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Results 2005-2006

The highlight of our season 2005-2006 was that Jätkä got the title Finnish working champion (FIN KVA). He has run earlier the first prize in the racing test for sled dogs. So Jätkä needed still the first prize in the leader's class of the working test. He and the handler Antti got this results in Finnish Championship Working Test of Finnish Siberian Husky Club.


Jätkä after an ATV training run in Vihtijärvi. Photo by Antti Kiijärvi. 2005-08-28.

During the season 2005-2006 our teams run in the following races:

  1. Äkryn Ähellys, sled dog race, 2006-03-05
  2. Finnish Championship Working Test of Finnish Siberian Husky Club, 2006-03-04
  3. Ohkola's Race, sled dog race, 2006-02-25
  4. Finnish Championship in Skijoring and National Sled Dog Race, sled dog race, 2006-02-18 - 2006-02-19
  5. Frank's Pro Gold Finnish Championship, sled dog race, 2006-02-11 - 2006-02-12
  6. Finnish Championship Cart Race , cart, 2005-10-29 - 2005-10-30
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