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[Taiku's structure]

Taiku's structure. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2012-03-18.

Taiku's official name is Aurinkoniityn Taikuus. In English taikuus means magic. He is often called Taikuri (in English magician).

The male Taiku is born on 2009-11-09. His father is the Sled Dog Jätkä. Taiku's mother Aurinkoniityn Safiiri has an interesting pedigree. Taiku's coefficient of inbreeding is 0.00 % according to six generations. You can find more information on Taiku's coefficient of inbreeding and ancestor loss coefficient from here. Taiku is 59 cm at the withers.

Taiku has run in a couple of races in our team. He has achieved one time the first prize (REK1) and three times the second prize (REK2) in the race test for sled dogs. Taiku can run in the lead. He is a hard worker in harness like his father.

[Taiku's in Canicross]

Anne and Taiku in the canicross race Kaukjärven kierros. Photo by Kristian Törnqvist. 2012-05-06.

Taiku seems to be always happy. Agility is his hobby.

Taiku's appetite could be better. He says often no thank you and gives his food to our other dogs.

According to certification of eye examination Taiku has health eyes. This means that he has has among other things no cataract, PRA or PHTVL. In addition, Taiku has been in official gonioscopy test. His angles are a little bit narrowed (occlusion:affected). In his eyes 25% Fibrae latae:affected, about 25% Laminae:affected and result grade: moderate. Taiku's result should be known in breeding. He can have puppies, if the female is checked in gonioscopy as well.

Taiku has visited in the show ring three times. He has got every time very good.

KoiraNet includes the hard facts of Taiku.

[Taiku's face]

Taiku's face. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2011-08-03.

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