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Agility Results 2004

Lägi's race


This was the first official agility race to us. Anne was Luna's handler. Antti and Nome was our second pair. Both our teams competed in the class MAXI-I, in which competed 31 teams. The race was arranged in Laakspohjan Maneesi.

Antti and Nome were the first competitors in the field. Nome made one contact error and Antti touched once Nome in slalom. Their placing was the 13th.

Luna was full of energy. Anne couldn't run with Luna, and Luna went round the tunnel outside a couple of times. In addition Luna made contact errors. Anne and Luna got however an accepted result and their placing was the 20th.

The members of Lägi encouraged our newcomer teams.

The unofficial championship of Lohja


The race was arranged in Lägi's own field in Lempola. The race begun at 14.00 o'clock. In the morning of the race our dogs pulled Kickbike five kilometers. In addition Luna run beside the Kickbike six kilometers just before the race. Both of our teams competed in the beginners MAXI class, which had nine competitors.

Anne and Luna made no errors. They won the unofficial championship of Lohja with a huge margin of 0.01 seconds.

Antti's and Nome's placing was the 6th. Nome was the fastest dog in the race, but he made many contact errors.

Mushing in the morning and Luna's special training run before the race prevented this time the extra sprints during the race.

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