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[Fanta's structure]

Fanta's structure. Photo by Riitta Kiijärvi. 2015-03-22.

Fanta's real name is Arctic Soul Miracle Fantasy. She has the nickname Vintiö (in English rascal), because she is very energetic.

The female Fanta is born on 2014-11-15. Her coefficient of inbreeding is 0.00 % according to six generations. Fanta's coefficients are shown here graphically.

[Fanta troting]

Fanta troting. Photo by Riitta Kiijärvi. 2015-04-26.

Fanta was the first time in harness at the beginning of May 2015. Fanta loves to run, so she is a very promising sled dog.

You can find more information of Fanta in the Koiranet. If the previous link gives other language than English, choose from the top line of KoiraNet In English. Then write or copy paste to the Quick search line Arctic Soul Miracle Fantasy and click Find. After this you have Fanta's data in KoiraNet in English.

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