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Gone, but not forgotten


1999-06-16 - 2010-08-18


Luna in our dog yard. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2007-07-04.

Our first Siberian husky Luna passed away on Wednesday 2010-08-18. Because Luna had lung cancer, she was euthanized to the last sleep on this sad day. More information of Luna's last days is given here.

Luna was completely of her own kind. She was intelligent, wise, independent, calm and quiet.

Luna was the leader of our dog pack. She knew the calming signals. If the other members of the pack had some quarrel, Luna went between them and no fight begun. You could learn from Luna what real leadership and dignity is.

I used to say that Luna could read when she came to us. In the real world she was able to read us people as an open book. Thanks to this Luna didn't need many words.

The older Luna became, the more she liked obedience training. Luna wasn't very interested in tidbits, but she liked to learn new commands. When we didn't any more invite new tricks for her, we loaned and bought dog books to find new commands. Many times Luna seemed to think the new command, and on the next day she knew how to perform the new command.

Searching was the most useful of Luna's many tricks. Luna was used a couple of times to search hidden dogs. She took this job very seriously.


Anne shows how Luna can jump. The photo is taken in Vaasa. Photo by Antti Kiijärvi. 2007-07-08.

It was a pity that Luna got never puppies. She was mated two times without success. We used Luna always as a teaching dog to our new puppies. She was a better teacher to them than any man can be. In addition, Luna was the best teacher to us how to train dogs.

When a puppy got negative age, it commanded Luna to give the stick in her mouth. Luna gave the stick and the puppy thought to have won the pack leader. But the puppy found soon that Luna had another stick in her mouth. The puppy commanded again Luna to give the stick. Luna gave the stick, but the puppy had to drop its stick in the same time. Luna took the puppy's ex stick. In this way Luna and the puppy changed sticks many times. At last the puppy begun wonder, how the pack leader had all the time a stick in her mouth. The puppy gave up and the smarter Luna was the winner.


Happy to run with the pack leader. Three months old Witsi and Luna. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2005-06-08.

Luna was a very easy dog in everyday life. But sometimes she liked to show us that stolen food is the best food. Years ago we came from a sled dog race in Valkeakoski. We had a small car in those days. We got from the race a sack of dog food. Because we had no other place for the sack, the sack was put between Luna and Antti in the back seat. When we came home, everything seemed to be in condition. When I lifted the sack, its bottom was full of small holes. Luna had eaten during the trip much of the contents this sack. No one of us noticed Luna doing this.


Luna at a backpacking trip with Anne and Lotta in Evo. Luna liked to play with empty bottles. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2007-06-17.

When Luna was 10, she was allowed to sleep in our bed. Luna was very pleased about this permission. She said good night nicely on her own way.

In the beginning of August 2010 we made the first training run of the season with an ATV. We were surprised that old Luna wanted to join the team. So we took Luna with. She pulled the whole training run with a tight line. Luna was really happy after this run. Because we had no idea how sick Luna was at that time, we didn't understand then how great job she had made in her last effort as a sled dog.


After a training run. Leaders Luna and Uwa, Nome as a wheel dog, musher Antti. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2005-01-06.

There are not enough words to describe Luna. We are happy that we had the privilege to live with her more than 11 years. We will always remember Luna. She was the dog that changed our lifestyle and taught us many things. There can never be another dog like Luna.

We thank Luna's breeders Mari Pajaskoski and Kesäniemis for this dog with great personality.

We are grateful to veterinarian Aija Jantunen at Lohjan pieneläinklinikka for all help during Luna's last days.

Luna's old page is available here. You can find some photos of Luna from here.

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