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1999-06-16 - 2010-08-18


Luna's structure. Photo by Mira Orko. 2008-01-04.

Luna's real name is Arctic Soul Lutuna. Lutuna means friendly, touching and kind. Because Luna knows that she is very special, we call her sometimes Princess. Luna's other nicknames are Luimuli, Luimahdus and Hömpönpömpönpömppö. Luimuli means that Luna is often with her ears laid back. Luimahdus come from Luna's habit to move in a way that nobody notices her. Luna behaves normally in a dignified manner. Occasionally Luna starts playing like a puppy. In these cases Luimuli is called Hömpönpömpönpömppö.

The bitch Luna is born on 1999-06-16. She is 54 cm at the withers and weighs 17 kg. Luna's coefficient of inbreeding is 0.68 % according to six generations. More information on Luna's coefficient of inbreeding and ancestor loss coefficient is available here.

Luna can run in the lead of a dog team even in the open field. She respects only a few strange mushers. If Luimuli doesn't respect the musher, she may stop the whole team. Luna can quiet down the other dogs, which is useful in the start. Luna's wrist is exceptionally good to a Finnish Siberian husky.

Luna has been in our team in the following races:

  1. Skijoring, Finnish Championship, Valkeakoski, 2002
  2. Sled dog race, Äkryn Ähellys, Äkry, 2002
  3. Sled dog race, Äkryn Ähellys, Äkry, 2004
  4. Sled dog race, Finnish Championship of Finnish Siberian Husky Club, Lomakouhero, Kouhero, 2005
  5. Sled dog race, Tervastulet, Lentiira, 2005
  6. Cart race, Finnish Championship, four dogs, Pajulahti, 2005
  7. Sled dog race, Frank's pro gold Finnish Championhip, Jämijärvi, 2006
  8. Sled dog race, National race, Valkeakoski, 2006
  9. Sled dog race, Ohkolan ajot II, Ohkola, 2006
  10. Sled dog race, Kasarin Salpasäpinät, Ylämaa, 2008

Luna is the leader of our dog pack. You must be careful that she doesn't begin to lead us people. If other dogs try to question Luna's leadership, she shows them who is the smartest one. Obviously Luimuli understands that she isn't physically the strongest dog in the pack.

Luna is very independent and has a strong game drive. She loves to learn new commands. The old commands already learned don't interest Princess. You must discover all the time new commands for her. Luna don't learn new things in order to please people but just for her own pleasure.

Because Luna understands usually what we except her to do, we must order Luimuli only rarely. On the other hand she uses the expectations for her own advantage.

Luna has got the following results:

  1. race test for sled dogs 3
  2. Luna is the first Finnish Siberian husky that has passed BH trial
  3. Luimuli competes in the open class of obedience
  4. in agility she belongs to the class MAXI-1
  5. in the special show for Siberian huskies excellent

Luna has passed Kiva dog citizen test, too. This test measures how a dog works in society.

Luna's appetite varies, but her weight remains constant.

Luna's eyes are checked healthy.

Luna's data is, of course, in Koiranet.

[Luna's face]

Luna's face. Photo by Mira Orko. 2008-01-04.

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