dreams posted and hope to get this one up there also. So the

second dream I was on a bus and I was talking to a person a

male about the first Port Townsend Dream. I remember

explaining the him in detail and just about the time I got to

where I was walking back or heading back south on Water St

and about the little shop that was open where there was no shop

before. The man on the bus then looking at me with a smile and

eyes wide open said; So there is hope. Now comes the Third

Dream of today. I am in Port Townsend and walking north on

Water St and this time it was pure daylight and just like in the

first dream there were buildings closed but this time I could see

clearly as it was day light and the buildings were boarded up. I

walked further again and came to that same area where in the

first dream I headed back south and saw this little shop open

and people there. Well, same situation but now I could see that

there were others and they were standing outside. That was the

end of the dream. I am trying to put these three dreams together

and it seems to me that the move to rebuild the infrastructure is

going to drain the economy. It will have an effect on the

population also that could die from starvation or plagues or both

that is keeping the numbers down. The second dream tells me

that folks are thinking that there is still hope in the economy but

the third dream makes it clear that everyone who was in the

dark on this issue now realize that the economy is bleak and

people are dying but they continue to survive and thrive the best

way they can. So in summation the future of mankind ability to

regain their common ground and economic capabilities is not

going to happen and never will again thrive. Just as Revelation

speaks of.

Rev 17:15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou

sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes,

and nations, and tongues.

Rev 17:16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast,

these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and

naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

Rev 17:17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and

to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words

of God shall be fulfilled.

Rev 17:18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city,

which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Rev 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in

thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be

heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great

men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

Rev 18:24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of

saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

Paul Cary

Email address:

Comments accepted.


The prophetic writing by Ching Co in Autumn 2010

The original source:

Ching Co:

The Hidden to be Revealed - in His Time

Background Story (1 Kings 17-19): The Story of Elijah

For some weeks now, the Holy Spirit has been leading me to

meditate on the various events taking place in Elijah's life as

found in 1 Kings 17-19. And as I began to chew and ponder on

them, certain significant points captured my attention:

· God gave Elijah an assignment to speak a prophecy to

King Ahab and he obeyed.

· God then led him for three years in a quiet life while

waiting for that time to come.

· Elijah followed God's leading as he was led to the brook

where ravens fed him; and later on God led him to the

house of the widow, with whom he stayed for a while.

· In all this time, Elijah was hidden by God and his ministry

was pretty much limited. Yet, in many ways, the Lord had

proven Himself to be strong and real to Elijah through the

miracles that He performed in his midst.

· On the third year, God called Elijah out to the open and

this time he had to confront King Ahab, the false prophets

of Baal and Asherah, and the people of Israel in an open,

public venue.

Parallel Event in Our Midst

There are many children of God who received a calling from

the Lord, and in the process have given up much to follow God

and be where they are today. Literally or symbolically, they

have given up jobs, families and opportunities to be where they

felt God wants them to be.

Like Elijah, they too had their share of brooks and ravens and

widow experiences. They too received many confirmations

from the Lord about the vision He had given them, and God had

littered their paths with many small miracles during the years

that they obeyed His leading and believed His plans and

purposes for their lives, their families, their churches and even

their nations – and waited for Him to bring the unveiling and

fulfilment of these visions.

Today, in the Heavenlies, God has summoned a great crowd to

witness the public unveiling of His chosen saints, to witness

the great work that He is about to do in their midst.

But, at the same time, satan and his hordes, like king Ahab and

his false prophets, are also determined to stop God's children

from entering into their shining moment.

Our spiritual enemy is throwing everything at us this season

with the goal to discourage us, confuse us, and sow doubt and

anxiety into the heart of God's chosen people. His ultimate

intentions are to stop us from believing God for our

promises, to divert us from our calling, and to lead us to

deviate from the place where God has promised to place us.

Be Still and Know that God is in Full Control

Satan's attack comes in various forms. Incurable diseases and

financial instability come. The order of households and

businesses are disrupted. Friendships and relationships are tried

and tested. Words are twisted. Faith in God is stretched to the

limit. All these are the works of the forces of darkness who are

out in full force to stop us, God's glorious army, from being

unveiled; an army of saints that has waited quietly, faithfully,

joyfully, wholeheartedly and sacrificially.

The time for God to bring them out to public view is ALMOST

AT HAND. Just like in Elijah's time, great power and anointing

will be manifested in all they do from this time forward. The

people will see how God works for them, with them and in

them. And all will know that God is in their midst, and their


works and ministry will be known and acknowledged by many,

and many nations will be drawn to them.

Truly, the time for God's vindication is at hand. So for now, no

matter what storm is brewing in your midst, no matter what

weapons the enemy is throwing toward you, just be still and

know that God is in full control.

Now is the time for us to REST and WAIT FOR GOD. He is

fighting this battle for us.

"May Your Unfailing Love Rest Upon Us, Even as We Put Our

Hope in You"

To all His children to whom this message is being addressed,

this is our promise for this season.

"Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous; it is fitting for the

upright to praise Him... Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the

people of the world revere Him. For He spoke, and it came to

be; He commanded, and it stood firm. The Lord foils the plans

of the nations; He thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the

plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart

through all generations.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He

chose for His inheritance. From Heaven the Lord looks down

and sees all mankind; from His dwelling place He watches all

who live on earth – He who forms the hearts of all, who

considers everything they do.

"No king is saved by the size of his army; no warrior escapes by

his great strength. A horse is a vain hope for deliverance;

despite all its great strength it cannot save. But the eyes of the

Lord are on those who fear Him, on those whose hope is in His

unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive

in famine.

"We wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.

In Him our hearts rejoice for we trust in His holy name. May

Your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our

hope in You."—Psalm 33, NIV

This is God's word for you this season. Praise His most holy


Ching Co

Cebu City, Philippines


Ching Co currently resides in the Philippines, in Cebu City.

Ching and her husband, Harry, are accountants by profession;

they have four children and attend Word of the World Christian



The prophetic message by Sister Katy on September 18, 2010

Received September 18, 2010 at 2:21 p.m. as I was reading

Matthew 10:28. The Spirit spoke to me and said: "Everything

which you have endured has been for a reason. It is for your

ministry." This was at 2:14 p.m. Seven minutes later He said:

"Write this down for Northern Light. What I am saying, I am

saying to you, Sister Katy. However, it is for all people in the

world, on the ocean, on the land, in the air, in the swamp, in the

desert, in mines beneath the land, living on a garbage dump,

living on snow and ice by a glacier, wherever you are. I am the

same yesterday, today and forever. The promises I have made

are the same yesterday, today, and forever. Simply because the

hour is late does not mean that the promises I have made are

now suspended. What has been stolen or destroyed by the devil

and his servants must still be restored or replaced double to four

to seven times or even one hundred times or seventy times

seven. What you have lost will still be found and given back to

you. When Christians do not ask for restoration of their homes,

their lands, their families, their businesses, they have failed.

When they do not ask for restoration of their livestock and

crops, they are in error and have failed. The righteous may fall

seven times and still keep getting up and trying again.

If your mother did not love you as you would have desired as a

child and adult, then your ministry is to love and help children

and others. If your father was cold, then you are to be warm.

If your country was bombed and poisoned, then your ministry is

to find cures for such things. If your nation went out

conquering, now your ministry is to help and serve where once

you gave orders and subjected others to servitude.

This is not a time for sitting down waiting for an end to come

upon you. This is a time for doing things with your whole


The choices of blessing and cursing are still yours. When you

are sad, angry, or fearful, plant a flower, tree, berry bush,

vegetable or grain. Do not let one day go by without praying

for someone and for yourself. You will find that if you plant a

flower or tree or seeds, you can hardly remain angry, sad, or

fearful as much as you were. This is because planting is a

blessing to yourself, others and Me. When you are blessing,

you are becoming like Me."


The Vision by Wayne Thomas in 1993

"The Bride Will Leave Christendom"

Vision by Wayne Thomas.

The following vision is probably one of the most well-known

that has ever come out of my home nation of New Zealand. It is

a key vision that has been acknowledged and read around the

world. This vision was given to Wayne Thomas late in 1993.

He told me that it was probably the most powerful he had ever


Vision of The Bride Leaving Christendom-Wayne Thomas.

Basically, it was a traditional wedding scene. The radiantly

beautiful Bride had just stepped out of the Cathedral and was

standing on the top step, just outside. Wayne was told that the


GOES WITH IT) FOREVER, leaving the 'church' system

behind. The Groom (who was Jesus) took her arm, so that He

could lead her down and proudly display His beautiful Bride to

all the world.

Still inside the Cathedral were all the relatives (-the various

'streams' and denominations of the church as we know it?)

Suddenly, while the Bride was still on the top step, an invisible

hand gave her a beautiful lily (which had been plucked out by

the roots). This was her bridal 'bouquet' (an "end-time"

endowment?) and for some reason it seemed to be given to her

rather late. She threw this bouquet backwards, and some of her

relatives in the church, who had been watching her with great

jealousy and awe, made a grab for the bouquet. Two of them

seemed to snatch it up, but there was a lot of squabbling and

pushing amongst them - fighting to be somehow near the Bride

or to grab the bouquet. The Groom then led His Bride down the

steps and through the huge crowd of cheering people below,

who had been unable to get into the Cathedral.

In a later vision, Wayne was shown that after they had made

their way through this huge throng, the happy couple were then

taken away on their honeymoon, which was to last for a

thousand years.

Wayne later made the following comments about this vision:

"The Lord emphasized these things to me:- That the Bride is so

in love with the Groom - and the fact that she is pure and holy,

and the problems of life are far behind her in this time frame.

The crowds outside see this intimate love between the two, and

that no burden in life stops her from expressing this love. She

leaves the guests behind to squabble over the bouquet, and her

desire to share this love with the crowd outside is very evident.

"The fighting wedding guests are those within the church who

in their hearts are ambitious for titles to impress the body and

are caught up seeking the gifts (bouquet anointings) and not the

giver. They are involved in grand schemes and politics within

the church - and they love 'comfort'. They are those who get

close to the Truth but do not want to live the truth.

"The Bride - leaving the guests behind - is made up of

Christians seeking truth in Jesus alone, no matter the cost,

leaving compromise behind and seeking Jesus first before the

praises of men."

ANDREW AGAIN: There are some quite shocking

implications to this vision, but it lines up with so much that God

has spoken along similar lines in recent years - i.e. GREAT

REFORMATION - not just Revival. What are we to make of

this - that the BRIDE Will LEAVE the "CHURCH SYSTEM"


Does it line up with Scripture? Does it make sense? Is it


The Book of Acts Revival, the Wesley and Whitefield Revivals,

the Cane Ridge Revival, the Early Salvation Army Revivals,

and of course Jesus' own ministry in the first place - these were

all massive "outdoor" moves of God. Could it be that they are

pointing the way to what we are about to witness in our own


-Please comment on this at the following websitehttp://

God bless you all, Andrew Strom.


The dreams of Pastor Sister Katy on September 3 and 4, 2010

During the night of September 3 and 4, I had two dreams. The

first was a dream that my husband and I had the opportunity to

buy a very large house that had been used as a foster and

adoption home previously (orphanage). This dream was selfexplanatory.

The second dream did not make a whole lot of

sense to me.

Upon asking God to show me what the dream was about, after

prayer the Bible fell open to Ezekiel 36. Ezekiel 36 speaks of a

blessing by God of the mountains, hills and valleys and how the

land that was once laid waste, ignored and forgotten, can be


made into a garden like Eden. The verses mention Eden and

appear to be describing that the wilderness and waste land,

larger than Eden, can be made to be like Eden all over again.

This happened on the morning of Sept. 5.

In the evening of September 5 I wrote in detail the details of the

second dream, which I shall share with all here. After I wrote

the dream and some daily notes down, the Holy Spirit spoke

directly to me. I had thought the dream to be a meaningless

hodgepodge of images unrelated to me.

Transcript of Dream Two- I dreamed a very rich man wanted to

marry me. He bought a homey, friendly restaurant and small

theater in a small town and remodeled it, replacing the redchecked

tablecloths with green checked ones. People had to

dress up to come to this restaurant. The food had become much

more expensive. The waiters were arrogant and curt with the

people. Still, people flocked to the restaurant. It appeared to be

the place where everyone wanted to be. My rich fiancée' was

nearly rude to the people. I tried to be nice to everyone to make

up for his behavior.

The theater which still had rows of theater seats, also had tables

with the green checked tablecloths and the formally dressed

almost rude waiters. People were waiting in line to be seated.

People without reservations had a very long wait. The waiters

were dressed in black pants w/ white shirts, black vests and red

string ties. Everything was very formal. Also, I am not sure

that the food was all that great, either. It had gone from a

come-as-you-are hometown cafe' with great Italian and

American food to a stylish gathering place. The friendly momand-

pop atmosphere was gone along with the previous friendly


I was dressed in a fur coat and lots of jewels. My dress was

very expensive, yet I felt like none of this was right for me.

People were trying to get in. I was amazed that people in a

small town would try to get into a snobby restaurant with not

great food. I did what I could to make the place more friendly

and pleasant. Then I woke up.

September 5 evening message from the Holy Spirit- Holy

Spirit- Do you want to know what the second dream meant?

"It is the fancy, formal church with food that is not as good for

the people. The fiancé' was mammon, money. You were

dressed in riches, but you could not stop the people from being

ill-treated by the bad pastors (waiters in formal dress) who don't

really care for the hungry people. The green-checked

tablecloths were the color of life. They were your choice. Life,

however, only appears to be there. The people flock to the

restaurant because it is all they have.

My Son fed the people fish and good bread. He healed their

sick bodies. He showed them where to fish to catch fish. He

healed their sick minds and spirits. He spoke life and the

abundance of life. I gave you Eden, a paradise which should

have grown to encompass the earth. Instead, your ancestors

sinned and made bad choices. The death of My Son on the

cross redeemed Eden, or paradise on earth back for you. Still

many of you are sinning and making bad choices.

Wealth is not a big house or car or TVs or computers. Wealth

is a forest of timber, nut and fruit trees, grapevines, berry

bushes, grain and hay fields. It is gardens and beehives and

milk animals, flowers and herbs, sufficient clothing and


Tell the people to turn off their HD TVs and spend little time on

their computers if they want to get close to Me. Television and

computer games shut down people's minds and make their souls

and bodies sick and debilitated, weak.

Tell the people to get land at least twenty to thirty miles away

from the cities and plant gardens and crops on the land, to have

meat and milk animals if they can and birds that lay eggs. Tell

them to build houses with thick walls that are earthquake and


I want My people to survive and inherit the earth. I miss the

companionship of the pure and righteous. Who still seeks Me?

Who still desires to walk with Me in the cool of evening and

fellowship with Me?

Treat the animals I have given you for food, work, and

companionship as you would treat yourselves. Keeping them in

tight spaces and filth and giving them chemicals causes disease

in the animals and in the people. It is also cruel. Eating

genetically modified food creates new diseases that did not

exist before. Using implanted microchips causes sores and

cancer in people and animals and in people eating the animals.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Blessed

are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the

seekers of righteousness, for they shall be filled.

I am calling you, all people who still seek My face, to come and

build yourselves farms and gardens and forests and booths,

houses, cabins, shelters in the wilderness, in unwanted and

abandoned places, in forgotten places. I am calling you back to

villages, forest, farmland, wilderness, even desert. Go back to

what your grandparents and great-grandparents knew. This is

Ezekiel 36 and Hosea 2:14-23. This is renewal and restoration.

This is joy and celebration. This is a renewal of My wedding

and betrothal vows to you. This is a restoring of being

connected to Me-God and the earth. For all humans walking


the earth, this is a remembering of who you really are. It is time

to remember who you are.

You are a friend to God and you are the Eden-paradisegardeners

of the planet. This is My love song to you, to invite

you to come with Me to the wilderness and plant trees, shrubs,

vines and flowers." This was the end of the Holy Spirit

speaking at this time.

Now I was able to understand what at first appeared to me as a

very strange dream unrelated to anything in my life.

Thank you and blessings always,

Pastor Sister Katy

Christ Complete Ministries

P.O. Box 2585

Granite Shoals, Texas 78654


The prophecy by Dumitru Duduman on February 19, 1989

Seal no 2 Opened=a red horse (Russia, Communism?)

I was asleep this afternoon, when I was awakened by the

whinny of a horse, and the crack of a whip! As I opened my

eyes, I saw a man on a red horse. "Get up, Dumitru!" the man


As I stood up, I was immediately knocked down by his power.

"Get up!" he repeated. I stood up, but I was knocked down

again. I got up, and was knocked down a third time

I asked him why he did that to me. "To show you my power,"

he said.

The man was ready for war. He wore a helmet, had guns and

knives all around his waist, a machine gun hung around his

neck, and he had a sword in one hand.

He said, "I am an angel, and have been sent down by Gabriel.

Why is your heart so sad because many people don't accept the

message? People are happy because there is peace here, but in

a short while it will change into war!! I am sent to take peace

off the earth." (Revelation 6:3-4) The angel went on, "In

some places, wars will start. People will raise their swords

against one another."

He continued, "Don't be worried, but be happy! Why are you

worried about the money? The cries, prayers, and fasting of the

ones in your country (Romania) have reached God. Don't be

Worried! Gold, silver and wealth belong to God. He will not

let you down.

You see, some people," said the angel, "don't want to believe

the truth or the things that will happen ONLY THE ONES



Fight hard, because the fight will be harder as you continue. It

will be harder than it has ever been until now," he said. "The

days are numbered, and what I have told you will happen."

With a noise like thunder and a flash of bright light, he knocked

me down a final time and disappeared.


The Message by Markku Kopare from Sweden in the beginning of 2008

In this country (Sweden) there will be shaking and judgment

will be implemented because of the sins of the people and

because my people (the believers) do not reproach people for

their sins. I have a measure, and when it is full, I must judge

injustice and deal with the sin.

