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[Yepla's structure]

Yepla's structure. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2012-03-18.

Yepla's real name is Arctic Soul Sibir Yablonoi. We call her often Yepis. Because Yepla is from Witsi's first litter, she is very special to us.

The bitch Yepla is born on 2008-12-16. Her coefficient of inbreeding is 0.21% according to six generations. You can get more information of Yepla's coefficient of inbreeding and ancestor loss coefficient in this page. Yepla is neutered because of a great risk for uterine infection. She is too tall.

Yepla works hard in harness. Because of her size, Yeapla's endurance is not very good. She has got two times the second prize (REK2) in the race test for the sled dogs.

Yepla and Miro in Ohkola's race

Yepla and Miro in the children class in Ohkola's race. Photo by Mira Orko. 2012-02-04.

Yepla takes easily contact to the people. She has a lot of energy and thinks it is always play time. She differs completely from her mother Witsi in one thing: Yepla wakes up early in the morning. Then she needs playmate from us people or other dogs.

Yepla's eyes are checked healthy. Thus she hasn't for example cataract, PRA or PHTVL.

Yepla's data is available in KoiraNet.


Yepla on the roof of a dog house. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2011-05-18.

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