OH2GI-HAM SYSTEM is an all-mode contesting and logging software system designed primarily for on-line operation of HF digital and CW radio stations through Terminal Node Controllers (TNC).

While the primary design objective has been to provide a comprehensive system for a digital/CW contest station, the system can be used for daily contacts, both digital, CW and SSB.

Another important design objective has been the pursuit for utmost reliability and prevention of loss of data.

OH2GI-HAM SYSTEM supports practically all international digital mode contests on all HF bands. However, the system is adaptable to most of the CW contests for on-line operation and to most of the SSB contests for off-line logging and post-contest paper work.


COMMAND or COMMAND.COM is the command interpreter and without it you would be unable to use MS-DOS therefore this command is available in all versions of Microsoft Operating Systems.
All Versions of MS-DOS
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
More information about COMMAND.COM (


The main requirement for OH2GI-HAM SYSTEM is a Personal Computer with Enhanced Keyboard (102 keys), generally capable of supporting DOS V5.0 or upwards or OS/2 V3.0 WARP or later, with one or two COM ports (COM1 and/or COM2) capable of handling 9600 bps traffic. Rig control requires one COM port (COM1 to COM4).

COM port is not needed for the sound card modems MMTTY, RITTY and BITTY.

The system also runs under Windows all versions.

OH2GI-HAM SYSTEM requires appr. 4 MB of HD space, utilizes standard VGA-type color display and mouse (optional). For the on-line back-up facility another physical hard disk drive is recommended. On slower computers the use of performance facilities like SMARTDRIVE is recommended.

The system uses E.EXE editor. If unavailable, it can be substituted by any simple ASCII file editor.