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[Geea's structure]

Geea at Levi. Photo by Antti Kiijärvi. 2010-01-08.

Geea's real name is Moon Runs Gemini. The first Swedish astronaut visited the space in the year 2006, so the Swedish kennel Moon Runs named their puppies according to the space crafts. Geea's mother is Moon Runs Atena and father Lara-Ke's Chatanika Secondwind (Chatter). Pawvillage-pages has information of Chatter. We are really happy that kennel Moon Runs sold us this dog.

Geea has nicknames Gepsu and PG. When she was a puppy, we called her Pikku-Geea (in English Little Geea). According to the first letters of Pikku-Geea, she is now often called PG.

The bitch Geea is born on 2006-12-03. Her coefficient of inbreeding is 0 % and ancestor loss coefficient 1.00 according to five generations. The dependence of Geea's coefficient of inbreeding and ancestor loss coefficient on the number of generations is given here. She is 55-56 cm at the withers.

Geea is nowadays our best leader. She is obedient and an excellent open field leader. PG is both a hard worker and fast. Geea is the sled dog of the year (season 2011-2012) by the Finnish Siberian Husky Club. She shares this title with Sepe. Geea has achieved in the race test for sled dogs five times the first prize (REK1), ten times the second prize (REK2), one time the third prize (REK3) and one time the last prize (REK0).

Geea's face

Geea's face. Photo by Mira Orko. 2008-01-04.

Geea has an outgoing character and is always cheerful. Gepsu thinks that everyone loves her. Geea is energetic and often very busy. She plays much with our other dogs. PG is smooth. Geea gets sometimes in panic in the dog fence. Then she moves to an escaping artist. After escaping the dog fence she usually comes to our front door. There seems to be no means to keep PG in the dog fence if she decides to escape. Fortunately these escapes are rare, but they get us worried. Geea's game instinct is small to an Siberian husky.

Geea has learned the basics of obedience. PG competes in the class maxi-2 in agility.

Geea is greedy for food.

The breeder Kennel Moon Runs gave us a hint that Geea's eyes should be checked. Veterinarian Päivi Vanhapelto made a gonioscopy research to Geea'a eyes 2007-12-03. Geea's right eye is healthy, but the left eye has a serious problem. The iridocorneal angle of Geea's left eye has narrowed a little. This eye has thick pectinate ligaments and disk which full 3/4 of iridocorneal angle. So Geea has pectinate ligament dysplasia. Because of this Geea can't be used for breeding.

Geea's show results are here.

Geea's data is in KoiraNet, too. If the previous link gives other language than English, choose from the top line of KoiraNet In English. Then write or copy paste to the Quick search line Moon Runs Gemini and click Find. After this you have Geea's data in KoiraNet in English.

Geea's face

Geea's face. Photo by Mira Orko. 2008-01-04.

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