It is a question about two things; abortions and the laws

allowing the same sex marriage approved by the government

and the parliament. This smoke is reaching up to me. If my

people are praying me for mercy, I am still judging this

evildoing, because people do not want to repent. But if my

people who are called in my name are praying me, the judgment

will be delayed for one year - not more.

God showed to me that the judgment will come in May 2012

(if Christians are praying, so in May 2013): Russia will attack

from the air and will occupy the town of Kiruna in

Northern Sweden with surrounding iron mines, which

Russia needs for her war industry.

It will be a rapid operation. EU and NATO will protest, but they

have not courage to do anything more than that.

This is God's way to shake the country, judge the sin and wake

up sleeping Christians.


The vision of Jonathan Erskine Hollingsworth in 1892

Vision Seen In The Heavens

At the hour of high noon, on the 24th day of second month,

(commonly called February,) in the year of our Lord 1892. this

account being written down in the eleventh month, (November)

of the same year, and completed by the grace of God, on the

10th day thereof, at Steubenville, Ohio.

By Jonathan Erskine Hollingsworth.

On the 24th day of the second month of the present year (1892,)

I, Jonathan Erskine Hollingsworth, (whether in the flesh or out I

wot not) stood on the hill overlooking this city, being also the

seat of justice for Jefferson County, and while so standing,

admiring the prospect, which is very fair, as all men know, I

beheld a vision in the heavens, in which many strange and

awful sights, with sounds of fearful import, filled my soul with

terror. This vision or revelation first appeared in the eastern

portion of the sky, afterwards shifting to the south and later

returning to the east, though at one time the whole horizon

glowed like a furnace, while the earth trembled, and the black

dome of heaven seemed ready to fall. All this was so vivid, that

I supposed the whole world must have witnessed it, even as I

did; but to my great astonishment, I learned that no one but

myself had seen the light, neither had any voice been heard,

though all occurred at midday. This I could scarcely believe,

and therefore made diligent inquiry among my friends and

neighbors concerning the appearance of the sky between the

hours of ten o’clock and high noon on the morning of the 24th

day of the second month (commonly called February) all

assured me that nothing unusual had been noticed, except that

the day was clear, and the weather extremely warm for the

season, which was true, excepting during the hours mentioned a

great change took place, but which for some reason a kind

providence revealed to me alone. After much questioning,

finding no one had seen anything peculiar, I was seized with a

great fear, fully believing my reason to have been affected, or

that I was the victim of some sad delusion, or that the

appearance was produced by the spirit of darkness with a view

to my undoing for such is the cunning practice of the serpent,

seeking by many and strange devices to lure the children of

men into the snare. So distressed was I over the matter, that my

appetite left me, and I became so weak I could no longer walk

abroad, but was confined to my room, a prey to the most

gloomy forebodings, still fearing each day a repetition of the

awful experience.

But what distressed my dear wife and my near friends more

than my illness was the strange silence which I preserved, for I

could give no reason for my malady, refusing to have a

physician, least he might discover my secret, for I firmly

believed my mind was unbalanced; having no pain but sinking

gradually lower, my great anxiety was that I might be judged

insane, and thus be torn from my home where I wished to die.

After many weeks of silent suffering, my dear wife begged so

piteously for some explanation that I made bold to tell her

everything I had seen on that dreadful morning; to my great joy

and relief she said: "Jonathan, surely thou hast found favor with

the Lord, for to his best beloved only, does he reveal the things

that are to be. Sit down, therefore, and write of all these

wonderful things, for so the Lord desires, that the world may

know, and knowing, prepare the way and make ready for the

new dynasty, when He shall reign supreme, and the powers of

Darkness shall be chained for a thousand years." So spake my

beloved wife, after the manner of her people, for she had been

reared in the Society of Friends (sometimes called Quakers) and

had never departed from their simple ways in dress or language,

though the temptation was at times strong, being a woman of

quick wit and-very comely in face and form; and in these

matters I admired her sincerity, but being a weak man, my pride

was sometimes touched by the remarks of the ungodly

concerning the plain apparel, which she felt it her duty to wear

on all occasions, and if she had been less strong we would have

united with some society that would have allowed more

freedom in the matter of dress and social customs.

It was therefore at the request of my dear Rebecca, that I have

undertaken the task of transcribing the events of that

memorable morning; being an and but little used to the pen I

find great difficulty in selecting the proper words to express my

thoughts, and I am sure some who read these lines, especially

such as have enjoyed the advantage of education, will often be

shocked by the crudeness of my speech, but it is my hope that

such errors of composition may be overlooked, remembering

my sole object is to deliver the message which a merciful

providence saw fit to entrust to my care, although there seemed

so many more worthy, and better calculated for the work. As

soon as I had consented to put down all that I had described to

my wife, I was filled with a great peace; the burden, which for

many weeks had oppressed my soul, was removed, and I again

walked in the fields and felt the joy of new life. Then I knew of

a truth I had been commissioned by the Lord, and as soon as I

consented to enter upon the task assigned I was rewarded by the

removal of the awful burden of fear and doubt under which I

had lain so long.

In obedience to the dictates of conscience and in compliance

with my loving partner’s advice, I have here set down the

events as they appeared on the day in question, leaving nothing

untold, neither adding thereto in the slightest particular.

While it may not signify, I wish to preface this account by a

brief statement concerning myself and the wife of my bosom,

— it may seem a display of carnal weakness, indeed I know

some of the Friends will look upon it in that light, but as I am

now growing old, and this may be the last work of my life, I

have felt moved to refer to these things, believing that the


will one day be highly prized by our beloved children, and will

also be read with interest by others, when the great issues herein

foreshadowed have become facts, though long before that day

the writer will have been removed through the mercy of a

loving Father, from these to fairer scenes, even to that blessed

realm to which all humble followers of our dear Master look

forward to, as the just reward of faithful service. I would state,

therefore, that I was born on the 23d day of second month,

1823, consequently was just sixty-nine years of age with one

day’s credit on my seventieth, when it pleased the Lord in his

mercy and wisdom, to show unto me all that is here described.

It may seem remarkable, but of the truth there is no doubt, that

my dear Rebecca was born at about the same hour, and on the

same day of the month, exactly twenty years later, that is on the

23d day of second month, 1843, being just in the edge of her

fiftieth year at the time of this revelation, though she does not

appear more than thirty-five, having a rosy complexion and full

figure, and her hair which is of a dark brown hue, shows no

trace of gray. There was a singular circumstance recorded by

my father which I will mention although to some it may seem

foolish, that was a "remarkable display" known as "Northern

Lights” at the hour of my birth, which also occurred as the

clock struck twelve, still the date named was 2d month, 23d

day; all of which is shown by the carefully penned record in the

family Bible, which may be seen by anyone who cares to call at

my cottage on the corner of North and Fifth Sts., (immediately

across from the church) there are a few other things which I

wish to mention here, although they may seem out of place, but

as I have stated, advancing age makes it seem proper for me to

give some account of my ancestors, believing that greater

interest will attach to the name of this humble individual, who

in the inscrutable wisdom of providence, was selected from

among millions of learned men to prepare the world for the new

day which is about to break with a glory undreamed of by the

nations of the earth. It has been said that the darkest hour is that

preceding dawn, and this is true; while we have all but passed

the long night of evil, and now stand on the threshold of a new

and glorious era, the powers of darkness are gathering about us

for the mightiest effort of all the ages to thwart the will of the

Lamb. But I must say a word concerning my ancestors which

will occupy but little space, as my knowledge is confined to my

father and mother, whom I well remember, although they died

many years ago; both were exemplary members of the Baptist

Church, and for many years resided at Salem, Columbiana

County, this State, some forty miles due north of this city, and

just ten miles north of new Lisbon, which is also the county

seat. Here the agricultural society held its annual fair every

autumn, which my father usually attended and sometimes I was

permitted to accompany him, though mother always remained

at home, having a strong dislike for crowds, with the dust,

noise, and constant odor of burning tobacco, disagreeable

features which she could never overcome.

Of my grandparents I can say nothing as they died while I was

yet an infant, and the few relics father had preserved, (some

ancient books and the family record) were destroyed by a fire

which occurred in the year 1856 on what was known as

"Foundry Hill" from the fact that a large foundry was built

thereon, where were manufactured stoves and hollow ware, this

large structure was also burned the same night. Shortly after

this calamity father died and was buried in the little church

yard, where he had so often wandered while waiting for the


Only six weeks after father’s funeral mother was stricken with

paralysis, dying after a few hours of painless torpor; she was

laid beside her husband under the shadow of a tall elm tree,

which stands today, a more enduring monument than the

modest marble slab that loving hands placed above their resting

place, for I have been informed that it has already been broken

and the fragments scattered by the children who come there to

play during the summer days.

I, being the only surviving child, accepted a proposition to take

charge of the farm of john D. Harlan who was a distant relative

on mother’s side, but whom I learned to address as uncle, out of

respect to his age. About this time I met the young woman (then

only a girl of thirteen summers) who, seven years afterward

became my loving helpmate, and to whom under providence, I

owe all that I am in a spiritual sense; also in no small measure

the success that has attended my labors in the fields, but of her I

will presently speak more particularly. I continued with "Uncle

John" for twenty years when the property came into my

possession through the will of my employer and friend, who

died, leaving no heirs. My father’s name was Ezra Bennington

Hollingsworth, mother’s maiden name was Susan Erskine,

daughter of Robert Erskine, of East Fairfield, a village some

twelve or fourteen miles south-east of Saleni. My wife’s

maiden name was Rebecca Ann Thomas, daughter of Abraham

Y. Thomas, a prosperous farmer, whose residence was near the

village of New Garden, he was a conscientious member of the

Society of Friends, which I also joined at the earnest request of

my dear Rebecca, but I must confess that I have never been able

wholly to overcome my early prejudice in favor of water

baptism, and it is a source of some satisfaction to know that I

was immersed at an early age. The absence of the dearly loved

hymns during service was also a cause of some regret, but on

these doctrinal points I preserved a discreet silence which my

dear partner understood and respected and for which I honor her

the more.

I now feel free to proceed with what skill I may, to relate in due

order the wonderful scenes which I doubt not will be enacted on

the earth; in truth, as I pen these lines we seem to be entering a

cloud; already there is lack of employment, and times of trouble

seem close at hand.

The 24th day of second month last, was soft, with a smell of the

woods in the air, while a bluish haze almost hid the farthest

hills, and objects at a distance appeared but faintly; while the

sounds came across the valley dull and muffled, almost

musical; the river was nearly clear of ice, and some empty

barges were being towed upstream by a noisy tug. The sky was

cloudless, if I except a mist that gathered over the southern

horizon where it lay growing denser as the day grew older.

Each trifling circumstance connected with that morning, comes

back to me now with great distinctness; a pair of crows flew

across from the Virginia side cawing loudly; I recall even now a

strange feeling of dread that swept over me as I watched their

dark shadows passing swiftly across the brown field.

There were some patches of snow on the crest of the hills over

the river, the remains of huge drifts; these were the only tokens

of the season. As the sun climbed higher it shone with increased

brightness, and the air became sultry, about the tenth hour a

strange shadow seemed to cover the earth, and a low rumbling

sound was heard, but from whence it came I was not able to

determine, at times it seemed to proceed from the depths of the

earth, and anon it echoed along the sky like distant thunder;

these unaccountable sounds and the darkness which was even

more fearful filled my mind with apprehension, for though so

dark, the sky was without clouds and the stars were seen

shining redly as through dense smoke; but the sun was blotted

out. What now swiftly followed held me to the spot, as though I

had been a tree anchored by a thousand firm roots.

A ruddy glow spread over the eastern hills, the atmosphere

became heavy and I was all but suffocated by a sulphurous

odor. The red glow rapidly increased until it seemed the world

was being consumed by fire, the crimson light was reflected by

the river, which now glowed like molten metal. The rocky walls

that overhang the park opposite the city stood out clearly; farm

houses with their barns and stacks of straw, miles away on the

river hills were revealed in the blood red light. As I stood

trembling and wondering what the end would be, there came a

change, the fiery clouds rolled back either way leaving a wide

opening through which I gazed as upon another world.

Overhead the thick vapor hung in folds, black as ink — even

the stars were swallowed up in the awful gloom; but the

opening now appeared clean cut as a door in the heavens, out of

which I looked upon a scene of radiant beauty, for there before

me lay our own dear country, as it were a scroll unrolled at my

feet, every river, lake, village and great city from the rocky

coast of Maine, with its roaring breakers, to the remote shores

of California, all smiling in beauty and peace; Oh! that was a

scene fair to look upon, but even while I gazed, a mist seemed

to gather over the middle west, where rolls in grandeur, the

broad Mississippi, and beyond, extending even to the base of

the snow covered mountains that guard the western plains; this

soon spread to every section of our land, and as it spread, I saw

factories closed, and idle men walked the streets or gathered in

groups, and a feeling of unrest was everywhere; for in the midst

of plenty men were hungry, but alas! they were unable to touch

the great stores of grain and fruits of every kind, (for such

bountiful harvests had never been) for these were guarded by

hardened men who could not be moved by the cries of distress

that rose on every hand; merchants failed, banks closed their

doors, and countless thousands of hard-working men and

women saw their small savings swept in to the strong vaults of

the kings of capital, who controlled the finances of our country,

and who grew rich apace by reason of their robberies, which

were also sanctioned by the government. Then, men rendered

destitute, and maddened by the suffering of their families,

engaged in senseless riot, and much loss of property resulted,

with some lives, but of the latter small account was made, for

were there not already many more than could find employment?

and there was great destitution among the common people, and

they were enraged for they said, "behold, with our hands have

we produced all wealth, yet now are we starved, while the idle

roll in luxury," and they cried out with great vehemence, until I

feared for my country.

I While I marveled, greatly troubled in my mind, the whole

scene passed away like drifting smoke, and before me lay a

tranquil sea, whose waves broke in soft white foam over the

yellow sand, and this was a fair picture; the wide rich plain was

dotted with cities and towns, surrounded with cultivated fields;

out of the cities rose many tall tapering towers, rising story by

story each growing smaller, each floor was also marked by a

balcony, and over all a pointed roof with wide projecting eaves.

In the fields were many laborers who seemed to be engaged in

gathering crops, which they carried away in baskets, and which

they swung on poles over their shoulders, their dress was a

loose odd pattern, the like of which I had never seen, their hair

hung in long black braids, and their hats were of a peculiar

conical form.

Soon strange vessels appeared on the sea, and much confusion

followed; there was great alarm among the people, the laborers

left their farms, and long lines of soldiers marched out of the

cities, also some great iron war boats were sent out to meet the l

strangers, whose ships I now saw were also of iron carrying

mighty engines of destruction. An awful battle was fought but

the dark invaders soon drove the poor people before them like

cattle and the victorious general demanded much gold to pay

the expenses of the war which he had waged, threatening to

destroy all the cities of the plain, so the price was paid, and the

strangers departed. While I looked a voice was heard saying

"this is the beginning of the end, note well all thou seest this

day, for thou hast been 3 chosen from among many to make

known the will of the Most High, even in the farthest east, and

the farthest west, in the north and in the south, wherever the

children of men do dwell, there shall thy message be told so

they may prepare the way and make ready for the coming of the


Then raising my eyes I beheld a beautiful city lying by a silver

sea, so it seemed, there were palaces such as kings dwell in, and

about were gardens wherein grew all manner of trees, and some

were white with blossoms, and others were laden with fruit, and

in the midst were fountains, with figures skillfully wrought in

marble; here also were slaves who did their masters bidding,

and women walked with faces covered.

In this city I saw many strange buildings over- topped with

gilded domes; and many tall slim towers appeared with sharp

pointed roofs that glistened in the light of the sun like burnished

gold. Leading to this city that seemed so fair, was a long narrow

strait, and on either hand were mighty fortresses, from whose

frowning ramparts I could plainly see many huge cannon

projecting; here were continually passing ships of all nations

and on the broad bay before the city were hundreds of vessels,

of such shape as I had never seen. In the streets there moved a

continuous throng of people in costumes most varied and odd,

but as I gazed enchanted, forgetful for a time of the

circumstances under which I was placed, my eyes were drawn

to a country stretching far beyond the city- this too, was a pretty

scene, but very different, for the broad vale was bordered by

mountains one of which rose to a height so vast that its summit

was continually covered with ice and snow. In the valley were

many villages, the houses being of one story with flat roofs,

some were white; others brown and a few were painted with

bright colors. The people also wore strange loose flowing robes,

with clumsy turbans on their heads—they seemed industrious

and peaceful, some wrought in the fields, others in shops, and

there were hewers of wood and workers in metal, yet many

seemed engrossed in trade. I marveled much to see so vast a

realm spread out before me, wondering what it might portend.

Then I saw a body of heavily armed riders approach swiftly,

they fell on the helpless people without warning, murdering

them where they stood, it was a dreadful scene to look upon and

I wished to close my eyes, but I was not permitted then I beheld

unarmed men cut down in the presence of their wives and

children, infants torn from the arms of frantic mothers, and

trampled underfoot and their crushed and lifeless forms hurled

at the feet of those who gave them birth. Then, sickened by the

awful spectacle, I thought I should faint from horror, but the

voice addressed me once more, saying "arise and record these

things, for this is but the beginning of the evil days, this is the

hour of the prince of darkness."

Then I saw the awful work proceed with even more vigor - men

were torn limb from limb, women outrageously treated before

the eyes of their dying husbands, and afterward carried away

and made to serve the brutal soldiers; in this way thousands

upon thousands were put to the sword, whole towns were

destroyed, fields laid waste; then, saddest of all, I saw the kings

and emperors of Europe looking on like spectators at a show

but no voice was raised in protest, no hand stretched forth to

save the innocent. So the butchery went on, directed by the

ruler of the country, from his palace in the beautiful city by the

sea, until the whole territory was devastated. Now the scene

faded, but straightway another rose in its place, still the

beautiful city was seen with the same turbaned soldiers, fierce

and relentless; but now they were hurled against a small body

of armed men who had risen in defense of their persecuted

countrymen who lived on an island, and were forced to pay

tribute to the malignant monarch of the city of gilded domes.

