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Gone, but not forgotten


2003-08-16 - 2014-08-14

Uwa was euthanized on Thursday 2014-08-14 because of cancer in inner organs. We knew nothing about Uwa's illness before a couple of days he was euthanized. As pack dogs huskies show only very hard pain. On Wednesday Uwa was at the vet, where many tests were taken. The results were got next day. The blood test indicated that Uwa had cancer in inner organs and there was no hope. Because Uwa had horrible pain, he was euthanized immediately. There was no sense to lengthen Uwa's pain, so we don't exactly know, where the cancer was.

When Uwa came to us as a little puppy, he was full of energy. We learned to know that with this puppy always happened something.


Uwa as a puppy in Kauhala. Photo by Antti Kiijärvi. 2003-10-18.

When Uwa was young, he was very a promising sled dog. Later he got back problems during training. His back was studied many times, but nothing was found. At last one vet measured his rear feet. Their length differed. After this Uwa was never trained hard, but he was often in our team. Uwa's best place in the team was alone in the lead. There he was at his best a sure open field leader.

Uwa liked many times to keep a certain distance to other dogs. The other side of the story was that he was always ready to play with our other huskies even in older age.

Uwa was a good indoor husky. Okay, sometimes plastic bags were too hard to resist. Then you could find teared bags on the floor. Uwa liked the toilet paper roll tubes. That is why he often came to toilet. We had these cardboard rolls for him in toilet. When Uwa got the roll he run to the living room. Then he teared and ate the roll.


Luna leads Uwa and Nome in Veikkola's ice hockey rink. Luna liked to change the direction suddenly. The boys learned in a hard way to watch out these changes near the walls. Photo by Antti Kiijärvi. 2004-06-19.

Uwa had some barriers. But sometimes these barriers were unlocked. I remember when Anne and Uwa came from Lapland to the Helsinki railway station. I was waiting there them. When Uwa saw me he had really no barriers. These kind of moments with Uwa were rare but unforgettable.

Uwa was very easy dog in everyday life. We didn't have to worry Uwa to make any stupid things.

Uwa walked nicely on leash. I taught Uwa to sprint an uphill when I jogged with him. The problem was that I got older and Uwa's sprints were too much for me.


Uwa at a pond near to us. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2007-11-02.

When I was walking with our dogs in the woods near to us, Uwa found often bones. There was needed some negotations before he would give the bone. Then we put it in a gage. I promised Uwa never to tell anyone else where these gages are. There still exist two gages but I keep my promise.

Uwa was sure that Luna would always help him when needed.

[Luna and Uwa]

Luna and Uwa at Levi. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2006-09-11.

Uwa was our third husky. He was playful and happy. We will never forget Uwa.

We thank the help the veterinarian Taija Kuronen gave Uwa during his last days.


The photo is taken just before Uwa's last trip to the vet. During his last two days Uwa had very strong pain medication. Photo by Antti Kiijärvi. 2014-08-14.

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