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Ristinummen Zeke Wolf Litter

Zeke Wolf litter is born on 2009-12-26. There is some information of this litter in KoiraNet, but it is available only in Finnish.



  1. Ristinummen Pikku Hukatar (Silba), female
  2. Ristinummen Sepeteus (Sepe), male
  3. Ristinummen Siriina (Sola), female
  4. Ristinummen Sulosusi (Takoda), male
  5. Ristinummen Susiina (Siina), female

[Zeke Wolf litter and Taiku]

Zeke Wolf litter and Taiku. Photo by Anna Rajasilta. 2010-04-26.


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