Again the rulers of Europe stood gazing listlessly while the

Moslem legions swept away the little army and laid a grievous

burden on the brave people. My heart was sick with the sight of

all this cruelty, and I was angry with the Lord who permitted

such things to be, and I cried out against him, but he rebuked

me, saying: "wait, thou seest a little, I see all, thou beholdest but

the beginning, I look upon the end— though art man-—I am

God; wait, watch, record." Then I was filled with shame and

would have hidden my face but I could not, but was forced to

look once more on all the cruelty and bloodshed perpetrated by

a pagan nation in the face of the boasted civilization of the

christian world, then would I have fallen, but for the support of

the being who now appeared at my side (whether of earth or of

heaven I know not) who now took my hand and led me to the

top of what seemed a high mountain, from which we viewed the

world as it had been a map stretched out before us, with its

teeming millions of human beings of all shades of color, and all

manner of faiths, some laboring peacefully, others in violent

opposition, struggling to rise above their condition; in the far

Indies, the flag of England was assailed; and stormy scenes

took place in Africa that threatened to sweep away the Dutch

Republic, and involve the German nation in war with Great


In the islands of the Pacific, dark clouds of war appeared, the

natives rose against their Spanish oppressors, and thousands of

soldiers were sent to subdue the rebellious subjects.

While I watched the movements of the troops in those remote

parts, I was made aware of a difficulty between our government

and that of England, and for a time it seemed that war would

result, but the cloud was quickly dispelled, and the two nations

were drawn one to the other, even as children long estranged,

and the bonds of love and unity once so rudely broken were

renewed and strengthened, which did rejoice me greatly, for are

we not one family? does not the same blood flow in our veins?

do we not speak the same language and bow in submission to

the same God? do we not love the same virtues, oppose the

same vices, and work hand in hand for the same noble

purposes? then I looked abroad over the world and I saw

wherever mankind had been raised to a self-respecting

condition, wherever the laws were fairly administered,

wherever there was freedom governed by wisdom, there I saw

the emblem of the Anglo-Saxon, and I was exceedingly glad.

About this time also, I saw a great commotion in Cuba, that

beautiful island that seemed so close we could almost hear the

sounds of tumult; then I saw stalwart volunteers gather around

dark skinned men, who directed their movements, and soon the

infection spread, until the whole interior of the island was

involved in the struggle, I now saw plainly many ships laden

with soldiers come to the island from across the sea, bringing

also much war material; great suffering ensued, and while I

gazed bewildered on all this wretchedness and strife, a change

came. A huge iron war ship appeared in the harbor before the

principal city of the Island and I took note that the flag at the

bow was that of the United States, but her mission seemed

peaceful, for her officers met the officers of the foreign ships

and much good feeling was manifested and many pretty

compliments exchanged. And this was a fair scene, so fair

indeed I wished it might last forever, but even while I gazed

enraptured, the sun came close to the water, and the old castle

walls at the entrance of the harbor turned red in the waning

light; then I perceived a small boat approach, and I knew that a

pilot had been sent by the master of the harbor, to the American

vessel, for, under direction of a man who came aboard, the great

ship steamed slowly to her anchorage, and night fell on the bay,

sweet and peaceful, and I saw the lights from the city, and from

hundreds of vessels, reflected in long wavering lines in the dark

water and I thought, can this be the end? But while I doubted

much, my mind being greatly confused by all the things I had

beheld, there came a sound such as mortal ears had never heard,

a dull, awful roar - a red flash shattered the darkness, for a

single moment the clouds mocked the fire below, seeming like

billows of flame, then I saw that noble ship rise bodily from the

sea, then followed a second report that echoed along the shore,

and the iron monster, with all her brave men fell back into the

black boiling sea, a twisted mass of wreckage, utterly

destroyed; such sight no man had ever seen. The shrieks of the

mangled, the groans of the dying, the mad struggle for life in

the black waters, were more than enough to make the soul sick,

and when I could no longer bear to look upon such suffering I

covered my face, but I could not weep. Then I heard a cry of

horror, horror and rage, it rang from one end of our country to

the other, rising every moment, ’til but one sound could be

heard, a cry for vengeance for the murdered seamen, who

through Spanish treachery had been suddenly hurled from

peaceful dreams to a death most horrible.

I saw the president of our country a man of smooth face, but

strong stern features; a man of great power, and endowed with

wisdom from on high, for he worshipped the living God, and

when I looked upon him I knew that our country was safe.

Wisely he restrained the people, but they could not be pacified,

but cried the more vehemently, it was an awful cry for

vengeance that would not be stilled, until the president, his

cabinet and congress, carried away by the demands of the

people, declared war against Spain. Then I knew that it was the

will of God that this people, who had perverted his word, and

defied his law through many generations should pass away, and

be no longer known among the family of nations. Oh! it was a

glorious spectacle, to witness the forming of the legions of

liberty, although as a member of the society of Friends, I could

not sanction war, neither could I join the moving columns, yet I

was proud of my country, and my heart swelled with emotion as

I watched the movements of our growing army. From every

state in our dear home land I beheld them marching to the sea, a

mighty host with banners and bands and I wished to shout, but I

might not. The struggle was brief but terrible, on land and sea--

our great ships, met the fleet of the enemy in the far pacific, and

behold it was destroyed, even unto the last vessel, for the Lord

was with us by day and by night. Still other mighty ships,

covered with iron, and armed with terrible guns were sent

across the ocean from Spain, but they were met by our valiant

captains of the navy, and, lo they were no more, and in all the

history of the world there had not been recorded such victories,

as the Lord gave to our arms. Wondering and waiting, but filled

with joy and thankfulness, I saw the emblem of liberty floating

over the beautiful island like a cloud, its vast folds waving in

the evening air. Now the people delivered from their

persecutors began once more to till the fields, and soon the war

wasted territory smiled like a garden. New towns were laid out,

old ones rebuilt, railroads constructed, and thousands who had

lately carried guns, now shouldered mattocks and spades and

found employment in laying these iron tracks, the sure

forerunners of commerce. Trade revived, and joy filled the

land, but the flag of Spain was seen no more in the western


Now was my heart filled with joy and thankfulness, so much so

I was moved to sing praises to the »Most High. Oh! it was a

brave sight, and joyful to see the blackened ruins rebuilt and to

hear the sound, of the hammer and saw, and the music of the

plane, and to listen to the songs of peace that rose like the peal

of a great organ. Everywhere on the island was plenty and

prosperity; I gazed entranced and hoped in my heart that the

thousand years of peace had now begun, but while these

pleasant thoughts filled my soul with serenity, my guide bade

me look to the east, far beyond the restless ocean, where a great

movement was taking place; in the south of Europe vast armies

were being organized, France, Spain and Portugal drew up their

forces, and combined their armies, but for what purpose I could

not well make out at that time. In a little while these powers

were joined by Italy and the Sultan of Turkey, then it was made

known to me that this tremendous federation was to be directed

against our own country, then was I filled with fear, for it

seemed impossible to with- stand the storm that gathered about

our beloved land. I beheld the fleets of the allied nations

pressing steadily onward, and it was a dreadful thing to be a

silent, helpless witness, and I prayed for freedom that I might

join the army of defenders, even though I must abandon my

peaceful principles, and become a man of war. Even now the

call to arms had gone forth, and the young men rushed to the

ranks, eager to meet the invaders, and gladly lay down their

lives if necessary, to preserve the nation, such patriotism I had

never seen,—everywhere was action, but in all perfect harmony

prevailed, there were no political differences now —no north,

no south, no east, no west, simply one undivided mighty nation,

inspired by one thought, moved by a single purpose. Almost I

wept with emotion, as I watched thousands of men employed in

the navy yards where every day saw the completion of new and

dreadful engines of destruction, which were swiftly placed in

position along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Many new and

strange devices for annihilating the enemies fleets were

invented for the brief war with Spain had stimulated the learned

men, and new forces were discovered, and new methods of

applying those long known but with all our wit and wealth it

seemed doubtful if we should be able to meet so formidable a

force as that now steadily advancing from the east, threatening

our fairest cities; while I stood musing, my mind filled with

grave doubts, my companion pointed to the west, then it was

my heart almost ceased to beat, and I must have fallen had it not

been for the support of my guide, who bade me fear nothing,

but take careful note of all that came to pass; then I took

courage and looked once more to the westward, where I beheld

the great war vessels of China approaching the Pacific coast, to

these were added the vast fleet of Russia, slowly but surely they

drew nearer, then I saw the Chinese vessels were under

command of French officers, and many of the sailors belonged

to that nationality, with them came a number of French men—

of—war, then I under- stood, their intention was to conquer

California and establish a new empire in that fair land. About

this time also, I became aware of a combination in South

America, where busy agents from France and Spain were

actively engaged in the interest of the invaders, and while some

could not be induced to join the enterprise, I saw that the

squadrons of Chile and Argentina, with their land forces were

added to the overwhelming army, now rapidly approaching

from all sides; vast hordes of Chinese armed with guns and long

knives, were being transported in merchant vessels impressed

for the purpose; they carried with them many hideous idols

which were to adorn the temples of the new kingdom, for it had

been agreed that China was to possess all the west coast as the

price of her services, and in this she was continually

encouraged by her French allies.

Now there was great preparation made in all the states, but it

seemed impossible to guard at the same time all the various

points threatened, both east, west and south, but it was a goodly

sight to see the millions of freemen, who, now in the darkest

hour of our national existence, left their various employments to

follow the standard of freedom, ready, ah! glad to lay down

their lives in defense of those principles for which our fathers

fought. From every city, village, hamlet and farm they come,

swelling the army of the union until it seemed a mighty flood

sweeping forward to meet the foes of liberty wherever they

might appear; about this time I saw a new flag in the east, and

while I watched to see what other power had joined our

enemies, I beheld with joy unspeakable, that the new emblem

was none other than the cross of St. George, and its shadow fell

on the decks of a hundred British war ships, manned by British

seamen, swiftly they placed themselves in opposition to the

invaders, then as if drawn together by some unseen bond of

sympathy the old England and the New, became as it were one

nation, and the whole power of the greatest empire the world

had ever known was hurled against our foes.

Then went up a shout from the army of the republic that shook

the very heavens, and my guide, (whether in the flesh or in

spirit I know not) spoke saying; "Behold the end approaches,

the Latin Nations who have forgotten the Lord, and become as

heathens sweep on to their doom. Their hour has come. They

have not heeded when He spoke, and have become the consorts

of Pagans, to- day shalt thou witness their overthrow, for this

day shall they perish and their name and history shall become a

memory, and their lands shall become the heritage of the

Anglo-Saxon, and his laws shall be their laws, and his language

shall be the language of the world, and the laws of the Lord of

hosts shall prevail. Justice guided by truth and tempered with

mercy shall rule in all the land." Then began the greatest war of

all time; on every sea, on every shore, the nations contended,

our fair country was assailed at many points and hundreds of

thousands of the bravest and strongest laid down their lives, but

the Lord was with us, for we fought for truth, for justice, for

liberty, and everywhere on land and sea the flag of the Union

floated above the victors. The army of the Republic now

numbered more than eight million men-but even more were

needed to defend the vast coast line extending for thousands of

miles both on the east, west and south; indeed some cities

suffered much during the early days of the conflict, and once a

force of 300,000 men, consisting of picked brigades selected

from the armies of France, Spain, Italy and Turkey, effected a

landing on the coast of Florida, and it was the splendid

discipline of these trained soldiers that for a time made me fear

for the nation. The object of this tremendous concentration of

force, was to cut the country in twain by forcing their way

northwest to the great lakes, taking the cities of Atlanta,

Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Chicago, where it was expected

they would meet the Russian hordes, who had been selected, for

their superior hardiness for a similar movement from the

northwest, thus completely severing the Republic from a point

near Jacksonville, Fla., to Puget Sound; now I plainly saw them

advancing, they moved with such irresistible force, and with

such terrible precision it seemed that nothing could withstand

them; as they came steadily onward, they left a wide desert in

their wake, plantations were devastated, cities burned; to

oppose this force the coast defenses were for a time abandoned,

and once I feared our cause must fail- But now came the

women of the republic, and with cunning ingenuity devised a

plan by which the hosts of the aliens were utterly discomfited,

even before they reached the northern boundary of the great

state of Tennessee, and all the military equipment with great

stores of arms and munitions of war fell into the hands of the

victors, yet withal not a life was lost, neither was there spilled a

drop of blood, for this great triumph was accomplished by

strategy aided by a deep knowledge of science, for now were

the daughters of the nation skilled in all the mysteries of the

chemists art. Now I observed that this result was brought about

by a peculiar invention, by which vast quantities of a strange

gas, of an azure hue, but otherwise translucent, was liberated, in

the path of the invading army, the same being of great weight.

and density spread abroad over the camp of the enemy, and

behold they fell into a deep slumber, so that when they

awakened, they were prisoners even to the last man, and their

strength had gone from them, so that they scarce could stand

upon their feet, and they did weep for shame and from fear for

they believed they were to be slain, even as the barbarous Turks

were wont to put their captives to the sword; then the christian

women did comfort them, with encouraging words, likewise

placed before them food and drink, and when they were

sufficiently recovered they were divided into small companies

and made to rebuild the towns they had destroyed, also

railroads and all manner of property, and so did they labor until

the end of the war, for it was not meet that such should be

supported in idleness. Thus did the wives and sisters and

mothers of the soldiers, show their bravery and patriotism in the

hour of need, and by one master stroke turned the tide of war.

In a like manner, the legions of the Slavs and tartars were

overwhelmed by the brave women of Colorado and Wyoming,

in the passes of the Rocky Mountains and the fame of our

women was heralded throughout the earth, and the writers

averred such bloodless victories over an armed foe had not been

known in the history of the world, and the people did rejoice

giving thanks to God who gave us the victory.

Then did these good women instruct the heathen in all the

christian virtues, illustrating by force of example rather than by

words, the beauties of forgiveness, and all the great truths

delivered to the disciples of old by the dear Saviour, so that

when these men returned to lands darkened by idolatry and

ignorance, they carried thence the light of the gospel even to the

uttermost portions of the earth, to the glory of the Father and

the blessed Christ: Thus were the powers of darkness made to

serve the purposes of the living God, even as designed from the


It had been a terrible sight to witness the destruction of our

beautiful inland towns, now happily being replaced by the

hands that wrought the ruin; but when I looked abroad, I saw

that the war was not con— fined to our own land, for the flames

encircled the globe; Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and the

islands of the sea, were now one vast battlefield; Japan

sometime neutral, now invaded China; Germany wavering for a

while, now added her strength to the Anglo-Americans and

carried the war into the very heart of France, likewise the

Ottoman Empire; the struggle was terrible, for the Turk was

fierce and knew not fear, but his cause was the cause of satan,

whose power was now at an end. The beautiful city by the sea,

the city of palaces and gilded domes, was burned by its citizens,

who also sunk the ships that lay in the harbor, rather than see

them come into possession of the conquerors.

Oh! It was pitiful to see such waste of human life, such deluge

of blood, the like of which had never been, neither such dire

suffering from famine and disease; the unburied dead lay on a

thousand fields, millions of men fell to rise no more, tens of

millions were left helpless cripples, for such is the price of

victory; commerce was destroyed, the sea strewn with wrecks,

cities pillaged, whole territories laid waste.

Dreadful was the condition of the earth at the close of this

conflict, which thereafter was known as the "world war” about

which histories were written without end.

But now the banners of the Anglo—American armies floated in

triumph over the remotest portion of the earth, and all races and

nations, whatever their color, caste or condition, acknowledged

but one authority, bowed to but one will, recognized but one

flag, a flag of new design in which I saw the stars and stripes

combined with the lion rampant. Oh! it was a beautiful thing to

see the reunited race, now one and inseparable for evermore,

the race that has- always stood for truth, for justice, for human

liberty, for the greater good of humanity, for God and

Christianity, now triumphant in the east, in the west, on the sea,

on the shore, guarding the rights of the people, guiding their


Now followed a peace so profound, that even political

contention was no more heard in the land, each man voting

according to his convictions, but in no case soliciting his

neighbor or offering advice; and when the result of the election

was announced there was rejoicing among the people, for they

said most truly "this is our choice, him we will uphold, for

having honored this, our brother by placing upon him the

responsibilities of office, we must now lend him our aid to the

end that he may honor the place to which he has been raised by

his fellow citizens," and straightway every man did what he

might to assist the administration by his loyal support.

I now saw two capitol cities established, one for the Eastern and

one for the Western Hemisphere, from which were directed the

commercial and political affairs of the worldwide empire; an

empire controlled by a single will, moved by a single impulse,

speaking one language, worshiping one God, looking always to

one end, the betterment of mankind. Then I raised my voice in

praise, shouting with joy, for my heart was filled with gladness.

Then I took note that the capitol of the eastern world was fixed

in London, while that of the western world was found in

Chicago, and the two cities grew apace, until the distance from

the centre to the outer boundary was full 90 miles, and more

than 20,000,000 souls abode within the borders of each, yet

withal there was no crowding, each family possessed a dwelling

with a small lawn, with beds of flowers, and climbing vines

about the door, for it had become unlawful to build tenement

houses wherein more than one family might reside.

