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[Sola's structure]

Sola's structure. Photo by Riitta Kiijärvi. 2012-03-18.

Sola's real name is Ristinummen Siriina. Because Siriina looks a little like her father Sirius, we invented a female version of Sirius' name.

The female Sola is born on 2009-12-26. Her coefficient of inbreeding is 0.00 % according to six generations. Witsi and Sirius are her parents. If you are interested in Sola's coefficient of inbreeding and ancestor loss coefficient, you can find more information from here.

Sola is the race leader of our team. She is born to lead the team. Sola has achieved five times the first prize (REK1) and five times the second prize (REK2) in the race test for sled dogs. Sola keeps the speed high, works hard and listens to the commands.

Sola has a sound self-confidence like her mother Witsi. Sola is curious and seems to think that almost everything new is fun. As Antti says, Sola is hearty. She is friendly to everyone. Sola's sister Siina is her best friend. Sola and Siina are often called Tiuhti and Viuhti according to the Moomin characters.

[Sola, Taiku and Anne]

Leaders Sola and Taiku with Anne. Photo by Antti Kiijärvi. 2012-03-18.

Sola's knees are checked to be in order.

Sola has got in normal eye examination 2011-10-31 clear results, but it was found that she has atresia of lacrimal punctum. This doesn't bother Sola. Puncta atresia doesn't prevent the dog to be used in breeding.

In Sola's gonioscopy test the following results were documented:

Sola can be used in breeding, but the eyes of the male must be checked as well.

Sola has visited one time the show ring. Her note can be found from here.

More data of Sola is found in KoiraNet. If the previous link gives other language than English, choose from the top line of KoiraNet In English. Then write or copy paste to the Quick search line Ristinummen Siirina and click Find. After this you have Sola's data in KoiraNet in English.

[Sola's face]

Sola's face. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2012-05-05.

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