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Results 2008-2009

We didn't have much snow before the end of January. After that we had snow in February, March and even in the beginning of April. This was really a joy after two snowless winters.

[Lunowa's dog team in Vihti]

Our team in Vihti. Nome and Witsi in the lead, then Geea and Jätkä, Luna and Uwa as wheel dogs. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2009-03-21.

Geea run this winter many times in the lead. She is very promising and almost a ready leader.

Luna pulled only occasionally in harness. She was mainly tired and reluctant to pull. After the season Luna visited the veterinarian. As we had waited Luna had some health problems. It is obvious that she will retire completely from mushing in the age of ten years.

Witsi had this winter puppies, so she trained only a little in the autumn. She was again in our team at the end of March. Witsi was not then in good condition, but the will to pull was there. Witsi seems to pull in harness by pure will. In Witsi's opinion the lead is the only and best place for her. Witsi is right about this question.

Jätkä is now almost ten years old. The speed of the youngsters is too much for him. Jätkä has still the supeb working ethic in harness. He has got more stubborn with age. In the future Jätkä will work as teacher to our young leaders. Even super dogs grow old.

Nome has got better and better in harness every year. He seems to be at his best in the age of eight years. Nome has never earlier been an open field leader. This winter he run very reliably even alone in the lead in the open field. So we have now a new open field leader.

Uwa has problems in harness. If he has a bad day, he can yap at his pair. That is why no other of our dogs want to pull with Uwa as a pair. Jätkä and Luna are the only ones, who can work with him. The other side of the story is that Uwa has good days, too. Then there are no problems with him and he is a brilliant sled dog. One thing is sure: Uwa is an excellent open field leader.

Then we have the future stars Kaima and Yepla. We didn't try them in harness this winter, but they will start their careers as sled dogs next season.


Happy Uwa in harness. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2009-03-21.

We participated during season 2008-2009 in the following races:

  1. Kaukjärven Kierros, canicross, 2009-05-03
  2. Äkryn Ähellys, sled dog race, 2009-02-21
  3. Kasarin Salpasäpinät, sled dog race, 2009-02-01
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