In each of these great cities the public buildings and grounds

were exact counterparts; these grand structures were built of

white stone and fashioned after a plan devised by men skilled in

architecture, and the same did embody all that was noble of

those vanished races, who built so well in times long past, but

with added grace, and the strength of the everlasting hills, for

no mortar was used, neither any material that might crumble or

decay, or yet any which might be affected by heat; but

underlying all was unity—and above beauty was refinement,

and over all the impress of a taste, pure and chaste- so that

every line revealed the thought of the age, and every shadow

held a lesson, repeating forever, Unity—Strength—-—

Beauty—Purity—not one for many —not many for one, but all

for all, even as the Father designed in the beginning. I could see

that these buildings were of vast proportions, surrounded by

parks that stretched away for leagues, with walks and drives,

now winding among sylvan solitudes, and anon threading their

way around vast mounds, that had been raised by patient

industry, in imitation of nature’s own hills, these were covered

with groves and strewn with rocks, all arranged in the most

picturesque confusion; there were deep ravines, with tumbling

torrents, and rustic bridges of undressed stone- but from the

heights magnificent views were obtained; between lay the

valleys rich with every variety of foliage and flowering shrubs,

with wide stretches of green sward, where wandered many

beautiful animals and birds from distant countries. At

convenient distances I noted also, that there were provided

hand- some buildings, each unique in character, representing

the architecture of different periods, wherein were served

refreshments to the visitor, but for which no charge was made.

There were many towers for observation, which I also served as

stations for the numerous local lines of 4 air ships, which were

constantly passing from point to point; still higher I saw

beautiful floating palaces, moving majestically through the pure

air, for in all this fair scene, not a wreath of smoke appeared,

(for men had learned to utilize the energy generated by the rays

of the sun, which now supplied all heat and light as well as

motive power—thus were the great ships propelled in the high

seas, likewise the long trains that were used for the

transportation of heavy freight only—all passenger traffic being

handled by the "air" lines, which were now firmly established,

with stations in every city and hamlet on the globe.)

But of all the strange sights, to me none were more impressive

than that presented by these magnificent castles swinging in the

blue ether, some sweeping grandly along but a few hundred feet

above the towers and domes of the capitol, others moving at

immense heights, seeming but painted toys lost in the ocean of

air; some carried bands of musicians, and strains of sweetest

melody fell softly on the ears of the multitude, as it were the

voices of angels wafted down from the far heavens, where

dwell the saints in glory.

As in everything wherein the public welfare was touched, I took

note that all means of transportation whether by sea, rail or

airline belonged to the people, and each member of the

community was entitled to a period of sixty days each year for

the purpose of visiting other countries and studying the

manners, customs, costumes and traditions of the various

nationalities now happily welded into one great state, for this

purpose the splendid service of the various lines was free to the

citizens—therefore, no expense or annoyance was connected

with the annual journey, for the hostelries, were also the

property of the people, and the same were provided with every

convenience in order that the stay of the guest might be made

pleasant in every way.

So it came to pass that the different races of men mingled

constantly together, each learning something of the lives and

aspirations of the other, but each holding fast to the peculiar

traits, forms of dress, history and literature that belonged to

them by long association, and in this they were encouraged by

the general government, for by so doing patriotism and love of

home was fostered, and the songs and folklore of a community

were esteemed a priceless possession. By this means all that

interesting diversity of manners, dress, architecture and dialect

were preserved, with the national games and festivals,

providing they were not detrimental to public morals.

Now the earth became a hive of industry, each state of the

mighty federation seemed to vie with the other in the

production of wealth, but with no selfish purpose, for there was

but one owner of property, that was the nation, of which each

individual formed an integral, and felt a proper pride and

proprietorship, the while respecting the rights of his neighbor,

and it came to pass that the chief desire of every man and every

women, was to add to the wealth of the world by contributing

the best product of brain or hand; so the poet, the painter, the

carver of wood and stone, the worker in metals, the builder of

houses, the inventor of cunning devices, the laborer in shops or

helds, the writer of history, the philosopher and the chemist,

each held an honored place and gave to the state his or her best

efforts, but of this I will presently speak more particularly. Now

were undertaken vast public improvements, among which, I

saw the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans united by a broad canal

through which passed a continuous procession of ships laden

with the produce of every clime. Lake Erie and Lake Michigan

were also connected by a waterway, wide enough for the free

passage of the largest vessels.

Millions of men were employed in the construction of public

roads, which were made broad, smooth and hard, and the same

were kept as clean as the streets of the capitols; and the smaller

towns and villages enjoyed all the advantages of the larger

places, which they resembled in every respect, except size -

population now mightily increased, I saw huge cities rise in

Africa, in South America and the remote islands of the sea.

In China the wretched hovels wherein lurked vice and filth, the

breeding places of foul maladies, had been destroyed during the

war, and new towns rose on their ruins, that were fair to see,

with wide streets and beautiful squares, for the same wise

sanitary laws prevailed throughout the world, and disease was

almost unknown; the dread epidemics of earlier ages were no

more feared. Then I saw that men took gold and silver from the

mines in great quantities, but what seemed remarkable, was that

neither metal was any longer used for money, but both were

molded into forms ornamental, or into vessels for the use of the

people, to whom all wealth belonged. Now I recorded this fact,

that every family drank from cups of solid silver, and gold was

freely used for all purposes of decoration, both on the interior

and exterior of buildings private and public.

As the world grew in age and wisdom the curse of individual

wealth was gradually removed by the enactment. of righteous

laws, whereby no individual was permitted to hold more of the

nation’s wealth than another, for all wealth belonged to the

people, having been produced by the people, for the use of the

people. Much capital was invested in the building and

equipment of institutions of learning, and peace and plenty

reigned in all the land. The desert places of the earth were made

to blossom as the rose; the great waste of the Sahara became the

center of a dense population, and palatial buildings with

blooming gardens covered the plain. Wise men devoted their

lives to teaching the laws of life, and sickness was unknown;

from infancy the child was trained in all that pertained to its

physical and moral welfare, and those, who through deficiency

of intellect, were unable to comprehend these wise regulations,

were removed to a place of safety, where they could neither

harm themselves nor bring suffering on their fellows through

their unfortunate failing.

Greed was considered a mental disease, and upon its first

appearance, the patient was quickly and quietly carried to an

isolated sanitarium where the symptoms were carefully noted

by specialists skilled in the treatment of this peculiar disorder,

here they were carefully guarded and kindly cared for until the

last traces of the malady were removed.

The art of war was forgotten, for all cause of armed contention

had passed away with the adoption and operation of those wise

laws that forbade for all time, the concentration of wealth in the

hands of any person or any company, to the detriment of the

people as a whole. And the tribes of the earth were molded into

one great commonwealth in which every member shared alike

the wealth of the world; therefore, there could be no jealousy

between sections. The only reward of office was the honor

acquired by faithful service, and each member of the

community was educated with special reference to those duties

which each in turn must assume for a certain period; thus all

were equally interested in the affairs of state, and equally

skilled in all that pertained to its management.

As it was impossible to reward judge, jury or advocate, the laws

were administered with justice and without delay. But in truth

there was little work for the courts, for with the new order of

things there was small temptations to violate the statutes, for

every one was employed every day, and each had all he could

desire in the way of raiment, and a healthful, happy home. Now

I took note that labor alone was honorable, therefore, to labor

was to be respected, and who wrought best received the highest

honors, while each and all shared equally in the reward of

industry; much attention was given to the proper education of

the young men and women, not only the education that may be

acquired by the study of books, but that which comes from

experience, for as I have said, the principal object in life, was to

leave the world richer for having lived, therefore, the

instruction most desired, was that which would enable the

student to add something of real value `to the store of

knowledge, or to the comfort of his fellows, either that which

might contribute to his physical or mental welfare. Idleness was

a crime, and so disgraceful was it considered to be convicted of

this offense that few were found guilty, but when such cases

occurred the culprits were immediately removed from the

community, and placed upon public works until the disposition

to live at the expense of others was wholly extirpated. And I

observed that the people were nor- mal, indulging in, none of

the excesses of the table or bowl, but eating and drinking in

moderation, enjoying the blessings of an bountiful providence,

for now wine, pure and invigorating was found in every home,

and was recognized as one of the good gifts of God, yet there

was no drunkenness, neither unseemly behavior, nor were there

any public drinking places, for a cultured people could not

abide such conditions. Then was I rejoiced to feel that I lived in

so goodly an age, for I knew not that I saw only a vision or

what should come to pass in future times.

I now perceived that the day was divided into periods, for labor,

for instruction, for recreation and rest; six hours did men toil

with their hands, four hours were devoted to study, one of these

was given to the constitution and the history of the nation, while

three were devoted to science, philosophy and letters. Certain

scholarly men taught the dead languages. such as French,

Spanish, German and other strange tongues, to the end that such

as wished might read the works of ancient writers, and all who

sought knowledge were encouraged, even the poets and

dreamers were kindly entreated, for it was known that the earth

and all the innumerable host of stars that do inhabit space are

but thoughts crystallized solidified problems solved by divine

intelligence, therefore, the dreamer received his need of praise

with the writers of history, for men did recognize the truth, that

the soul had its needs even as the body; And that life only,

could be perfect was equally developed on all sides.

Six hours were given to rest or pleasure; this might be devoted

to the reading of light literature, or the rhymed fancies of those

whose thoughts fell in musical measure, or they might wander

in the libraries or museums, or in the galleries devoted to art, or

the groves of the park, or in the proper Season the student might

lose himself in the solitude of the wilderness. Great was my

surprise to see theatres, located in the public gardens, where

were daily produced plays and dramas of historical character,

then I was informed that these were a part of the educational

system, and I saw that they were of great value. I looked also

upon the schools where radiant faced children were taught those

things most necessary to secure the stability of the state,

likewise the happiness of the individual; and I thanked God that

men now recognized a great truth, unperceived in my own time,

viz: that childhood is the period for bodily rather than mental

activity. And it pleased me much to see that instruction was

imparted by association, and a desire for knowing awakened by

arousing the curiosity, and tempting the little one to advance

imperceptibly in an effort to investigate for itself, rather than by

forcing the infant mind along certain established lines, thereby

compelling the child to study subjects altogether distasteful, and

which were also quite beyond its years. And I also saw that

teachers took careful note of the disposition and trend of the

mind, adapting the instruction to meet the requirements of the

pupil rather than attempting to change the child’s nature to suit

certain prescribed courses laid down by persons unacquainted

with its needs or peculiarities, and for which its intellectual

capacity totally unfitted it to receive. Thereby retarding rather

than developing its mentality. Now I understood how barbarous

were the methods in vogue in my own day, and I no longer

wondered at the dreadful harvest of crime that followed a

system so opposed to all the laws of God, and dictates of

common sense. Now I saw how blind and perverse is man, who

had refused to accept such simple truths, but continued for ages

to curse his offspring with a false and wicked system called

"education" rather than to acknowledge his weakness and

ignorance; such is the vanity of man! - then did I hold converse

with one of the instructors, a bright, young woman, on whose

intelligent face I found no trace of the old days of tyranny,

which marked the teachers of earlier ages, even as with a brand,

so that all who met them in the street, or market places, might

know their vocation. When I told her in my poor faltering

language, how in times past, innocent children had been

tortured by unrighteous laws, she was astonished, nor could she

scarce believe that such cruelties had been perpetrated even

before the "great war," then she spoke, the while her eyes were

dimmed with gathering tears, "as we’ll take one’s dear child to

the dispenser of shoes, and have her tender feet crushed to fit

the pair that struck our fancy, in order that we might please

ourselves; would not that be dreadful? Yet if it be cruel to

mutilate the body, how much greater is the crime, when living

souls are distorted, and sent into eternity dwarfed and crippled,

to suffer for untold ages," and she covered her face as though to

shut out the scene of suffering and sin, now happily passed


Athletic games also filled a portion of the allotted hours for

recreation, but no one was permitted to carry such sports to


Usury was abolished, to receive interest was criminal, while to

accept security for a loan was a penal offense, and the guilty

were swiftly brought to justice, and punished in proportion to

the atrocity of the crime, for the new constitution expressly

declared that no man night take advantage of the weakness or

ignorance of a fellow citizen, and by its provisions every man

was made his "brother’s keeper" under the law. To this end the

use of "money" in any form was declared unconstitutional, and

the curse of ages, the veritable "root of all evil" passed away

and labor alone was accepted in payment of all forms of taxes.

And I marveled greatly, wondering if it were possible for the

world to grow more beautiful, or for the children of men to be

happier in times to come, for here was everything that heart

could desire, or imagination conceive. Beautiful forms pleased

the eye, sweet sounds delighted the ear, each physical sense was

satisfied, exquisite odors filled the air, delicious fruits in

endless variety tempted the palate.

And I beheld how men recognized the laws of God in regard to

land, which was the gift of the Creator to his children, and,

therefore, belonged to them as a whole even the same as the air

and the water. So no man was permitted to appropriate or

occupy the public domain to the detriment of others, but all

were allowed an equal share, which they might till and hold as a

homestead during their lives, the amount so reserved,

depending on the number of children, this might be held for

generations, providing, the successors continued to cultivate the

soil. Thus the land was divided into small holdings, and every

acre was closely tilled, so there were no more vast estates held

by individuals who lived in idleness at the expense of those

who toil. Yet were there the same diversity of crops, and when

it was desirable that large tracts should be devoted to certain

grains, vegetables or fruits, the farmers combined for the

common interests and threw their lots together, thus obtaining

astonishing results, for the art of agriculture had advanced by

reason of the invention of various appliances by which the

weather might be controlled to a certain extent; so, likewise,

were early frosts prevented in the autumn and a stable

temperature secured in the springtime. Now was my heart made

glad by the wisdom of the people, who set apart a certain

portion of every county for the preservation of all native trees

and herbs and wild flowers, even such noxious weeds, as an

earlier generation sought to destroy, were now permitted to

flourish within prescribed limits, for such action was found

necessary for the protection and perpetuation of the birds and

all manner of wild creatures, and I saw that these forest keeps

were held sacred and no man disturbed the solitude except at

certain seasons those who wished might wander therein, but no

man was permitted to harm any living creature within these

bounds. And all who harvested grain or gathered fruits such as

birds do love, did scatter a certain pro- portion about their

dwellings, and by every art did seek to lure all singing tribes,

which added much to the pleasure of life, also to the beauty of

the landscape. Other evidences of man’s wisdom acquired by

following the dictates of the holy spirit, were not wanting, one

which did please me much was to see fences for the most part

removed, but when some such division was necessary, hedges

or walls of stone did serve the purpose, which furnished, also,

abiding places for many songsters whose glad sweet notes,

filled the early day with music, while yet the dew drops

trembled on the bending twig or sparkled like gems in the

tangled grass. And now the wicked device, by which strong

wires and murderous barbs had been stretched across our fair

land, to the great injury of every living thing, passed away, and

the evil-minded men who had deceived the people by means of

this invention of Satan, were made to pull them down and bury

them in the earth there to rust; thus were they punished who had

made and sold this sinful artifice. Now were certain persons

appointed each season by the people, whose duty it was to

watch over these ranges, and see that none did trespass thereon;

these officers were also instructed to scatter throughout the

forest such food as would best agree with the inhabitants

thereof, both bird and beast, so all did increase and multiply, yet

was there room, and to spare. And the children were taught in

the proper season to plant fruit trees, and such as bear nuts, so

were all hedges, lanes and rocky wastes made useful and lovely

to look upon.

Now did the national wealth increase tenfold and the people

rejoiced and were glad, for every man enjoyed the fruit of his

labors, for with increased resources came increased comforts,

and added privileges, and all did share alike in the advantages;

and there was a time for everything, even what was termed

"polite learning," but better than all was the deep sense of

pleasure that rewards all honest toil, the sweetest and purest of

all joys. And when I lifted up my eyes and looked upon the

busy world, wherein was no more discontent, I praised the Lord

for his goodness and mercy to these, his children.

As in all other duties made necessary by the needs of

individuals or society, the skillful preparation of foods was

early taught to boys and girls alike, and each were required to

serve a certain term in the capacity of cook, in this way they

were prepared for any emergency that might arise, and were

also made capable of instructing others, thus watching over the

interests of the household.

Men and women now attained the highest degree of perfection,

both mentally and physically, children were strong and filled

with the joy of life, and there were none hungry or cold, in all

the wide realm, and but few accidents occurred; but if it so

happened that any were so injured that they could not recover,

(whether man, woman or child,) kind friends did administer an

opiate, under the direction of a physical skilled in his

profession, so that they fell into a sweet slumber from which

they awaked no more on earth, for it was considered an

inhuman act to prolong the period of suffering that could but

end in death.

So did they also ease the dying moments of their friends, when

the last agonizing struggle came, so they might fall to sleep,

gently, lovingly, even as a child sinks to rest on his mother’s

breast. And again I was thankful for I knew not that I dreamed.

Death was no longer a sorrowful occasion, but was rather a time

for rejoicing, even as we now rejoice, when our friends are

about to start on a pleasant journey to which they have long

looked forward with happiest anticipations; for it was known

that the tomb was but the portal through which we pass into that

larger life with its ever increasing opportunities, with its greater

liberties and deeper joys, yet withal far enough removed from

the goal of the soul’s ambition, to stimulate to ceaseless effort,

for in pursuit of our ideals do we find our keenest pleasure,

while here, so even in the life to come, shall we continue to

strive to attain to higher planes where on do dwell greater souls

who have gone before.

One thing I noticed which seemed passing strange, and which

caused me no little alarm, being unused to such state of affairs,

that was this: all women were considered the equals of men

before the law and no man enjoyed any privilege that his

mother, sister or wife might not share, did she so desire; both

alike were held responsible for their actions, alike they served

the people in the public offices, sharing the burdens of state,

receiving the honors that rewarded faithful service.

Then did I inquire of my guide concerning this thing, and he

made reply:

"Behold thy mother! Was she not brave, was she not true, was

she not strong?

Behold thy mother! Self-sacrificing, patient, enduring all things,

complaining never - she who taught thy young lips to frame the

infant prayer; she who trained thy mind to love nature, revere

the truth, and regard justice above all things; she whose

intelligence became thy heritage, and whose loving law ruled

thy youthful days filling thy life with sweetness and joy. Behold

her now, who gave to thee her best years, was there any duty

she failed to perform, any burden she sought to shun? Look

now upon thy wife, thy sister, thy daughter, where, among men

may be found such steadfastness of purpose, such faithfulness

at all times, at all places— behold these women and say if there

is any trust too sacred for their keeping; any privilege too

precious for them to share? So saying he vouchsafed no other

word, then did my face burn with shame, and I wished to fly

where I might hide myself from his gaze, or I was filled with

confusion and my heart was greatly troubled.

