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Agility Results 2005

Finnish Junior Agility Championship


The agility field located in Tampere near Pirkka Hall. Antti and Nome participated to Junior Championship. In their class competed 16 competitors. Antti's and Nome's result was ten points and time 57 s, when the ideal time was 60 s. Antti's and Nome's placing was the eighth.

There was another agility race at Pirkka Hall, in which Anne and Luna participated. Because Luna went her own way, they got the result disqualified.

Agirotu Carnival


In Agirotu Carnival (Agibreed) the teams consist of four dogs that have the same breed. This event is not very serious. Maybe this is the reason, why Agirotu is very popular. There are classes for beginning and competing dogs.

Agirotu of the year 2005 was arranged on a sports ground in Tornio. This was the first time when Siberian huskies competed in Agirotu. One husky team participated in beginning class and one in competing class.

Anne and Uwa were the members of the beginners of the Siberian husky team. Uwa had trained agility only a little before Agirotu. He had some difficulties and run one time outside of the field, but no one is disqualified in Agirotu. The Siberian Husky team of beginners was the fifth, which is a promising result.

Both Anne and Luna and Antti and Nome were members of the team competing Siberian huskies. Both of our dogs visited outside of the field. The placing of the competing Siberian husky team is unknown, but it can't be very good.

After the race the judge visited the Siberian husky team. She was very positive to us.

The members of the Siberian husky team were dressed up as Chukchis for the best dresset competition. They carried a sled. Because the outfit and sled reminded of the purpose of the Siberian husky, the team won the best dresset deservedly. In addition the husky team looked good to the spectators.

Huskies went outside of the field and were not all the time under control. In spite of this Agirotu was a very positive event to us. Agility is possible to huskies. We got good advice from Peetsa and Tuula. It is good to continue from this.

The atmosphere in Agirotu was relaxed. We hope that we will get again Siberian husky teams to Agirotu next year. Every member of the Husky team deserves a thank for the enthusiastic and open approach to new training methods and the whole Agirotu project. Sirpa led this project tireless.

There are some photos from Agirotu on this page. Choose from the year 2005 Agirotu 2005.



Lägi arranged agility races in Sports Ground of Aurlahti in Lohja. Both our team teams participated in MAXI-I class. Anne was Luna's handler. Nome run under the command of Antti. In MAXI-I competed 17 teams.

Luna went after the start to wonder the photographers, so Anne and Luna were disqualified. Otherwise they went round the course without errors.

Nome went into the pipe instead of the barrier. This was Nome's only error, but it was fatal. So our second team was disqualified, too.

In MAXI-I nine teams were disqualified.



Hiidenhaukut was the organizer of the race in Tervalampi. The weather was sunny and the field good.

Antti and Nome competed n the MAXI-I class, in which participated seven teams. Antti and Nome were the second. Their result was five points. Especially slalom was difficult to them today. Antti's and Nome's race was really good.

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