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2003-8-16 - 2014-08-14

[Uwa's structure]

Uwa in the home yard. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2007-08-12.

Uwa's real name is Arctic Soul Uwanga. Uwanga is Inuit language and means me. Uwa has other nicknames Upsu, Pups and Huisku. Upsu and Pups come from Uwa. The Finnish name Huisku means that Uwa is often waging his tail.

The male Uwa is born on 2003-08-16. Uwa is 60 cm at the withers and weights 25 kg. Uwa's coefficient of inbreeding is zero. His coefficient of inbreeding and ancestor loss coefficient versus number of generations is given here.

Uwa's rear feet are of different length. Because of this he gets easily pain in back and can train only lightly pulling. The pain makes Uwa sometimes grouchy to his pair in harness. In addition, Uwa needs space around him. Due to these troubles he isn't suitable for breeding and is neutered. We thank the veterinarian clinic Lohjan pieneläinklinikka, who were able to solve the reason to Uwa's back problems.

Uwa can run in harness in every place, but he is at his best alone in the lead. On a good day Uwa is an excellent open field leader. Uwa is one of our fastest dogs. Uwa works with great zeal in harness and hears the orders well.

Uwa has competed in the following sled dog races:

  1. Sled dog race, Finnish Championship, Valkeakoski, wheel dog with Vilma, 2005
  2. Sled dog race, Ohkolan ajo, Mäntsälä, wheel dog with Sally, 2005
  3. Sled dog race, Äkryn Ähellys, Äkry, wheel dog alone, 2005
  4. Sled dog race, Finnish championship for Siberian huskies, Lomakouhero, Kouhero, 2005
  5. Sled dog race, Tervastulet, Lentiira, lead and wheel dog, 2005
  6. Cart race, Finnish championship, four dogs, Pajulahti, 2005
  7. Sled dog race, Frank's pro gold Finnish championship, Jämijärvi, leader with Jätkä, 2006
  8. National sled dog race, Valkeakoski, leader with Jätkä, 2006
  9. Sled dog race, Ohkolan ajot II, Ohkola, leader and wheel dog, 2006
  10. Sled dog race, Äkryn Ähellys, Äkry, wheel dog alone, 2006
  11. Sled dog race, Kasarin Salpasäpinät, Kasari, 2007
  12. Working test for sled dogs, Äkry, leader, 2007
  13. Sled dog race, Äkryn Ähellys, Äkry, 2007
  14. Cart race two dogs, autumn race in Jämi, 2007
  15. Sled dog race, Kasarin Salpasäpinät, Ylämaa, wheel dog with Luna, 2008
  16. Working test for sled dogs, Äkry, team dog, 2008
  17. Canicross, Kaukjärven kierros, Tammela, 2008
  18. Kasarin Salpasäpinät, Kasari, wheel dog with Jätkä, 2009

Uwa has got two times the second prize (REK2), four times the third prize (REK3) and two times the last prize (REK0) in the race test for the sled dogs. In the working test for the sled dogs he has achieved in in the leader class 2 (REKÄ JOH2) and in the team dogs class 2 (REKÄ YLE2).

Uwa at Levi

Uwa at a backpacking trip in Levi. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2006-09-09.

Uwa solves problems by sitting. If Huisku meets something odd, he sits down and thinks. Uwa has a strong game drive. Because Pups is very sensitive, he must be handled nicely. When Huisku is alone with us, he is a really charming dog.

Uwa has trained obedience in the dog club Luoteis-Uudenmaan Käyttökoirat . He knows the usual obedience commands. In addition he can sing by command. Uwa waits very patiently his turn. Huisku trains agility in Lägi. He competes in the class MAXI-I in agility.

Uwa has passed the Kiva dog citizen test 2005-08-16. This test measures the suitability of a dog in society.

Uwa eats always his bowl empty.

Uwa's eyes are checked healthy 2005-05-07.

Uwa's best result in a show is best of breed, best male, certificate, excellent in junior class ( Virkkala, 2005-06-13).

Uwa's data is in KoiraNet. Thanks to Elina Uwa's sister Arctic Soul Utah has her pedigree in Pawvillage-page. Uwa's pedigree is, of course, the same as Utah's.

Uwa's face

Uwa's face. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2009-10-26.

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