While I stood thus overwhelmed with mortification and fear,

my guide with some sternness bade me take note of the social

conditions that followed the emancipation of women; and we

moved among the people, and behold there were no high, no

low, neither were there any classes, arranged in opposition, for

there was equal intelligence, equal knowledge, and a universal

desire to help one another in every way that might make life

more beautiful.

And I observed that marriage was indeed a sacred institution,

for man and woman approached the altar as equals in every

particular, and as one held no more of the public property than

another, there was no longer any cause for deception, neither

were any forced to marry to secure a home, for of this, each was

well assured, therefore, all obstacles to happy unions were

banished, and thenceforth affection alone ruled the actions of

the youths and maidens, and the homes were filled with joy and

love; then did the law of divorce (that blot on the civilization of

my own time) became a dead letter, and was only referred to as

one of the legal atrocities, permitted in a barbarous age.

Co-education, in the broadest and fullest sense also prepared

both sexes for the performance of all the duties of family and

social life.

And I rejoiced to see how youth reverenced age, smoothing the

way for trembling steps, or caring for the helpless with true

affection, providing every comfort; listening to the words of

those grown wise with years, treasuring them in their hearts as

of more value than pearls or precious stones.

And there were no more "Homes" for aged poor or hapless

orphans, where unfortunate human beings received the bread of

cold charity, even as one throws to his dogs that which he cares

not to eat himself. Nor were there any paupers, for every man

and every woman was a freeholder, with a clear title to the

possessions which had been earned by honest toil, nor might

any one be dispossessed or robbed of his interest in the state,

excepting only for the crime of idleness or covetousness, or

other equally degrading offense. So, in infancy or old age, the

strong did bear the burdens of the weak, and all rejoiced in the

love of God, singing his praises continuously not in words, but

in works most beautiful.

Now as I gazed over the landscape, I was surprised to note the

absence of telegraph or telephone lines, for not a single pole

remained, neither any wires. Then was I permitted to make

inquiry in regard to this matter, and great was my astonishment

to learn that such clumsy apparatus for the transmission of

intelligence had been discarded many hundred years before; and

the people looked upon me with great compassion, and certain

learned men gathered about, asking many questions concerning

my life, seeking to learn from what country I came, and by what

means, for they saw I was a stranger. When I could not make

them understand, some whispered, saying, "verily, this man is a

degenerate, a monster, borne out of time, who to fulfill the wise

purpose of providence, comes to us out of the dark ages, a

living example of the ignorance that prevailed among men

while yet the earth was under the dominion of sin"——but

when they saw my embarrassment, they sought to relieve me as

much as possible, inviting me to examine the device in use

among them for the reception of thoughts, or soul messages,

and which had replaced the cumbersome and uncertain system

of my own time. Then they placed in my hand a small disk

enclosed in a case of gold, the same being carried in the pocket;

then did they endeavor to explain how the sensitive film

received and held the message directed to the owner, which

might thereafter be repeated at will, times without number, and

without loss of a word or the mutilation of the idea.

They tried also to make clear to my dull mind how thought or

soul language, knew no limitations of time or distance, neither

can be obstructed by wall or mountain or depth of water, but

travels direct from sender to receiver through earth air, or sea,

flashing instantly from mind to mind, even as flashes the

lightning from cloud to earth, or earth to cloud, and they

wondered much at the darkness which enveloped my intellect,

for I could not comprehend their words, but stood like one

dazed. So also did they seek to awaken my understanding, in

order that I might be able to use a device in great favor among

them for recording one’s thoughts; this peculiar instrument was

carried by all the wise men, likewise students and writers, to the

end that the fleeting images conceived by the brain, while

walking, riding or sleeping might be held and no more escape,

and many more equally marvelous inventions did they show

unto me, which from lack of memory I cannot now recall.

However, I took note of an odd shaped contrivance, spherical in

form with an attachment which somewhat resembled a trumpet,

but highly wrought and set with beautiful gems, and the same

was suspended by a golden chain, and might be turned toward

any desired point; on one side was a small opening but the

interior arrangement was hidden; now seeing the people

constantly consulting this strange apparatus, I wondered much,

and when I had permission I made inquiry and was told that by

means of this invention, distant sounds were made plain or

brought "close," and that this instrument served the ear even as

the telescope served the eye, and they related how by the aid of

this wonderful recorder, men were enabled to hear distinctly

sounds occurring on remote planets; also the roaring of the

flames which encircle the sun, or the falling of a rock in the

moon. Being invited to test the power of the machine, for such

it seemed, I listened to the boom of the surf on the planet Mars;

and also heard such slight sounds as those produced by 'human

industry; now with the improved telescopes. aided by the

thought recorders and transmitters of intelligence,

communication was established with all our sister planets,

which were found to be inhabited by races in some cases

similar to our own, though some were much farther advanced,

and others still in a formative stage; And I saw how these

dwellers in other worlds were suited to the conditions under

which they must exist, some flourishing in the midst of everlasting

snow and frost, drawing there from all that was

necessary for their support, others lived in ease on the burning

plains of Mercury; but most interesting of all were the

inhabitants of Vulcan, whose souls rejoiced in the warm

embrace of ruddy flames, nor could they survive an instant in

an atmosphere , so chilly as ours, even during the hottest

summer days. So does the dear Lord prepare the homes of his

children in accordance with their needs.

Now were many mysteries explained, for men learned how

intimate the relations between the members of our family of

worlds, for all are connected by bonds invisible, yet stronger

than hands of steel, nerves of the universe, over which flash the

passions of matter—for then, those who sought diligently to

master the secrets of nature, did teach that all material, whether

mineral, vegetable or animal, is also endowed with intelligence

which guides both rock and river on its sure course, for the one

moves only more deliberately than the other, or in all the wide

realm of space, there is found no atom at rest-—but all sweep

on like a swiftly flowing stream-forever—- forever. Now it

was revealed how these sister planets were moved with quick

sympathy when our own world was convulsed with war, or,

when under the spell of the plague, or tortured by famine; and

how the inhabitants of Mars flashed signals of condolence; also

did they send thought messages of encouragement as good

cheer which in our dullness and ignorance we were unable to

perceive - but now, men exchanged signals and "soul messages"

passed freely between all the neighboring worlds.

Now I looked upon the earth and it seemed that there was

naught to be desired but man cannot rest upon laurels won, but

must be, ever reaching out, often blindly, but unremittingly,

striving to attain higher levels, seeking yet greater results. I now

understood that human happiness depends not on what may be

accomplished, but rather on that which defies our bravest

efforts, luring us on forever, but always upward, into the

broader; fields of investigation that stretch away infinitely; and

now that, man, under providence, stood triumphant, on the

earth. I saw how his restless energy demanded other worlds to

conquer, then I understood that progression is th rule of the

universe, and the unsatisfied longing the ceaseless ambition that

still asserts itself in the human breast, is but the expression of

the whole law of existence, and it became plain to my mind that

in the eternal realms of time and space will be found room for

that expansion of intellect of which we see only the beginning

here. While I thought on these things I beheld how learned men

sought diligently to enlarge their knowledge of the secret forces

of nature, and every year added to the wealth of scientific lore.

And now man controlled the "elements;" by a simple

contrivance, the husbandman dispelled. the clouds and caused

the sun to shine upon the growing crops or by reversing the

action of the same peculiar mechanism, he assembled the

vapors at any desired point, and caused the rain to fall at will,

thus every foot of ground was made productive, and my native

State did support in luxury a population of 14,000,000 souls, of

whom more than 1,000,000 found happy homes in her capitol

city: likewise, did her sister states flourish; indeed, the same

conditions prevailed throughout the earth for man now observed

all the laws of God, seeking only the welfare of his brother,

and God blessed his children and all they undertook did


If the scene by day was fair, how shall my feeble pen describe

the glories of the night? Now the cities were gay with life and

brilliant with light. Overhead were seen the passing ships,

lighted by thousands of colored lanterns, sailing smoothly,

paling the timid stars by their powerful headlights which did

pierce the darkness like sun rays. How do I wish for language to

properly picture the spectacle presented by these great vessels

as they entered a cloud, for it was grand even as it was

beautiful; for a brief space of time, the gray bank reflecting the

glory of the pageant seemed transformed into a crimson curtain

lined with gold which presently opened to receive the monarch

of the air, with all its happy throng crowding the rail shouting

with exultation; then it disappeared, swallowed up by the

vapors, only to burst forth a little later, like a meteor into the

clear air beyond. Then I saw that the broad paved highways

lying between the towns and cities, were also illuminated by

double rows of high power lamps, for the cost of light and heat

had been reduced to the minimum, and the farmer could now

enjoy the same luxuries as his city friends, at an expense of

only 12 hours of labor per annum. Having permission from my

guide I now sought to learn something of the financial system

which prevailed in a country without a currency, where no

medium of exchange existed and "money" was unknown, and I

was astonished to learn how simple the plan which insured to

every man the just reward of his labor and which forever

prevented any one from reaping the fruits of another’s toil,

giving to each and all an exact equivalent for services rendered,

whether of brain or hand. The only documents in any way

resembling money were "time" certificates issued by the

general government, representing the value of labor reckoned

by hours.

By a wise interchange of occupation, all differences in ability

on one hand, or in the arduous nature of the task on the other,

were balanced, and a uniform scale established; however, these

tokens were not given in exchange for commodities but were

held as evidence that the applicant was entitled to such goods as

he might desire within a proper limit. These monthly bills of

credit were taken up each year by the government, which then

did issue a memorial or note, making careful record of the

same, so that should any chance to lose their papers, another

might be drawn; now I took note that every house was fire

proof, being constructed of a metal of a peculiar whiteness, yet

less weighty than wood, and many times stronger, so indeed

was every man’s house his castle, though doors were not

locked-but of fire or wind there was no fear. I also learned that

the holder of 25 annual memorials, whether man or woman,

was thereafter exempt from all labor, being entitled to support

during the remainder of their lives from the public stores, which

their industry had helped to create. Then I saw that the stores

were not greatly different from those of my own time, except

that they were larger, cleaner and better managed, and that the

clerks were more polite, and cheerful; there was the same

rivalry, but it was no more bitter, but friendly, for the only

reward for excellent service was the honor that followed all

good work.

Now while I pondered, wondering in my heart what might be

the limit of man’s achievement, and still fearing to face the

bright being, who so far had led me safely amid the scenes I

have so feebly drawn, he spoke to me saying: "ten generations

of men shall rise and pass away before all that thou hast been

shown shall be fulfilled, but all shall come to pass; and thine

eyes shall witness the beginning, and thy ears shall listen to the

measured step of the armed legions as they go down to battle."

Then a blessed darkness came and I seemed to fall through

infinite space, but I knew no fear, felt no pain, and I thought

"can this be death?"—yet it seemed that years had passed, yea

centuries, as we reckon time to-day, still I sank forever into

starless night--at last, after ages, I became sensible of a change -

- a feeling of chilliness with some pain, a sense of want

undefined —then hunger and thirst—such thirst! now I

struggled like one held by invisible bonds, then was my soul

filled with terror, and I cried aloud——opened my eyes—and

saw that I stood on the hill and below lay the little city asleep as

it were, in the sunlight, for the day was still bright and

beautiful; the river flowed silently by, but the ferry boat

coughed hoarsely as it came up to the wharf, then I looked to

see what time it might be, and as I looked the whistles at the

glass works sounded, and I knew it was the call to the workmen

to return to their places, and the hour was 12:50 P. M. Now was

I astonished beyond measure, for it seemed as though I lived

through vast cycles of time as measured by years, since I left

my cottage for a walk in the fields as had always been my wont

on pleasant days. Yet here I stood on the hill, and there lay the

road so familiar; now I made haste to return, wondering

much to see no change in the streets, and still more that the

faces of those I met seemed in no wise different; neither did any

one seem in the least excited or alarmed, and the countenances

of all seemed serene, showing no concern beyond their ordinary

daily cares. At the edge of the town a wild rabbit startled by my

approach ran across a small field hiding among some briers

beyond; a jay called loudly from an old apple tree by the

wayside; of these trifles I took particular note to assure myself

that I walked in the flesh, for as yet I could not credit my

senses. Now was my heart filled with doubt and I became sick

with an unnamed fear, but of this I have already told at the

beginning of this account and I more need not be added.

And now I have completed my work, and the burden has been

lifted from my soul, and I thank the Lord that my eyes have

seen in part the glorious destiny of our race, which it had

pleased heaven to make an ever moving force that will

gradually but surely lift the nations of the earth to higher places,

until in the fullness of time, earthly perfection shall have been

attained, and the Father shall come in his glory and gather to

himself the fruit of his vineyard.

And from the morning of earth’s history, when at the call of the

creator, the atoms did assemble, even as a luminous mist in the

fields of space, drawing nigh one to another in obedience to the

laws of God, until in subservience to the same will they shall

again be dissolved and separate, each seeking the seclusion of

the infinite—even as a cloud passeth - one day; and the days

that follow shall be without end, even as the days that are

passed are without number and nothing shall be lost; that which

is rock shall be rock and that which is vegetable shall be

vegetable, and that which is flesh shall flesh; and all that did

breathe shall breathe again, for life which cometh from the

Father is eternal, even as the Father is eternal, and the soul of

man shall not perish, neither shall a single atom be misplaced

but shall submit to the law of the universe, which is order, and

sin shall be the servant of good, through all the ages that follow,

even as it has been through all the ages that are gone.

And now I have written all these things that you may know the

will of the Father, and prepare the way for the coming of the

new era; and that you may know also, when the storm breaks

upon the world, it is but the last demonstration of the powers of

evil, which shall be dispelled even as the mist of the morning,

before the son of righteousness, who shall rule supreme during

the close of the day- a day which may not be numbered by

years—for God himself keepeth the record.

As I have said at the beginning of this account being quite

unskilled in the use of letters, I have asked my friend, Thomas

C. Edgerton, (who once taught school), to lend his assistance in

the matter of spelling and placing of words in their proper

order, which he has kindly consented to do; my dear Rebecca

also rendered much valuable assistance in this respect, and to

both I am greatly indebted for encouragement and support

which I desire here to acknowledge with heartfelt thanks, and

now farewell.


The dream by Garrett Crawford on early April 2010

Black Storm Covers Southeast

Garrett Crawford - Early April 2010

I was shown this dream in early April. I don't know when the

oil spill was (on April 20, 2010), but I do know I had no

knowledge of it before having the dream. I can't give an exact

distance how long it was, just an exact location where the storm

ended before I woke up. This is a good estimate of what I saw

in the dream and the area of land I am guessing it covered.

It's strange that it covered much of what is considered the

South, before entering Ohio, which is the gateway to the North.

The South was once the land of captivity, physically, for the

black man. But now we could see another kind of captivity for

the folks down there -- FEMA-style.


The prophetic message by "Valvokaamme" on 06-09-2010

This is the hour which I have spoken, a moment when my

people all over the world are called to pray for my land and its

leaders, bend your knees and bend your heads call upon your

God! If He still would have a mercy of His own and let them

have still some times of preparation, peace and security!

Hour is at hand when darkness is attending to pull Israel into

things which are not of God.

They are selling lies, and stories and they are trying to make

people to see them as a truth, and people of this world are

paying into them.

You, my own, don’t listen these voices around you, listen the

still small voice within you which tells you the truth, Israel is

still my chosen one, it’s my land, Israelis are My people, the

treasures which I care.

Their peace is your peace and well-being.

They blessings have blessed the whole earth many ways.

They have given you your savior, Jesus, My Son.

Pray, humble yourself, give some time from your busy lives to

uplift my land and my people this time, and bless their leaders

to have a great wisdom and grace from Me , how to deal with

challenges ahead of them.


The Vision by Hollie L. Moody on February 25, 2005

The Washtub Vision - Hollie L. Moody

The Background: Several months ago, I felt impressed of the

Lord to read repeatedly 1 Kings 17:1 and 18:1, 41-45. As I

wondered and pondered why these verses of Scripture seemed

so compelling to me, my attention was once again drawn to 1

Kings 18:1; in particular, where it reads: "And it came to pass

after many days, that the word of the Lord came to Elijah..."

As I finished reading this verse of Scripture, the Lord began to

speak to my heart.

"Did Elijah stop being a prophet when My word wasn't coming

to him?" The Lord asked me.

This question from the Lord struck my heart and took my

breath away. I myself had been enduring a time of great silence

from the Lord. Yet even though the silence from the Lord was

distressing in many ways, I continued to feel the Lord's

presence with me.

Over the past several months, it was as if one tragedy after

another was striking my family and loved ones. There were

numerous stressful situations occurring at the same time. A

spirit of intense weariness settled upon my heart. I usually

felt as if I were bracing myself for the next blow to strike.

As I continued to seek the Lord for answers and direction, I had

a very strange vision. This vision was so strange to me

that I almost dismissed it as silly and unimportant. Yet, it

haunted my thoughts. After some time, I felt clarity from

the Lord in regard to this simple, "silly" vision.

I would like to share this vision, and what the Lord spoke to me

in regard to this vision, with others; especially those

prophets of the Most High God who also may be enduring

tragedies and/or a time of silence from the Lord.

The Vision: In the vision, I saw a long line of silent men and

women. Each of the men and women had on a brown cape that

touched the ground and they were staring ahead intently. I

glanced in the direction the men and women were looking to

see what they were staring at. To my surprise, I saw a large

washtub such as was used in bygone days to wash clothes.

Hovering over the washtub, I saw an immense hand.

I watched as each of the men and women approached the

washtub. The large hand plucked up each man and woman one

by one, and very deliberately placed that person (still wrapped

within their brown cape) inside the washtub. Then began what I

can only describe as a "wash cycle."

During this time of being "washed," each of the men and

women were being swirled madly around within the washtub.

