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[Riitta and Nome]

Riitta and Nome at Jämi. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. Autumn 2007.

Riitta massages our huskies. Her basic walking route with one or two of our dogs goes on the small roads near to us. She has tried mushing a couple of times. Riitta makes collars, leashes, sled bags and other gear needed by our dogs.

Because Riitta and Uwa have born on the same date (except the years differ a lot), Uwa is Riitta's favorite dog. When Nome, Uwa, Witsi and Geea were puppies, Riitta took part with them in basic obedience course.

Riitta has visited with her family many times Dutch TT in Assen. She even remembers the names of some racers.

Riitta has performed a course of dog massage. She is a member of the dog clubs Luoteis-Uudenmaan käyttökoirat and Veikkolan koirakerho.

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