Soap and water were in their eyes, ears and even in their

mouths. The hand also "scrubbed" each of the men and women

on a scrubber, then would place them back into the soapy,

turbulent water.

As I continued to watch all of this, I became aware of the soft

murmuring of a voice. I couldn't make out the words that were

being spoken, but the sound of the voice was gentle and

soothing. At the end of the wash cycle, the men and women

appeared absolutely exhausted.

Then began the "rinse cycle." The wash water was drained from

the washtub, and clean water added. A bucket appeared

grasped in the large hand. I watched as the large hand

repeatedly poured bucketful after bucketful of water over each

of the soapy men and women.

The voice continued to murmur gently and soothingly to the

men and women, but with the soap and now the water in their

ears, they didn't seem able to hear the sound of the voice.

At the end of the "rinse cycle," I watched as the large hand set

the bucket aside, grasped each of the men and women one by

one, and placed them into an old fashioned wringer. I gasped

with dismay as I saw each of the men and women being

completely flattened and having the water pressed from them as

they were put through this wringer. Then, the men and women

were placed gently into a basket. By the time this entire process

was completed, the men and women were totally limp and


Then another hand appeared so that there was now a set of large

hands. The hands reached into the basket and gently removed

the men and women one by one. The set of hands carried each

man and woman to a clothesline and began to "hang" the men

and women on the clothesline.

As I stared at the men and women hanging on the clothesline, I

saw that each of them had their eyes closed; almost as if they

had fallen asleep after the ordeal they had just endured.

I then began to faintly hear the sound of a gentle breeze. This

breeze seemed to envelope each of the men and women, and

they were gently swaying back and forth on the clothesline. As

the breeze gently blew on the men and women, the soft voice

continued to murmur to them.

Gradually, the men and women seemed to become aware of the

sound of the voice. They opened their eyes, began to slowly

look around them, and became more alert.

The hands then took each of the men and women down from

the clothesline. The men and women stood silently, as if

waiting for something to happen. I realized that during this

whole process, not one of the men or women had resisted, or

even spoken.

As I stared at the men and women, I saw them become quietly

animated. I noticed they were each staring off into the distance

at something. I turned to see what it was they were gazing at,

and saw a small cloud. The small cloud appeared as if from

over the horizon. Then, each of the men and women set off

towards the small cloud, and the vision ended.

The Interpretation: As I continuously thought upon this

vision, the Lord began to speak to me about it.

"Do you know who the men and women are?" The Lord asked


"No, Lord," I replied.

"They are My prophets," the Lord replied. "To one degree or

another, I have been taking My prophets through a time of

being purified and cleansed. For some of them, this process is

quite open and apparent. For others, it is hidden and is being

accomplished in secret and in isolation. For all of them, though,

it is painful; for all within them that is impure or unclean is

being laid open and is being dealt with and cleansed."

"Why, Lord?" I asked.

"For the coming days ahead," the Lord replied. "As I have been

dealing with My prophets, so will I also be dealing with

each of My children. When this cleansing process comes upon

each of My children, My prophets will be there to aide

in this process."

"What is the purpose of this process, Lord?" I asked.

"I am moving in a different manner than I have before," the

Lord answered. "I am speaking differently. Each of My

prophets, and also each of My children, must be attuned to the

changes in the way I am moving and speaking. If they are not

attuned to these changes, they will overlook and miss My

purpose and My will, and what it is I desire to see


"And what is it that You desire to see accomplished, Lord?" I


"I desire for My prophets to not only speak My word," the Lord

replied. "I desire them to also have a solution to the word

I give them to speak, and to know through My Spirit how to

apply the interpretation of My word to them."

I felt confused by this answer.

"You do not understand, child?" The Lord asked me. I admitted

that I did not.

"When I speak a word of warning or of coming calamity to one

of My prophets," the Lord explained, "not only do I desire that

prophet to speak forth the word of warning, I desire them to

also have a solution to the coming calamity. Speaking forth My

word is no longer totally acceptable to Me," the Lord said. "I

would also have My prophets to become so mature in Me that

they will also have clear direction for others in regard to the

word I speak to them. Now do you understand?"

"Yes, Lord," I replied.

"The cleansing process for My prophets and also for My

children," the Lord continued, "is for them to come to maturity.

When they are mature, then will I arise with total strength and

glory in the midst of My people.

The danger, though, during this process is that of My prophets

and My children becoming dejected and overwhelmed by the

situations I will and have been bringing upon them, and for

them to quit. Another danger is that of not restoring and

strengthening those who I will expose during the cleansing

process. Before there is a cleansing of the flesh, there is first a

decaying of the flesh. Whenever the flesh is decaying, there is a

stench. The stench of the flesh decaying for many of My

prophets and My children will be offensive to many others, yet

it is not My desire for their backs to be turned upon those who

are going through the decaying process.

This is a very delicate time spiritually for My prophets and

eventually for My children," the Lord continued. "Souls hang in

the balance, and it will be through the maturity of My prophets

and then of My children, that the fate of these souls will be

decided." (-Feb 25th, 2005).


The Message About the Refuges to John Leary, USA, on April 16, 2010

The original source:

About the Refuges:Jesus said: “My people, not everyone, that

I called TO MAKE A REFUGE, has answered My call, but


all of My faithful who have said ‘yes’ and are PREPARING TO




PROVIDE. Once My people come to My refuges, MY

ANGELS WILL HELP build any needed dwellings, and they

will provide protection and MULTIPLY the food and water.



REFUGES. The LUMINOUS CROSS in the sky will provide

healing by looking upon it. The evil one world people will TRY

TO KILL MY FAITHFUL, but those at My refuges will be

made INVISIBLE to them. You will need to ENDURE THE


TO LEAVE FOR MY REFUGES once I warn you.”

April 23, 2010 Jesus said: “My people, I do not force Myself

on anyone, so if someone truly discerns in prayer that they

WISH TO HAVE A REFUGE, then I will accommodate that

person in their ‘yes’ to this work. On a CHURCH PROPERTY

this land has already been CONSECRATED. ALL REFUGES


SOURCE OF WATER, whether it be a well, a pond, or other

body of water. If there is no such source, I will have My


France. There should be SOME BUILDINGS FOR SHELTER

that could be MULTIPLIED LATER for people to stay. There


could also LATER BE MULTIPLIED. I will bring deer to the

refuge for MEAT and My angels will LEAD PEOPLE TO


LUMINOUS CROSS for people to be HEALED by looking on

it. As MY CHOSEN ONES LEAD MY PEOPLE, there will be

MANY GIFTS OF HEALING bestowed on them in the end

days. Trust in My angels helping ANYONE WHO AGREES to

have one of My refuges. I thank and bless all of them."


A Vision Received for Iceland and Finland

by Pastor Sister Katy on April 23, 2010

A VISION RECEIVED FOR ICELAND AND FINLAND APRIL 23, 2010 7:21 -8:00 a.m. Central Standard Time Texas, U.S.A.

At 7:21 CST The Holy Spirit spoke to me. "Now then, Iceland,

land of hot springs and volcanoes. Seekest thou Me? Do you

desire to walk with My Holy Spirit? Iceland, your land

divides and becomes two.

Finland, do you see your child? These are your people, your

children. The people of Iceland are your children. They are

you. Is their pain your pain? Is their joy your joy?

Finland, where once you went in boats and journeyed on

horseback and conquered and settled, go back, go back.

Minister and preach. Evangelize those areas. Set up farms,

schools, churches. Finland, I call you to be holy. I call you to

be a beacon of light. I invite you to be with Me in the

wilderness and find a new abundance. Finland, as in the Song

of Solomon, as in Hosea 2:14-23, I sing you a love song.

Return now thou to Me; the best is yet to be."

In vision God is showing me Iceland, covered in clouds. The

land is dividing, becoming two islands. The southern parts of

the islands are becoming green with pastures and trees. I see

grapevines, herbs and many flowers and people tending them. I

see hotels filled with people and flower markets. There are

horse carts filled with flowers in the streets. There are fruit and

vegetable wagons in the streets. I see people laughing and

happy. There is abundance everywhere, happy abundance.

Beautiful sweaters and crochet work are being sold by street

vendors. People are visiting from all over the world. People

are saying to each other, what an interesting place Iceland is to

come and see.

In a large city I see a pretty church with a blue cross on the

front of the church. It says on a sign above it "Finnish

mission", open 24 hours for prayer, services at noon daily,

meals afterward.

I see in the countryside fields being plowed by horses, crops

and gardens planted, rabbits and birds in cages and pens. I see

chubby toddlers running and playing in gardens with their dogs

and cats. I see abundance and happy families and tourists

everywhere I Look. Amen. 8:00 a.m. The vision ended and I

am in my bedroom.

Blessings from Yahweh and His Son to all,

Love, joy, peace and harmony,

Pastor Sister Katy

P.O. Box 258

Granite Shoals, Texas 78654



The Prayer of Restoration Given to Pastor Sister Katy in October 2009

The Seventh Prayer

Heavenly Father God in the name of Your Son Yavashua Jesus

Christ of Nazareth, hear my prayer. Move me and _____ to a

place where we may flourish and prosper in a spirit of opulence,

surrounded by beauty and peace in gardens of great beauty and

richness of fruits, vegetables, and grain. Let there be corn and

oats and barley (add your favorite grains here) in abundance.

Let the roses and wisteria and _____ drip honey nectar for the

bees and tulip trees (_______) lend their grace to the scene.

May there be cages of fat rabbits(_______) and graceful

pheasants and partridge (________) in abundance. May the

laughter of our

children ring out from the ponds and lake and horse stable

(barn, ______). May ______'s inventions (work,_______)

flourish and make money. On the hills and in the valleys may

herds of ____________(Toggenburgs, Saanens, Sables and

Alpines-we love dairy goats) graze freely along with our flocks

of_______(milk, meat and wool sheep-we love sheep). May

every ________ ever lost to us that we liked, wanted, and loved

be restored or replaced. Restore all ministries to which you

have called me (and _________). Make every place that I look

a thing of beauty and joy to the eye. Restore your kingdom on

earth and let it begin with ________and me.

I know and have faith that You are God and can and will do

this. I give you all the praise and glory now and forever. Make

us a fountain of your peace and prosperity flowing from

___________(us-Texas) over all the earth Make us free to

create beauty and wealth everywhere we go. Give us the seed

________(money) which you know is necessary for fulfilling

Your Will on this planet, on this earth.

In love and thankfulness I pray, knowing that as I ask and pray,

it is already done and that it is my destiny to bring joy, peace,

and opulence and a knowledge of God the eternal to this planet.

Love, peace, joy, and harmony to this world and the next. In

Yavashua Jesus name we pray.


A Vision Given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 April 2010 at 9 AM

During prayer the Lord gave me some visions.

1. vision: I saw President Barack Obama being hit hard three

times about his head in the spirit.

2. vision: Then I saw a small bomb.

3. vision: Then I saw an image of goat.


The Dream of Paul Cary on 04-26-2010

In the DC dream of an attack on the White House I had a hard

time remembering what I saw on the White House building.

Well, just a few days ago or 04-26-2010 I had a small dream

where I was trying to draw out what I saw and I saw the

creature sitting on top of the White House at the Front Entrance

or North end of the building. It was like Rev 16:13. And I saw

three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the

dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth

of the false prophet.

What I saw was a small green like Japanese Pokemon or

Digimon creature sitting on the top of the White House. I can

describe the creature as cute rabbit [with a furry body and face]

like creature with long sweeping flat ears that stretch over the

side of its body to its feet and curling up at the end. I could see

that it had the ability to leap like a frog as does a rabbit.

What was the purpose of these creatures? Rev 16:14. For they

are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto

the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to

the battle of that great day of God Almighty.



The Dream of White House Invasion by Paul Cary on 04-16-2010

I awoke today from a dream about Washington DC being

attacked. In this dream I was running around the White House

on the North and East side of the building. I saw many folks

being shot and a child crying and pointing me out as the

intruder. Someone came along and I turned away as not to see

the harm being done. But I did imagine something bad

happening to the child with a gun.

I was being shot at as I scurried toward an opening in the

ground. I found myself underneath the White House at the back

or South end of the building. The Military knew I was there but

could not reach me. I saw the wires running to what I thought

were explosives. I sat bundled up to get ready for the blast.

There was a huge explosion but I was tucked away and

protected by a concrete wall in the ground. I was standing on

the back of the building there near a section of wall that did not

fall. Then there was silence I could see no one around at that

point. Then standing there I could see in my mind’s eye a

presence coming up out of the sea and thought it was coming

from below the water a slight distance away. I heard

immediately upon thinking that, a voice being directed to the

Military saying; Stand down or you will be arrested. After that

another explosion at the front of the building or North side. I

saw a person there staring at some wires dangling off the side of

the building and was amazed and asked; How could this have

been done? Then I tried sneaking out one of openings in the

ground and avoiding the Military. End of Dream


The Vision and Message by Pastor Sister Katy for Finland on April 9, 2010

Vision And Message Received For Finland April 9, Friday

Having prayed in English and then in tongues, I am in the Spirit

on the day before true Sabbath begins. I have prayed

repentance over my own sins and those who have any

connection with Finland.

I had a vision of myself standing on the shores of a peaceful

lake. A fish jumps out of the water, flashing silver, and the lake

is momentarily disturbed. Then the lake becomes still again. A

weeping willow tree stands by the lake. Then I see a weeping

birch tree there in its stead. I am suddenly standing beneath the

birch and the breeze blows the leaves and branches into my

face. I step closer to the lake, a bit away from the birch. A

reindeer approaches the lake and takes a drink. He turns and

looks at me. I smile. I have never seen a reindeer in person,

not even in a zoo. Then a wolf appears next to the reindeer. It

is a very large wolf, like a North American timber wolf. Both

animals look at me, walk toward me and then turn as one and

walk side by side into a deep forest of fir trees. The wolf does

no harm to the reindeer, nor the reindeer toward the wolf.

I continue to stand by the birch tree by the lake and look at the

lake. I begin to hear faintly a woman's voice singing across the

lake. It is a very big lake. I cannot see the opposite shore, but I

hear the singing get louder. It is a peaceful sound like that of a

lullaby. It is a haunting, enchanting melody and I begin to feel

sleepy. It is such a soft and pleasant sound.

Then I hear a man's voice saying "Wake up, child. Wake up

now, child of the northern sun. Wake up and speak to My

people. Wake up My people of Finland, for they sleep a

pleasing sleep and they dream an enchanting dream, a pretty

dream that is a lie of Lucifer, satan, My adversary. Katherine

Elaine, which means pure white light, do not fall asleep. Wake

up My people, the lost remnants of the tribe of Judah, lost sheep

of the blood of the Israelites, tell them who they are. "Ask My

people why they sleep before the quiet warm fire like fat pet

dogs on soft, cozy thick blankets? Why are they not gathering

in the harvest of souls? He or she who gathers not, scattereth.

Wake up, oh Finnish shepherds. Do I not have sheep scattered

all over the earth? Have you searched for them? Have you fed

them? Have you led them to green pastures? Have you spread

your skirts and cloak over them to shelter them from the

storms? Have you poured oil on their wounds and bound up

their injuries? Have you petted them and spoken to them and

let the sheep have the comfort of your shepherd’s voice? Do

you know who you are? It is time to remember who you are.

Have you carried the lambs on your shoulders because their

legs are broken and they cannot walk? Oh, yes. It is 10 p.m. at

night and you forgot that your sheep were hungry and looked

for you to come at twilight, but you were napping. When will

you awaken, Finland?" Once you went out on ships, conquering

and trading. Centuries ago, you built empires. Your ministry is

to retrace your steps and reach out for Me to all peoples. Make

your gardens and plant your fields with ancient true seeds that

are pure. Feed yourselves and others. Take what you know and

teach. The ministry of My Son was a complete ministry to

mind, soul, and body. He healed the sick, He cast out demons,

He fed the masses bread and fish. His hand are now YOUR

hands. He sits at MY right Hand. The job is now yours.

Anointing with oil, speaking in tongues. Christ the same

yesterday, today, and forever. Walking in miracles, reclaiming

earth and Eden from the devil.

"You have walked and slept and dreamed a dream basically that

is incorrect for around a hundred years, oh My Finland. You

must remember who you are, shepherds and farmers and

gardeners and ranchers and builders and evangelist

missionaries. Where once you sailed and conquered for blood

and gold, silver, and metals, you must return and speak of

salvation and blessings, gardens and grain and forests, flowers

and herbs and grapes. You are called, Finland.

"Who are you, Finland? You are as My daughter Katherine

Elaine. She is and you are Suomi Finland, the restorer of paths

to dwell in and the repairer of the breach. Return to Me now O

Finland in righteousness, truth, purity, and holiness. May a

hunger be birthed in your spirit to know God and to search for

truth and do that which is right. "Healing and restoration are


what you are about, Finland. Healing and restoration are what

you are about, Japan. Not of your countries or your people

ONLY, but of ALL peoples and the planet. Healing and

restoration are what I am about. Healing and restoration are

what the United States of America is supposed to be about."

I, Katherine, am still standing by the lake, the lake of blue

peace and beauty, the weeping birch on my left. I see a black or

dark brown bear walking along the northeast shore of the lake.

He is ambling, ambling along with a rolling gait. He is a very

calm bear. From the dark green forest the reindeer comes,

followed by three female reindeer and a reindeer calf. He

swings his head and marches forward, stamps his feet and

bellows. He stops and stamps his front hoof. A wind comes up

from my left (the west?) and it blows hard and harder. The

leaves come off the birch tree some and blow across the lake

and the shore. The birch leaves hit the bear and he stops. Then

the green and silver birch leaves become big fat bumblebees.

They sting the bear in his face and on his behind. He swats at

them but they are most persistent and more birch leaves are

blown by the wind to the bear, turning into bumblebees. Birch

leaves blow into my face and over the waters, but they are cool

on my skin and feel good. The bear becomes tired of bumblebee

stings and turns and goes back to the eastern area from where

he came.

"Oh, Russia, I have somewhat to say to you", says the man's

voice, who now I know I am hearing the Father or Holy Ghost

speaking to me. "Karelia, sweet land of green meadows and

peaceful ponds and lakes. Who do you think she belongs

to? Did you do well in Afghanistan? Should the kitty cat be

jealous of the mouse? Should the elephant be jealous of the

gazelle? Should the lion begrudge the zebra of the grass of the

veldt? "When you blow off the hands and feet of tiny little

Moslem boys and girls in Afghanistan, when you slaughtered

people who had done nothing to you, great bear, did you think I

was blind? Russia, did you think My Head was turned away?

Did you think I did not hear the screams and see the tears of

three and four year old Muslim toddlers? "I rose up a man you

believed was a joke, a farce. I brought forth Charlie Wilson

from Texas, the land of friendship, a nobody, to be my Joshua.

"Russia, you attacked a peaceful land and took Karelia.

You hurt your own people for no reason at all. I raise up a

nobody, a lost Texas Finnish princess, a Christian missionary

woman of God. From a land far away from you, I raise an

unknown voice to tell you to restore Karelia to the people of


"If you do not restore Karelia and begin to make amends

for other things your nation has done wrong, you will have

something like another problem like the problem you had at

Chernobyl. No one will do anything to hurt you; your own

people will make mistakes and cause an even bigger accident

and an even bigger mess to clean up. Russian bear, turn back

to your own land and your own cubs and begin to do right.

Begin to give back what you have stolen from other lands

and your own people and this further disaster may be turned

away by the angels. "Oh, Finland, when Karelia is restored

to your people, do not repeat the errors of Russia. Allow

those people who promise allegiance to Finland to stay in

Karelia. Restore, however, the houses and farms to those

Karelians who still desire them as the land and house of the

Shunammite woman and her household was restored to her by

the king of Israel in the book II Kings 8:1-6 in the Old

Testament. "So I say to you Finland, awake, awake. Too long

you have drifted in a pretty dream which does not work."

This vision and the speaking of the Holy Spirit lasted from

10:10 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. Central Standard Time. I have never

had any vision or hearing from the Holy Ghost last that long.

This lasted exactly three hours. I have heard about the Russo-

Finnish war and that Russia only got a little bit of land from

Finland after a very great effort and tremendous loss of life on

their part. I do not know of many of the details, so I can only

guess at what parts of this vision mean. Perhaps you and the

Finnish people will have more of an idea of what it may mean.

Thank you for listening.

Pastor Sister Katy

Christ Complete Ministries

P.O. Box 2585

Granite Shoals, Texas 78654


The Prophetic Message by Clay Sikes on April 9, 2010

Kingdom Age Transition

Dear List Members,

As we enter into this next era with God, the Kingdom Age, we

will begin to notice many new characteristics of God’s people.

In fact, the greatest characteristic will be ‘the character’ of the

men and women leading this new era (Kingdom Age). You will

know them by their fruit. First and foremost, Kingdom Age

leaders will have their own money bag; they will be selfsufficient

and will never fleece the sheep with money

generating tactics. They will abhor false terms like ‘love

offering.’ They will not impose the legal ritual of tithing upon

anyone. They will offer much of what they have in terms of

ministry items; CDs, tapes, teachings, etc., free, and be a

blessing to those around them. With some exceptions, the

ministry will not serve as their primary source of income. They

will always look to God for their provision, and will never look

to man or the tired worn out exploitive systems that have been

used to exploit the Body financially. If they take an offering, it

will be to bless the poorest in the meeting.

These men and women are emerging today, without motive or

ambition, except obedience to the Father. A true characteristic

of many of today’s ‘Church Age’ ministries is rooted in

personal ambition - men and women who want to be known.

The World’s System applauds this behavior, which so subtly

corrupts in what we have traditionally called ‘The Church.’ I

know 'lost' ambitious men in corporate America today who are

less ambitious than many ministers and ministries I know. This

should not be, and is about to change as the Kingdom Age

makes its presence known. Kingdom Age ministers do not seek

to be known; in fact, they prefer to be unknown. They do not

seek to share God’s glory, and any situation that puts them in

position to do so is avoided at all cost. They will duck and run

when man starts heaping his glory upon them. In contrast to

their Church Age counterparts, there is a deeply rooted humility

that has come through much tribulation; a characteristic that can

only gain its identity through fire and affliction. The leaders of

this new era know something about adversity. They have faced

death and ruin on many occasions; dealt with physical,

emotional, and spiritual pain – they have died, yet live, but now

ONLY for His purpose.

Kingdom Age leaders are not ‘loud mouth know it alls,’

spewing scripture with every breath who ‘act’ with a practiced

and contrived stage presence to invoke emotional response.

They have utter distain for the big me/little you, clergy/laymen

divide that flows from most pulpits and TV preachers today.

They are quiet, and only speak when God gives them something

to say; but when they speak…Oh God! Listen, those who have

ears to hear, you will hear from the throne room of God. Are

these men and women perfect? Anything but, their weak flesh

keeps them bound to the Father.

The Kingdom Age in which we are entering is a time of

supernatural exploits. God is revealing himself through His

dead vessels that are alive in Him. As healing was a major

characteristic of the Church Age, Power and Authority will be a

characteristic of the Kingdom Age – an Age that will ‘prepare

the way.’ God is birthing something completely new; His fire is

falling, but we must be careful to recognize the form in which it

is falling. An evangelist would suppose it to be revival; a

teacher would call it more word, an apostle, more churches, a

prophet, more insight, a preacher, more people. Perhaps some

of all of this is true; but the context of fire, from my humble

depths, is greater authority and power to carry out His Will

upon the earth. Test this by your Spirit! Always test any

prophetic words you hear, read, or touch.

I will be writing much more on this subject in the future. I am

full, and want to let it out.

In Him, Clay


The Message by Pastor Sister Katy on 04-03-2010

On April 3, 2010 at 7 a.m. in the morning Central Standard

Time in Texas, I received the following which I now share with


From the Spirit: Call my people out of the cities. Call my

people out of the cities. (three times) Call them to the

wilderness to places of no roads and highways to where the

paths are small and the trees many. Tell them not to cut all the

cedar down for it is shelter and the see thereof good and for

healing. Tell all my people to plant linen and to eat the fresh

seeds and ground flour of the linen seed. They must plant

linen even if they have no place to plant linen except in pots.

Call my people out of Japan to the hills of Texas where the

rocks are red and some of the rocks are white. Call my people

from Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea. Tell the people of

Killeen, Texas I invite them to seek purity and righteousness

and come also to the wilderness and live in villages or alone or

in family groups and raise their own food as much as possible.

Their sins are forgiven, but this is the last time I call them.

Call My people from greater and lesser Arabia, from the Sinai

peninsula, from Egypt to the red hills and white hills of Texas.

All human beings of every race and color belong to Me, are My

creation and I call them to Me now with a love song, a song of

love, of joy, happiness and peace.

Come and build your houses of dirt and stone and concrete on

the sides and bottoms of hills with thick walls. Dig holes in the

proportions of the Ark of the Covenant into the hillsides or into

the ground to store and keep your food. (Upside down

pyramids in the ground will also work.)

Call for people of Peru from the distant reaches of Peru to

bring their seeds, trees, shrubs, vines and other plants and their

ways of agriculture to Texas. Plants which grow all over the

earth have places in Texas where they can also grow. Texas is

one of the places where I shall preserve My people who seek to

be pure and righteous and who seek My face. I made this earth

to be a Garden of Eden and this it still can be.


By living in harmony with Me; and with the earth by keeping

the ancient strains of seeds, plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, vines

and herbs alive, the ancient pure strains of animals, by living

seeking personal purity and righteousness, by living in joy, love

and thankfulness for all things, by singing a song of joy, the

promise of Eden restored is there for all humans and all


God loves. I as God, am love. Satan destroys, alters, degrades,

pollutes, hates. When a person feels love, they are connected to

Me, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, the earth and the universe. Then

all things good and beautiful are possible.

Thank you,

Pastor Sister Katy e-mail:

Christ Complete Ministries

P.O. Box 2585

Granite Shoals, Texas 78654, USA


A Vision by Tero Kaski on 12-11-2009

An Invitation to Completely Surrender to God

I have been praying for those, who have understood the

message of Bible regarding future events according to James

5:1-3 and have woken up to pray for a way to deposit their

wealth in a safe place and form as the world economy is going

in deep crisis. I warmly recommend the bank of Heaven and

guidance of the Holy Spirit in between that.

Tonight I got an advice to read the book of Joel. Normally we

only read Joel 2:28-29. This time I read the happenings before

those verses. They are very close. There is only little time for

preparation. It is time to prepare for outpouring of the Spirit and

the deep crisis that comes before that.

In the morning the Lord started to speak. I saw a vision, what

we should start preparing to. God is calling all business men to

have an account relationship with him. Part of this group will

surrender completely to God and give up the leadership of their

business to the Holy Spirit. Many of those will experience great

miracles in their ventures. Because of their obedience and

willingness they are allowed to be close to the Lord and

experience how the funds they have acquired are part of God´s

global activities.

In the vision the Lord started to build up a worldwide network

where a hand grabbed another hand and a connection was born

through the Holy Spirit. There is so little time that the

organization of man is inadequate. Direct guidance from the

Holy Spirit is needed. Ministry leaders initiated to be true

servers of God joined this network. Our Lord told that he would

purify this group dedicated to serving Him.

Human goals and wishes to lead stepped away. I asked what

this preparation is going to include. I was promised a couple of

examples. This brotherhood inspired by God got to act as

intermediaries of God´s answers to prayers. There are small

groups of believers in South America who are so poor that they

are unable to buy Bibles. Therefore they were begging for

Bibles, begging on their knees to get their hands on the printed

word of God.

Who is ready to deliver the answer to those people´s prayers?

Then my vision moved on to Africa. I was surprised when I saw

hands rising up to air from the darkness, almost as it was a large

dark carpet. The hands were rising up in the air and crossing

fingers to ask for Bibles. The need was extremely big and

without the books the darkness faded away only partly. I felt

that there is a real hurry with these Bibles and that a big part of

the problems will be solved when believers may read the Bible

in their own mothers tongue. I felt how important it was to

translate Bibles and the resources for that should not be

inadequate at this stage. Jesus is coming soon and our work is

yet quite badly incomplete.

Then I continued on to Asia and the same thing continued. In

addition, I started seeing weird large boxes, that were ready in

many country. I was explained that these boxes contain Bibles

for that need that occurs when the Chinese ”Back to Jerusalem”

-movement´s messengers start their work. They are already

studying the Bible in these languages. I understood that the

stocks of bibles were directed by the government of the Holy

Spirit and that the message about them had went on to

messengers who soon started to deal out Bibles to new

believers, all this directed by Heaven.

After seeing this I started to ask the Lord how all this is going

to be put into practice. I understood that this was only a small

exemplary showing of what soon needs to be done. I was told

that it´s time to guide those who surrender to God completely. I

saw how the Lord had educated our Chinese brothers and sisters

into co-operation in prayers and action. I saw how they had

learned to fight together in spirit as they had united. Now I am

waiting help from our Chinese brothers and sisters to fulfill my

vision and teach western people to live depending solely on


Today I have been forced to watch how a part of western

Christian teaching has lead people to fallacy. Through waiting

for earthly success and goods it has rooted people into comfort

and commitment into this world. People are ready to give God a

part of theirs especially if it is followed by success and the

growth of own wealth. The vision that is fulfilled is aimed at

growing one´s own well-being and wealth. People even think

it´s a sign of a spiritual blessing or sign of being on the right


Successful people in China are those who have created and

educated cells in the middle of being tortured and captivated.

They have often evangelized the most effective way through

declaring how they have stood up with all the trials and

sufferings. They have a live fire burning inside of them for the

Lord´s work, which is catching and hopefully that fire will flare

up in use, businessmen as well.

Now our Lord is searching for those who want completely to

surrender and are ready to put everything on the altar. When

you understand what is going to happen to human wealth

according to James´ letter and many prophecies I assumed that

surrendering to that would be easy. Now I understand that it is

not so. We need the waking work of God´s Spirit and

ambassadors of God to speak about the closeness of Jesus´

second coming and surrendering to God´s disposal.

When the funds and the capability is in God´s hand he will

bless them. These visions are possible. We are going to see

strange business patterns, the impossible becoming possible.

Global connection directed by the Holy Spirit will create

situations that are possible at this age of communications


The businessmen surrendered to God´s will will increase other

people´s willingness to join in on accommodating the workers

of the last awakening. I also saw how these experienced

workers of God were strengthening congregations and the ones

baring the responsibilities along their way bringing answers to

prayers. Earthly work and surviving will step aside when God is

authorizing His priests. We are going to see how remarkably

and surprisingly our Lord will choose persons to his disposal.

As I write this text I see how man-built systems are shaking

when the Holy Spirit is allowed to overwhelm God´s own

people. The worthless will perish and congregation building´s

stones will be grinded together. I see edges falling off and the

Spirit of Mercy taking over many people with a whole new

way. I also see the Lord appearing in his glory at a church

community center. When the glory and the love appear people

will cry out for their sins and search after purification and signs

are following the Gospel.

Are you ready to say, “Come our Lord Jesus, come!”

Tero Kaski



The dream of Troy Hughes on 03-01-2010

I saw a Russian submarine. Out of it came a ramp or missile

launcher at a 45 degree angle. The missile shot and Boston was

completely obliterated. The U.S. counterattacked with a missile.

Then I saw that later, a second missile would come to the U.S. I

was concerned about fall-out (radiation).


The dream of Troy Hughes on 1-12-2010

I saw a line of ospreys. They were being held back (like horses

in a starting gate) but wanted to fly. Suddenly one at the end of

the line slipped loose, and then I realized it was a nuclear

missile, then a little while later, another one was loosed. After

that, somehow I knew the target was the United States, and

700,000 were killed. Next, I knew that it was a going to be a

very short time until a tit for tat retaliation would occur. I also

saw that the U.S. retaliation bomb would be somehow

“brighter”. I also saw that later in time, a second osprey was



The Explanation of the Bush Prophecy by Thomas S. Gibson on March 5, 2010

The Bush Prophecy: In 2002 God gave me a short prophecy

about then President George Bush. Since the end of his second

term in office there have been questions about the meaning of

this word. Even I have asked the Lord for an explanation of it.

At first look, this prophecy seems to have not been fulfilled:

August 31, 2002/2 [2002 08 31.2]

The Lord says: George Bush shall not leave his office before

the end of his second term, but rather shall be killed before that


One would assume from this that Bush must die in office. That

is the way I looked at it for many years. During the last few

weeks leading up to the end of Bush's term in office I have

come to see it differently. It was a case of not reading what is

clearly there in front of my eyes!

The first part of the prophecy says: George Bush shall NOT

leave his office before the end of his second term,

How can one miss that? I did! If he shall not leave his office

(of presidency) then he cannot die in office. That conclusion

leads to the question: what does the second part mean?

But rather shall be killed before that time.

At first glance there does seem to be a contradiction in this

prophecy; but as I have pointed out many times, the meaning of

a prophecy or vision cannot always be understood before you

see it fulfilled. Some prophecies are fulfilled in ways that are

not clear at the time it is given. (See article under Books and

Articles section of my web site: Understanding Prophetic


After more than a year of questions to the meaning of this word,

God has given me this prophecy and explanation to the Bush


March 5, 2010

Thus says the Lord. When George W. Bush met his death

during the Presidency it was with the government, the

popularity among the people-the entire political means was a

death to him. The entire way which he was received by the

Democrats, Republicans, the press, and the people was his

political death.

Therefore his death was political and not physical. Even his

own party did not want him anymore. He had become a

political liability. This prophecy has been fulfilled!

Copyright © 2010 Thomas S. Gibson


The Prophetic Article by Pastor F. M. Riley on 02-12-2010

How soon…..?

February 12, 2010

"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts

unto wisdom." Psalm 90:12

Dear brother, I DO NOT know that the rapture of New

Testament believers has to fit within the holy days of the Jewish

calendar, for the Lord's New Testament church is primarily a

Gentile entity.

The Lord's church is not Jewish, and therefore it is possible that

the church does not have to conform to the Jewish holy

days. However, that question is up to the Lord. The church may

indeed have to conform to them! We will soon see! If it is

required that the prophecies regarding the Lord's church be

fulfilled in accordance with the Jewish holy days, then it

appears to me that everything predicted leading up to the

rapture of the church is coming together like a hand fitting into

a glove.

Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem on the back

of a donkey on the 10th day of Abib [Nisan] nearly 2,000 years

ago in exact fulfillment of His appearance as the Messiah

[King] predicted in Daniel 9:25, bringing the 69 weeks of

Daniel to fulfillment on that exact day. Four days later He was

crucified [cut off] in direct fulfillment of Daniel 9:26(a). The

Lord Himself verified this truth three times in Luke 19, verses

40, 42, and 44. Then knowing how precise the Lord is all

through His inspired Word, I see no Scriptural reason why the

70th week of Daniel may not commence right where the 69th

week left off, with only the 2,000 years of GRACE

intervening. If this should be the case [?], then the Tribulation

period [the 70th week of Daniel] will begin on Abib 11 on the

Jewish calendar which this year begins at sundown in Israel on

March 25th. This date therefore then looms on the horizon as a

distinct "possibility."

Quite significantly, the Jews back in November began building

an altar according to the exact specifications set forth in the

Scriptures. That altar is now complete! On January 12th, a committee of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem,

sent an invitation to Jews all over the world to come to

Jerusalem on Passover this year to reinstitute the actual, literal

sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb. They plan to buy enough lambs

so that every Jew who attends will be able to partake of the

meat of their Paschal lamb exactly as specified in Exodus

12. They are anticipating at least a million Jews coming to

Jerusalem to observe the Passover this year, which will occur

on March 29-30. (Rabbinic date)

Remember that Peter in Acts 2:17-21, when speaking to the

Jews in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost [Acts 2:5; 2:14;

2:22; 2:36; 2:39(a)], and transliterating from Joel's prophecy,

clearly stated, "I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and

your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young

men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream

dreams….." Both the context and the wording used here

makes it clear that this statement is speaking of the Jewish

people. This cannot be denied by anyone who understands the

grammatical construction of sentences and has a real desire to

"rightly divide the Word of truth," 2 Timothy 2:15. It clearly

states that in these "last days" Jews would be given prophecies,

would see visions, and dream dreams. I am aware that many

people today claim they have been given these "gifts," but it is

very obvious that some making the claim have and some

haven't. 1 John 4:1-3 is still in the Bible! However, when I run

across a Jew today who claims to have been given a prophecy

or a vision or a dream, I pay a good bit more attention to their

claim than I do that of Gentiles making a similar claim. Without

apology to anyone!

Then in view of this inspired prophecy given by Peter, I think it

is highly significant that…….

In 1217 the Jewish Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel prophesied that

the Ottoman Turks would rule over the holy city of Jerusalem

for eight Jubilees. A Jubilee is a period of 50 years according to

Leviticus 25:8-13. Eight Jubilees would then be 400 years. Sure

enough, 300 years later in 1517 the Ottoman Turks seized

control of the city of Jerusalem and ruled over it for the next

400 years. They were finally driven out of the city and the holy

land in 1917 by the Allied forces under the command of

General George Allenby. The Rabbi's prophecy about the 400

years was fulfilled exactly to the year.

The Rabbi had also prophesied that during the ninth Jubilee

Jerusalem would be a "no-man's land." This is exactly what

happened from 1917 to 1967, due to the fact that the holy land

was placed under British Mandate in 1917 by the League of

Nations and literally "belonged" to no nation. Even after Israel's

war of independence in 1948-49 Jerusalem was still divided by

a strip of land running right through the heart of the city, with

Jordan controlling the eastern part of the city and Israel

controlling the western part of the city. That strip of land was

considered and even called "no-man's land" by both the Israelis

and the Jordanians. Anyone even stepping into that strip would

be shot down. I lived during that period of time and well

remember the reports in the newspapers and shown on TV

about the division of Jerusalem. It was not until the Six Day

War in 1967 when the entire west bank of the holy land was

conquered by the Israeli army that the whole city of Jerusalem

passed back into the possession of Israel. So once again the

prophecy made by the Rabbi 750 years previously was fulfilled

to the letter.

But that is still not the end of the matter. The Rabbi also

prophesied that during the 10th Jubilee Jerusalem would be

under the control of the Jews and the Messianic "end times"

would begin. The 10th Jubilee began in 1967 and will be

concluded in 2017. The Rabbi's prophecy has been fulfilled to

the letter right up to this present day. There is then no Scriptural

reason to believe it will not continue to be fulfilled exactly as it

was given, until the conclusion of the seven year Tribulation in

2017. This then means that the pre-tribulation resurrection and

rapture of New Testament believers will occur this very year;

2010, and that the Messiah and Saviour of Israel will return and

establish His Millennial Kingdom in 2017, again fulfilling to

the letter the Rabbi's prophecy.

But this still isn't the whole prophetic picture. During the 18th

century [the 1700's] Rabbi Vilna Gaon prophesied that the

Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem, probably the most magnificent

Jewish Synagogue in the entire world, would be destroyed and

rebuilt twice, destroyed yet again and built a third time. He

prophesied that when it was rebuilt the third time, then

construction would begin on the [third… ?] Jewish Temple.

The Hurva Synagogue was first destroyed by the Muslims

shortly after it was originally built. A hundred years later it was

rebuilt a second time. Then it was destroyed for the second time

by the Jordanian army during Israel's war of independence in

1948-49. It lay in ruins until 2001! That year the Israeli

government and the Jewish people in Israel began rebuilding it

again. Now here is the fascinating relation to end-time Bible


The Hurva Synagogue has just been completed, and is

scheduled to be dedicated and officially opened in a grand

ceremony in Jerusalem on March 15, 2010. Significantly, the

Jewish Rabbinate in Jerusalem has already announced that

the plans for rebuilding the Jewish Temple will be presented

to the nation of Israel and the Jewish people on March 16,

2010. The Rabbi's prophecy wins again!

Our Lord's coming for His people is right at the door! Read

Revelation 3:8.

Dear brother and dear readers, it is time for people to GET

READY OR GET LEFT! Read John 3:3-7, 3:16, 3:36, 5:24,

14:6, Acts 4:12, 16:30-31, and Romans 10:8-13. DO IT

TODAY! Tomorrow may be too late! 2 Corinthians 6:1-2. Then

bow your head and your heart before the Lord and ask the Lord

Jesus Christ to come into your heart and grant you true

repentance and save you, cleanse you, and make you one of His

children. The ONLY way anyone is ever "accounted worthy" is

to have the "righteousness of Christ" imputed to you. Compare

Luke 21:36 with 20:35-36, and then carefully read Romans 4:1-


Dear brother, I hope this answers your questions and gives you

additional spiritual insight.

My greatest blessing is to be used of the Lord to minister His

Word to His people, and to the lost who are seeking Him for

salvation. Please keep me in your prayers.

God bless you.

Pastor F. M. Riley

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

The comment by Jouko Piho on 02-23-2010

I do not believe like Pastor Riley that the rapture of the

believers would happen before the affliction time of Antichrist

and I do not believe that the rapture would take place this year

2010. I do not see either that the development in the world

would have progressed so far that Antichrist could appear

already during this year.

Anyhow that time is coming nearer when all the people will see

the Beast step up on the world stage and begin his evil works.

But at that time God will take care of his believers.


Clarifications concerning the Russian Invasion Prophecy

of December 7, 1995 by Thomas S. Gibson on December 31, 2009

The Time of the Russian Invasion of America

This article deals with the references in a prophecy dated

December 7, 1995 On December 31, 2009 God spoke to me

concerning that prophecy, and this article is a result of that time

in prayer. The article follows:

The Time of the Russian Invasion of America

Clarifications concerning the Russian Invasion Prophecy of

December 7, 1995

In 1995, in the middle of a long prophecy, God gave me 6

paragraphs on the Russian Invasion War, or World War III. At

the time I did not give it much thought; after all, according to

the prophecy nothing will occur until after 2005-and that was a

long way off.

But now, here it is 2010, and the time is coming to a close for

this to occur. Still not reading the prophecy in detail, I had

assumed that the war must begin before the end of 2010. It was

not until I was in prayer on December 31, 2009 that I realized

that this was not what the prophecy stated. I was not thinking of

this prophecy, it was a long way from my mind. But during that

prayer time God spoke to me concerning it. He said that it did

not say the war would start by the end of 2010!

I had to get up from prayer and go to my computer to look it up.

Sure enough, God was right and my memory for many years

was wrong! (I hate to say it, but that it typical of my memory!)

The part of the prophecy in question:

1995 12 07.1


So thus says the Lord. In a few years from now, you will be

impaled on the brink of war. It will come with very little

warning. I shall bring this war down upon you who think you

can serve the world, and claim to serve Me, saith the Lord!!

In the year of 2005 you will have yet to see this war. But it will

then be but a few moments in time, by the Spirit, till you will

see it. It is close, it is coming, and no one can say, "I will hold it

back, I will put a stop to it." I, the Lord, have made a decision

to judge the evil hearts of the people, and I will do it!

So it will be that I have now spoken the year in which I will

hold it back to: but by the year 2010 it will have come upon


Now listen to this, that I will bring it down upon you in the

following way I will never leave My people unguarded

concerning the horrors of the war, but they will come into a

knowledge and into a peace about serving Me in this time. I

will protect them with a supernatural protection from the throne

of God.

Now as this occurs, as the war progresses, and Russia takes

heart to overthrow the entire world, I will put an end to it. I will

see that the time will come that they, Russia, will lose this war,

and be changed in their political agenda forever. Russia will

become a major world-wide country to bring My salvation to all

of the earth!

So it will be that this war will come to an end in this way. That

by a new invention, that I will see comes to the USA, they will

win this war. But this will NOT occur until they have repented

for their sins! They must repent before I will turn the tide of the

war to them. I will bring them to the brink of disaster, to the

brink of destruction, to the brink of all out loss, before they will

turn with their whole heart to Me, says the Lord.


The phrase "by the year 2010" does not state by the "beginning"

or by the "end" of the year. So one must assume that it includes

the entire year, that is, to the end of 2010.

The term "war" is only used concerning the fact that in 2005

you will not yet see this war. The entire reference to the year

2010 seems to be to the phrase "brink of war." The meaning

could be that the war will come upon you by the end of 2010; or

it could be that just the brink of war will come upon you. It is

unclear to me whether or not the invasion will actually start by

the end of 2010; it could occur during the year after.

God has determined a time for the war: after 2005 and "the

brink of war" by the end of 2010. It is clear to me that God is

delaying this to the very end of His time limit, giving America

every last opportunity to repent and avoid this war. As it states

in Ezekiel 33:11-16, if a nation repents they can avoid any

judgment that God has determined for it.

I pray that America repents and this judgment is avoided.

However, as I look both at the condition of the church and the

country I believe that this judgment will be necessary.

There is a great deal of the use of the name of God and of the

name of Jesus; but very little of "denying oneself, taking up of

your cross, and following Jesus" (Mark 8:34). Most who use the

name of the Lord do so out of a religious belief system that

centers on the numbers of people, the biggest and most

luxurious church they can build, and the control of those

people. They do not give up their life to serve the Lord: rather

they believe in a "gospel" that allows them to continue with

their career, their life interests that they hold dear, and the

selfish pursuit of their hearts. That is not the gospel that Jesus

or the disciples preached. It is a religion that removes the core

of the gospel message and replaces it with religious furor.

This can only bring the judgment the God has stated because

this is what the Lord is standing against!

The Prophetic Word Web Site:

This web site contains the prophecies that God has given me to

publish, as well as prophecies through other prophets. It also

contains books and articles by myself and others.

Copyright © 2010 Thomas S. Gibson This document is

copyrighted against any alteration. However, you may print,

copy, and/or republish this document in whole or in part

without written consent, provided this copyright is contained

within, that the above mentioned web site and address is

contained within, and that my name as author is contained


I seek no monies from this or any other work, only that the truth

be revealed.

Thomas S. Gibson


The vision of Sister Katy about Japan a few weeks ago in 2010

Dear Sir,

I was searching under Finnish prophecies and came upon your

website. I am a missionary pastor of a small Christian church

in Texas, USA. I do not regard myself as a prophet at all.

However, God recently gave me some words for the area and

city of Killeen, Texas near Ft. Hood, an Army post in Texas.

This message is simple. The Holy Spirit invites the people of

this area to get land at least twenty to thirty miles away

from these two cities and to begin to raise their own food,

not genetically engineered, but pure heritage seeds, plants

and animals and to raise the animals humanely with plenty

of space to move around in, good shelter, plenty of shade

from the sun, etc. The Holy Spirit asks the people of Killeen

and Harker Heights to live more pure lives in their bodies and

in their hearts and souls, perhaps to start small villages where

some people garden, some make shoes or pottery, some make

and repair horse harness and so on. He said it is fine to have

jobs in the city and even to live in the city, but they should have

a place of acreage where they can learn or become selfsufficient.

Since the people of Killeen have not lived lives of

particular holiness, righteousness and purity, He is inviting

them to do so now and to begin to be self-sufficient. This is like

the warning to Nineveh in the Bible, but not as severe. There

will be problems in the future in this area, so now is the time to

get their lives more in line with the Bible. Since there has been

war- like activity and dissensions in the Killeen area, now

is their time to lead out in love, joy, peace and harmony with

God, man and the earth.

Before I begin what God has shown me for Japan, I probably

should tell you something about myself. I grew up Lutheran and

due to a hunger for Jesus Christ, became part of the Assembly

of God Christian church in the 90's. My husband and I heard

the call and were sent out as anointed missionary pastors in

1999. In 2003 the Holy Spirit began to lead me to hunger for

greater personal purity and righteousness and I became

Yavashuan Christian New Amish, which is most easily

explained as "true name of Jesus" full gospel Amish. We try to

live in peace and love and have a light footprint on the earth.

My father was Finnish American and served in the US Air


Before I share the Holy Spirit's recent vision for the people of

Japan, I must let you know I do not know anyone from Japan,

have no Japanese relatives and have never been to Japan. I

respect the Japanese people and their culture, but know very

little about them. Having this vision was surprising to me.

A few weeks ago the Holy Spirit spoke to me, saying "invite

the people of Japan to come to Texas, but not just to Texas,

but to the hill country of Texas around Fredericksburg. The

counties of Gillespie, Blanco, Burnet, Llano, Kimble and San

Saba are all good places for them to be." Now Texas in the

Indian languages is Tejas which translates "friend" or "friends".

God then showed me the islands of Japan with waves

crashing over the land up to 100 feet in height. Only the

highest mountaintops were free of water. He showed me a

blue bridge of light leading from Japan to Texas and people

were walking on the bridge carrying bags of seeds, trees in pots,

koi fish in bowls, their pet dogs and cats and leading livestock

on lead ropes or in cages. People were carrying artwork and

pieces of furniture. The Spirit said, "Tell the people of Japan to

come to the Texas hill country, to bring their grandmothers and

grandfathers, their grandchildren, their seeds of heritage and

trees, whatever the United States and Japan will allow them to

bring, their birds, poultry, pets and livestock, their most loved

art and furniture. Tell them to bring old seed that are not

genetically engineered, but which are pure and ancient strains

of seeds and plants." Besides the bridge on which people were

walking, I saw boats from Japan landing on the shores of Texas

in all her ports, bringing people, plants and animals from Japan

to Texas. The Spirit further said, "The devil drives, but God

invites. I invite the people of Japan to move to Texas, most

especially my Christian people, but also everyone in Japan."

Then I saw the islands of Japan from a great height, like a

satellite photo. There were some new islands, but the rock was

red hot, not where you could build a house or walk with your

feet. You would be burned up. So, there was some new land

after all these things had occurred. However, it looked to me

like 75 to 90 % of the land mass of most of the islands was

simply gone. Ocean rolled over where once had been land. The

Spirit said, "The people of Japan have been injured twice. I

would not have them injured a third time. Because they have

been poisoned, their destiny is to lead in healing and

detoxifying the earth. Their great ability to do research is to

help all people, animals, plants and the earth to become more

healthy. This planet, this earth, can be restored. I ask them to

become leaders in purity and righteousness. Since they were

led wrongfully into war before, now let them help lead people

to peace and prosperity. Invite the people of Japan to Texas.

I tried the next week to e-mail Christian groups in Japan, but

only one e-mail to a single Catholic church went through. I am

going to continue trying to get this message through. Since you

print prophecies from other pastors, perhaps you will be able to

share mine. I do not know any other pastors trying to get this

sort of message through to other Christians about returning to

the land and beginning to raise one's own food and live more

pure and righteous lives besides one other pastor in Texas I

recently met. Thank you and Yahweh God and Yavashua Jesus

bless you and your ministry. I hope I am able to see Finland in

person someday.

Thank you,

Pastor Sister Katy e-mail:

Christ Complete Ministries

P.O. Box 2585

Granite Shoals, Texas 78654


The prophetic writing by Clay Sikes on 01-03-2010

Kingdom Age Transition – Repost

Clay Sikes

As we enter into this next era with God, the Kingdom Age, we

will begin to notice many new characteristics of God’s people.

In fact, the greatest characteristic will be ‘the character’ of the

men and women leading this new era (Kingdom Age). You will

know them by their fruit. First and foremost, Kingdom Age

leaders will have their own money bag; they will be selfsufficient

and will never fleece the sheep with money

generating tactics. They will abhor terms like ‘love offering.’

They will not impose the legal ritual of tithing upon anyone.

They will offer much of what they have in terms of ministry

items; CDs, tapes, teachings, etc., free, and be a blessing to

those around them. With some exceptions, the ministry will not

serve as their primary source of income. They will always look

to God for their provision, and will never look to man or the

tired worn out exploitive systems that have been used to exploit

the Body financially. If they take an offering, it will be to bless

the poorest in the meeting.

These men and women are emerging today, without motive or

ambition, except obedience to the Father. A true characteristic

of many of today’s ‘Church Age’ ministries is rooted in

personal ambition; men and women who want to be known.

The World’s System applauds this behavior, which so subtly

corrupts what we have traditionally called ‘The Church.’ I

know lost ambitious men in corporate America today, who are

less ambitious than many ministers and ministries I know. This

should not be, and is about to change as the Kingdom Age

makes its presence known. Kingdom Age ministers do not seek

to be known; in fact, they prefer to be unknown. They do not

seek to share God’s glory, and any situation that puts them in

position to do so is avoided at all cost. They will duck and run

when man starts heaping his glory upon them. In contrast to

their Church Age counterparts, there is a deeply rooted humility

that has come through much tribulation; a characteristic that can

only gain its identity through fire and affliction. The leaders of

this new era know something about adversity. They have faced

death and ruin on many occasions; dealt with physical,

emotional, and spiritual pain – they have died, yet live, but now

ONLY for His purpose.

Kingdom Age leaders are not ‘loud mouth know it alls,’

spewing scripture with every breath who ‘act’ with a practiced

and contrived stage presence to invoke emotional response.

They have utter distain for the ‘big me, little you/clergy, laymen

divide that flows from most pulpits and TV preachers today.

They are quiet, and only speak when God gives them something

to say; but when they speak…Oh God! Listen, those who have

ears to hear, you will hear from the throne room of God. Are

these men and women perfect? Anything but, their weak flesh

keeps them bound to the Father.

The Kingdom Age in which we are entering is a time of

supernatural exploits. God is revealing himself through His

dead vessels that are alive in Him. As healing was a major

characteristic of the Church Age, Power and Authority will be a

characteristic of the Kingdom Age – an Age that will ‘prepare

the w